A Spanking Good Idea


I fell asleep on the couch around 7:00PM. I didn’t get much sleep the night before so I thought I’d catch a little nap. About an hour later, I woke up and the house was quiet except for the TV, but the volume had been turned down very low. As I started to shake the drowsiness off, I heard the distant sound of the mouse clicking on my computer in the office and following it, some slightly heavy breathing. I quietly got up from the couch and by the time I was standing, I had a pretty good idea of what was happening.

Recently, I’ve noticed that things in my office and on my computer weren’t exactly as I’d left them. “No big deal”, I thought to myself, everyone in the house is welcome to use it. Then I found a bottle of Astroglide tucked neatly away in my bookshelf. I think many men might have been upset over finding this. Instead, I found myself staring at the bottle with my mind filling with visions of my girlfriend, Nancy, getting herself off while reading erotic stories on my computer………….not to mention feeling an incredible erection straining against my pants.

I quietly made my way to the office, the breathing sound becoming more defined, accompanied with the soft wet smacking sounds and muted moaning I knew all so well. I peeked through the cracked door, left that way, I’m sure, to hear if I awoke, and what I saw was so much more erotic that I ever could have envisioned. Nancy was naked and almost completely reclined in my chair, the toes of her left foot barely touching the floor, her shapely leg outstretched and well defined, her right leg was pulled up with her knee resting on the armrest and her left hand was busy massaging her clit while she read what was on the screen. The sounds she was making with her left hand made me glad I left the AstroGlide where I found it. With each breath, her back arched, pointing her perfect breasts and erect nipples toward the ceiling. The look on her face of total sexual immersion was almost more than I could stand; yet I stood there for maybe 2 minutes watching her and massaging myself through my pants until I thought my dick would burst through the fabric.

I flung the door open and in a stern voice, demanded, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE??” With a look of complete shock on her face, she looked at me and began stammering almost incoherently. Shame and guilt pouring off her like water, that is……until she saw the tremendous bulge in my pants. Seeing this she started to lighten up a bit, but I still kept up the act. “WELL?” I demanded. “WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY FOR YOURSELF, I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. YOU DO KNOW THAT THIS CANNOT GO UNPUNISHED!!” She almanbahis looked at my quizzically and then when told her that she’d better not move a single inch until I have returned, she seemed not only very confused, but almost scared.

As I walked away, I couldn’t help smiling to myself; pleased with the control I seemed to have over her at the moment. Although I knew it would probably be short-lived as she has always been independent and does not like it when someone tries to order her around but, I thought I would still try to make the most of the moment. I quickly made my way to the kitchen and found my favorite wooden spoon, the only one I use when I feel like cooking a special meal for the two of us. It’s about 10 inches long, relatively flat, a wide round head and worn smooth from years of use. I lightly slapped the palm of my hand with it. At the sound it made, I thought, “This’ll do just fine.” My now painfully constrained crotch seemed to agree.

Upon reentering the office, I saw that while she was still sitting in my chair, she had picked up her clothes and had them covering her and I could tell that she wasn’t completely happy with what had just happened. I snapped, “What the hell is this? Can’t you follow even a simple order? I told you not to move!” She started to say something, my guess something along the lines of “How dare you” or “What do you think you are doing”, but she noticed the wooden spoon in my hand. “W-What are you going to do with that?” she asked in not nearly the forceful tone as I think she wanted.

Over the past year or so, I had taken to playfully giving her a swat on the butt now and again during foreplay, but I had never given “real” spanking as part of our lovemaking a thought before then. On those occasions, she certainly did not seem to be turned off or repulsed but they were only playful little swats. However, I did notice that right after my playful ministrations, her nipples were always very erect and she would be wet to the point that I could smell her pleasing musky scent in the air.

“I think you know exactly what I’m going to do with this, don’t you?” I barked. She tried to get up from the chair and as she did I grabbed her by the wrist, and don’t ask me how, but I managed to move into the chair behind her causing her to spin around and land face-down across my lap with her perfectly sculpted ass placed right in front of me. At the moment she realized what had happened, she began to struggle. The odd thing was I knew that she was much stronger than she seemed to be at the moment. Still holding her left wrist behind her back, I quickly threw my right leg over the back of almanbahis yeni giriş hers keeping her from being able to thrash out of my grasp. Once I had her movements under control, I looked down and marveled at the sight before me. She must’ve know just how turned on I was because I could feel my dick pushing into her stomach. I took my free hand and started to lightly caress her smooth ass. After 10 or 15 seconds, I said “You think you can just do anything you want around here, don’t you? Well, I’m afraid that is just not the way it is. Letsee, tonight alone, you’ve been sneaky, defiant and disobedient.” Continuing to rub her smooth cheeks, I noticed her scent filling the air around me. “There it is” I thought to myself, “She really does like it; She really wants to be spanked!” I then continued, “For your infractions, you will get 30 across your rear, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” As I expected, she did not offer a “yes” in complete submission. That would have been too easy. She started to thrash as best she could and protesting. “Don’t you dare!” “You better let me up right now!”

At that, realizing that I lost the spoon in the scuffle, I raised my hand, not so high as to affect my aim or to cause too much pain, and brought it down squarely on her left cheek making a fairly light SMACK sound. This caused her entire body to shudder and a soft moan to escape her lips. She began to pump her hips slightly while uttering more protests. SMACK sounded the second, third and fourth, alternating between cheeks. Her body continued to shudder and she moaned even louder. Her hips were pumping much faster now and she was breathing quite fast. I stopped for a moment to rub her ass where I had struck. “You are going to learn your lesson once and for all, Missy!” I said in a stern voice. She began to plead, “Please don’t….” “Please!!” “No! dont spank me..” But her body continued to say the opposite. “SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.” Still not so hard to cause her real discomfort, but her cheeks were starting to turn a light pink. I looked down between her legs and could see that her pussy was now completely soaked with her juices and her rectum was opening and closing as she clenched her cheeks trying to alleviate the stinging. “Please, I’ll behave. I’m sorry” she said quietly.

By the time I got to the tenth, she was more turned on than I had seen her in a while and I wasn’t far behind her. I stopped again and rubbed her back, her rear, the backs of her legs and the insides of her thighs. She continued to moan lightly and breath hard the entire time, especially, as I worked my way up the inside of her thighs. She turned her head almanbahis giriş and looked up at me with those beautiful hazel eyes, now wet with her tears and said, “I can feel your dick. I can feel how hard you are!” Her breath started to hitch slightly. There was nothing I wanted more at that moment than to be inside of her, to feel her hot, wet, soft pussy squeezing my rock hard dick as we fucked each other until we both exploded.

Needless to say, I didn’t get all 30 swats in. She took advantage of a moment while I was caressing her skin and my mind was elsewhere and slid right off my lap. Before I could say anything, she had my zipper down and her mouth around the head of my dick. Who was I to argue, besides, I think she learned her lesson. She continued to suck my dick for a few minutes. Alternating between running her wet tongue up and down the shaft and sucking on the head while swirling her tongue around it. Nancy then move backwards and lied down on her back, brought her knees up and spread her legs. She didn’t need to say it, her look was enough, “Fuck me, Please fuck me!”

I hopped up off the chair and knelt between her legs and placed my hands down next to her shoulders to support the upper half of my body. I began rubbing the shaft of my stiff dick between her slick lips and against her clit. She started to shake again and begged me to put it inside of her. She reached down and guided the head of my dick into her. I pushed and slid all the way inside, filling her. Her hand still there, began massaging my balls. I held it there, just for a moment feeling the heat, the wetness completely engulfing me. As I began to pump faster and faster, she held on to my forearms, her nails digging into my skin. She then wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me in deeper with every stroke. She started repeating “YES!” each time I plunged back into her and her head was thrashing from side to side. I knew she was close and I could feel myself boiling up inside my groin. She started screaming as she began to cum and that was all I could take. I started to cum with more intensity than I can ever remember, my hot cum shooting in spurts deep inside of her. Feeling the heat from my cum as it coated her insides, she came harder than I’ve ever seen. Violent shakes racked her body, her lungs desperately gasped for air and her nails digging even farther into my arms causing some blood to ooze out from under her nails.

As we began to subside, I lied down next to her and held her in my arms for what seemed like hours. My hand on her breast, her hand over mine, both right over her heart. Every few seconds, her body would twitch involuntarily as the ebbing orgasmic waves washing across her body diminished and we both drifted off to sleep.

We have kept our explorations into spanking and discipline going. But, that’s a story for another time.

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