A Change in Direction – Part 5


After meeting with Josh and Ann, Evan and Laura went to their office space to clean things up before they left the building. Evan instructed Laura to write letters of resignation for both of them, to print them on official company letterhead stationery and to date them effective on Thursday. Evan was bristling with excitement. Now that he knew that his employer was going to try to change the agreement that he had put together, his mind was spinning at new speeds, working out the changes that needed to be made. It made things easier for him knowing what he would face on Friday. Now he could prepare knowing what was ahead. He knew that he needed to be in complete control of the meeting and now he just needed to see it clearly in his mind and work out the dialogue. As his mind raced through the possibilities, he took his pictures off of his office walls and stacked them by the doorway. There was no doubt in his mind that when he walked out of this building on Friday morning, he would never walk through the doorway again. It would be a break that company management would not ever have expected, but with every passing second he was more positive that it was the right thing to do. He was sitting at his desk going through his mental checklist when Laura walked in the door. “I’ve printed the letters and have envelopes to put them in,” she told him. Evan looked up and saw her standing there holding the papers in her hand. “Are you certain that you want to take this ride with me, Laura? It could be very dangerous.” “I would go to Hell with you, if you asked me to go,” she said in a soft and sincere voice. “I trust you more than anyone I’ve ever known and I have no doubt that you will make this work for all of us.” She paused, walked to the front of his desk and said, “When you walk out the door, I’ll be beside you.” He stood, walked around the desk and put his arms around her. “That’s what I needed to hear,” he said before he kissed her. “Is there anything else we need to do before we leave this fire trap?” After a few seconds her face broke into a smile. The simple smile turned into a sexy smile and her eyes twinkled. “What are you thinking?” he asked with a laugh. “You asked what we needed to do before we left,” she answered him. “Do you know how many fantasies I’ve had in the years I’ve worked here, of you bending me over your desk and taking me from behind?” “If you had asked me that question before your birthday, my answer would have been zero,” he told her. “But right now, I’m guessing that it was more than once.” “Oh yeah,” she said in a very soft and sexy voice. “I think you might be shocked to know how many times I’ve pleasured myself thinking of just that.” He let go of her, walked to the office door and closed it. Making certain that she was watching, he locked the door saying, “It would certainly be wrong for us to leave this building with unresolved issues.” Laura walked around his desk, pulled her skirt up to her waist and replied, “You are such a thoughtful boss to consider the needs and welfare of your employees.” Walking behind her, he put his hand between her shoulders and pushed her down on his desk until her face was touching the surface and her bare ass was waiting for his attention. “We certainly don’t want to leave here with regrets,” he said as he unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall down around his ankles. “No,” she said, as she spread her legs apart, opening her sex to him. “We would not want to do that.” As he stepped up behind her she could feel the head of his cock touching her wet and waiting pussy. As it began to find its passage to her deepest parts he said, “Let’s make certain that we never have any of these lingering fantasies hindering us in our new business.” When he was as deeply inside her as he could be, he said, “From now on we are living boldly, Laura. We do what we want. We take it to the edge.” As his member began to slide through her wetness, he heard her say, “Fuck Yes!” Once they had packed the things they wanted from their offices into Evan’s car, he started the engine, looked at Laura and said, “For some reason, I’m as hungry as a bear.” “I think I know the reason,” she replied with a laugh. “We have had some serious exercise in the last several hours.” Patting her leg he said, “We have indeed. How would you feel about stopping at Dominic’s for a thick istanbul travesti steak?” “I’ve never been there,” Laura answered, “But I would love to go. I’ve heard that it’s excellent, but not in my price range.” “I’ll ask you about your price range in six months,” he told her. “I’m guessing that your attitude will have changed.” “Why would you say that?” she asked him seriously. The traffic light changed and he stopped the car. “You haven’t been keeping up with things too well have you?” “I don’t understand,” she said. “Darlin’, you are not going to be my assistant in this new company.” “What do you mean by that? Why wouldn’t I be your assistant?” she said with a raised voice. The light changed and Evan looked forward again as his car pulled away from the light. He glanced over and saw the scowl on her face. “You aren’t going to be my assistant because you are going to be a partner. Just like Ann and Josh. The four of us will be partners in this new business. You will have to hire an assistant to work for you.” When he pulled his car into Dominic’s parking lot Laura was still looking at him with her eyes wide and her mouth opened, but in a stunned silence. When he cut the engine and turned to her she finally said one word, “Partner?” With some effort, he got her out of the car, inside the restaurant and into a booth. She still looked shocked. “Would you like to have wine or a cocktail?” he asked, still smiling at her condition. Another one word answer, “Wine.” A waiter appeared at the table. “Mr. Sanders,” he said with a broad smile. “How very nice to see you again. What could I get you and the lady to drink?” “Bring us a bottle of the cab … I forget the name of it. Do you remember the one I like, James?” Evan said. “If I remember correctly, the last two times you were here you ordered the Josh Cellars Cabernet,” the waiter answered. “Yes, that’s it,” Evan smiled. “Your memory is better than mine. That would be perfect.” When he turned back to Laura, Evan almost laughed. She still had that amazed look on her face. “Don’t worry, darlin’. I’ll have some wine for you in just a second. You look like you need it quickly.” Finally she managed to speak, “What do you mean by partner?” Evan leaned over and took one of her hands in his. “I thought that you understood what I was doing. Obviously I’ve understood it all without explaining everything to you.” He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it, giving her another big smile. “You see, Laura, I can’t run this business on my own. I don’t understand all of the moving parts. I don’t know the operations end of the business nor do I begin to understand the financial end. So I have people that know those things and I’m going to make it worth their while to work with me. Not for me, but rather with me.” “You’re talking about Ann and Josh?” she asked. “Yes,” he responded. “The two of them and you.” “And me?” she said as a question. “Yes, Laura. And you. You are my brains and my support. I couldn’t begin to operate without you beside me. You and I are a team.” “And I will be hiring an assistant to work with me?” she asked. “Yes, you will,” he answered. “Pick anyone you want. Pick someone you’ve worked with at Sinclair or someone else you know. Whomever you pick will work for both of us, but mostly for you. Ann will have an assistant, as will Josh.” The waiter reappeared, opened the bottle and served two glasses. After he left, they touched their glasses together in a toast and sipped. Laura seemed to have reached a semi-normal level as she complimented the wine. She took another sip and said, “It really is excellent.” “You should get used to excellent,” he told her. “In the next few months we are all going to be working very, very hard, but the rewards are going to be amazing.” “When you say rewards,” she said and paused. “What do you mean?” “Financial rewards,” he answered. “There is a hell of a lot of money to be made with this Braxton contract. We will do the work and share the profits.” Her eyes were still quite wide and her glass was already empty. Evan refilled her glass and chuckled. “Assuming that we don’t have a train wreck, at the end of three years we will all be financially secure.” “Secure for how long?” she asked almost in a whisper. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “For life.” Laura and Evan sat in the istanbul travesti booth, eating and drinking as he filled in the gaps of his business plans for her. They had been there over two hours when the waiter asked if they needed anything else. Evan produced a credit card, thanking the waiter for allowing them time to visit. Turning back to Laura he asked, “So, do you feel better about what I have planned?” “Of course, I do,” she answered. “It is still all swirling around in my head, but I understand the general plan. I see how it fits together and how you’ve positioned everything. What I don’t understand is why you are willing to give so much of the earnings away to a group of partners when you could simply hire them at a good salary level and take fifty times more for yourself.” “I won’t give anything away,” he said quite seriously. “My partners will earn every penny they collect. But in my plan I believe that everyone involved will be working at an extremely high level because they will be fairly compensated for their work. Not a meager salary and a small bonus, but the opportunity to cash in for superior performance.” Evan signed the check and thanked the waiter. Turning to Laura he said, “I think we should go back to your place and finally open that bottle of champagne.” “Before we leave, I have one more question,” Laura said. “Does all of this mean that we will be spending more time together?” Grinning, Evan asked, “Do you mean time together outside the office?” “Yes,” she answered softly. “Because if it means that we continue to work together, but don’t have private time, then I’d like to go back to being an assistant.” “I have plans for lots of private time,” he said as he helped her slide out of the booth. “Once we are free of Sinclair, there are many wonderful things waiting for us.” As they were driving to Laura’s apartment, Evan said, “Let’s spend tonight at your place and then tomorrow pack up and move to my house.” Laura was a little surprised at his suggestion, but said, “Pack up for how long?” “For the weekend,” he answered. Now she was even more surprised. She had thought that they were going to have a one night celebration, and now he was talking about the weekend. While she was thrilled at the idea, she decided that she needed a little more information. “Are you asking me to spend the weekend with you?” “Yes,” he said shaking his head. “I’m sorry. Once again I’m planning things out and not filling in the blanks for you. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow to get ready for our Friday meeting with Sinclair. Since I have an office set up in my home it will just make it easier.” While what he said made sense, it was still a little disappointing to her because his thoughts were strictly business related. He spoke again, “And besides, my bed is larger than yours and my shower holds two quite easily. If we are going to spend our time running around naked, let’s use my place where we’ll have more room.” “That’s a good idea,” she said out loud, while inside she was screaming, “YES!” “Do you plan on spending time naked this weekend?” Evan put his hand on the inside of her thigh, slowly moving it upward. “Sweetie,” he said, “In the future I plan for us to spend a lot of time naked.” Laura smiled and opened her legs for him. Once back at her apartment, the top came off of the champagne bottle and the clothes came off their bodies. Their celebration lasted until they were exhausted and fell asleep. Evan was awakened on Thursday morning as he felt Laura’s finger slipping through the hair on his bare chest. He opened his eyes and saw her smiling brightly and handing him a cup of steaming coffee. “Time to wake up, sleepyhead,” she teased. “It’s 10:00 and I thought you wanted to get an early start.” He sipped his coffee before saying, “Why do you have clothes on?” She laughed, saying, “All I have on is a tee shirt.” She lifted it to show her body. “All of the parts that you said you loved last night are still here and available when you want them.” She took the shirt off and dropped it on the bed. “Is this better?” “Much better,” he said with a broad smile. “I’m trying to figure out how we can arrange for you to work like that.” “You probably are,” she said with a giggle, but inwardly she was glowing with happiness knowing that his affection and lust for istanbul travesti her was real and not just for one night. He sat up, took another sip of coffee and said, “One of the rules for the office is going to be a ‘closed door’ rule, meaning that when an office door is closed no one is to knock or walk in. One of the things that always drove me crazy at Sinclair was that people would come stand in your doorway and start talking. Sometimes they would do it when you were talking on the phone. At the new office a closed door means that you do not choose to be disturbed.” “I think that sounds like a good rule,” Laura responded. “Damn right,” he said. “Then when I decide that I need to touch those beautiful breasts of yours, I can do it without being concerned that someone might walk in on us.” “And that means that if I was just needing to put that beautiful cock of yours in my mouth, I could,” she said as she pointed to the tent pole between his legs that was pushing up the sheets. “I hope that you will always be that excited by my body,” she said quite seriously. His face became equally serious as he told her, “I can’t envision ever not being excited about your body, Laura. You are as close to perfection as I can imagine.” There was a long pause as he admired her naked body and she studied the tent pole. Finally, without taking her eyes off of the sheet she said, “I have something in the kitchen for us to eat.” She paused again and finally made eye contact. “I’m guessing that if today is similar to yesterday, we’ll both need to have some nourishment.” After breakfast, Laura packed a bag with some help from Evan. He approved each thing that she put into her bag. When she pulled panties and bras from her drawers he quickly declined them saying that they were totally unnecessary. Outwardly she protested. Inwardly she rejoiced, but managed to slip one set into her case when he looked away. Once she had everything she needed for the Friday meeting and the remainder of the weekend, Evan carried her bag to his car as she locked her apartment. As she followed him, Laura looked to the skies and said, “Dear Lord, just give me one weekend in his bed and I’ll die a happy woman.” When the door came down behind his car after they pulled into his garage, Laura was completely elated. Having never been invited into his home she was overjoyed to be there. While she couldn’t wait to see his place, she was equally excited to simply be inside it, knowing that she was going to spend several days there alone with him. For her, this was a dream come true. Once inside, he gave her the grand tour. He took her upstairs to see his guest bedroom and office, outside to see his back porch and hot tub, inside again to see the kitchen and eating area and his large family room. The tour ended in his bedroom. “And this is my bedroom. I bought this place because of the bedroom and bathroom. I liked that it was on the same level as the kitchen and family room,” he told her. “It’s a great bedroom, Evan,” she told him as she looked around. “It looks like you. It’s very masculine.” He opened the door to his walk-in closet and she walked inside. “Wow,” she said showing how impressed she was. “It’s huge.” “Yes it is,” he agreed. “After I moved in I had it remodeled to fit my taste and needs. I added the shelves and really could store everything in here. Most of the drawers in my dresser are empty because I keep it all in here.” He took her to the door to his bathroom and said, “What do you think of this room?” Laura stepped inside and whistled. “Oh this is just too much for a single man,” she said as she took in the room. “You have a walk-in shower and a massive tub with water jets. Do you ever use the tub?” “Only when I have company,” he said with a smile. “It looks to me like you could have company in that shower too,” she said as she looked inside it. “Let’s just say that it holds two very comfortably,” he told her. She laughed and replied, “It looks to me like it could hold six, but I’d prefer that you keep it to two while I’m here.” Stepping out of the bathroom she stood and looked at his king sized bed. “I could get lost in that bed.” “If you get lost, I’ll find you,” he told her as he rubbed his hand on her bottom. Turning around she looked up into his blue eyes and said, “I’ll hold you to that.” He put his arms around her, pulling her close so that her breasts pressed against his chest. “Now let me get you something to wear while you’re here.” “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” she asked. “What’s wrong is that there is too much of it,” he said. “When you are in my place I’d prefer that you were completely naked.

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