A Family Affair Part 2

Big Tits

Alexis’ breath quickened as her brother’s strong fingers slowly pulled her moist but tight pussy lips apart. Her back arched as the tip of his tongue slid inside her. Terry’s mouth worked slowly, savoring the nectar of his sister’s delicious pussy. Alexis’ fingers tightened in his hair as the length of his tongue crept inside her wanting hole. Terry’s fingers kept her open wide enough for him to go fully inside, moving inside her in deliberate, flicking, circles. As he increased the motion inside her, her ass lifted off the bed, pushing her cunt hard against his face. He worked quicker with his tongue, basking in the juices flowing from the best pussy he had ever encountered. He squeezed her ass hard with his free hand as he rammed two fingers deep into her opening, then gradually working in a third. Her body tensed and she bucked hard against Terry’s face, pushing his nose solid against her swollen clit. She ground her pussy wildly on her brother’s soaked face as the first waves of orgasm swept over her tiny, tanned body. She could feel the scream moving up inside her as her fingers dug into his head, pulling him against her roughly as her cunt tightened around his magnificent tongue, all three fingers still deep inside her burning body. She spasmed as her thighs locked tight against his head, her ass still şişli eskort jerking up, rubbing her drenched box violently against the face of her big brother. The animal like screamed echoed on the walls of the small room as she exploded in orgasm. She relaxed and her body seemingly floated to the mattress as her eyes fixed on Terry’s flooded face. Terry’s nose was full of forbidden honey. His sister had just orgasmed like no other woman he had ever eaten out before, and aromatic proof shined on his face, and filled his nose with its intoxicating scent. He sniffed hard, sucking down his rewards. Alexis lay on the bed, thighs spread wide, still in her teeny tiny crotchless panties. He slid his hand under her ass once again as he leaned over her, kissing her softly. Smelling herself on her brother, feeling his index finger slowly slipping into her ass crack, teasing her virgin hole, made her that much hungrier to finally have that enormous piece of hard meat destroying her tiny body. She kissed him back hard, then moved her tongue around his mouth and chin, lapping up her own juices from his gorgeous face. Terry slid his finger back out from her panties, and pulled them down her wet thighs. As he tossed them to the side, he quickly grabbed her thighs, pushing her knees back against her tits. He placed şişli escort his face back in front of her drenched hole, but slipped his tongue down from her slit, pushing it against her ass hole. No one had ever licked her there before, and the sensation surprised her. The thought hit her that her brother may be wanting to fuck her in the ass. Though the thought made her a little nervous, it excited her so much that she surprised herself. “I want your cock Terry! Give it to me now!! Fuck me! Fuck me in every hole! I want you in me!” she gushed. Terry roughly turned her over and pulled her to her knees. His hands grasped her breasts, squeezing tightly, and she felt his dick brush against her clit. She trembled at the touch. Her eyes widened, and she felt as if she couldn’t breathe as his dick began slamming hard inside her pussy. He wasted no time at all in pushing his entire length deep into her gaping hole. She had never had that much cock inside her before, and her body involuntarily jerked away as his thrusts started hard. He pulled her back firmly, never allowing his dick to leave her. He pounded inside her harder, and faster. Her screams teetered on pleasure and pain as his cock filled her completely. She quickly came, bellowing out to God with that guttural scream she had filled the room with mecidiyeköy escort only minutes before as she was cumming on his face. Her body, trembling and limp became to much for Terry to support, and he let her fall face first to the mattress. Her nails dug into the sheets as his pace did not slow. The ecstasy of her orgasm, knowing her brother’s cock was the reason, made her body quiver. She felt his thrusts begin to slow a little. Terry was now thrusting deep, but slowly, his cock nearly leaving her with each motion before driving balls deep back inside her. His eyes were set on her firm round ass. The way her muscles rippled with his movements, the perfect way she moved from the moment his dick had entered her, was unbelievable. His finger again slid down her crack. He slid it down to her sopping pussy and rewet his finger, sliding it back up slowly. He told her to relax as his finger pressed gently against her tiny hole. She obeyed with a moan, and turned her face on the pillow. She alternately watched back at him, and closed her eyes as his finger began to press into her. His dick was still moving inside her pussy, stretching it out more and more with each passing minute. His finger managed to push inside her tight exit. She gasped as it moved farther in. The feeling was new, and a little uncomfortable, but she was wanting more. Terry continued filling her pussy as his finger worked her asshole. She was enjoying it more and more as his finger touched her where no man ever had. She loved the way it felt when his dick pressed against his finger.

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