A Strange Halloween Indeed!


Lyssa clattered out of her car and self-conciously pulled her French Maid costume down over her ass. She wasn’t used to wearing anything so skimpy in public, but it was Halloween. She walked up the driveway to her friend’s house to the costume party, admiring the costumes of the other guests arriving at that moment also. A vampire, a few celebrity costumes, some frumpy witches.

As Lyssa walked through the door, the party stilled. Every head turned. Men’s eyes danced over her body appreciatively. And no wonder: Lyssa was all of 5 feet, 10 inches, and built like the proverbial amazon, with mythical 40D-23-38 proportions. The French Maid costume was particularly striking on her of all people, given her creamy complexion, aristocratic facial structure, and long honey-blonde hair. What was most attractive about her was that she had no idea of how beautiful she really was. She had an aura of both innocence (being that she was a virgin) and flirtatiousness, a combination that drove men wild.

She stood in the doorway, in her short Maid’s dress, with a wiry layer of tulle under her skirt that made it stand out all around, so if she moved the wrong way, someone would get a perfect view of her black satin-covered ass. The top of her costume was obviously built for a much smaller woman, and her abundant breasts nearly spilled out, creating enough cleavage to hide a small child in. She wore black thigh high stockings and stilleto heels which added to her already impressive height. Her hair was pulled up and topped with the white lace covering typical of a French Maid. Her ensemble was completed by the black ribbon tied around her neck and the feather duster she carried.

“Wow,” whispered Jake, rushing up to her from the silent crowd. Lyssa knew Jake from the club scene, and they flirted lightly back and forth when they saw each other. She had a mad crush on him, but being the timid mouse she was, had never acted on it. Jake had come to the party as a vampire, just as she knew he would. His dark hair and fair skin coupled with his costume had a seductively sinister effect. He hugged her and took her by the arm, murmuring, “Let’s get you a drink.” She was led away from the room of admiring partygoers.


A couple of hours and several wine coolers later, Lyssa was feeling quite good. Men were swarming around her, offering to fetch her another drink, which she found ironic, seeing as *she* was supposed to be the French Maid. She wasn’t sure how it happened, but one minute they were making inarticulate drunken small-talk, and the next minute, each of these men had taken to kissing or caressing her. A couple of them were nuzzling at her neck. Two more were licking at her wrists. A few more were rubbing at her waist or long legs, and she thought, though she wasn’t positive, she felt one of the men humping his erection on one of her silken calves.

Lyssa’s eyelids were heavy and she was in a half-dream state. She imagined she was some sort of Goddess, recieving the humble, worshipful affections of these poor brutes flanking her.


Her eyes snapped open. She was face to face with Jake. She looked into his scornful, laughing eyes.

“What did you say?”

He sneered. “You heard me.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her off the couch. “Pull your almanbahis adres skirt down, you slut, and tuck your tit back in.” She looked down, a little horrified to find that her skirt was up around her waist, and her left nipple had somehow flopped out of the top of her dress bodice.

Jake dragged Lyssa to the bathroom and shut and locked the door. He grinned at her.

“I was just kidding, you know. I know you’re half drunk and don’t know what you’re doing.”

She smiled, relieved. He was holding her up, steady against the bathroom wall. He leaned in on her. She could smell his man-scent, that musky testosterone-laced scent that drives any girl wild.

Jake kissed her roughly, tightening his grip on her shoulders. She gasped and returned his kiss, gyrating into him. He let his hand flutter over Lyssa’s left breast, which was still hanging out of her dress, and lightly pinched the nipple. He slid his hand down between her legs and rubbed her through her thin silky panties. She went wild on him, moaning and grabbing at him frantically.

“Looks like maybe you are a little slut after all,” Jake said, laughing a bit. Just then a voice called out from the hallway, “Hey Jake, we’re moving this party down the street, to the City Cemetery.”

The Cemetery? Lyssa had been there plenty during the day, she enjoyed the peace and quiet of all the old vaults and memorials. But at night? She shivered. Still, being in a cemetery at night with Jake (not to mention all the other guys at that party who seemed to like her) didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Jake looked at her, smiling. “Come on, sweets, looks like we’re going to the Cemetery.”


The dwindling party group tiptoed through the cemetery gates cautiously. There could be cops on alert, after all, it was Halloween night and they were trespassing.

“Come on!” Jake yelled back to Lyssa, who was tagging along because of her 6 inch heels. She trotted after them, but in the dark she couldn’t see them. Their voices got farther and farther away, and she had to admit she was hopelessly lost.

“Fuck!” She yelled to herself. She was cold, semi-drunk, and terrified. She staggered around, trying to sober up, and tried to follow the voices of her pals.

The fear subsided and her eyes adjusted to the dark; and she really began to enjoy being in the cemetery. The monuments she loved and photographed by day looked so different by moonlight.

As soon as her fear left, it returned, for she found herself in a part of the cemetery that she hadn’t been in before. It was beautiful, from what she could tell, but had an otherwordly feel to it that, quite frankly, creeped her out. Then something in particular caught her eye.


She moved closer to the monument, taking in everything she saw. There, on the gravestone, sat a life-size carving of an Egyptian-looking male angel. He was on his knees, with his wings spread to full glory, and his face was tilted heavenward. She neared and looked at him. His face was divine, like a Greek god, and his body was truly a work of art. So muscular and strong-looking. He even had a six-pack! She ran her hand over the cold stone of his chest, and blushed upon the discovery that he even had nipples. She blushed harder when she realized what was happening: almanbahis adresi This angel statue was turning her on in a big, big way.

Now, Lyssa did not make it a habit to become attracted to inanimate objects. But somehow, this statue did not seem inanimate, at least, not entirely. She was reminded of the photographs she had seen of film sirens in the 20s and 30s. Even though they had been dead for decades, their sex appeal still burned at full-fire through the black and white gloss. She kept running her hands over his chest and face and wings, amazed at her discovery. She kissed his cheek lightly, and then his mouth. God, was she glad no one could see her now!

Lyssa noticed a plain gravemarker nearby with a piece broken off. It was one of the ornamental crowning pieces, a phallic-like column topped with a ball. The whole thing was about 7 inches long. Impulsively, she went and fetched it from the ground and positioned it on the angel where his penis would be, if his lap were not covered with a scarf. She giggled at her own silliness.

“Better put this thing back where I found it,” she murmured, ever respectful of the dead. She took hold of the angel’s make-do phallus and was surprised when it wouldn’t come loose. “What the…” She yanked and yanked, but it seemed attached now. How odd and eerie, and yet, she knew he had to take advantage of this.

She knelt down, a little unsure of what was going on, and took the angel’s granite penis in her mouth. She moved her mouth over it and over it, even though the roughness of the stone was cutting into her lips. She dragged her tongue down the length of it, cleaning it thoroughly before she would allow it to take her cherry.

Lyssa was getting hotter and hotter. She wondered what was wrong with her, after all, most 18 year old girls don’t get horny looking at a statue, much less enough to give it a blow job! What the hell, she thought, and she yanked her panties off and squatted over her sexy angel.

She didn’t impale herself on him yet. First she moved herself against his cock, delighting in the sensation of the cold jagged stone rubbing against her pink, most tender parts.

Lyssa unleashed her magnificent breasts from her bodice and pressed them against his chest. Her nipples grew instantly hard as they hit the cold air and stayed that way. She pushed her hard nipples against his. She was gyrating harder and harder, and she could feel her warm wetness trickling down her legs. She couldn’t stand it anymore.

Lyssa raised up a few inches and positioned herself over his makeshift cock. She sank down on it, and the head pushed forth effortlessly through her wet tunnel.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned. It was the most sublime feeling she had ever had. She continued to move downward on his cock, till it savagely tore away her virginity. She gasped a little, because it was already a strain for her to accommodate the angel’s cock within her snug, unstretched box without the added pain of her cherry being popped. A little blood from her broken hymen trickled out and stained the granite cock, but Lyssa hardly noticed. She was having her way with this beautiful stone angel, her body shaking with such closely spaced orgasms that she thought she was about to lose consciousness.

“So you are a little almanbahis adres slut!”

She would’ve screamed, except Jake had clamped his hand over her mouth from behind.

She was mortified. The guy she had wanted for nearly a year just caught her fucking a statue. He laughed sinisterly.

“I always thought you were a little strange. No matter. Watching you ride this statue has made me hot as hell, and you’re going to fix it.”

Wow, fucking this angel AND Jake in the same night! She certainly wasn’t going to object. She was about to raise up from the angel so Jake could fuck her, but he grabbed her hips and held her down on him.

“Nope, you can please us both at once, slut.”

With that, while he was still behind her, he lifted up her French Maid dress and stroked her round little ass. He smacked at it a little, marveling at the firmness. This turned her on again, and even though she was still a bit embarrassed, the angel’s cock *was* still buried up in her, and it still felt damn good. She rocked back and forth on him as Jake kept playing with her ass. He moved his hand down to her back passage and cautiously slipped one finger in.

This, too, was a whole new sensation with her, and produced one hell of an orgasm, her tight glove gripping and pulling at the granite cock.

Jake took this as a green light, and slipped a few more fingers in, wiggling and prodding. His cock was straining and impatient, and he decided Lyssa was ready for it.

Jake spat in his hand and rubbed it up the length of his blood-engorged member, slickening it up for easy entry. Lyssa seemed to know what was about to happen, because she leaned forward a bit into the angel’s chest, providing better access to her ass. He grabbed her hips, trying to hold her still as she continued to buck at the angel, and slid his cock into her asshole swiftly. He wanted to take it slow, but as he pushed through each ring of tightly gripping muscles, he lost control and began compulsively drilling into her backdoor. He could feel the angel’s cock that was still filling her tiny, tired cunt as he fucked her ass. Jake reached around and squeezed her huge breasts, something he’d been longing to do for ages. He pinched her nipples as he pierced her bowels with his cock again and again, faster and faster, as Lyssa yelped incoherently, exhausted from so many orgasms.

He was loving this, but he wanted to be in her pussy. After all, it wasn’t really fair that she was fucking that angel, he couldn’t even enjoy it! He withdrew his cock and pulled Lyssa off the angel. He was still behind her, and he pushed her so that she bent over the angel’s cock. She instinctively began cleaning the angel’s cock off with her tongue, lapping up all her juices and virginity-blood. Jake eagerly stabbed her worked pussy with his member, and found it shockingly still tight. He packed his cock at it’s full length into her cunt, and careened into her at full speed.

She awed at the feeling of a real, warm, flesh-and-blood cock in her as she came one last time, pulling him over the edge with her vice-like grip. He pulled her hips back and poured his seed into her depths. They stayed in position for a moment, catching their breath, and he withdrew as his sperm spilled out of her onto the ground. Jake kissed Lyssa on the cheek as she collapsed onto her angel’s lap and fell asleep, feeling more tired yet more fulfilled than she ever had.

“I’ll see you back at the party,” he whispered.

What a strange Halloween, she thought, as she drifted off.

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