12 Labors of Hercules, Caged Pt. 11


Part 11. Lesbians show pegging to tease caged cock; Velma what could they have done to those two Damsels in Distress? They could have forced them into any sexual endeavor without moral limits, ad infinitum.

Then, as I studied, I discovered Greek poetry, homosexual writers, and especially Sappho of Lesbos. I learned that there existed an entire civilization composed only of women (not like in the movie Wonder Woman, but better).

And a few days ago I realized that I identify myself as Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons; that this breast that the surgeons removed from me made me worthy of being considered an Amazon; and that this ivory-colored dildo, which I now install in front of the strapon, is identical to the one seen in the mosaic.

The only difference is that my Hercules, today, is Teresa.”

Small flashback. After the breast removal operation, Barbara had become an exhibitionist. She perceived the duty of explaining to others what she had learned istanbul escorts as a kind of mission. Together with Teresa, she had discovered the joys of pegging, and they had realized that (at least on a personal level) it was more fun if done “after” an orgasm, in a quiet situation. Thus, with friends (lesbians or simply curious) the two future brides often manifested such performances, to show that it was easy, healthy, and safe, with Safeword and so on.

“Someday you might be curious to try pegging. Perhaps you might be intrigued to do it together with your wife Cathy, or that I would do it with Miss Cathy’s approval. But I assure you that I would not put you on all fours: for beginners, it is much safer to look into each other’s eyes. You understand me, don’t you?”

Richard nodded without speaking.

“If Miss Cathy would put me in charge of initiating you into pegging, I would use the thinnest dildo I have (disinfected and istanbul eskort washed, as good as new!) with a condom on it. I would fill you with lubricating gel inside, and cover the dildo with gel as well.

I would be gentle with you, and I would be slow, very slow.

With every single quarter of an inch, I would look into your eyes and ask you if you are happy or do you want me to stop. And if your wife would allow it, I would suggest you cum first, to get to pegging in the most relaxed condition possible.

On all fours, lack of eye contact would increase your fear and insecurities. I do not want it. I would look you straight in the eye every second.

It’s different with Teresa because we’ve been doing this together for so long and she’s so confident in the practice. “

Barbara had finished preparing the double strapon.

Changing her attitude, she clapped her hands. “The show is over for you! Out, all three of you! eskort istanbul It’s not like we’re porn actresses being watched while we love each other. Get out of our Junior Suite!”

She pushed them out and closed the door. After a moment, the three heard Teresa’s moans and Barbara’s yells.

Richard was very excited. He forgot even deference and said, “Girls, seeing Barbara getting ready is hot as hell…”

Skye gave him a stern look. “At this time of day, the title to use is Miss Skye.”

“I beg your pardon, Miss Skye, but… I’m really excited, both about the demonstration lesson and the cinematographic examples.”

Emily tried to say something to evade Skye’s wrath. “Do you want to tell us which movie character inspired your fetish, Dicky?”

“Daphne. Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo. I liked that she had a Greek name, even though the family must have been Irish: a redhead. I imagined her as an adopted Greek goddess. You are too young, but when I was a kid, there was only that on Saturday morning television…

I used to tell my parents that I watched it because the Gang was a metaphor for the Enlightenment: rejecting magical and superstitious explanations, and always looking for reasonable and concrete solutions.

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