A Wild Night With Sue


It was Saturday morning on a beautiful Indian Summer day, warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and my best friend Jake and I were out on his driveway winterizing his boat. Almost every one of our male neighbours was also outside, performing Fall chores and enjoying the sunshine. I had just straightened up to ease a crick in my neck when Jake looked over my shoulder and said, “Hey Nick, take a look at this!”I turned to follow the direction of his gaze. A stunningly beautiful woman with a mane of long, straight brown hair and fabulously long legs was strolling down the street with every male eye following her as she strutted along, rolling her hips suggestively. She was wearing a pair of cutoff blue jeans that had been cut so high they were little more than a thong at the back, a scarlet silk camisole with spaghetti straps that looked as if it had been sprayed on, so closely was it moulded to the outline of her breasts and nipples, which were doing their best to escape from the flimsy fabric, jiggling as she walked, and a pair of silver strappy sandals with three-inch heels. My wife Melanie: Super-slut, the love of my life.“Christ, Nick, I’ve got a boner so hard my pants are trying to cut my balls off!” Jake exclaimed. “I am so going to fuck the ass off that!”This wasn’t just wishful thinking on Jake’s part; we have a very satisfying arrangement whereby my wife is his mistress and his wife Sue, Melanie’s best friend, is my mistress, so there was a very good chance his wish would be fulfilled. More often than not though, we would both do one wife together, then do the same for the other, because both women prefer two dicks to one. Of course, they also preferred three dicks to two, but that was what the Play Group was for – to allow them to get airtight. That is, one dick in their mouth, another in their pussy and a third up their ass. They are women of large appetites, as are all the ladies in the Play Group. Melanie was, in fact, returning from a coffee morning with those other ladies.As she approached, she caught us staring at her and gave us her megawatt smile, the one that takes a man’s breath away and usually gets her whatever she wants.“Hello, my two favourite guys,” she greeted us as she slid between us and gave us each a deep kiss on the lips.“Mel, I’ve got to tell you, I have a hard-on for you right now that’s like an iron bar,” Jake gasped out.My wife giggled throatily, ran her right hand over the straining front of his pants and her left over the front of mine, then said, “Well we wouldn’t want to waste a couple of good erections, would we?” Placing both Jake’s hands on her breasts she continued, “Why don’t we go inside and the two of you can fuck me to within an inch of my life, then I will tell you a little bit of news that will make your day.”“Another Play Group date?” I hazarded eagerly.“Well yes, that too, but that’s not the news. Now get inside and get naked,” she responded, slapping my ass.**********We got inside pronto, whereupon Melanie grabbed our hands and led us through to Jake and Sue’s bedroom, where she promptly stripped the pair of us, kicked off her heels and threw herself down on the bed on her back. Jake bent over the foot of the bed, unbuttoned her slutty shorts and slid them out from under her ass: Mel raised both her legs into the air, pointing her toes, and Jake slid the cutoffs up her long legs and off, tossing them into the corner of the room. Mel peeled off the slinky camisole and tossed it after the shorts, then spread her legs wide, fingered her clitoris and said simply, “Do me. Hard.”Her very dark brown pubic hair was still in its summer mode, trimmed down to about half an inch wide either side of her vaginal lips, coming to a point above her clit. Her pussy was already moist. I climbed aboard, drove my rigid eleven inches deep into her waiting wet warmth, then rolled over onto my back, pulling her with me so that she was now on top, because we both knew what Jake wanted. The girls in the Play Group don’t call him the ‘Ass Bandit’ for nothing. Jake crawled onto the bed, got up behind Melanie, astride my legs, and drove his dick up my wife’s ass in one swift, practised motion, the result of many previous excursions into that hallowed shrine. Mel moaned with pleasure as the sensations of the double penetration swept over her. Then Jake and I went to town, banging her like a big bass drum. Jake’s repeated slams into her ass set Melanie’s generous 36C tits swinging wildly, so I grabbed them and tweaked her nipples up to their maximum two-inch extension, a sure sign that she was enjoying herself, as I rammed my cock in and out of her now sopping wet pussy, bucking her into the air with each thrust. Mel was thrusting down and back to get as much of both dicks inside her as humanly possible. At one point she reached between her spread legs to rub Jake’s balls as he reamed her ass.When she reached the point where she was moaning constantly, she suddenly expostulated, “Geez, I wish I had a dick in my mouth right now!”Jake and I both laughed.“You’re a greedy long-legged slut, aren’t you?” I ribbed her.“You better believe it, hubby,” she gasped just as Jake came up her ass. He promptly rolled off to one side. Mel immediately spun around on my cock to the reverse cowgirl position, leaned to her left, scooped his cock into her mouth and began sucking as she continued riding me. She got me off after about another ten minutes: I came inside her like a jet boat’s exhaust. She then climbed off me, settled herself on her knees between Jake and me, and divided her blow job skills between the two of us from thereon.“Hey Mel, where’s izmit escort Suze?” Jake asked. He had obviously only remarked his wife’s absence once his lust for my wife’s ass was satisfied.Mel stopped sucking; I wanted to kick Jake.“Still at the coffee morning,” Melanie replied.“How come you’re here then?” Jake persisted.“Yes, well, I suppose this is where I should give you my bit of news, ’cause the two things are related,” Melanie responded. “When I got to Sylvie’s place this morning I was the last to arrive, and the others were all a bit pissed with me. They got on my case about me fucking you two and all of their husbands at your poker night. They pointed out that this has become a thing, that I do it at every poker night now, that their husbands all look forward to it.”“What? Since when are they jealous? They get fucked by all of us at Play Group nights. Gang-banged in pussy, mouth and ass even!” I interjected heatedly.Melanie laughed. “They’re not jealous,” she corrected. “Well, at least not in the possessive sense. What they are envious of is the fact that I get to fuck all of you and they don’t get a turn. They all want to fuck all of you more often than just on group nights. They suggested that we all take turns being your poker night slut, but I nixed that; that’s mine! I invented it, I love it, and I’m keeping it! They got a bit shirty with me at that point, so I started looking for different ways of giving them what they want without surrendering my poker night privileges. I finally came up with a suggestion that they all approved of, and that is the bit of news you will like.”“Come on then, spill it,” I demanded.“The Play Group is introducing two new events in addition to the Play Group Night orgies, The first new event is being called Open Legs Night. Each month every lady in the Play Group will be entitled to call an Open Legs Night once, at a date and time of their own choosing, except for nights that have been booked for Play Group. No two ladies can compete on the same night, so it is first come, first served when selecting our night. The horny slut who wants to get laid will simply send a text to all the men in the group just saying “OLN” and giving the date. If no time is specified you can turn up when you like and stay all night if you want. If a time is specified it will be something like “7-12”, in which case you show up any time after seven o’clock and you are gone by midnight. Any or all of you guys can show up, entirely at your discretion, and the lady will satisfy all your sexual needs, at her discretion, of course. These OLN nights are not transferable to subsequent months: if a lady doesn’t use her night in the current month it is gone forever. Given that we are all horny sluts, as you well know, I don’t see that happening, but we thought it should be stated to avoid future arguments. So that means that in any given month there could be as many as six nights when you can bang one of the other guys’ wives or your own to your heart’s content with your spouse’s complete approval. Clear?”“As crystal,” I averred. “Terrific!”“Great,” said Jake.“The second event is Swap Meet Tuesdays. We all agreed that with the girls getting OLN there needed to be something specifically for the guys, so Tuesday of every week is being declared Swap Meet Night. On Tuesday nights you will be able to call any one of the other guys in the group and offer to exchange your wife for his for the night. If the guy is up for it he will call his wife to the phone to talk to you. You then have to make the most original or most exciting indecent proposal to his wife that you can think of, describing in graphic detail exactly what you would like to do to the borrowed wife. If the wife agrees to the indecent proposal the night swap is on and it is the responsibility of the proposer to deliver his wife and pick up the other slut, then to return the borrowed wife in the morning and pick up his own slut. This will require some discretion to avert the neighbours’ interest. We wives are all looking forward to being passed around frequently. So what do you think?”“I love it,” I replied immediately. “I like the idea of some one-on-one time with the other ladies, getting to know them better, what they like and what they don’t like, etcetera.”“Ah, such a sensitive man,” my wife observed sarcastically. “And I suppose the idea of screwing the ass off several beautiful women holds no appeal at all?” That was just plain derisive.“Well, I suppose there is that too,” I smirked back.“What if I make a proposal and it’s the wrong time of the month?” Jake asked, ever pragmatic to a fault.“Ah, the practical man speaks,” Melanie cooed. I looked around for my running shoes: my wife cooing has that effect on me. It is her version of sulphuric acid. “You will be given a polite response, such as ‘I’m afraid that is not possible right now’, dear,” she added. I might have imagined it, but I believe Jake’s face paled at that. Even he knows that Melanie’s use of the endearment ‘dear’ is a five-alarm warning. He probably had no idea what he had done wrong, though.“And what does this have to do with Sue not being here?” I inquired, both because I wanted to know and to divert Melanie from whatever evil intentions she might be harbouring towards my best friend Jake who, let’s remember, she had just finished shagging thoroughly.“Well, the ladies all wanted to go for their first OLN tonight, so I suggested we draw straws for it. They agreed, but then they kicked me out, saying I got gang-banged last week at poker night so I am not eligible for today’s draw; it has to be somebody yahya kaptan escort else’s turn. Meanies.”I guffawed. “You really are insatiable, aren’t you?” I teased.She opened her lovely brown eyes as wide as they would go, fluttered her eyelashes and tried for injured innocence.I laughed harder.Giving it up, she gave me that knockout smile again. “Yes, but who is lying here naked and thoroughly shagged out right now and who is still sitting around talking?” she murmured.I laughed some more. “Now all you have to do is brag about it to them,” I pointed out.“Ooh yes,” she said eagerly, looking around for her handbag. “Where’s my phone?”Jake and I both cracked up this time.**********Sue breezed in fifteen minutes later while we were all still naked and Mel was still on the phone bragging to Sylvie. She was dressed in an outfit remarkably similar to Melanie’s, but the cutoffs were slightly more modest, only showing the lowest few inches of her ass, while her top was a basque rather than a camisole, black and silver, showing a startling amount of cleavage; no surprise there, Sue is well aware that her thirty-eight Double-D tits are her most advantageous feature and she exploits them at every opportunity.“Oh goody,” she said, taking in the two available dicks at a glance and dropping her cutoffs with a single deft flick of the wrist and wriggle of the hips. There was nothing underneath but a delightful bush of dark brown, curly pubic hair. She kept the basque on, knowing that I liked it, but wriggled her shoulders so that her nipples popped free of the cups. I like that too. Then she crawled onto the bed like a big cat, straddled my face and bent forward from the waist to suck on my dick, which immediately sprang fully erect and as hard as a diamond. She then went to work on the head with her tongue and I groaned happily.Melanie terminated her call, dropped her phone beside the bed and said, “It drives me nuts when you do that, Suze,” she complained. “What is this mysterious power of yours? You only have to touch his dick and he’s good to go straight away. He doesn’t do that for me or any of the other women.”“I know,” replied Sue, a distinct gloat in her voice. “It doesn’t work with any of the other men for me either.”“So what is it, Nick?” Melanie demanded.“Beats me,” I answered honestly. “But I like it.”“So do I really,” Melanie admitted. “Any time I want a good bang all I have to do is get Suze to give you a lick and I can jump your bones right away,” she added with a huge self-satisfied smile.“I feel so used,” I whined. “You sluts only want me for my body.” This was said from between Sue’s silky thighs.“You bet!” both women chorused. Mel then swung into the same position as Sue, knees spread wide, pussy poised over Jake’s face, her mouth engulfing his slightly undersized cock as his tongue penetrated her pussy.Sue broke off sucking my dick for long enough to say to Mel, “I won, by the way.”With Jake’s balls up against her upper lip, Melanie just made a ‘What?’ noise in her throat, currently occupied by Jake’s dick.“The draw. I sent out my first OLN for tonight. No time limit. I hope to be a very busy girl tonight.”I stopped licking her clit to say, “I’ll be there.”“You better be,” she said. “I want you in every hole tonight.”“You got it,” I mumbled back.“Come on then,” Sue urged, stepping off my face on her knees and dropping to her forearms in the classic present position, “Doggy me.”I did, hard and fast, just the way both she and my wife like it.Melanie had sucked Jake back to life by now, so she dropped into an identical position right next to Sue and plugged Jake’s cock into her pussy right where she wanted it. The women synchronized their rhythms, Jake and I matched them and were both then treated to watching our own wives at the same time as we were fucking each other’s wives. There is something incredibly erotic about watching another guy’s dick plunging in and out of your wife’s pussy while his wife is happily servicing you. I reached forward with my right hand and grabbed Sue’s right tit then grabbed Mel’s right tit with my left. Sue ground her ass back into me and rotated her hips to give me a swirly fuck, a trick Melanie had taught her in return for Sue teaching her the tongue flutter for her blowjobs. The women gradually accelerated until we were all gasping for air as we rode and were ridden hard. They both orgasmed within a minute of each other and Jake and I each filled the other’s wife with a flood of semen. We all collapsed in a happy, sweaty, tangled pile of interlaced limbs.Both women are terrific fucks in every orifice, a fact that Sue would amply demonstrate later in the day when the rest of the guys showed up, which they all did. Nobody wanted to miss out on a slice of Sue’s pie.**********Mel and I stayed at Jake and Sue’s place for dinner, because Mel wanted to watch her friend in action and I wanted in on that action, quite literally. At about six-forty-five, Sue took off to the bedroom to get ‘gussied up”, as she put it. At one minute before seven, she strutted back into the living room wearing a leather vest, open with nothing underneath except her gorgeous tits, a black garter belt with black seamed stockings and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, black with five-inch gold stiletto heels – nothing else. Her magnificent cloud of wavy, dark brown hair swirled from her shoulders to her waist as a silken cloak.“How do I look, guys,” she chirped.“Good enough to eat, kitten,” Melanie offered.“That damn boner is back,” her husband contributed.“I want to fuck you all night,” I asserted.“And gebze escort you will,” Sue promised. “Along with all the others, of course,” she added.“Maybe they won’t show up,” I said hopefully.Melanie snorted derisively. “Would you miss out on that,” she said with a nod at Sue.“Hell no!” I responded.“I rest my case,” my lawyer wife responded.“Would you like to take care of that boner for me, Mel?” Jake asked my wife plaintively.“No, she wouldn’t,” snapped Sue. “There is a strict prohibition on poaching during Open Legs Nights, so you hang on and I will take care of it.”“Spoilsport,” Jake muttered. His wife cuffed him lightly about the head.“Lech,” she said. Jake subsided.Phil, Pete, Tom and Steve all turned up together around seven-fifteen, clutching bottles of wine and a two-four of Corona high-test, the good stuff: Pete had picked all the guys up and was the designated driver. Jake admitted them and took them through to the living room where Sue was already on her feet with her leather vest artfully positioned to show off the inner curves of both breasts. The guys all stopped in their tracks to admire the succulent flesh on display.Pete murmured, “Wow! You look wonderful, Suze.”“Thank you, kind sir,” Sue responded as he moved in to kiss her. She pulled him in tight and kissed him long and hard with lots of tongue while his hands roamed around inside the leather vest and down over her ass. When he came up for air, Sue pushed him away and embraced Phil in the same manner, then Tom, then Steve. When they had all partaken of a good grope she commanded, “Let’s all go through to the bedroom. Jake and Nick will take care of the drinks.”As she stood up to follow Sue into the bedroom Melanie shucked her little black dress to the floor, revealing a minute lacy black thong and a tiny matching bra that revealed everything but her nipples, with black hold-ups and black high heels below. Sue made a hissing sound between her teeth, a sign of her frustration. Mel flashed peace signs to her with both hands.Speaking rapidly she said, “I just want to be your warm-up act, Suze. After that I’ll just be decoration, I promise, absolutely no poaching. Sixty-nine?”Sue’s smile lit up the room. “Sounds yummy, but I want to be on top.”“Deal. But if you’re on top I bet my husband will stick his dick up your ass while we are playing.” This last with a significant glance at me.“Even better. Let’s do it,” Sue said, licking her lips salaciously.**********So that was the opening act. Melanie lay down on the big brass bed on her back, Sue knelt over her face and slipped off Mel’s thong. Mel spread her legs wide, giving all the guys, who were standing or sitting around the bed propping themselves on the walls and the two armchairs in the corners, an outstanding view of her capacious pussy framed by her mile-long legs in their black holdups.“For crying out loud boys, get naked,” my slut wife ordered. “We girls would like something to look at too!”Clothes went flying in every direction as we all complied as fast as we could.Sue took her weight on her arms, spread her knees wide and lowered her pussy onto my wife’s mouth. Melanie slipped her tongue into the groove and commenced slurping the warm, moist pink. Sue ducked her head down to suck on Mel’s clitoris for several seconds before parting the lips of Mel’s vagina and running her tongue down the exposed pink slit.I gave them a few minutes until they were both making appreciative noises, then acted on my wife’s suggestion by ramming my cock unceremoniously up her best friend’s ass, right in front of her face, which was only inches away between Sue’s silky thighs.Mel murmured, “Attaboy.”Sue’s ass was still deliciously tight, even after all the reaming Jake and I had given it, supplemented with assistance from the rest of the Play Group guys. My dick felt right at home there, and Sue’s happy noises were getting louder. She loves taking it in the ass.After about twenty minutes of this, Sue glanced around at all the guys, saw a bunch of very stiff dicks and called a halt to our little show, crawling off my cock to sit on the end of the bed, legs crossed, tits out from the vest, nipples sticking out like organ stops.“Now boys, I want you all to think about whatever fantasies you have had about me, the things you would like to do to me, then tell me about them. I promise I will then do my best to make them a reality for you,” she offered.Pete spoke up immediately. “I dreamed this the other night. I want you to stand at the end of the bed in those fantastic heels, spread your legs as wide as you can while standing, then bend forward over the bed and take your body weight on your straight arms while I do your ass and Phil stands on the bed and fucks your face,” he requested.“Done. You’ll be up first. I suppose this means I should ask Phil next. Phil, what’s happening with you?” Sue continued.“Well, I’m happy to be a part of Pete’s fantasy, but mine is a little different. I want to get you spread wide open along the edge of your bed so I can kneel in front of you and chow down on that delicious pussy of yours until you are wet and dripping. Then I want to fuck those marvellous tits until I come all over them,” Phil elucidated, blushing furiously as he made his request.“It will be my pleasure,” Sue responded, licking her lips, clearly visualizing it. “Tom?”“I saw a blue movie recently about fisting,” he began. “For some reason, I immediately visualized myself doing it to you. I want to put my fist into your pussy and slide my arm in up to the elbow, then work it to see how you like it. If you do, I’ll see if I can make you come that way. If not, I will move on to stage two, in which I slide a beer bottle up your ass, a long-neck of course, and another up your pussy and work you with the pair of them until you say you have had enough, then I want to fuck your face while your husband does your ass, until we both come.”

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