A Perfect Night


This is my first real attempt at writing and thank you to Todger65 for taking the time to edit it for me to. I welcome any constructive feedback.


He could hear her on the phone as he put the wet clothes into the dryer and turned it on. Ben picked up the two cups and walked back through to the living room, placed them on the coffee table and sat down onto the sofa. He watched as she paced the room, her tiny frame swamped in his dressing gown, until she stopped to look out of the patio doors.

“Yes. Fine. I will see you tomorrow then.” Chelsea’s voice was strained as she spoke. With a final sigh she hung up the call then put her phone on the table and picked up the cup. It felt good in her cold hands and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth.

After a moment she slowly opened her eyes and looked across the couch at Ben, she noticed the slight furrow in his brow as he looked at her. Chelsea had been walking down the road in flip flops and no coat during one of the worst storms anyone had seen so far in the year. She had been putting the bins out when the wind had blown the door shut, with her keys inside. She had watched as bins had been blown across the road as she walked, and the rain has been so hard it had stung as it hit her skin. Ben had luckily been passing in his car and stopped and offered her a lift. She had shyly told him how she didn’t have her house keys and he didn’t question any further. He had driven them back to his, gave her a towel and his dressing gown and offered to dry her clothes for her.

“Thank you again Ben.” A sudden shyness came over her, her voice small as she looked down at her mug. They had been talking for a few months and she had come to enjoy their evening discussions over text; however more recently she had begun to realise there was something more there for her and she had withdrawn a little. Now sitting in front of him, Chelsea felt nervous.

Ben smiled, what he hoped was reassuringly, at her. She looked so young, so vulnerable without her make up on and he wondered if she realised how pretty she was without it. Striking wasn’t a word that was used to describe her features; she had a more subtle beauty.

They had been talking for what felt like hours. Chelsea had moved subconsciously closer to Ben; she didn’t notice the dressing gown had slipped open leaving her thigh on full view until she followed his gaze. Her other leg was crossed underneath her and with a slight adjustment she felt it press against Bens. Her breath caught as she waited for him to move, but he didn’t.

As she glanced up at him, she saw he was already watching her. Her heart raced as she put her hand out and rested it on his thigh. Ben didn’t move; he could feel the heat seep through his jeans. He suddenly wished he had been wearing shorts so he could have felt her skin against his and then cursed himself, remembering he couldn’t think like that.

Ben closed his eyes for a moment, everything about her suddenly overwhelmed his senses. The pressure of her touch as she gently squeezed her fingers on his leg. The sound of her breathing as it slowed. The smell of her perfume mixed with her own scent filled his nose and the taste of her lips against his… shit!

“No. I can’t do that.” Ben jumped up; his voice hard. Chelsea watched him walk into the kitchen.

Ben stood and looked out the kitchen window, it was dark outside so all he could see was his reflection. He cursed himself, how could he have let that happen. He was too busy battling with his thoughts that he didn’t see her come into the kitchen.

“Ben?” her voice was a mere whisper, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. If I could have my clothes, then I will get out of your hair.” She blinked back the tears, his rejection had hit her hard and she just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. Had she had her clothes, she would have just gone, but she could hardly run off down the street in his dressing gown.

He turned to face her, the look in her eyes haunted him. He willed his body to move, to walk the few steps towards the dryer to get her clothes, so that the temptation would be gone. But instead he stood there watching her as she fiddled with her hands, her eyes cast down to the floor. He couldn’t shake the thought that if he let her leave now, he would never see her again.

“Screw it” he thought he had said to himself until he saw her head snap up to look at him and he realised he had spoken it out loud. Before he could change his mind, he had closed the distance between them and was now stood in front of her. Without her heels she was about half a foot shorter than he was. Ben wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her chin to look at him with his other hand. His eyes searched hers for permission, when he got it, he pulled her mouth to his.

His stubble was coarse escort bayan against her skin, but she didn’t care. She pushed her fingers into his short brown hair and pulled his lips harder against hers. She heard a groan escape from his chest as she probed his lips with the tip of her tongue. She felt his hands on her waist as he pushed her against the table. He broke their kiss leaving Chelsea breathless.

Slowly he untied his gown, watched as it fell open and grabbed Chelsea’s hands before she could pull the edges back together. He stood back and admired her. Her skin had a natural tan, the black lace of her bra covered her impressive tits. Ben reached out and traced the back of his fingers from the hollow spot below her neck, between her tits and down her flat stomach and stopped as he met the top of her lace knickers. Chelsea noticed how his eyes darkened as he traced a line down her body. She shrugged off the dressing gown and it pooled at her feet.

Ben grabbed both her hips and lifted her on to the edge of the table. Her fingers gripped the hem of his top and she pulled it off. Her nails grazed back down his bare chest stopping at the top of his jeans. She tried to remember a time she had seen him in anything but shorts, but she couldn’t. She took in the sight of him before reaching for his buttons, she hoped he didn’t notice the slight tremor in her hands as she undid the top button, then the zip and finally pushing her hand into his jeans.

He hissed through his teeth as he felt her delicate fingers wrap around him. He felt himself harden further as she began to slowly stroke his entire length. Ben wrapped his own fingers around the thin fabric of her knickers and pulled them down her long legs. His mouth found hers again, this time harder and full of the wanting he had been ignoring for weeks.

Both were breathing hard as they pulled apart. Chelsea laid back on her elbows and watched him as he grabbed his cock and pushed it between her lips. He could feel how ready she was for him already; it was taking all his self-restraint to go slow. He guided the head to her entrance, feeling it’s warmth, he held back for just a second, to ask her if she was sure, although he didn’t know whether he could stop if she said she wasn’t. She nodded silently, so he grabbed her hips and as slowly as he could bear, he pulled her onto him.

Chelsea felt herself open as he pressed his cock inside. She wasn’t sure he would fit, but she was so wet he slid in without much pain. She felt him hit her hilt, looking down she could see he wasn’t fully in yet, but he withdrew just as slowly as he had entered her, and she could feel every delicious inch stroke her from the Inside. She closed her eyes and her head fell back, before she had time to think he thrust hard inside of her and pulled her hips up so he could push past her limits and buried himself completely inside her.

The pain was bittersweet, but Ben didn’t give her time to adjust before he withdrew and thrust hard again, and again, and again. She cried out; she couldn’t help it. As she laid back onto the table and wrapped her legs around him, she found the leverage to meet him thrust for thrust, driving him deeper inside her.

Ben watched as she wriggled around and he knew this image would always be stuck in his memory, Chelsea coming undone on his table. He didn’t know it was possible to grow any harder, but he felt his cock swell and harden further as her muscles greedily pulled him back in with every thrust. He watched as her hands grabbed at her tits, he felt her legs begin to quiver and judging by her panting he knew she was close. He kept the same hard rhythm as he slipped a finger between her lips to find her clit and began to circle it with his thumb. She swore and he felt her whole body tighten. Slowing his thrusts, Ben concentrated on rubbing her clit. Her moans had become incoherent, so he upped the pressure and just as he saw her whole body shudder, he thrust hard so he was buried inside her and kept the onslaught on her clit going as she screamed and shook. He didn’t stop until she pushed his hand away.

Chelsea struggled to catch her breath; her whole body felt stiff as she came down from her orgasmic high. She can’t remember if she had ever cum that hard before. She felt Ben move again, slow and deep, but building the pace faster. She could feel the head of his cock stroking her g spot and she felt another orgasm building.

This time they came together, Chelsea was screaming as she grabbed the sides of the table and Ben cursing as he used the last thrust to bury himself deep inside her, his cock swelled and he felt the rush as he cum deep inside her.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her up to him, leaning down his lips found hers again, softer this time. Her heart thumped in her chest, she wondered if he could see bursa merkez escort it. She slowly slid herself off the table, her legs were weak, and he caught her as she fell. She traced her fingers through the short coarse hair speckled across his chest. She noticed it was the same shade as his hair, almost black. She learnt forward and lightly planted a kiss amongst the hair. Ben closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her.

“That was amazing” she looked up at him and watched the different emotions pass through his eyes. Pleasure, bliss, excitement, fear, guilt and something else…

Ben just smiled; his thoughts were as scattered as his senses. He knew what had happened was wrong, but why had it felt so right? Even now as he stood with her pressed against him, it felt like her body was made to fit into his. He closed his eyes and felt her hand against his cheek just before he felt her lips press against his.

Chelsea felt his cock grow hard against her stomach as they kissed. Their tongues entwined matched their hands as they explored each other. The passion cracking the atmosphere. Before she could reach for him, he swooped her into his arms causing her to giggle loudly.

It didn’t take long to arrive in his bedroom, and he let her slide down his body until her feet touched the floor. The carpet was soft between her toes. She didn’t waste any time hooking her fingers through the loops on his jeans and slowly pulled them down until he stepped out of them.

Knelt at his feet she gently kissed his thighs, moving higher she wrapped her fingers around his length. It felt heavy in her hand, it looked as thick as it had felt inside her. The head was a deep purple. She learnt forward and ran her tongue along the underside before taking the head between her lips. Ben let out a guttural moan as she flicked her tongue on the soft spot of skin just beneath the head. He had never felt a girl do that before. He wrapped his fingers in her hair gently pulling it back into a ponytail as she worked him with her mouth. He could hear soft moans escape her and she increased the pace and suction based on his reactions. She had her hand still wrapped around his cock and with her hot mouth and strokes of her hand it wasn’t long before he felt the familiar feeling building.

“Chelsea…” he managed to stutter before she took more of him into her mouth. She could read his body and she knew he was getting close. She worked faster, his fingers pulled her hair tighter, the slight hint of pain just encouraged her more. She took her hand away from his cock and massaged his balls gently but kept him in her mouth. She felt his balls draw up, the sign she had been waiting for. She pulled her head back until the head was nestled just between her lips. As her tongue pressed and rubbed the tip of her tongue against that spot again, Ben felt the pressure building inside him.

With a deep breath, Chelsea took him fully into her mouth until he was buried part way down her throat. Watching her as she looked up at him, his eyes met hers and it was enough to send him over the edge. Bens hips began to move on their own, his hands holding her head still as he fucked her throat. Chelsea gripped his thighs for support, she enjoyed feeling how strong his muscles were and how they flexed as he moved. With a final thrust she felt his hot cum fill her throat, Ben was surprised how willingly she had swallowed.

Ben pulled Chelsea to her feet and as he kissed her hard as he pushed her onto the bed and stood back to look at her. The sight took his breath away. Her long dark hair, almost black like his, fanned out across his white duvet. Her deep brown eyes hooded with lust as she looked up at him. He took in the way her lips parted slightly as she watched him and the way her chest heaved with every breath she took. He climbed over her, running his fingers up her side he nuzzled into her neck. She squirmed and moaned as he nibbled at her neck and ear. He fluttered kisses down her chest and stomach until he was knelt between her legs.

Chelsea watched as Ben lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, his stubble tickled the inside of her thigh. She closed her eyes and felt as his fingers parted her lips. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked laid out in front of him. He found her clit and pressed against it lightly, she moaned, and he smiled! Leaning forward he flicked his tongue against it, her moans turned to “oh god”; parting her lips further he explored her with his tongue. Chelsea ran her fingers through his hair, she withered on the bed and he grabbed her hips to keep her still. It wasn’t long before her hips were bucking, and she was pulling at his hair as she called out his name.

They lay side by side; she stroked his chest as he tucked her hair back.

“You’re beautiful” gürsu escort he told her, she smiled shyly and looked away, her head shook just slightly in disagreement. Ben pulled her against him, he squeezed her ass as she nibbled on his ear and jaw. He couldn’t believe it as his cock began to swell again. He just couldn’t get enough of her. She pushed his shoulder until he was lying on his back, she circled her fingers around him, and a smile spread across her face.

Chelsea straddled over Ben; her hair had begun to curl at the ends as it fell over her shoulders. As she lifted on to her knees, she held him in her hand and slowly lowered herself onto him. Ben watched as his cock disappeared into her, inch by inch, until he was fully submerged into her. She lifted slowly and then dropped back onto him. Ben held her hips and guided her up and as he pulled her hips back down to meet his, he thrust up inside her causing her moans to echo out. With each thrust, he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He reached up behind her and unclasped her bra letting her fall free. Chelsea sat upright, keeping him buried deep she rocked her hips. Her head tilted back as she ground into him. Ben massaged her tits with his hands, her nipples hardened further as he squeezed them and caused her to grind against him harder.

“Ben…” she whimpered as he gripped her hips and began to thrust into her again. A fine sheen of sweat covered their skins as her nails dug into his chest. She could feel the familiar tingle start in her toes, her hips rocked faster and harder as she pulled Ben up until she was sat in his lap. His mouth found her neck, her collar bone, finally he took her nipple between his teeth. She cried out; the sweet sensation of pain mixed with pleasure coarse through her body.

He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her hard against him as she shook in his lap, her nails dug into the skin on his back as she cried out. Her words nothing more than a mumble. He slowly lowered her onto her back, crawling between her legs as in one thrust entering her again causing her to cum again. Her head fell back dangling off the edge of the bed, his mouth on her nipples again as he hooked his arm under her hips and pulled her up finding a new depth inside her. He felt it as his head pushed passed her limits with every thrust until he felt his cock swell and empty inside her.

She was lying on her side as she pushed her finger through the hair on his chest. She loved how it felt against her hand.

“I think I need a shower” Ben chuckled.

“I think I might join you” she smiled, and he took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

The hot water sprayed over them. She picked up the shampoo and massaged it into his hair. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Next, she massaged his shoulders and his back, he hadn’t realised how tight he had been until her fingers worked their magic in to his muscles. Chelsea reached her hand around and began to stroke his cock as it grew in her hand. He turned and pushed her hard against the wall. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. His mouth found hers hungrily as she slipped her tongue between his lips. They kissed until they were breathless. They stopped and he searched her eyes, he saw the emotion in hers that matched his own.

Chelsea turned around, Ben slipped his hand between her legs and felt how ready she was for him again. His cock hardened further as he guided it between her legs. She moaned softly as he entered her, feeling her warmth enclose around him. He covered himself with her wetness, a few thrusts before pulling out. He pressed the head of his cock against her ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, slowly he pressed until he felt her tight hole give way and let him in. He carefully eased his way further into her ass. She felt so tight. When he was finally in, he gave her a moment to adjust.

“I’m ok,” she whispered, and he began to move, he felt all her muscles quiver as he moved,

“Fuck” he whispered into her hair as he began to thrust into her quicker. He pressed one hand against the wall and the other curled around her stomach. Chelsea groaned out. She could feel the cold tiles against her front and Bens hot skin against her back. She tilted her head back to his shoulder as she let him take control. Every thrust pushing her onto her tiptoes. His moans filled her ear, she whimpered his name over and over. She felt his hand move from her stomach and rest over her throat. He could feel her body start to shudder, he slipped his fingers between her legs and circled his finger around her clit. He thrust harder into her, his fingers tightening very gently around her throat as his teeth sunk into the lobe of her ear. She felt his cock swell inside her ass as he came with her.

Slowly he pulled out of her and she turned to face him. The water poured over them both as they planted breathlessly. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist.

“I wish you could choose me” he whispered so quietly he wasn’t sure she heard him.

“I already have” she whispered back.

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