A Treat for Katie

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Katie grinned as she finished sweeping bright red blush across her niece’s cheeks. “You’ll be the prettiest Snow White anyone has ever seen!” Baby Emily just smiled her toothy little smile and skipped off to join her brother. Josh was busy scowling into the mirror. “Grrrrr…I’m going to eat you for dinner!,” he said as he shook his dragon tail. “Oh no, fierce dragon, don’t eat me!” Katie giggled as she scooped the little boy up in her arms. “Let’s go find your Mom. Time to go trick-or-treating!”

Katie had promised weeks ago to accompany her sister and the kiddos on their annual Halloween adventure. Two little kids, especially these eager little munchkins, could be quite a handful. Besides, Katie hadn’t wanted to spend another lonely night in her apartment. This was a great excuse to get outside for some fresh air.

The kids enthusiastically ran and skipped from door to door. Little Emily held her Mom’s hand tightly and carefully avoided making eye contact with anyone. When the time came, she timidly held her bag out right alongside her brother’s. She may have been shy, but she was not about to let her brother get all the yummy treats. Precocious little Josh, on the other hand, relentlessly piped up with a “Happy Halloween!” at the top of his lungs.

They stopped at one particularly scary looking house and made their way up the path. Cobwebs hung from the porch roof and jack-o-lanterns peeked through the windows. A large, creepy looking witch smiled at them from the porch swing. Josh grinned as he studied all of the decorations. A large figure outfitted in solid black answered the door. His green, scaly face leered at the children. Josh just smirked and yelled “Trick or Treat!” as Emily promptly burst into tears.

“Oh honey, it’s just a costume,” Katie rushed to console her. The man at the door quickly pulled off his mask and smiled at the whimpering little girl in front of him.

“Hi there Princess. Which kind of candy is your favorite?”

Emily peeked around Katie’s shoulder tuzla escort as Josh flashed the man his meanest look and squealed, “You made my sister cry! You’re bad!”

The man flashed a quick, suggestive wink at Katie and said, “Uh oh. I better watch out or I might get a spanking,” He held the bowl of candy out towards Emily, who instantly grabbed a handful of chocolates.

“Emily,” her mother scolded, “just one!”

Josh immediately demanded that if his sister got two pieces of candy, he ought to get two pieces also. Their Mother flashed them both a firm look and profusely apologized. “I’m sorry. They must be getting tired.”

The young man was very gracious. He claimed that the children deserved several bits of candy, for he had loved their entertainment. Katie smiled at the young man, meeting his eyes for the first time. He was breathtaking. His startlingly blue eyes seemed to shine as he teased the children. His tall, athletic build was emphasized in the black clothing. She was almost drooling.

“Katie! Katie!” Katie turned to face her sister, smiling guiltily. “Listen, the kids are getting cranky. Let’s go ahead and start walking home.” Katie pivoted to thank the man for being such a gentleman.

Before she could say a word he put a hand on her arm and whispered, “Would you stay for a few minutes? Come inside for a cup of coffee?” Katie turned pleading eyes to her sister, who smiled gently and insisted that she stay. She headed back home, kids in tow.

“My name is John,” he grinned as he extended his hand. “Katie,” she smiled in turn. “Well, Katie, welcome to my haunted abode, ” he said as he held the door for her. She stepped into the foyer and gasped in awe. His house was immaculately decorated. The subtle grace of the furnishings stunned her.

“I’m not normally so forward,” he started to explain. Startled, Katie whirled around and ended up smacking her head into John’s. “Ouch!” She reached up and gingerly rubbed her forehead. There was tuzla rus escort an awkward silence as they gazed at each other. John slowly stepped forward until he was right in front of Katie. “Here, let me see. I think I can make it feel better.” He brushed her hair to the side and tenderly pressed his lips against her forehead. She felt him kiss her, then again, and her knees went weak. She sagged against him as he pulled her close. His lips blazed a path across her eyelids, down her cheeks, and finally centered on her lips.

He kissed her, a long, tender kiss. “I want you. I know that I just met you, but heaven help me, I want you so much.” He crushed her to him as their tongues mated furiously. Katie moaned against his mouth as she felt his hands slip under her shirt, searching out her bra strap. She felt the clasp give way under his persistent fingers. Katie raised her arms over her head and he slipped the shirt off. Immediately, he bent to suckle on her nipples. “Oh,” Katie moaned, “please don’t stop.” John sweetly licked and sucked her nipples until the taut little buds became unbearably sensitive. He nibbled his way down her tummy as his hands fumbled with the zipper of her jeans. Teasingly, John nipped at her belly as she kicked off her sandals. He blew a raspberry against her tummy as he peeled her jeans and panties down her legs.

He gently lowered her to the foyer floor and gaped at her bare little pussy. “You are exquisite,” he whispered as he lowered his mouth to her thighs. Gently, he kissed her legs, slowly working his way closer to the core of her femininity. She restlessly spread her legs as his tongue darted out for a quick lick. He heard her moan as he buried his face between her thighs, lapping at her juices. He eagerly licked her up and down, as her hips bucked wildly beneath him. Nestling his hands under her buttocks, he held tight, holding her still for his warm, wet mouth. He found her clit and latched on, sucking with wild abandon. Katie couldn’t tuzla sarışın escort control her overwhelming response and found sweet release against his mouth. He gently kissed her stomach as he waited for her to recover.

Eventually, he pulled Katie up beside him. He kissed her, wanting her to taste herself from his lips. It was now his turn to raise his arms as Katie pulled off his shirt. He relaxed and got comfortable as she reached for the zipper of his pants. Passion-glazed eyes met his as she worked the pants down. John couldn’t wait any longer and reached down, stroking his responsive cock. He was already hard and aching. She leaned forward and licked the precome off the tip of his cock. Angling her head down, she dragged her tongue across his balls. She gently pushed his hands out of the way and sucked him deeply into her mouth. He groaned as she began moving her mouth on him. Her lips rubbed along his cock as he slid in and out of her mouth. John couldn’t take much and soon had to motion for her to stop.

He got up and positioned her on her hands and knees. She moaned sweetly as she felt his fingers probing into her, preparing her for his cock. She knew that he wanted her to be soaking wet before he entered her. He leaned down and pressed two quick kisses against her buttocks, then nestled his hips tightly against hers. She wiggled her hips as she felt his thickness sliding inside her. He grunted as he felt her wet, slick heat grip his cock so tightly. She moaned as he pushed inch after inch into her. It was that last little moan that pushed him over the edge. He became a crazed animal, pumping himself in and out her pussy. His hands molded her hips, pulling her all the way onto his cock. She was bucking against him, clawing at the floor. He could feel his balls tightening with every thrust. He reached down to tweak a nipple and she cried out as she came, her pussy milking his cock. He shuddered against her as he felt the cum rushing up through his cock. He roared as he exploded inside her sweet pussy.

They remained motionless for a few minutes, trying to recover their breaths. Eventually, he slid himself gently out of her and pulled her into his arms. He nuzzled her neck, and his lips met hers.

Their story gave new meaning to the words “Trick or Treat”.

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