A New Beginning Ch. 07


This is a story about lesbian older-younger domination/submission. I strongly recommend to all readers to read previous chapters first. All characters in the story are fictional and at least 18.

Chapter 7.

“I’m home!” Diana exclaimed, entering the house.

Jenny rushed to her and hugged her vigorously, prompting a happy laugh and a kiss to the head from Diana who stood much taller, especially in her high heels. After holding tight onto Her Lady for several seconds, enjoying the touch of her breasts on her face, Jenny knelt in front of her and kissed her high heel sandals with devotion.

“My Lady! You have no idea how much I missed you…” Jenny said with a happy smile.

“Oh I have some idea, My Pet… I missed you too” Diana said, looking at Jenny with affection.

Jenny removed Diana’s sandals, making a mental note to clean them later and went to take Diana’s bags and unpack her clothes and items. Diana grabbed a drink and reclined on the sofa, enjoying the relaxation after a fun yet intense seminar/holiday.

“It’s good to be back. I missed My Pet in so many ways… I missed the girl I love, but I also missed being pampered so much… It felt so weird taking care of some basic things again, even if I was in a hotel. It made me remember how much My Pet does for me, how much she serves my every need… Damn, I don’t think I could ever go back to how it was before I met Jenny…” she thought, sipping her cocktail.

“…Not to mention how sexually frustrating it was, being a whole week without release… But I made my decision back then. I refuse to ever masturbate again. Yet, it was tough during this last week. There were more than few situations where I could have had sex with a man or a woman, and feeling horny didn’t help at all, but it would be cheating on Jenny and I could never do anything to hurt her… Anyway, the wait will make my pleasure that much better… Mmmm, I can’t wait to feel that lovely mouth on my body again…” Diana mused, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She was anticipating the long hours of pleasure and worship.

Meanwhile, as Jenny was busy sorting out through Diana’s clothes, her mind was troubled with different kind of thoughts.

“Oh, how I missed her…but now I can’t postpone making a decision anymore” Jenny thought, folding Diana’s dresses and enjoying the scent she left on them.

“Should I tell her everything? Should I tell her that Vanessa seems to be in love with me? Or should I lie to her? Should I lie to the woman I love, the woman I adore with every fiber of my being? It terrifies me that I have to answer ‘Yes’ to that question… But what is the alternative? Putting a wedge between a mother and daughter? How can I hurt My Lady like that… No, as much as I despise doing it, I will have to lie to her, it is the lesser of two evils…” Jenny thought, feeling very troubled. Yet, it felt good to finally reach a decision. She had been struggling with it for the last couple of days, but seeing Her Lady again made the decision much easier. She had to make the tough choice. She had to endure being a liar for Her Lady. She would do anything for her.

Returning to the living room, Jenny knelt in front of Her Lady and took her feet in her lap.

“Mmm, I missed this so much…” Diana purred, as Jenny massaged her feet.

“Do you want me to wash your feet, My Lady?” Jenny asked after a while. Diana’s pretty feet were a bit dusty as she had been wearing sandals. Jenny liked to keep Her Lady’s feet perfect. She should probably do some pedicure work later, as well. There were some tiny points on Her Lady’s toenails that needed correcting.

“Your sweet tongue is all my feet will ever need” Diana said seductively, raising her foot and caressing Jenny’s face.

Jenny smiled, melting to the touch of Diana’s pretty foot. Oh, how she craved to worship Her Lady… Jenny took Diana’s foot and placed a kiss on each toe, and then, feeling her submissive desire grip her, she started licking the sole from heel to toe, pressing hard with her tongue and cleaning it thoroughly. She swirled her tongue around each toe, then sucked them in, bathing them in her saliva. There was something in her eagerness, some special vigor that took Diana by surprise. Jenny had worshipped her feet so many times before, and she always did it with desire and affection, yet what she was doing now was nothing short of making love to her feet…

“Wow, the trance she is in… mmm, my pussy is suddenly on fire. I forgot she has been almost two full weeks without release. The effect this chastity has on her… I wonder…” Diana thought, marveling at the sight and sighing with pleasure. She had intended to wait until after lunch to feel Jenny’s tongue on her pussy, yet she wondered if she would be able to hold that long.

Completely oblivious to the arousal she was causing, Jenny continued making love to the lovely foot in front of her. Moaning with desire, she took the other foot mersin escort as well and licked it vigorously, scooping every bit of dust and then assaulting it with her tongue and lips.

“Why can’t I have three mouths and five tongues…” Jenny mused, feeling lost in her lovemaking. She put both feet in her face, breathing them in and then licking the soles with great desire. If she hadn’t been so lost in her task, she would have been able to see the arousal she was causing with her intense worship. Diana was already breathing harder, struggling not to rub herself off right there and then. The intensity of Jenny’s worship had taken her by surprise.

“If she is doing this to my feet, I wonder what is in store for my pussy…” Diana thought, closing her eyes. She had been hoping for some relaxing massage and a bit of foot worship, but what she got instead was a maelstrom of desire… Diana watched with fascination, as Jenny kept devouring her feet, nursing on her toes like she was sucking the sweetest popsicle in the world. In the grips of her own passion, Diana pushed her foot deeper into Jenny’s mouth, placing the other foot on top of her head. Jenny sucked Diana’s foot, looking at Her Lady with adoring eyes, the eyes that showed incredible hunger for Her Lady’s body. Diana purred feeling warmth all over her body. She felt she couldn’t restrain herself any longer…

“Take off my panties, My Pet… quickly!” she said, gasping with pleasure, as Jenny moved to obey fast as a lightning. In a matter of seconds, Jenny’s mouth was glued to the object of her desire.

“Aaahhh!” Diana moaned, feeling the assault of Her Pet’s loving tongue deep inside her pussy. This wasn’t Jenny’s usual loving worship, as great as that always was… No, this was pure primal hunger. She was feeding on the sweet pussy in front of her with incredible vigor and in less than a minute Diana shook with a breathtaking orgasm.

“Oh, My Pet, that was amazingly fast!” Diana said, unbelieving she managed to come that quickly.

She looked at the sweet face between her legs and saw two adoring eyes fixate her with an almost fanatical look. Jenny had no intention to stop. She slowed down only for a minute to let Diana cool off a bit, and then she was back at it, devouring Diana’s pussy and ass with determination. Diana decided to recline and enjoy the wild ride.

“I can’t believe how passionate she is… I went on an orgasm diet for the last week, so I knew I was going to be horny, yet her passion, her chastity is making me insane with lust…” Diana thought, barely able to think coherently as the second orgasm hit her trembling body. She gushed her juices into the hard working mouth.


Diana bucked wildly, trying to push Jenny’s face deeper inside her pussy. Unnecessarily, as Jenny never had any intention to unglue her mouth from the sweet dish in front of her. She switched to stabbing Diana’s ass with her tongue, reaching as deep as she could. She licked so intensely, slurping and stabbing that after several minutes of this intense treatment, Diana came violently… Again.

“OOOHHH!!” Diana screamed as she shook with her orgasm, taking Jenny’s head for a wild ride, her fingers interlacing in Jenny’s hair. After a whole minute of wild contractions, Diana started settling down, yet her moans weren’t stopping…

“Oh my god… Three orgasms and I am just as horny as before… And every orgasm is more intense than the one before…”

“Ah! This is sooo gooood!” Diana exclaimed, as Jenny danced with her tongue, stopping only briefly to shower kisses and licks to Diana’s thighs and feet and then going back to her den of delights.

“It’s like she is sating her own arousal by devouring my body… At least mentally… Oh god, this is so incredibly good… I want this to continue… Can it continue? Can she go on a really long chastity period? Will she be able to resist coming… for three weeks? For a month?” Diana thought, aroused to insanity by the thoughts or Her Pet prolonging her chastity, prolonging this fanatical state of mind where she couldn’t get enough of Diana’s body. The thought of Her Pet suffering incredible arousal and sexual frustration blew her mind, and she started shaking with another orgasm, even stronger than the ones before.

“AAAEEEOOOWWW!!” Diana shrieked, almost falling down from the sofa. Her body shook so wildly, that even Jenny’s eyes went wide with fear for a moment. Diana’s juices flowed in abundance and Jenny hungrily scooped everything, struggling to maintain contact during the wild ride Diana was giving her. After a long minute, Diana’s body finally started relaxing.

“Oh, my incredible Pet… I can’t take any more please… Come up here… We will continue this later, I promise…” Diana said, as Jenny was still nursing on the slightly swollen pussy in front of her. With great reluctance, Jenny complied and sat next to Her Lady, her face smeared with Diana’s nectar.

“This was simply mindblowing, My Pet… I mersin escort bayan can’t believe I survived without you for a week…”

“Yeah, tell me about it” Jenny said, chuckling.

Diana laughed with her, kissing the lovely lips and getting a taste of her own juices.

“Let’s get some lunch now, there is so much we need to catch up about” Diana said, raising from the sofa and taking Jenny’s hand. Soon they were both sitting at the kitchen table, eating one of Jenny’s specialties.

“So, My Pet, tell me about your week. Was it awkward to be here with my daughter, while I was away?” Diana asked, watching Jenny with interest. The girl was still stealing glances at her legs and breasts. At the mention of Vanessa’s name she tensed up slightly, but trying not to show it. The reaction didn’t elude Diana’s eye.

“Well, yeah… It was kind of weird. But I was able to help them, so I did feel good about that” Jenny replied cautiously.

“Tell me about Mary.”

“Oh, she is a nice and sweet girl… She is quite pretty and I really liked her. She is submissive, although I am not sure to what degree. She does seem to like Vanessa and she seems ready to try being submissive to her.”

“How did you feel watching her serve my daughter?” Diana asked casually, taking a sip of her wine. She was watching Jenny carefully. She could see Jenny wasn’t telling her everything.

“Honestly, it made me miss you that much more…” Jenny said, her mouth half full.

Diana smiled at her affectionately.

“So you and Vanessa got along well?”

“Um, yes, sure… I mean, I was surprised to see her and a bit worried at first, but once she asked for my help we got along really well” Jenny said with slight hesitation. Diana watched her, trying to pierce through her demeanor.

“Good” Diana finally said. “I hope I get to meet this girl soon. And I am happy my daughter is embracing this side of her. I wish I embraced mine earlier. Then again, maybe then I wouldn’t have met you, my love” Diana said, watching Jenny with warmth.

“She is clearly hiding something, but I won’t press her… Vanessa must have pushed her buttons in some way and she is reluctant to say, fearing I might get angry with Vanessa…”

“How was your seminar, My Lady?”

“It was really good. I had so much fun with my colleagues and friends, I kind of missed hanging out with them…”

The guilty look on Jenny’s face told her that Jenny considered herself the reason of Diana’s absence from her circle of colleagues and friends. Which was partly true… yet Jenny was much more precious to her.

“…but I missed you ten times more, sweetheart. You will be going with me next time, their rules be damned” Diana said.

Jenny smiled happily. Diana watched her twirl her tongue around spaghetti, her cute lips sucking them in. She felt a familiar tingling in her pussy.

“How can I be horny already?!, I need to give this a serious thought tonight…”

“Did you meet anyone new at the seminar?” Jenny asked, after swallowing the delicious bite.

“Not really… We all knew each other well. And there were a few of my very close friends there. Now that I mentioned that…” Diana said, her face getting a more serious look.

“Jenny” Diana began, and Jenny tensed up slightly. Using her name instead of ‘My Pet’, meant she was starting a serious talk.

“Being there with my close friends made me realize that, even though I want to keep our relationship away from the world, I would like to bring a few of my close friends in the loop, at least partly… Therefore, I have hinted something to my good friend Alice. I’ve known her since the college and I am pretty sure she would understand… So the question is, how do you feel about it?” Diana asked cautiously.

“Oh…” Jenny said after a few moments. “I don’t know, really… It feels both good and scary…”

“I understand. I want you to know that we won’t do anything you aren’t completely comfortable with. Think on this for a while, my love. We don’t need to divulge everything, but it would be so great if I could go meet my friends with you, or bring them home, without needing to pretend or act” she said compassionately.

Jenny nodded, her mind clearly occupied with this idea.

“I will think on it, My Lady. I don’t think there is anything I am not ready to face, if it’s together with you…”

Diana reached out and gripped Jenny’s small hand, caressing it and kissing it lovingly. Jenny smiled and sighed, her face showing a hint of arousal.

“Right, I forgot how little it takes for her to get aroused now… Oh my, next few weeks will be so interesting…”

After lunch, they both went to enjoy some time at the pool. Swimming together was always one of their preferred activities, but soon after they got out of the pool and went to recline on the sunbeds, Jenny felt she had to feel Diana’s body. She gave her a full body massage, touching and kissing every part of her. After she was done with escort mersin the massage, Jenny couldn’t help diving between Diana’s legs and bringing her to yet another great orgasm…

“Hmm… I think I will go with this one” Jenny said, after careful deliberation.

She had been working on Diana’s feet for almost an hour. She soaked and washed Diana’s feet, then worked with a nail clipper and a nail file to shape the nails to perfection. The nail polish she chose was dark red with some glitter in a different shade of red. Diana watched her work in silence, reclining comfortably on the sofa with her feet in Jenny’s lap. This was one of the activities where she had absolutely no say. Jenny was a true dictator when it came to caring about Diana’s body, a fact Diana found incredibly endearing.

“Do you like the color, My Lady?” Jenny asked, glancing up from her spot on the floor.

“It is perfect” Diana said, smiling lovingly at Her Pet. The color really was quite appealing, yet even if it wasn’t, Diana knew better than to contradict her. She laughed inwardly at how inverted their relationship was in these situations.

Jenny nodded and started carefully applying the polish in a practiced manner.

“She has an incredible gift for cosmetics and body care. Everything she does is a small piece of art. Who knows, maybe she will want to open her own beauty salon one day…” Diana thought, looking at Jenny with pride. After some time, Jenny finished applying the nail polish and marveled in her work.

“You did an amazing job, My Pet. I can’t believe how talented you are at this” Diana said honestly. Jenny beamed at her praise.

“Time to let the polish dry out” Diana said, wanting to move her feet on top of sofa.

“Put them on my face, My Lady…” Jenny said, her voice betraying arousal.

“Umm, ok…” Diana said and lowered her beautiful feet on Jenny’s face. She felt Jenny’s breath on her soles and soon after, Jenny’s hands kneading her calves.

“This feeling… I feel like an Empress of the world with the treatment she is giving me… It feels so intoxicating being pampered like this. Also, the way Jenny craves physical contact with my body all the time is making me mad with arousal. Oh, this has to be explored further…” Diana thought, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation.

After a while, Jenny started kissing her soles gently, making her relaxation complete.

“Mmm, I feel I could fall asleep like this… amazing” Diana thought, shifting her back slightly and continuing to enjoy the pampering for a while. She wiggled her toes and caressed Jenny’s face, rubbing it with her soles and feeling the girl respond with more passion. Jenny’s gentle kisses soon turned into lustful licks and Diana felt Jenny’s breaths getting heavier beneath her soles. She knew Jenny was getting frisky and that it wouldn’t take long before Her Pet went between her legs. Yet, Diana felt she needed to save herself for tonight. She had had so many orgasms today already…

“My Pet!” Diana said, waking Jenny from her submissive trance.

“My toenails are completely dry now. I feel I want to take them for a walk. Let’s go for a long walk in the park and wherever else our feet take us…”

“As you say, My Lady” Jenny replied, and started picking up her pedicure tools.

“I can’t believe how aroused I am feeling all the time… I just can’t get enough of My Lady. I guess I really need a good walk and some fresh air. How much I missed just hanging out with her this past week…” Jenny thought as she put away the tools she used. She fetched Diana’s flat sandals that would show the freshly painted toes in all their glory.

“She guesses my thoughts even about small things…” Diana thought, as Jenny was putting the sandals on her feet.

“Damn, they look so hot…” Jenny said.

“Yes, and it is all your doing, sweetheart” Diana said and kissed her on the lips sensually. Jenny returned the kiss, moaning sweetly.

“Let’s go!”

The afternoon was very pleasant and they walked and chatted, sometimes daring to hold hands. Like the best of friends, they always found something to talk about.

“That show is a travesty!” Jenny exclaimed.

Diana chuckled at her reaction, but she had to agree. The show had been poorly done without a doubt.

“I mean, this Galadriel they created in the show has to be the most unlikable character ever. Angry and disrespectful… and the way they are trying to portray her as a fierce warrior tougher than any man, is just plain ridiculous. I get so angry at this idea that we are supposed to be strong in the same physical way as men. Galadriel from the movie was wise and beautiful and powerful and strong, without ever raising her voice, let alone wielding a sword…” Jenny said, getting worked up by the talk.

“I know, Jenny… Hollywood ideas about where our strengths lie represent just a mindless dive into feminism, a kind of a cheap try to appease the emancipation movement, yet doing the exact opposite by portraying women in a ridiculous way… It will pass, hopefully, and we can go back to being strong and powerful without needing to kick ass physically or grow a bulging biceps.” Diana said, squeezing Jenny’s hand.

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