A Revenge Fuck for Mom


All characters engaged in sexual activities are above the age of consent. Any names or locations are coincidence.

My last epic night out with my friends before they all headed off to college bombed. While they talked about going off to college or university I stayed quiet. In my silence I regretted my decision to delay one year. I was eighteen, free of school and ready to find a girlfriend, so I thought. But before the party was done I found myself wandering up the street towards home.

Mom’s minivan was still gone, her and dad were out celebrating mom’s new promotion to principal for the new school year. Dad got a new office a month ago with his own secretary and Isabella started her third year of engineering in robotics. Then me, Cory, an eighteen year old job hunter with a single page resume.

I tossed my keys on the counter and went to my room and changed. The drinks I had tripped me up as I took my shirt off and tried to change my jeans for boxers. In an uncoordinated flop bounced off the side of the bed and onto the floor.

In a burst of laughter I shook my head, “I guess I am drunk.” I said to myself.

My hand caressed the carpet of my room, the numbness in my toes and the night’s failure drifted away. “Fuck it, its a new day tomorrow.”

I pulled my boxers up over my ass and headed to the washroom down the hall. While I washed my hands I stared at my face in the mirror, I realised my pecs had grown, along with my shoulders, arms and neck. The results of doing push ups, chin ups, running on the spot and crunches in the basement for the past few months.

A smile crept across my face while I admired my results in the mirror. Still horny and prepared to get laid for the night I lowered my boxers. My erect cock sprang out and I ran my hands over my abs and stroked my cock.

Sideways in the mirror I measured how far out it stood. I thrust forward pushing the head out well past my thumb and index finger. “Huh I wonder how large I am?” I whispered to myself.

My mind imagined the pussy of a woman, specifically an old classmate, Julie. How she would squeal from my cock, her round ass in jeans. The image of her laughing with one of my friends about going to college returned. Along with my glum mood.

Behind the door a crumpled up black ball with a thin tail caught my eye. I recoiled from it like it was a mouse with a long black tail. It sat there un-moving for a few seconds so I pushed it to the side with my bare toe and flayed it across the floor. My stomach sank and my chest felt like a weight had been placed on it. It was a pair of my mothers lingerie.

For years guys at school wanted to know, they even attempted to sneak into the change room when my mother was coaching the women’s volleyball team. By the time Isabelle and I reached senior high it had become a strange bet passed on from year to year. Did Mrs Peregrine wear bikinis, thongs, g strings or nothing while teaching?

Mom taught at the local school for fifteen years, so how it started and why it was allowed to continue was unknown. It had become an underground myth passed on from seniors to juniors team mates or older brothers to their younger siblings. While glimpses of her bra and breasts were somewhat common her bottom half never had an outline or wardrobe malfunction. Even by the girls who tried to get in on the bet.

When I came along of course I was their inside man, the mole, the greatest hope of all for the pervy sporting teams. It was the reason I stopped playing team sports and only hung out with the geeks at lunch. But for a while I got caught up in the challenge.

Once I got caught sneaking in their room looking for “a pencil”. The second time I got to the drawer only to find, tightly packed, organised row after row of various types of lingerie with no hint other than colour.

Hesitant to pull one out and disrupt the whole arrangement, Isabelle caught me looking over the open drawer. Soon after that a lock was put on their door and mom had a little chat with me. She knew about the rumours, the ongoing challenge and claimed it had saved her more than once from vicious rumours of sleeping around. Plus it was none of the students’ business what she wore underneath.

But now to all their envy I held up a Y shaped, black lace micro thong. It had thin lace straps on the sides with two small triangles of shiny black sheer fabric. My cock strained from the blood pressure of holding a pair of women’s lingerie.

I had a fledgling masturbation channel that I made some advertising money on the side with, a few dollars a month and nothing more. Mostly just to show off my cock and get paid to masturbate, which was something I was doing anyways. Doing it to this lingerie would give me a huge boost in views.

The front door clicked and clattered, keys jingled and I heard my mother laugh. I threw the thong in the corner, shut the lights off and pulled my boxers over my cock.

My erection stood out, I was shirtless and the party I was so proud bursa escort of going to was over before midnight. I dreaded being patronised by them so I hid in the washroom and listened for my opportunity to slip back in my room.

“Grace? What are you doing?” Dad said.

Mom giggled and dropped her keys on the counter. There was a silence then another muffled laugh.

“Here?” Dad said.

“Kids are gone, Cory will be out most of the night. Let’s make use of our night together.” Grace said.

“Fuck,” I whispered to myself. My head swirled and my heart pounded in my ears. As embarrassing as it was, I had to step out and show myself but my cock refused to settle down. I focused on other things to get my cock to go limp, if I got caught with an erection now it would be worse.

I looked to the ceiling and thought of a car chase, a war movie, a shitty comedy I hated, then I tried them. My own parents having sex, it worked the pressure in my cock eased off as I thought of their bodies mashed together. Her round firm breasts, with long legs and a trim waist. The imaged of her hip bones protruding above her thighs with the string of black lace over them.

“Fuck your hard. We haven’t had sex in almost a month,” Grace said.

My cock twitched and like a balloon straightened into a rock hard erection. I pushed the image of mom’s beautiful naked body from my mind and thought of a memorable match I had playing a video game.

“It’s been that long, time flies when the kids are home doesn’t it?” Dad said.

A moan from mom told me it was too late to just ‘pop up’ and say hi. The darkness in the bathroom made it hard to tell if my eyes were open or closed. I turned the door knob so slow it felt like it wasn’t moving and opened the door. I had to escape to my room and hide. The sound of clothes being undone came from the living room.

My heart was pounding and I held my breath. Instantly I was sober, my balance returned and I moved like a sloth across the hallway. In the living room mom let out a moan and my cock responded against the loose fabric. I winced and grit my teeth. The image of her body wearing only the black thong popped back into my head.

The sofa creaked and groaned from their weight. I had a two foot gap where they could see up the hallway at my door. I felt like a spy on a mission, peeking around the corner before running for cover. But with my door closed I would have to slowly open it once more.

Mom was a tall woman, proud and confident she always dressed professionally while teaching. Tonight though, she would have been in everyone’s wet dream, including mine. She wore a red dress that stopped at her knees and fit tight to her body. Small straps ran over her shoulders giving a good view of her shoulder blades and strong shoulders.

Her medium dirty blonde hair was tied in a bun to show off her long neck and strong beautiful jawline. The muscles at her sides strained and popped as she tilted her head and smiled.

She rarely had to get angry as everyone of us was eager to please her and do what she asked. So when she did get mad it was a terrifying experience to witness. But the normal was how many of my classmates would get lost in her beautiful deep hazel eyes, coupled with sleek curving eyebrows and long lashes.

Dad sat on the couch while she stood in front of him. I froze locked in place as one eye looked on them. One wrong move and she would notice me. Her arms crossed her shoulders and she slid her dress down over waist revealing her body to both me and dad.

She was not toned like the models you see in magazines, but her stomach was flat with a slight bulge below her belly button. A pink tiny lace thong rested high on her wide hip bones drawing my attention to her narrow waist line. Her matching bra was too small for her and her breast pushed over the top.

It was the most I had ever seen of her body, even at home she dressed the same as school, professional, long sleeves and loose fitting dress pants or dresses. Suddenly there she was on full display, with an amazing feminine body.

My heart skipped and my head thumped. Disgust and lust tore at me, my logic told me “That’s my mother” but my horny teenage mind said “holy she’s hot.”

She reached down and pulled her thong to the side. Unexpectedly she lowered herself on to my father who I could only see his head and part of his bare chest.

Her mouth opened and she tilted her head back. The muscles on her neck strained and tightened. My cock hardened and I was lost in the show.

“Shit slower, Ouch, just wait,” Dad cried.

She looked down and paused, “Oh I’m sorry.” She said, she brushed back strands of hair from her face.

“It’s okay, just go slower.” he said.

My cock bent to the side constrained in my boxers, my hips wanted to thrust forward but I refused it pleasure. After all it was my parents, sexy or not.

Mom smiled and lifted herself up and sunk back on his cock. The two of them moaned together and bursa escort bayan she began bucking her hips forward.

“You’re soaking wet.” Dad said.

Mom laughed and pulled his face into her chest. Without removing her bras she flipped it up over her breasts and let them fall out. She lifted her chin and moved his head around as he licked and sucked on her nipples. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. The faster his head bobbed and shook the faster her breathing grew.

She pulled away from him and slammed herself down on to his thighs, “Fuck me hard! Oh god I needed this,” she hissed.

In all my eighteen years I had never heard my mother swear, even that time Nick hit her ass with an elastic fired paper wedge on purpose. Without missing a stroke mom reached her back and undid her bra. Dad grabbed it from her hand and threw it behind him. The plastic clasps clicked on the ceramic tile and the sofa creaked from her renewed assault on dad.

Strands of hair broke free of her bun with each thrust. As the bun loosened her hair bounced and flailed to the side of her face, while her breasts lifted and swirled on her chest. The large round glorious globes with hard long nipples excited me.

Hunched over my cock was free to grow inside my boxers. The skin was so hard it felt like it would burst the shaft from pressure. Unable to control it any longer, my hips thrust forward and it took everything not to grab my cock.

“Fuck me from behind,” mom said.

Just as I was getting into her body gyrating above him, dad obediently flipped her off his lap. She held onto the back of the couch kneeling on the cushions. He got behind her and with one hand he pulled her thong down to her knees and kissed the top of her ass. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened with a moan.

Dad positioned himself behind her and guided his cock into her. Her hair bucked forward while she clenched down on the back of the sofa. His body strained as he squeezed her ass muscles and slammed into her from behind.

Mom’s eyes opened wide then shut tight. The sides of her jaw tightened and she gave the back of the couch a death grip. She moaned into the cushion. “Ahh fuck!… harder! Fuck me harder.”

For years students had dreamt of witnessing this, my friends teased me for photos and I was always embarrassed and grossed out. But now as I watched the ecstasy of a beautiful woman I couldn’t help but be turned on. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard to deal with the pain from being over pressured. Pre-cum stained my underwear. My imagination put me there behind her as her body shook with each violent thrust.

Dad grabbed her by the shoulders and rammed into her ass, “You like fucking hard?”

“Yes, fuck me harder!” mom yelled.

The sound of dad’s hips slamming into her ass grew faster. He panted hard and his body tightened up. The force pushed mom forward and her long thick nipples scraped over the back of the couch. Her back arched and she moaned at the ceiling.

If she were not as beautiful as she was I would agree with the masses and fled in disgust, but her curves, her beautiful face, those large full breasts and her fair skin. It was all too much for my moral compass. Over the years I had developed a secret crush on her listening to the talk behind her back and seeing her everyday in person.

The sound of mom’s long moan made my balls pinch. I couldn’t help it, I stroked my hard cock once with amazing pleasure and relief. My teeth clenched down on my lower lip to keep silent and I squeezed the base of my shaft. An orgasm hit me and I squeezed my cock as hard as I could.

I wanted to pump it out, shooting cum into my boxers, but that would be impossible to explain if I was caught now. My hips bucked forward and more pre-cum squeezed out from the pressure. It was a painful and un-pleasurable orgasm as the cum felt like it went back inside my body.

Dad’s ass tightened and he held her tight against his hips.

“No, Dale… not … yet.” Mom cried between his mini thrusts.

“Oh fuck Lori!” Dad’s face tightened up and his pelvis slammed into mom’s ass with one hard hit.

The two paused, the strange name made me loosen my grip on my cock. The house grew silent. Mom pulled away from him with a pop and dad bit his lip. Still in the middle of his orgasm his cock thrust forward into the air and twitched. Cum spurted out from his tip as he tried to squeeze it off.

“Oh my god Dale.” Mom said. She flopped her ass on the couch and turned to him.

His hand caught the cum and he pumped twice, the sticky fluid ran over his hand and dribbled onto the floor, “It was an accident, I don’t know why I said her name.” Dale said.

“Were you were thinking of her while you fucked me?” mom said.

“No! we just… ugh because of the promotion she’s just one of my employees now, I call her name a hundred times a day at the office.” Dale said.

“You cried out her name as you came inside of me!” mom’s voice cracked.

“I’m escort bursa sorry, but its not like I’m fucking her,” Dale said.

Mom’s fingers stretched out in frustration and she ran her hands through her hair, “No, but you did once,” mom whispered.

“And back then we both agreed to try, it didn’t work out and I haven’t done that since. But I told you if you have to sleep with another guy, Kevin would be willing,” Dale said.

My breathing increased and I covered my mouth to hide the sound but it didn’t help. I looked away and slunk into the blind spot beside the wall.

Mom laughed in disbelief, “Holy shit, I cant get caught fucking another guy, I wish we could go back in time is what I wish. And… and Kevin… well he’s ten years older and got his desk job now and, yeah no, we can do a hard pass on that.”

Dad cleared his throat and tucked in his stomach which had grown soft over time.

I mouthed the words, “what the fuck.”

Frozen in place going from lust to fear I couldn’t make it to my door or back to the bathroom. I touched Isabelle’s door knob. The lock clicked and I closed my eyes to brace myself to see them thundering down the hallway to investigate.

“If not them, anyone? I’m okay with it if it makes us normal again, maybe fuck a senior, one of the older ones who turned 18, they’d be more than happy too,” Dad said.

Mom gave him a shocked look, “That’s my job and they’re still my students!”

“Okay, okay, bad idea I just thought maybe because of your fantasy to fuck a college student after coming home.” Dad sat down next to mom and rubbed his hairy thighs, mom gave him a dark glare.

“Okay, the truth is Lori and Kevin asked if we would like to come out again. Tom and April will be there too.” dad said.

“April! April is going to one of their parties?” Mom said, “Does she know what that means or is it just the out for drinks party?”

Dad took a deep breath and bit his lower lip, “it’s their fourth one.”

My heart pounded in my chest, my stomach turned and I needed to get out, anywhere anyhow. Mom was a swinger? She was always so conservative, polite and upright. As for dad, well. I rolled my eyes and pondered on my internal thoughts.

Mom’s face sank, “She never told me, she didn’t say anything or, Oh my God, she’s been asking if we can all get together.”

“Grace, maybe we should rethink it. If your friend April and her husband Tom are in, it’ll be easier for you. Kevin and Lori swear by it, it’s why we tried once before, you used to like the idea before and our first night we were both excited. Maybe now it can be different with the kids grown up,” he said.

Mom sat up on the couch, “You knew already, that’s why you’ve been asking about April lately,” mom said.

Mom glared at dad, it was the same face I got when I failed science class, dad knew it was coming too. He twisted away from her and adjusted himself on the couch.

“We tried it because you wanted it! I wish I never confessed to you that myself and some of the other teachers find it hard to work around those young men at times. Then you confessed you got hard thinking of me fucking another guy, and I stupidly went along with their party invite. Just whatever, I don’t know, if you want to join them then do it, but I’m finally a principal. It wouldn’t matter what I wanted, imagine if we were caught. Do you know what that would do to my career if we got caught? On anything you suggested?” Mom sat on the edge of the couch and motioned out past the front window with her hands. “That would be the end for my career, everything I worked for.”

“If you want, we can do it out of town, go into the city, you can fuck another guy to get even for Lori, they have clubs,” dad said.

Mom jumped off the couch, pulled her thong up and grabbed her dress, “Holy shit did you hear a word I said? But you really fucking want this don’t you?! How many do you want me to fuck, maybe I should go to Isabelle’s school and fuck the whole frat house!”

“Holy shit Grace, I’m just saying.” Dad lashed out.

“Just saying what? I know what it is, its not seeing me get fucked you just want to fuck other women,” mom shouted.

The blood left my head, my breath couldn’t catch up and I felt like I would pass out. The whole house swirled around me.

“God dammit yes! You were my first, but you, you had other guys back then. Its been over twenty five years with just you and Lori felt fucking great, excuse me for wanting to know what another woman felt like, at least you had other cocks in you.”

Mom grabbed his clothes and threw them on his lap, “Get out of our fucking house!”

Dad muttered under his breath and picked his clothes up. I was too afraid to rush into my bedroom, for fear of making a sound, it made no logical sense to stand there but I couldn’t move. I just waited and hoped they would go somewhere else in the house and give me the time to escape into my room.

To my horror Mom rushed around the sofa and looked up at me. Her mouth fell open and our shocked stares locked with one another. She was naked except for her thong. My half erect cock still created a bulge in my boxers. Why on god’s earth it was still erect I couldn’t tell you but it refused to go down.

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