A Year to Remember


Meetings, deadlines, reports, agendas…a typical work week was already under way…

Jeannie loved her career and often found herself enveloped in work. As usual, she was working late…busy planning out a schedule for the next day: Wednesday, May 27th. “Let’s see what we have planned tomorrow” Jeannie thought to herself, as she reviewed the next day’s schedule. A 10 am staff meeting, 12 noon conference call, and a 2 pm event planning meeting. The day didn’t look too bad, so after a few more hours on the computer, she called it a night.

The next morning Jeannie took a quick shower… straightened her blonde hair, put on light makeup and started to get dressed for the day. Choosing a cute black and white patterned dress & a black belt, stylish black wedge heels, and a simple sexy black bra, her outfit was complete. Of course, no panties…as she stopped wearing them years ago, and thought it was fun to not wear panties at all.

Morning meetings and conference calls flew by… before there was even a thought about getting lunch or time for a break, it was already 1:30 pm, and Jeannie had to get to her event planning meeting. Driving to the meeting, she reminded herself of the agenda, noting that she had written down a list of questions she would ask the Manager Eric, at the meeting. Arriving shortly before 2 pm, Jeannie checked herself in the car mirror, and got out to walk into the meeting.

Who would have known… that at that 2 pm meeting, the next year of Jeannie’s life would change so much…actually, change forever…

As Jeannie entered Eric’s office, she saw a friendly and welcoming smile from an extremely handsome man. Instantly Jeannie felt attracted to Eric and after a brief introduction, immediately started to enjoy their conversation. With an enjoyable discussion on what they had planned to talk about on the agenda, she laughed and smiled, all while still discussing business. Eric had a strong, Dominant presence…yet his eyes showed kindness and something that Jeannie could not quite pinpoint…before she could think too much about it, Eric stated “Let’s go take a look at your event location” as he motioned for the door.

Both Eric and Jeannie enjoyed their walk around the location…they discussed work, but also a few personal topics came up. “We went to the same college!!” Jeannie stated eagerly, as Eric told her of his education, career and personal life. She couldn’t help but to notice his beautiful, defined muscular arms, sexy body and how he carried himself. As the walk continued from the event location back to Eric’s office, she walked closely beside him, enjoying every moment of his presence. Entering Eric’s office again, they both sat down to go over last minute details and end the meeting…yet it was impossible for Jeannie not to notice the outline of Eric’s long, sexy cock through his black pants as he sat in front of her…was she listening to what he was saying at that moment?? All she could think about was how long and beautiful his cock looked through his pants, and how being with him left her feeling exhilarated and excited, all at once.

As Jeannie left sexy Eric’s office, she felt amazing…overwhelmed with smiles and positive thoughts, her mind raced back to thinking about the experience she just had. “What has this man just done to me”, she thought to herself…as she drove away from his office, feeling the moistness of her tight pussy rub against her thighs…

Over the next week, Jeannie noticed herself going out of her way to make contact with Eric. Sending professional and detailed emails to him…awaiting his reply. “Thanks for following up on our meeting smarty-pants” Eric teasingly emailed over to Jeannie. “You are great at writing these detailed reports.”

“Anything I can do for you Eric!! If you need help writing your reports, I would be more than happy to do them for you.” Knowing that deep inside Jeannie literally meant that she would do anything for this beautiful, sexy, strong man. She knew that in their emails back and forth—she wanted Eric—more than she had ever wanted any other man in her life. Even though she was married…

As the following week was coming to an end, Jeannie had to get paperwork over to Eric, and thought that there would be no better way to do so…other than by stopping at his office. “Hi, I just wanted to get you the paperwork and information that I owed you”…stumbling through her words…as Eric smiled at her and enjoyed looking…Eric let Jeannie talk, as she went on and on about the nonsense paperwork she was there to deliver.

Then, the words just came out…simply out of nowhere…

“There is just something about you Eric, I don’t know what it is.”

Quick with his words and strong in his thoughts, Eric simply replied “well, why don’t you text me your thoughts and we will discuss this further.” As Eric exchanged numbers with Jeannie, her feelings of extreme attraction and desire for Eric intensified. Again she found herself wet from his mere presence, and in a daze from his strong sexual aura.

Leaving Kartal Türbanlı Escort Eric’s office again, Jeannie had no choice but to go straight home after their latest encounter…her thoughts drifted as she began to touch herself through her clothes. Relaxing herself onto the living room sofa, she pulled up her short black skirt to expose a dripping wet, perfectly shaved pussy. Jeannie was a pro at making herself cum, but this time it was different…as Jeannie was rubbing her wet clit with her two fingers, and her nipples got harder and harder…all she could imagine was Eric in his black pants, and how she wanted to unzip them to expose his sexy, thick and long cock…wanting to touch and feel him made Jeannie realize that Eric possessed a quality about himself that was irresistible…she couldn’t contain herself anymore, and came uncontrollably hard at the thought of Eric. As Jeannie enjoyed every moment of her hard cum, she picked up her cell phone…

“Hi Eric, this is Jeannie…just wanted to send you a quick text!!”

“Hello Jeannie, thanks for the message. I can tell from our conversations that you appear to be sexually submissive, as I am Dominant. What are your interests?”

“I just don’t know how to say this, but I find you so amazing & attractive, I wish there would be something more with us.”

“Yes, I see. Well maybe we can talk more and see where this goes. I am not sure about how far things will go, possibly friends.” Eric bluntly stated.

Without hesitation, Jeannie wrote back “I wish we could be more than friends, I was actually hoping possibly much more than that.”

“I assumed you meant more Jeannie, as you stated to me in my office that you were quite promiscuous.”

Jennie instantly didn’t know how to respond, did she say that in a previous conversation?? She literally could not remember talking like that, but then realized quickly that her attraction was so deep for Eric, that those words most likely just came from her mouth, without her even realizing what she was saying…at that moment, Jeannie knew that her mind, her body and every part of who she was…craved Eric in ways that she had never felt before. She tried to explain herself. “Yes Eric, I did state that I was promiscuous, but I meant that I just enjoyed you, and loved to be friendly and have fun.”

“Are you playing with anyone Jeannie?”

“No, I am not playing with anyone—other than hubby at home, and we are intimate only about once a month. He is a great guy and all, I just feel like something is missing.”

“Tell me about the panties that you wear, tell me what you like?”

“Smiles Eric!! I don’t wear panties!! As far as what I like, I would love to be choked…I love the thought of it.” Where did these words come from?? Where did Jeannie have the courage to tell this man that she recently met about her personal sexual desires, her innermost thoughts and feelings? Over thinking about what she written, a text came back from Eric.

“You don’t wear panties, why not? I would require anyone that I play with to wear panties all of the time. I will require you to go shopping, and buy 5 sets of bras and panties for me. Any questions or concerns with completing that assignment?”

“None at all Eric… I will go shopping tomorrow after work.”

As Jeannie sent the message, a flood of wetness came over her…she was literally sopping wet from Eric’s words. She just came hard right before they starting texting & now she was wet again. Reaching down, she again began to rub her clit even harder than before, her fingers covered in her sweet pussy juice. Then, another text…As she read the text, holding the phone as best as she could in one hand, and her other hand playing and fucking herself hard…instantly she came from the words that appeared from Eric…

“From now on, you will address me as Sir, and I want an update on your shopping trip.”

“Yes Sir” as she immediately felt respect and care for this wonderful, desirable, Dominant man…

** ** ** ** **

Shopping was a favorite past time of Jeannie’s…probably too much of a favorite activity!! But with the thought of completing a very important assignment, Jeannie was truly focused to please Eric and make him proud…

To some women, the assignment may have been overwhelming and excessive for a person that they barely knew… but to Jeannie, within moments of entered the lingerie store, she began to feel comfortable and sexy from the task at hand. Being friendly with a staff member, Jeannie started to choose sexy bras and panties in muted blues, distinctive blacks and whites, bold animal prints, and eye appealing maroons. Also, finding a fitted nighty and a sexy & dirty black corset and panty set, she had quite a selection of items.

As Jeannie entered the fitting room to try on some of her exciting finds, she again felt the warmness and wetness between her legs that now was happening quite often. Never before had she experienced sexual excitement while shopping for panties and Kartal Otele Gelen Escort sexy lingerie.

Trying on different bras for size and holding up sexy panties to herself in the mirror…Jeannie then slipped the fitted nighty over her head to see how it looked. As she reviewed herself in the mirror, all she could think about was how her long legs looked decent in the attractive nighty, and that her nipples looked as if she had been outside on a cool, breezy day without a jacket…as they were so hard and firm.

Picking out exactly 5 outfits that day, Jeannie raced home to lay them out on her bed, and snap a few photos.

“Good afternoon Sir, here’s what I bought for you today on my shopping trip.”

“You completed your assignment well, did you enjoy shopping?”

Jeannie smiled to herself…”Yes, I did!!”

“Now, I want you to start wearing those panties every single day from this point on…thinking of me as you wear them…getting wet from having them on.”

Instantly Jeannie understood…there were no questions, moments of confusion, uncertain feelings or other…just complete understanding…

“Maybe we can see each other soon Eric?!?”

“Yes, possibly we may see each other soon. I need you to understand some things though, so there is no confusion before we meet. And Sir, not Eric”

“Yes Sir, I understand”

“Jeannie, I want you to know, that I will never ask to take what is mine, I will just take it. Also, if you have any feelings of uncertainty, guilt or other… this is the time to tell me. I know you have a hubby at home.”

“Sir, I am a very decisive woman…I know exactly what I want…I want you.”

“Good Jeannie…over the next few weeks let’s chat by text, let me mind fuck you hard…find out what your desires are, who you are…I will make all decisions from this point forward on our relationship. I will decide when we meet and if we meet, understood?”

Did Jeannie ever understand…as she read the text, she took a moment to realize what was right in front of her…that Eric was exactly what she had been searching for her entire life. A Dominant man that was intelligent, well spoken and written, in control… and without a doubt demanded her respect, loyalty and worship…

“Understood?” Eric wrote again…

“Yes Sir, absolutely understood.”

** ** ** ** **

“You can’t wait to sit on my huge cock, can you Jeannie?”

“No Sir, I absolutely can not wait to feel you in me…I need you… can we please meet soon?? I will take care of all arrangements and get a room for us, will this Friday work?”

“Yes, that is acceptable. We have been talking for weeks now, and I will let you do so. Are you ready to serve me, suck my cock? You will always suck my cock good before I fuck you hard, no exceptions. That is, if I decide to fuck you at all.”

“Yes Sir, I understand that I will always suck your cock.”

** ** ** ** **

As Friday approached, Jeannie had a feeling of complete nervousness and excitement for what the afternoon would bring. She checked into the hotel, and did exactly as Eric asked her to do. Dressed in her new nighty, new panties, high heel shoes, red lips, red nails, and hair pulled back off of her face…she sprayed on enticing and sensual perfume…unlatched the hotel room door, and kneeled facing the door. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door…unsure of what to do, Jeannie very quietly stated “come in”…

Eric walked in with a serious and firm look on his face. Jeannie was speechless with words at that moment…shocked that Eric showed up at all, and in complete awe of how perfect he looked. Eric walked towards Jeannie and observed her outfit, checking every detail of her to make sure she was acceptable to his liking, and that she took the time to focus on every detail that he required. Then he whispered into Jeannie’s ear “Start kissing my sexy, muscular legs.” Jeannie was beyond nervous, yet was so turned on by Eric, that she started kissing up and down Eric’s strong, firm legs…with no form of graciousness at first, but over time finding herself getting better and better at kissing them… “Can I kiss you?” Jeannie asked…”Only if you do exactly as I say today, do you understand?” “Yes Sir…Jeannie replied firmly and with complete understanding…

“You are going to count for me every time you cum today, and if you don’t I will not allow you to kiss me. Now put your hand into your panties and feel how wet you are from me.” Jeannie reached for her panties and barely was able to put the tip of her fingers in her panties without feeling the extreme wetness…she instantly felt like she was going to cum just from touching herself…and then, she just came…so hard, so quickly… it felt amazing…”I told you to count for me, or you will not be able to kiss me.”

“1” -Jeannie stated firmly.

After Jeannie came hard, Eric told her to get to work and remove his clothes…Jeannie carefully removed Eric’s shoes, then his pants…placing them Kartal Ucuz Escort neatly beside the bed, and folding his pants to make sure he realized she respected his personal belongings and everything about him. As she was still kneeling in front of him, she looked at how truly beautiful and muscular his legs were…she found herself staring at his sexy Calvin Klein underwear, unable to move her eyes from the center of his legs…”Don’t dabble Jeannie, take off my clothes.” Eric demanded of her…Jeannie slowly pulled at the elastic band on Eric’s underwear, removing them down past his thighs, knees, and then off of him altogether…

Eric’s huge, thick cock was right in front of Jeannie’s face, and she literally was amazed at how beautiful he looked. Eric had by far the largest cock Jeannie had ever seen before, and she literally just stared at him… With a his hard cock and beautiful balls shaved so perfect, her mouth began to salivate and her lips felt dry all at once…”Jeannie, I told you that you were going to suck my cock, now again don’t dabble, suck my cock.” Jeannie moistened her lips and put Eric’s huge cock head in her mouth…the taste of Eric sent her over the edge and she felt her pussy trembling and throbbing, and came again… Jeannie took in more and more of Eric’s extremely large, extremely thick cock…but not being able to handle it all, Eric commented “I am going to choke you with my cock Jeannie, do you like that??” The words that Eric was saying, the tone of his voice, the sensuality of just his being…sent Jeannie overboard and she felt her pussy get tight yet again, and throb even harder for another cum…

Jeannie enjoyed every moment of sucking Eric’s cock and although still struggling to grasp the size, she worked hard to lick, suck and stroke Eric and to please him.

“Put your hand in your panties again, I want to hear you cum again.”

“Yes, I did cum again, twice” Jeannie stated.

Eric was not happy–looking at Jeannie sternly in the eyes, his voice firm “I told you to tell me every time you cum, now tell me again how many times you have cum??”

“2 & 3 Sir”…as Jeannie said 3, Eric’s hand slapped her across her face… with the slap of his hand, Jeannie came again…

“4 Sir” looking glazed eyed and serious at Eric.

Eric walked towards the bed, laid down and motioned for Jeannie to join him…to straddle him and look at him. As Jeannie joined Eric, he looked at her with stern eyes at first, and then with very kind and caring eyes—the eyes she remembered from his office. “You did as I said, I told you I will let you kiss me.” Then he let Jeannie lean in towards him, and he kissed her—long and dirty, sensual and hot… the kind of kiss that is not to be ever forgotten…Jeannie knew at that moment, just like so many other moments that she had already experienced with Eric…that her life had changed forever… Eric was sexy and erotic in every way possible, now Jeannie knew it for a fact…she came again hard, literally pulsating without control…

“5 “Jeannie said quietly, as she didn’t want the kiss to end…

“I just made you cum 5 times without even fucking you Jeannie, what does that tell you?” Eric asked sternly.

“That you Own me Sir…you Own everything about me.”

“You’re damn right Jeannie. Your hubby would never make you cum 5 times, now I am going to let you feel my huge cock head in you a little bit, any problem with that??”

“No Sir, absolutely not.”

Eric made Jeannie remove her sexy panties while still on top of him…she struggled for a moment to get them off, but within a quick moment Eric could feel her wet pussy all over him. He lifted her up slightly and let her feel the head of his cock right along her wet pussy slit, teasing her with his hugeness… “I am just going to fuck you a little bit Jeannie” as Eric began slowly moving his cock head in and out of Jeannie, felling her tightness just enough, then backing right out…

” 6 & 7″ Jeannie moaned loudly…she felt as if she couldn’t handle it anymore, but wanted all of Eric in her…

Eric loved hearing Jeannie moan…then without saying another word to Jeannie, he gave her a smirk, looked intensely at her, and slammed her tight pussy fully onto his cock…thrusting all of himself into her over and over again. Fully enjoying the sounds she was making from being filled with her Owner’s cock…

“8” Jeannie screamed.

“Only 8 cums for you, that’s not good enough”

Eric motioned Jeannie to the floor, again on her hands and knees…as he walked over to the chair in the room and sat down… he stated “Suck my cock again”…Jeannie was in shock that she had been fucked so hard, so deep…that although her body was starting to feel sore, her mind wanted more and more of Eric…sucking Eric cock’s with more confidence now, she loved every moment of his taste and his smell…and then cumming again…”9”

“Jeannie, I am going to fuck you hard and deep now, you are going to feel me in your tummy, okay?”

“Yes Sir”

Eric stood Jeannie up from the floor, turned her around…and then lowered her onto his cock as he was still sitting in the chair. He fucked her uncontrollably hard—at first letting her ride his cock up and down and then back and forth to get so deep in her tummy…the cums were nonstop at this point…

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