A 3 some party with a lady called Missy and Stephi


A 3 some party with a lady called Missy and StephiI arrived at the Hotel for our 3 some with Missy & Stephie & got dressed up before Stephie doll (the other TV) arrived. We chatted as she changed while I did my nails.Missy arrived soon after & we all had some glasses of wine to relax us and put us in the mood to play.    Missy sat on the bed as Stephie started caressing her, & she then undressed naked & the 3 of us laid on the bed. I was kissing her & tit rubbing & sucking also I breathed in her earI went down & eat her & tasted her lovely flowery taste. As I stood up & she went down to BJ me softly.     All of us laid on the bed as Stephie went down to eat her & did it well. I was kissing her & squeezing her tits as she wanked my cock.We had a break for talking & more wine with Missy having a smoke and getting tipsy, as Stephie changed into her skimpy light blue sequinned outfit.Stephie & Missy embraced as Stephie sat on the bed Missy went down to BJ her. The 3 of us went back on the bed again & Stephie did more eating as I continued bahis firmaları to caress & kiss all over Missy’s face as she wanked me constantly. She squeezed my nipples too.I followed Stephie in eating Missy in a 69 position as she wanked me with a couple of kisses on my cock tip. We had another shorter break to come up for air as I peeled off my skirt & panties. Missy watched, as she wanted to, while Stephie & I embraced & lightly kissed each other.Then all of us went back on the bed for more fun. Stephie ate Missy again then went to the bathroom. I started to finger her with two fingers & she was nice & moist & wet She told me I was doing good as she wanked me at the same time. Then I used 3 fingers but shortly went back to 2 again.She asked me to do it up higher rather than deeper & started moaning & cooing. I carried on slightly changing position as her noises got more intense.Then I could feel her squirt & squirm as she cums ( twice I think), & I tasted her juices. She laid back relaxed as I wound her down as we kissed & smiled kaçak iddaa at eachother. We changed positions as I took a break while Stephie embraced her. Then back on the bed Stephie wanked my cock lovely before Missy took over to wank me again as I lay down beside her. As she continued to wank me I got big & hard, & Stephie noticed & said its time for me to fuck Missy. Stephie got a condom & with some coconut oil I put it on.Missy wanted us in the spoon position with me behind her laying on the bed, so we did this & I started fucking her.    Stephie was kissing & licking her nipples as I kept thrusting & started to pull her hips back against me. She started moaning again & cooing as I keep thrusting hard She told me not to stop as she was close to cumming again, so I kept thrusting & fucking her as hard as I could, & she was moaning a lot & I kept going. Then eventually her moans reach a crescendo as I fucked her hard & she cums again.I had to rest for awhile to get my breath back as Missy got up & with Stephie sitting on the bed kaçak bahis gave her a lovely BJ again.We put Missy in the middle with both of us on either side as she continued to wank me having taken the condom off. She said she was cold so we all got under the sheet & covers & laid thereMissy started to doze off as I kept stroking & cuddling her arm.Stephie got up as Missy stirred & she turned towards to me to start wanking me again. So with Stephie watching & fingering Missy I wanted to cum & told Missy who started jerking me fastI told her work my tip & squeeze my balls like she did the other night. So she squeezed my balls tight & I told her to squeeze harder which she did. I kissed her lips face etc. & then laid back to relax as I again shot my cum load as she wanked me off. She continued rubbing me long after I had cum.    I cleaned myself up & said I had to go, so I got up & got dressed while Stephie changed to boy clothes.    I packed everything up & told Missy she could stay the night if she wanted to. Then had a lovely farewell kiss with Missy & hugs & embraces & a kiss from Stephie.     We all agreed we had a good time and wanted to-do it again as both Stephie doll and I bade Missy farewell with a lovely warm smile on her contended face.

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