A Night in the Dungeon


A Night in the DungeonCome with me, my sweet…” Master Marcus’ deep, resonant voice commanded the pretty young wench. He led Wendy, his slave for the evening, down the spiral staircase of his big house in the countryside. Marcus was a handsome man of thirty-four, with a stocky build, a clean-shaven chin, and a head of wavy brown hair. His black-leather outfit complemented his looks and frame well. When Wendy had first seen Marcus at the invitation-only S&M party earlier that evening, she knew that he was born for the role of a dominant man. She glanced his way a few times, hoping that he would get the hint that she was interested. Wendy was the kind of woman any man – dominant or otherwise – would be happy to get to know. She was a petite, yet very attractive twenty-two-year-old woman with fine features. She had long, sunflower-blonde hair that fell past her shoulders, small but perky breasts, smooth vanilla skin, and pouting red lips. She was wearing a bright yellow dress with black pumps. Marcus came over and introduced himself to her, while some loud music played in the background. The two of them wasted little time on small talk before getting down to business. Wendy accepted Marcus’ invitation to have a private session at his house. She was a bit nervous, but for the most part eager and excited to place herself in the hands of this intriguing man.A grandfather clock struck ten, when Marcus and Wendy entered the foyer of his home. Marcus placed a black-lace blindfold was placed around her eyes, and slowly led her down the marble steps leading to his private dungeon. Wendy held the crook of his arm, while walking carefully, so as not to trip. “We are at the bottom of the staircase now, Slave Wendy,” he told her, still keeping his grip on her arm. She was pleased that Marcus already was using the proper terminology. He escorted her into the cool, musty dungeon, which was illuminated by four red candles kept on metal holders affixed to the walls. Marcus let go of her arm. “Slave Wendy, to fully appreciate the treatment you are about to receive, your body must be fully exposed.” Wendy obediently removed her dress, underclothes, and shoes, and Marcus took from her. “Thank you, my slave! I will be back in just a second.” Marcus carried her clothes to the side table, and grabbed an item from it. He took a moment to admire Wendy’s nude body. He felt a twinge of sensual desire, as he contemplated her curvaceous buttocks and smooth legs. But he knew that domination, not seduction, was what was called for. He cleared his throat, to help keep his composure. Wendy felt goosebumps forming on her bare skin. Even though blindfolded, she could sense that Sir Marcus’ eyes were upon her naked and exposed form. This was exciting to her, but she also worried that he might find flaw with her. “I like your body, Slave Wendy – it pleases me.” Wendy breathed a sigh of relief. “Raise your arms, please.” Wendy raised her dainty arms skyward. Marcus pulled a lever on the wall that unleashed two metallic chains from the tomarza escort ceiling. Two adjustable leather wristbands were at the end of each chain. Wendy was a bit startled by the noise. Marcus went to where she was standing, and fastened the chains to her wrists. Wendy’s arms were kept in their raised positions, by these chains. She could bend her arms a bit at the elbow, but could not keep them anywhere near her sides. “Thwak!” Wendy’s body jerked involuntarily, the first time Marcus’ wooden paddle hit her squarely in the buttocks. “Ouch!” Wendy cried. After a brief pause, Marcus brought down the paddle once more, with even greater force.”I do believe I am forgetting to hear the proper gratitude from my slave, when I discipline her!””Thank you, Master!” whimpered the slave girl, as her wrists made the heavy chains shake. “That’s better,” Marcus said softly. He then proceeded to slap both ass cheeks steadily, one cheek at a time, until they were glowing hot pink from punishment.Because Wendy remembered to say “Thank you, Master!” after each blow, Marcus showed mercy, and stopped the onslaught of blows after twenty. He ran his fingertips across her inflamed buttocks, admiring his handiwork. Wendy shivered at his gentle but firm touch.More discipline was in order, after this brief respite. Wendy bit her lip and bravely submitted to the small metal clamps that her master placed on both of her nipples. Marcus racked her bare skin with strokes from a leather riding crop. Wendy’s petite body twitched from the steady, insistent slaps of the crop. When Marcus tortured her erect pink nipples, still encased in the metal clamps, she gasped loudly. It was an exquisite pain, the kind that made her feel blissfully alive. “Oh, thank you, Master Marcus!” she whimpered, between blows. When that riding crop found it’s way between her thighs, she bit her lip. Even though she could not see a thing, she could certainly feel that leather crop slapping back and forth between her milky-white thighs. Marcus grinned as he hit her labia, with a few upward strokes in the space between her legs. Wendy shivered with lustful delight. She was sure she could feel her pussy begin to get wet.After delivering dozens of tiny blows to her body, Marcus undid the shackles that bound Wendy’s wrists. “You are very brave, my pet,” Marcus told her.”Thank you, Master!” she said, moving her arms to get some circulation back into them. Marcus led her to a wooden rack, which was propped up against a side wall. Wendy’s skin was rich with fresh welts, which razed her skin like stripes on a tiger. She was pleased that Sir Marcus knew just how hard she needed this type of punishment. She felt something small, cold, and wet running over her bare body. She guessed that it was an ice cube. Her master was sliding it all over her breasts, stomach. She sighed with pleasure. That ice was so soothing, after the torment she had just gone through.”Aahhh… That is so nice… Oh, thank you, Master!” Wendy moaned, as Marcus slid the ice cube down her back. “This is your little reward, for submitting so well to me!” he told her. Already, Wendy was contemplating what further rewards might be coming her way, before the night was over… Marcus helped her lie down on the rack, which was at a ninety-degree angle from the floor. Her buttocks, still smarting from the stinging blows administered by her master’s paddle, sank into the polished brown wood. “Please spread your legs, and move your arms behind you,” Marcus commanded her. Wendy did as she was told. He snapped a leather strap around each of her ankles first, then her wrists. (All four straps were attached to the corners of the rack.) Wendy was relieved that she no longer had to stand, but she knew that her session was not over yet.She drew in a deep breath, upon feeling the first drop of hot candle wax drop down onto her chest. Marcus was holding the red candle (taken from it’s holder) directly above her prone body, tipping it so that drops of hot wax fell down onto her skin. Wendy found this to be quite stimulating. She writhed and wiggled around on the wooden rack to which she was bound, eagerly accepting the hot burning kiss of each drop of wax. Her pain-loving senses were gloriously alive, as her breasts and belly became covered with these tokens of her master’s special kind of love. “And how does my slave like my candle-wax treatment?” he asked her, as he let a couple of drops of hot wax fall onto her thighs.”Oh this is quite marvelous, Master! Thank you so much!” Marcus was pleased by her gratitude, and put the candle back in it’s holder. The candle’s drippings dried rather quickly. He used a dull knife to remove the red wax from Wendy’s skin. His touch was deliberate and careful, so he got the drippings off of her, without cutting her skin.Once Wendy’s nude body was wax-free, Marcus tickled her skin with a white dove’s feather. Her girlish giggles filled the stuffy dungeon air, as she submitted to the gentle tickling. Marcus put the feather away, and grabbed an item that was meant to give pleasure, rather than inflict pain. He dubbed it ‘The Silver Stallion’. It was twelve inches of pure solid silver, phallicly shaped. It was expensive, and was something Marcus kept on hand for those females who especially pleased him with their servitude. Wendy was a high-quality enough slave to deserve the sensual pleasure that The Silver Stallion could give. “Oooohh…” Marcus’ captive moaned loudly, as he poked and rubbed the bulbous head of the silver dildo against her bright-pink pussy lips. “That feels so stimulating, Master, whatever it is…” She was quite aroused by this point, and only getting wetter. Marcus worked the silver phallus in and out of her slick snatch, marveling at how the shaft was gleaming with her juices. Wendy was going wild with pleasure, thrusting her hips upwards to meet the stiff metal cock. Marcus gradually worked more and more of the dildo inside Wendy, pushing it in and pulling it out in steady circular motions. The more he ground the Silver Stallion into her steaming pussy, the more of it she could take. Before long, Marcus was able to stick three-quarters of the dildo into Wendy, his fist (which was wrapped around the base) bumping against her labia with each movement of his hand. The rounded tip teased her g-spot, which was truly her weakness. Her body actually changed colors as she gave in to the overwhelming pleasure Marcus was granting her. Her mouth opened wide, spitting dirty talk as she climaxed. “Oh yes, yes, YES!!! Fuck me, Master Marcus, please fuck me!!!” Wendy cried as she experienced a shattering orgasm. Her pussy muscles clamped down hard upon the Silver Stallion, as though milking it dry. Marcus just let the make-believe cock lie inside her, until she finished the throes of orgasm. When her breathing returned to normal, he withdrew the metallic shaft from her pussy. “You submitted to the Silver Stallion quite well, my pet – now you must clean it!” He held the dildo up to her lips. Wendy eagerly licked her love juices off of the long shaft, until it was totally clean. “Slave Wendy, I sincerely hope you enjoyed submitting to me, as much as I have enjoyed disciplining you.” Wendy weakly nodded her head ‘yes’. Marcus undid the straps holding her ankles and wrists in place, then took off her blindfold. Wendy felt a soft warm glow, from inside. It was due to the heady combination of searing pain and pure sensual pleasure that she had just experienced, at the knowing hands of her new master. He helped her off the wooden rack, and let her lean against him as he strolled over to the staircase. “Where are we going now, Master?” Wendy asked softly. “Upstairs, to the washing room, my sweet.”It was in the large, ornate bathroom that Marcus and Wendy settled in for a nice, long hot bath. The tub was more than large enough for the two of them. Wendy remarked how good her master’s body looked, out of his leather uniform. She felt privileged to wash his naked body with a soap and washcloth, in the tub. Afterwards, they emerged from the hot water, and dried each other off with clean blue cotton towels. Marcus put on a silk bathrobe which was hanging on a peg by the door. He grabbed the ‘guest’ bathrobe from a cabinet under the sink. Wendy accepted it from him, and d****d it over her nude, freshly-cleaned figure. Marcus turned to face her. He tenderly cupped her chin in his hand. “So beautiful, so young… and so willing!” he mused. Wendy smiled at him demurely. She was falling in love with this man, and so badly wanted him to be pleased with her. Her heart skipped at least two beats when he whispered in his ear that he wanted to “make love until the morning sun raises over two weary, exhausted bodies”. She eagerly accepted his erotic invitation, and the two of them went into the bedroom. Marcus’ large four-poster bed was rocked to it’s very foundations by the seemingly endless carnal interlude Marcus and his new companion enjoyed together. Wendy never left that house, for the rest of her days. She found the balance of stern discipline and sensual delight with Master Marcus, that she had been searching for her entire adult life.

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