A Fun Video Call Pt. 02


I suggest you read part 1, but it’s not necessary.

With an embarrassed shrug, Sondra stepped around the table, moving toward me.

“I had this whole thing worked out. What I would say to you and how The Girls told me what fun you had.”

As she walked, her breasts drooped in a way that made her delicate pink nipples point directly at me. The blonde hair covering her pussy was matted and wet.

“I wanted that kind of fun, too. But I was nervous because I’m so … well … fat. I didn’t know if you’d want me.”

She stopped less than an arm’s length away.

“Then Tom called and ruined everything.”

“Did he?” Her eyes flicked down to where I was still stroking my cock. “Seems to me he just kick-started the fun; by-passed all the preamble and nervousness.”

I lifted my other hand to cup her cheek. “I think you’re a beautiful woman, Sondra. And that performance on the phone, talking to Tom but really for my benefit, was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen; much less been a part of.”

She lifted my hand from her face, then inhaled the fragrance of her pussy on my fingers.

“It was fun, wasn’t it?” She stuck out her tongue to lick my fingers, then slid them into her mouth. Our eyes locked, I felt her sucking three fingers, letting her tongue slide between them, seeking every leftover drop.

I smiled as almanbahis I removed the fingers from her mouth and offered the other hand as replacement. When both hands were wet with saliva, I scooped a huge breast in each hand, lifting them and letting my thumbs play across her nipples.

Sondra released a big sigh. “My tits are very sensitive.”

“I can tell.” Though pale in color, her nipples were growing quite large. I leaned down to place soft kisses on one, then the other. I felt her fingers on the back of my head. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked on the large areola, feeling it puff up against my tongue. Sondra moaned as she pulled my face onto her tit.

My fingers still playing on the other side, I gently tugged on a nipple the size of my first knuckle. With a loud cry, Sondra dragged my mouth to that side.

“This one. Now do this one. Oh God.”

I sucked hard on the new nipple, lashing it with my tongue as my hand found the first one, hard from the cooling wetness.

Sondra started to shout and groan as I gave more attention to her tits. Delighted by her reaction, I licked between her soft globes and nibbled on the bulging sides. I kept returning to the nipples, discovering they had become more sensitive with each visit. Her voice became higher and her sounds unrecognizable.

With a loud cry, almanbahis giriş she suddenly stepped back, turning me around with my back to the table, before sitting in the chair in front of me.

“I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

“I’m not seeing the downside.”

She pointed. “There. In that basket.”

There was a decorative basket on the counter. The only thing in it was a familiar pink plastic bottle with a screw-on top. I picked it up, but before I could say anything, she snatched it from my hand.

“I told you I planned this.” She unscrewed the lid. “Give me your hands. Palms up.”

Sondra poured the thick warm lube into my hands. She jutted her chest at me. “Rub it on my tits.” I closed my eyes and started to caress her chest, gradually pressing harder. “Oh, yeah. All of it. Everywhere. Good.” She inverted the bottle between her breasts, letting it pour onto my hands. “More. Get my nipples. YES rub my nipples. Fuck.”

For an instant she went silent and I thought she was about to cum. I opened my eyes and realized she had covered her own hands with lube before grabbing my throbbing cock. She started stroking it, squeezing hard, covering the shaft and the head with the slick fluid.

Then the bottle was gone and Sondra was clutching her breasts. She gathered the thick soft flesh almanbahis yeni giriş around my dick. “Now, fuck me! My boobs are a pussy for your big cock. Fuck my titties!”

My cock disappeared under the enormous tit-flesh. She was lifting her boobs up and down, jacking me off in her well-lubed cleavage.

I started humping against her. “Oh yes, Sondra. Your tits are amazing. Feels like I’m fucking your sweet cunt.”

“Yes, baby. Keep talking.”

We both started moving faster, our sweat mingling with the lube. “My cock is getting harder. Can you feel it, Sondra? Feel it getting bigger from fucking your amazing tits.”

She started howling again, her voice filling the house. “GOD you feel so fucking good. My tits love you. You’re going to make me cum.”

“Yes, Sondra. Come for me. Feel the swollen head of my dick dragging against your sensitive nipples. Come with me, baby. Feel it. It’s coming. I’M CUMMING.”

Sondra screamed and let go of her tits. She reached around to grab my ass, pulling my cock tight to her chest as cum poured from me. She shifted her body, using my dick to rub the hot cum all over her breasts and nipples. The sensations forced spurt after spurt from my balls until I felt like I had nothing left.

“Sondra.” I gasped. “Sondra, please stop. Too sensitive.”

She gradually slowed, relaxing her grip on my ass.

I dropped to the floor, wrapping one arm around Sondra’s shoulders and pulling her down with me. I rolled on top of her, my legs pinning her hips. I could see the hunger in her eyes as I smirked.

“So, you say your breasts are sensitive?”

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