A cucks revenge – Parts 1 + 2


A cucks revenge – Parts 1 + 2****A cucks revenge****This is a work of erotic fiction. All characters and situations are fictitious. Don comes home early to catch find his wife and next-door neighbor Rick in the middle of having sex. Don plots out out revenge while trying to keep his marriage together. Part 1 – CuckedBEEP!….BEEP!…BEEP!… I reach out sleepily and smack the alarm clock. I shit, shower and shave. Brush my teeth. Kiss the wife and k**s goodbye. Grab something to gnaw on and a coffee to go, for the inevitable rush hour traffic jam. In order to get to the office by 8:30 am. I take my place among the cubicles. I give my days to this company. Where I fight for my way up the chain of middle management positions daily. Each position paying a bit better than the last. 5:00 I’m out of there, only to get stuck in traffic for the trip home. I zone out to classic rock or talk radio.BEEP!….BEEP!…BEEP!… I reach out sleepily and smack the alarm clock. Shit, shower and shave. Brush my teeth. Grab something to gnaw on and a coffee to go, for the inevitable rush hour traffic jam. Repeat……BEEP!….BEEP!…BEEP!… I reach out sleepily and smack the alarm clock. I look over at the familiar middle aged woman sleeping soundly next to me and realize 25 years have gone by in a blink. She looks more like my Mom now than the teen I fell in love with. But I guess I’m no spring chicken either. Just us empty nesters getting old. I pull back the sheets. Hello….. Mr. morning wood, it’s been a while. I look over at my wife wondering if she would possibly be up for a morning quickie. Na… She hates being woke up and was never been a fan of morning sex. I get out of bed and I feel a bit achy. I enter the bathroom. Shit, shower and shave. While shaving I notice that my stubble is nearly all white. My hair has much salt mixed in with the pepper. When did that happen? I Brush my teeth. In the mirror I inspect at my body. I’ve lost youthful muscle definition and I have a bit of a gut. Overall I’m a bit doughy. I’m staring at my cock standing at attention with amusement. It seems that he doesn’t seem to realize how old I am this morning. It’s a shame to waste a fine hard on. How long has it been since we’ve had sex. 3 weeks? A month? We really need to fuck soon and more often. Other things have always seemed to take priority over our lack luster sex life since the k**s were born. I thought once our k**s were out of the house we would be having sex all the time. I grab something to gnaw on and a coffee to go, for the inevitable rush hour traffic jam. In order to get to the office by 8:30 am. I take my place among the cubicles. Where I fight to justify the need for my middle management position at my age and rate among the ever dwindling middle management positions. At noon I decide to break with the routine. I’m going home early to surprize my wife on her day off and fuck the living shit out of her.I parked in the street so she wouldn’t hear the garage door opening. I unlocked the front door and entered quietly, flowers in hand. I stand at the base of the stairs in the foyer. I hear sounds coming from the bedroom. She must have the TV on. As I get closer I her her giggle then begin to moan sexily. I think to myself, this is good. She’s getting herself started with some of her toys. She will be in the mood and ready to go. As I am outside the room I hear the bed springs and headboard rocking rhythmically. I tried the bedroom door knob and it was locked. Not so strange if she was masturbating. I go get my jewelers screwdriver set from the junk drawer. I hear a man’s indistinct murmurs and my wife’s moans increasing emanating from the bedroom upon my return. I thought my wife must have left the TV on while she was Jilling off. I inserted the appropriate size screwdriver into the door handle lock release hole. I felt the lock release. My cock was getting hard thinking of the voyeuristic possibility of catching my wife mid masturbation. She had always been self conscious about me watching her masturbate. She would get stage fright and stop if she knew I was watching. In order to prolong the potential of my voyeurism, I twisted the door handle slowly and cracked the door stealthily. I peeked through the crack. To my surprise my wife was on top of a man whose face was obscured. The view had allowed me to see mans strange unprotected large cock repeatedly plunging into her well lubricated pussy, which accounts for the rhythmic bed noises heard moments earlier. Her arms braced herself on the man’s shoulders. Her large tits hanging and undulating above the man with the rhythm of their coupling. I was stunned and was frozen in place. I tried to comprehend at what I was seeing. It didn’t seem real. She was grinding herself on the man with a a****listic fury, moans turning to screams of, “Oh God! that’s it. I’M GONNA CUM!”. I could hear the man clear now grunting, “That’s it baby! You get it. You fucking cum. You fuck so good!”. I recognize the voice. Moment’s later he’s shouting that he was going to cum. He lifted her off his cock in order not to cum inside her. Immediately she moved down to his waist and put the head of his cock in her mouth without time to spare. His dick throbbed with each ejaculation as he grunted out one pleasurable sigh. My wife took it all in her mouth and throat as she sucked him through his orgasm. Replacing her mouth with her hand, she stroked him slowly as he started to soften. Wiping her mouth with her free hand, my wife looked up at my next door neighbor Rick with a sexy, wet satisfied smile. Part 2 – KatI gotta say that sounds really hot. You got a way with words Don. Don’t get me wrong…. It sucks for you… but from a sexual point a view. Holy shit. Woooo! It got me goin’, Says the blonde barfly that I’d just relayed the story of my wife’s infidelity to. She leans closer to me putting her hand on my arm. Her center of gravity on the barstool was precarious. I worried she was going to fall and make a scene. I can feel breath on my ear and her right breast pressed against my arm as she whispers. It’s been so long since I’ve had a good fucking, I think I’m getting wet just from hearing your wife’s story. The blonde had introduced herself as Kat when I took the vacant bar stool next to her. I gestured to the bartender another round for myself and my new friend. I introduced myself and told her that I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be good company. Unphased Kat upheld the conversation unilaterally with slurred speech. Within the time it took me to down 3 drinks, Kat was married with 2 young c***dren and her husband was a chronic cheater. She left the k**s with her mom, met izmir escortlar a friend here to commiserate. Yada, Yada, Yada, In so many more words and detail, but that’s the gist of it. I surmised that Kat was on her 3rd drink. I caught up quickly. With every drink I had she became more attractive and more accessible. Kat was petite in her mid 30’s. She dressed fashionably but seemed a bit disheveled. Kat regaled me about her glory days at school when she was a prize catch. Cheerleader, homecoming court, very popular. I told her that her husband was an idiot to cheat on her. I politely reassured her that she is still very attractive and any man would be lucky to have her. At this point she began to flirt with me. She asked me what my story was. So I unloaded the reason why I ended up day drinking at first bar I came across. The bartender gave us another round of drinks. After analyzing my wife’s infidelity, I surprised myself by agreeing with Kat. If I take my emotions out of the situation and look at it logically. Watching my wife enjoying herself sexually with another man was very erotic and….. Understandable. I explained my actions to Kat. When I cracked that door I thought I was going to catch her masturbating alone. When I saw my wife actually fucking another man, I was stunned and was frozen in place. I tried to comprehend at what I was seeing. I had a hard time believing what I was seeing. It didn’t seem real. Then this wave of mixed emotion overwhelmed me. I immediately felt nauseous, then enraged. I can’t tell you what stopped my impulse to bust in on their extramarital fornication, push her aside and beating the living shit out of my neighbor. I took some pictures and a short video of their climax instead. I can tell you that I am conflicted. Though I am deeply hurt, I can’t deny that got excited seeing and hearing my wife enjoying herself sexually. It really me turned on. I left quietly, leaving the flowers I had bought her on the kitchen table. I drove for a bit to think, then stopped in here. My wife only had a few boyfriends before me. She never went beyond heavy petting with them. I started young and had many sexual partners. I introduced her to oral sex and took her virginity. It makes sense that she would be curious to see what other men are like. The betrayal sickens me but I don’t think it’s the actual sex act. It’s the deceptive behavior and the lying that hurts me. Knowing there is a secret part of my wife’s life that I am not privy to creates mistrust. I admitted to Kat that the fucked up thing is that I get hard when I think of my wife cumming on some other guys cock. I have always got off knowing that my wife is enjoying herself sexually. I’m like pavlov’s dog, when I hear my wife moan in sexual gratification. I get hard. Kat interrupts me by begging to see the pics and video I took of my wife and neighbor. I down the rest of my drink and think fuck it. She doesn’t know my wife and I. We huddle close to one another. I hold the phone low under the bar in between us in order to keep the screen hidden from prying eyes. I turn down the volume so it is barely audible to us. I open the photos first. Kat immediately comments on how sexy my wife is. She mentions that she hopes to look that good when she is my wife’s age. I can feel my cock growing in my pants. Kat’s unbiased compliments have me appreciating my wife’s appearance. My wife is hot for her age. She takes care of herself. I am acutely aware of Kats right breast mashed into my left arm. She begs for me to show her the video. I hit the play icon. The video is a bit shaky and dark. My wife grinding herself on my neighbor Rick with a a****listic fury, moans turning to screams of, Oh God! that’s it. I’M GONNA CUM!. I could hear Rick grunting, “That’s it baby! You get it. Fucking cum. You fuck so good! “. Embarrassed that the language might be heard by the people surrounding us at the bar I fumble for the volume. I look over at Kat engrossed with the action on the screen. I watched Kat’s eyes widen when my wife popped off Rick’s cock and quickly went down on him letting him cum in her mouth. Then stroking him slowly as he started to soften. Wiping her mouth, as she looked at Rick with a wet satisfied smile. The video played less than a minute. Kat looks at me open mouthed, then says, Oh my God. That was as hot as you described. Without a word her hand was on my lap, finding then squeezing my erection. Looking at me with a wicked smile breaking on her face. She whispers in my ear, Oh Shit! You did get hard seeing your wife fuck. Kat sits back up for a sip of her drink. Then says, I can help you with that. Back before I was married I was known for my oral skills. Why do you think I was so popular in school?. She says smiling and sipping her drink. Now I’m imagining my cock between those lips instead of that cocktail straw. I look up and notice that we had caught a guys attention. He looks over up from his view of the phone screen and we make eye contact. He drunkenly gives me a sleazy smile and a thumbs up, gets the beer he’s ordered and returns to his table. Kat continues, I developed oral skills to appease the boy’s sexually in lieu of fucking them and risking pregnancy. Once I lost my virginity, I prefered older men sexually for their experience and patience. She looked directly into my eyes and Have you had a younger woman Don?I shook my head no, only 2 years younger.How would like a girl that is about 20 years younger? Sucking that straw for the last sip of her alcohol. I think you and I were meant to meet each other tonight Don. Both our spouses are cheating on us. Your hard and horny. I’m wet and horny. I think fate put us here in the place and time so we could help each other. Would you like to help each other Don?I was speechless. I could not believe how crazy this day was. 5 drinks in I couldn’t argue with her logic. I broke my pondering by telling Kat that I would be honored. What did she have in mind.Kat smiled wickedly saying, I think you know what I have in mind. I threw a wad a cash on the bar to cover the drinks and we headed outside. The late afternoon sun was gone, it was dark now. As I was about to offer a suggestion of nearby motels, Kat just pointed her key fob out into the parking lot and pressed the unlock button. The lights on a minivan flickered and I followed Kat towards it. She reminisced out loud, Remember the good old days of sex in the back seats of cars? Well Don this minivan has lots of space in the back. Kat gets into the driver’s seat and I get in the passengers side. She looks around and thinks out loud, No this won’t do, then starts the car. My concern izmir escort bayan about Kat driving drunk overtakes me. I ask you’re not going to drive are you? She looks at me incredulously says, don’t worry Dad, I’m just going to move the van for a bit more privacy. Kat pulls the minivan around the behind the bar and backs into the space between a the dumpster enclosure and a SUV. She exits the minivan and gets to work unfastening the c***d carrier in the back seat behind me. I get out and she puts the c***d carrier in the seat that I had just occupied. She pulls a release and folds the rear seat forward. She looks up at me and comments that the stow and go seating comes in handy. She pats the minivan saying, my husband and I christened this baby in our garage with a good fuck the night we bought it. Moving to the back of the van she opens the liftgate and folds the rear seats down into the floor. She throws a blanket down she pulled from a diaper bag and invites me to climb in. Once Kat was inside she pulled the liftgate down. Kat doesn’t give me much time for thought before she is on me and kissing me aggressively. I squeeze her b cup breasts through her blouse and bra. She loosens my belt frantically then I feel her hand grasp my cock and begin tug. I slid my hand up inside her shirt pushing her bra up baring her tits. They’re warm and soft. I feel a hardened nipple pressed against the palm of my hand. I pinch it lightly and roll it between my thumb and forefinger eliciting a moan from Kat against my mouth. I feel like I am 16 years old making out with my girlfriend in the back of my parents car. I slid a flattened hand under the waistband of her yoga pants into her panties. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was shaved clean. Kat wasn’t lying. She was wet. The back of my hand could feel the wet spot on her panties and my fingers could feel her warm slickness of the source. My hand was held firmly against her pussy by the elasticity of her yoga pants as I rubbed her. My middle finger pressed into her with ease. Kat takes in a quick breath and moans against my mouth again. After a few minutes of groping, finger fucking and breast play. I am curious to discover what it is like to go down on a hairless pussy after such a long time. I pull her yoga pants and thong down beyond her calves for access. I position my head near her pussy while my thighs were near her head. I began to lick her pussy. Kat responds by opening her legs up as much as possible but her legs a restrained by her stretch pants around her ankles. Kat begs me to stop for a second while she kicks off her shoes a removes her pants. I could tell she took care of herself by keeping fit after her clothes came off although there were telltale signs of motherhood. Her belly was thin but loose with a few light stretch marks. Kats breasts sagged a little but their size matched her rounded hips nicely. Who was I to judge? I am 20 years older. I can’t believe my good fortune to be with this woman. We return to our previous position. I bury my face in her pussy. Going down on her bald pussy was a pleasure. So much more area to explore without getting hair in my mouth. I lap, lick and suck with hunger. I savor her strange but familiar musty scent and it is intoxicating. As my mouth plays with her pussy, I feel her play with my cock. A tug, a kiss, a lick. I can feel her suck momentarily until she became overwhelmed after a few minutes of oral attention to her pussy and began to moan. Kat grips my cock with one hand like she holding on for dear life, then pushes my head into her tightly with the other hand shouting, Oooooo… Oh Godddddddd! Right there! you’re gonna make me cum. Emmmmm! Uhhh! I’M CUMMING! She recovers for a few moments.Kat pulls my pants and underwear down. My dick springs out from its confinement. Her mouth and hand were on my cock working in unison pumping the base. The boasts of her oral skills were not exaggerated. With her hand still stroking, she takes my balls in her mouth gently licking and sucking. I realize that this is a part of my anatomy that has been neglected for years. She takes the full lenght of my shaft in her mouth. I can feel her lips at the base of my cock, her nose buried in my pubic hair. Kat’s hand grabs the base once more then begins to suck in earnest. She is giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in my life. If she kept this up I would be cumming in seconds. I made Kat aware of the situation. She sprang up off of me saying. Ho no! You are going to fuck me.Kat gets on her knees wiggling her ass and an invitation saying doggy is her favorite position. This position is a bit difficult given in the area available inside the van my head hits the ceiling as I knelt behind her. I manage to get the head of my cock against her opening and tease her a bit. Kat pleads with me to put it in. I enter her extremely slow. When my entire length was inside her she exhaled a moan. I stayed there for a moment inside her not moving. I took time to enjoy the feeling of this strangers soft warm pussy enveloping my cock. Kat reflexively started moving on me. As her movement picked up speed her vocalization got louder. Oooo that’s so good….. You like this pussy? Your cock feels so good inside me. She finally begged me to fuck her. Come on fuck me hard, she said. I obliged. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me with every stroke. Everytime my pubic area and upper thighs crashed into her ass, the collision caused a ripple of waves through her ass cheeks. The contact make a slight slapping sound and Kat would let out a quick low grunt of a moan. Her exposed hanging breasts were swaying. The faster and rougher that we collided, the louder she got. It was raw a****listic sexuality. I didn’t think of anything else. It was my cock fucking this attractive woman, right now. We were the only people in the world at that moment. I spanked her ass open handed. Causing more ripples and a handprint on her ass. She responded favorably with a, Oooo that’s it, spank my ass. After a few minutes in this position, she asks to get on top. Kat asks me to lie down. I oblige with clumsy difficulty in the small space. She swings a leg over me while, then teased me much in the same way I had teased her. She wiggled the head of my cock against her clit and pussy lips before guiding my cock to the opening of her pussy. I enter her as she slowly sits on my cock. That soft warm feeling envelopes my cock once more. As her ass meets my thighs once again, I hear her moan while she exhales once again. Kat leans over and kisses me. This provides a bit of wiggle room. I begin to move my cock in her from izmir bayan escort below and she responds favorably. Kat sits up putting most her weight on crotch while she begins to grind with me entirely inside of her. Her moans get louder as the speed and motion of her grinding increase. I cup her breasts with my hands. Her eyes are closed tight as she tells me how much she loves the way my cock feels between moans. The motions of her pussy felt amazing. She seemed to be milking my cock. It had a long time since I fucked another woman. It brought back memories of the subtle nuances of every lover I have had. The realization that I was fucking a stranger added to the excitement. Suddenly Kats’ actions seemed all to familiar. I crashed out of the moment we two were having. Visions of my wife grinding on top of my next door neighbor flooded my mind. You would think this would turn me off. Counter intuitively the vivid memories of my wife cumming on another man had me racing towards my orgasm. I quickly tapped Kat on her ass warning her that I was about to cum. Stealing the move from my wife’s video, Kat jumped off me quick and moved her head down towards my cock. However the confines of the van and her lack of sobriety impeded her decent. Her mouth was not quite on me when the first spasm of ejaculation happened. It caught her on the neck, chin and hair. Kat let out a surprised OH! Before taking the rest in her mouth. It felt amazing. Jen had not done that in years since my vasectomy. There was no need, I just came inside her. Kat came off my cock wiping her mouth. Instead of loving after sex embrace, Kat’s demeanor was anxious. She quickly got herself dressed and exited the vehicle barely giving me enough time to dress myself. I saw her check herself out in the passenger side lighted vanity mirror. She makes eye contact with me in the reflection and says, Shit! you came in my hair and on my shirt. How’s this gonna look if my husband notices the stains?. I just shrugged thinking that it wasn’t intentional. I must have given her the impression that I didn’t care because her demeanor immediately went cold. She grabs a couple baby wipes out of the glove box and frantically begins to clean up. I open my phone and pull up the uber app. I tell Kat that I am ordering a ride, does she want me to get her a lift. Distracted by her clean up, she waves me off saying, no….. No I’ll get my parents to pick me up. That way I can get the van home if one of them drives. I asked her for her phone number. She thought for a moment and told me that she didn’t want me calling her but to give me her number so she can text me. I did and she entered it in her contacts.I stood there a moment. She gave me the impression that she didn’t want me near her anymore. So I said my goodbye and left. She stopped me before I got too far. Her attitude seemed to soften. She told me she had a good time. After a few moments of silence she added, It sucks to cheated on doesn’t it? I nodded. I told her that it was a pleasure to meet her, she just smirked a half smile and I left towards my car. My uber ride was 20 minutes out. I sat long enough to see a mature couple slightly older than me pick Kat up. A few minutes later my ride showed up at the bar entrance. The Uber driver dropped me off at my house. My wife Jen met me at the door as I entered the house. A mixture of concern and aggravation on her face saying, Where have you been? You smell like a brewery. I’ve been trying to reach you all evening. You didn’t answer my texts or calls. I interrupted, I was at the bar. I turned my phone off. Jen looked at my quizzically and said, What’s going on Don?, this behavior is unlike you. I said nothing as I stared blankly at her. Jen continued exasperated, Well… There’s dinner in the fridge. Take a shower before you come to bed. Jen came in for a kiss goodnight.I reflexively turned my head asking whether she had brushed her teeth since this afternoon. I told her that I was going to sleep on the couch. Kat looked at me dumbfounded saying that there was no need for me to sleep on the couch. We all tie one occasionally. I’m just glad you didn’t drive. I told her that I can’t sleep in that bed right now. Jen says, Suit yourself, then headed up the stairs for bed. By the 3rd stair the realization of what had happened began to wash over her. The bedroom door being open when she was positive she locked it after Rick had entered. The jeweler’s screwdriver set and flowers on the table. My refusal to sleep in our marital bed. Jen stopped and returned to the family room. Looking peaked she asks meekly, did you come home early and leave those flowers on the kitchen table? Jen must have taken my drunken expressionless face as confirmation. Her face went a whiter shade of pale. She sat on the other end of the couch. After a moment she blurts, I don’t know what you think you heard or saw but nothing hap….. I interrupt her shouting, STOP! JUST STOP FUCKING LYING!. It is extremely important to be honest with one another right now. Jen sits stunned silently. I reach into the pocket of my pants for my smartphone. I open up the photo gallery and select the most incriminating image to show her. She says defeated as sinks back into the couch cushion, You took pictures?. I click on the the video and play it. She hears herself moaning and looks over towards me shocked. She grabs for my phone and watches herself fuck Rick in disbelief. I was all too familiar from rewatching the video a dozen times or more, I say. Oh… Oh… this is my favorite part Jen. See, when you jump off his cock and let him cum in your mouth.Jen looks sick. I see her frantically start to delete all the photos and video from my gallery. I smile cockily saying, do you think I wouldn’t make copies Jen. I need something for the lawyers if we get to that point. Jen shouts in frustration. God I hate you sometimes. That’s it! now we’re being honest, I reply.Jen stares at my crotch confused saying, Are you fucking Hard!? Did you get off on those pics that you took of us? I look down and see the tip of my erection has found its way through the gaping fly of my boxer. I just shrug at Jen saying, My mind is all k**s of fucked up but my cock seems to like it. I’ve been hard all day.Jen looks at me sadly saying, You mentioned lawyers. Do you want a divorce?I really don’t know right no. I say, But I am drunk. It’s not a good time to talk now. We are not going to figure this out tonight. I need some sleep and time to think. Tomorrow is Friday and I have an important meeting in the morning. I’ll try to leave work early again. We’ll have the weekend to talk. So let’s get some sleep.Jen gets up still looking a bit shocked and dazed. At the the base of the stairs she pauses and looks at me sadly saying. I’m so sorry…. I still love you Don.I fall asleep to the sounds of Jen’s sobbing and sniffles.**** To be continued ****

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