A Stormy Night


[ This one was passed on to me by a guy the day after me, him, and his girlfriend had an allnighter (but that’s another story). He told me he was just out of high school at the time this happened- and yes, the girlfriend he mentions cheating on in the story is the girlfriend we shared that night. She seems to be the forgiving sort. Well, enjoy…]

* * * * *

The sound of the storm was terrible from inside the small underground shelter. The thunder literally being felt as it crashed. Light flashed outside the door of the shelter lighting up the stairs and floor of the shelter like split second patches of blue-white sunshine. Me and the girl from next door sat crouched down against the back wall of the cellar, huddled together in a blanket on the only cot, already soaked to the bone from running through the rain to reach the safety of the shelter.

There was a tornado on the ground and we were running parallel to it hoping it wouldn’t change it’s course before we made it to the storm cellar. The tornado was actually about a mile away, we heard where it was once we got the radio on. The rain began to come inside the shelter and the floor took on a couple of inches of water in the first few minutes of the storm because the door had been laying open. Even with the door closed and barred securely against the wind outside, water still managed to come in, adding to the misery. As the bulk of the storm actually passed close to where we were hiding, the door began to shake and we heard debris impacting outside as if a frustrated giant was hammering against the stubborn door. The girl, Camille, held onto me and cried, while I tried not to wet my pants.

In less than an hour the tornado had passed us but the storm was still actively raging. I took the battery powered lamp that was always stored down there and sloshed through the pool of water to check the door, it was still secure and I didn’t dare open it until morning as it was already approaching 8 at night when the tornado alarms went off. We were much relieved to find that there were plenty of blankets and extra batteries, even water and a makeshift bucket for bathroom purposes. The cellar was about 12 x 12 and there was plenty of room so that I could have slept on the floor if it weren’t for the water. Why was there only one cot? Who knows! But there was and though we had another set of blankets to change out the one we got wet from our clothing, we didn’t have any extra clothing to change into, so “take off your clothes” I said while taking off my shirt and twisting some of the water out of it.

“What?” Camille looked like a deer in headlights. I draped my shirt over part of one of the shelves that lined the wall. I looked at her frowning, this was no time for games, “Take off your clothes, we’ll soak the other blanket and it’ll be freezing during the night unless we take off our clothes.” She stared at me open mouthed wrapped up in the wet blanket as I pulled off my shoes and hung up my wet socks also. She didn’t move or turn away so I went on with my pants and then underwear right in front of her. Soon my clothes were hanging all in a row and I was exposed until I wrapped the dry blanket around me. I walked over next to the cot and said, “Now it’s your turn, you can hang yours on the opposite wall and they’ll be dry by morning.”

She looked up at me, “I’m not getting naked.” I looked down at her and smiled, “Are you going to stay up all night? If so you can sit on the steps, because you and your wet blanket aren’t going to lay on this cot with me.” She looked at the steps and my hanging clothes, then looked up with a pouty expression, “fine!” I expected her to move over to the steps but instead she stood and marched to the shelves opposite of my clothing and began taking off her shoes and socks. She still had the wet blanket wrapped around her and it began to slip as she struggled to take off her pants and keep herself covered. I chuckled as I stretched the blanket out over me while watching her fight the blanket, “Cami, that’s not going to work.”

As if on cue the blanket dropped away from her shoulder and exposed her bare ass to me while she was hanging her pants. She let out a little shriek and dropped her panties while trying to grab the blanket again. She failed to wrap herself very well and I shined the light directly on her dropped panties so she could get them. By luck this got me a nice look at her behind and even a glimpse at her bare pussy beneath as she half bent to pick them up, still trying to keep the blanket out of the water. I kept my mouth shut and pretended not to notice. She hung the panties up and shrugged off her shirt, baring her shoulders and back as the blanket dropped once again. This time she managed to grab it before it exposed her butt again, though her turning showed me a brief side view of a perky upward turned right breast. Wow, bitlis escort I thought, I never thought that tomboy would have such a nice body! We had been running around together for years and I had never paid attention.

I couldn’t help but become a bit aroused as Cami was the second girl I had ever actually seen naked in my life. And truthfully she was better developed than the first, my girlfriend’s sister (another story for another time!). I acted like I hadn’t been paying attention and pointed to the locker where the blankets were stored. One final glimpse before the lights go out, I thought, but she managed to successfully transfer one covering for the other without any slips. Truly I was disappointed, even though she was my best friend and not my girlfriend, what harm was it doing to look? I rolled over and faced the wall as she crossed the room and slid onto the cot next to me. I sat the light on the small table at the head of the cot and switched it off. The sound of hard rain and gusts of wind was all that was heard, until I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke sometime just after dawn to find Camille and myself wrapped up in the only remaining dry blanket, with her laying half on top of me! I had no way to put her off and worse, I found that I didn’t want to- or part of me didn’t want to! The little monster woke and stood up with remarkable speed, nudging the soft warm flesh of her female treasure, and then pressing against the crevice as I extended to what I’m sure was full purple armor in what seemed like 60 seconds flat. She wiggled a bit and my rod felt a moist warmth cover it’s tip. I resisted the urge to pull her body down by grabbing both of her shoulders, she moved again, and her left leg slid farther across me, spreading her legs wider and introducing more of me into her slit. I couldn’t hardly breath, and not from her petite body applying pressure on my chest, it was the pressure that I felt building up inside me that I feared. I rocked my hips back and forth gently feeling the area of wetness increase. I let my hands slowly move down to slip across her hips and around to her bare ass. She sighed and squirmed against me as my rod pressed inside her wetness with more authority now, as I felt myself entering her past the head and back out easily.

She began to moan quietly and I felt her hand clutch my shoulder as I rocked back and forth slowly, going even deeper into her until I was working more than half of my length inside. She was so wet and hot, and incredibly tight, if two things hadn’t been working within me at the time I would have blown my wad before half penetration.

But I was scared that she would suddenly stop me and I was extremely horny by now, and secondly, I had to piss badly (fellas you know how it is, right?). So I bottomed out inside her and opened my eyes to see her looking up at me with a sleepy glazed look in her eyes. I started to apologize but she slowly began to slide more fully on top of me, allowing me easier penetration. We began to kiss and she worked her hips against mine building the intensity as I slid in and out of her. She sat up and eased back fully onto my lap, I watched her titties begin to bounce as she started to ride harder and faster. After a time she was doing all of the work, with her eyes closed, biting her lip. She seemed to hit the wall of the sensations and locked up on me, her mouth frozen in an ‘oh!’ shape. This had never happened to me before, I never lasted this long inside a girl before! I fondled and kissed her perky titties while she relaxed and then slowly slid back chest to chest with me.

I wanted to cum also and began pumping up into her again almost immediately. Very soon I was holding onto her hips and bucking up inside her approaching the point of no return while she groaned and bucked against me also. Then I felt it happening, ‘oh shit’ I thought and jerked her hips up off of my rod at the last possible second before I shot inside her pussy. I reached around and jacked myself off the rest of my orgasm, spilling it into the crack of her ass as I half pumped my fist and half pumped in between her cheeks. I actually felt myself tapping at the back door, and imagined that I was almost invited in! But I was spent, and both of us were sweaty and steamed with the heat of our bodies. Wow, I thought, pretty erotic… what the hell just happened?! I had just cheated on my girlfriend, the one that had taken my virginity, the one that… oh, well.

Somehow that didn’t matter an hour and a half later when Camille and I were dressed and outside walking back towards my uncles house. Neither of us spoke on the way back but we held hands, smiling about it the whole way back. When we got back to the house my uncle greeted us with my mom and dad there, “The neighbors called and said that they thought they saw the two of you bolu escort running towards the old cellar last night. We were about to come and see if you were trapped in there.” I hugged my parents and replied, “well, the storm caused us to get pinned in for a bit, but I eventually got around to forcing the door open.” My dad looked out at the damaged trees and scattered debris, “That sure was one helluva storm.” I locked eyes with Camille and said, “It sure was. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it either.”

It rained for the better part of two days, and though I spent some of the time over with Camille, we never were alone for long enough to talk about what had happened much less replay it. So when the clouds finally broke for good and the subject of the cellar came up it caught her attention immediately. She called me and said that the family across the way that actually owned the cellar had offered the two of us some money if we wanted to bail all of the water out of it and clean it up for use again. I was thinking, why would I want to work knee deep in water? But then the not so subtle hint came from Camille, “we could work together just like when we were waiting for the storm to end.” Well that did it for me, where do I sign up!

When we got there and opened it up I found out that I had been wrong about the cellar cleanup, I wasn’t going to be working in water up to my knees… it was up to my waist. I told my uncle and after he looked at it said he’d pick up what we needed while he was in town and that he’d probably be back in a couple of hours. So we went back to the house, waited for him to leave, and then stripped down and began to feel each other up while kissing. I got a real good look at Camille’s pussy as she lay back on the couch and began kissing my dick while I knelt beside her and massaged her small titties. My hand slid down and began to rub her nearly bald pussy, she began mouthing more and more of my dick as I did more and more with her pussy.

My finger was sliding in and out of her pussy, matching the motion of her mouth back and forth on my dick (or was it the other way around?), when she suddenly let my dick slip out of her mouth and panted, “put it in me. I want to feel it before you come.” She spread her legs as I positioned myself to cheat on my girlfriend again. Camille’s pussy was sooo pretty. I looked down at it and watched my dick slowly penetrate it and then kept watching as I slid back and forth. I watched the tip appear and then most of my shaft sink inside, over and over. She began pulling my arms, moaning, “on top of me, get on me” I leaned down onto her and gave her my full, if modest, length and she groaned her approval in my ear.

I picked up the pace and began to buck hard into her as I felt myself begin to rise to the top of my orgasm ride, she moaned and bucked back. I didn’t know it but she was real close to her own orgasm right about the time I tried to pull out and shoot it onto her flat tummy. She crossed her legs around me and raised her ass up, driving me back into her pussy, holding me hopelessly trapped inside her while my dick shot its payload inside her. I must admit it felt wonderful to actually cum inside. I wasn’t deep enough to really penetrate her at the time that I came but shortly afterward when I collapsed back on top of her, she drew me fully inside and ground her hips against my failing hardon grabbing herself the orgasm she was looking for. I lay there for a moment still inside her and then burst out, “what the hell did you do that for!” She looked at me with a shocked expression on her face but only bit her lip in response, got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.

I lay there for a bit and slapped myself in the head, ‘dumbass’ I thought to myself. When she came out I took her in my arms and apologized. Then I cleaned up and got dressed. Camille never said anything until after we were back out at the cellar using the pump that uncle had brought for us to get rid of most of the water. She was close to me and we were sweating heavily working the pump together, she turned her head and pressed her lips against mine. When I responded she opened her mouth and we began to kiss, awkwardly while trying to keep the water pump moving, but still tongue wrestling. The tension between us melted away after that and things went better for us after that. We drained the water down to knee level after a few hours and I went into the cellar to retrieve the blankets and stuff. We took the cot out and propped it up against a tree near uncles house, hanging the blankets across the line to dry. Then we went inside completely exhausted. That night when I got home, I washed up and then passed out in bed.

There was no way either of us could do anything to the cellar the next day because we were both too sore. My muscles ached too bad to even jack off, burdur escort so my girlfriend performed her first ever blowjob on me while my dad watched sports and my mom cooked. She did a nice job, bringing me off mostly with her hand and keeping her mouth locked onto the top of my dick. When I shot off she let all of my cum drip out of her mouth and used it to finish jacking me off. That felt great but left such a terrible mess that I had to change my underwear and stash the other pair in my dirty clothes. I didn’t mind though, even when my mom found the cum-stained briefs and confronted me about cleaning my ‘ejaculations’ with something she wouldn’t find in my laundry. I seriously thought about using a pair of Camille’s panties the next time and see what she said then, but I didn’t (eventually I did, but that’s another story for another time!).

Two days after my girlfriend’s visit, I was back with Camille, and we were outside taking a break while uncle was inside the cellar sealing the cracks – we had completely drained the water by that time. The two of us were watching when I noticed something. With the blankets still over the clotheslines you couldn’t see the cot from the cellar. So I pulled Camille along until we got behind the blankets, there wasn’t anything but open fields on the other side of the cot, so I began to kiss and grope her.

She playfully resisted at first but soon melted as I got the front of her shirt up and began sucking her nipples. She was wearing a dark colored tank top and flimsy little red shorts, white cotton panties underneath. She completely balked at the idea of taking her shorts off and there wasn’t any comfortable way to do it with them on so I suggested the next best thing. I positioned her on her knees and climbed onto the cot behind her. After some minor adjustments to pull her shorts and panties down low enough and get her legs spread just right, we were ready.

I loved the way her ass looked, and loved the way she looked back at me as I penetrated her juicy pussy. She stayed on her hands and knees while I began to pump her slowly. I really loved this position, I put it at the top of my favorites right then. She began to push back at me matching my strokes and soon enough I had stopped and let her have control. She raised up a bit and was half-riding my dick up and down nice and fast. This gave me the chance to reach under her shirt and play with her tits. I found her nipples hard as stone and gently put them between my fingers and thumbs. Almost immediately she gushed all over me, and I thought I was going to lose my mind as her pussy clamped down on my dick nearly forcing me out of her. I was about to come and I moaned, “inside or out?” She breathed “in” and I pushed back up into her and bucked myself to an eye opening cum that lasted for several minutes.

We hurried back to the cellar and were there only for about five minutes before uncle climbed out of the cellar, “thought I lost the two of you there for a bit, where’d you go?” Camille piped up, “one of my friends called on the phone.” The answer seemed to satisfy him and we closed up for the day, with my cum dripping out of her hole mixed with her wetness making a mess of her panties. She didn’t have to worry about it, she always washed her own laundry, and usually her parents also. I went home tired again and slept very well at first, but then I began having nightmares about Camille getting pregnant and everybody finding out. That rattled my cage a little more than I had anticipated. Once again, ‘dumbass’ went through my mind. I began to get scared. What was I gonna do? I already felt a little weird about fooling around with my girlfriend, who was on the pill, and Camille at the same time (not literally, unfortunately).

Camille and I saw each other the next day, and then the day after that and I meant to get her alone to actually talk, but never could. Then two days afterwards when we arranged to go to the store at the same time we met and before I could ask she said that we couldn’t fool around for awhile. I asked why and she replied that she was on her period. I was so relieved. We went to my house and talked for awhile about what had happened to us and between us. I found out that she had a boyfriend and that the two of them hadn’t gone much farther than a little oral sex. In fact that was all the two of them had done since he had taken her virginity two months earlier.

Wow, lucky me, I said aloud, not meaning to. She just smiled and said that it was different when we did it- it was just for fun. No boyfriend/girlfriend bull to get in the way. Fine by me. I decided then that maybe oral sex would be the best for the two of us until she got on the pill- unless I could steal some rubbers. Camille said she didn’t want to give up getting penetrated and that I would have to pull out each time. But I could come in her mouth if I wanted… wow! lucky me again, I thought to myself, too bad becoming a couple would mess things up, she’d make a great girlfriend. So the two of us played basketball and went hunting just like we always did, and nobody suspected that we had taken our friendship to the next level.

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