Absolute Professional Ch. 02 V. 02


Fellow Literotica Members, I really would like you to tell me how you like your stories. In response to some feedback from readers of chapter one I have produced chapter two in two quite different flavours and the way in which they are received will guide my future writing. I will appreciate any feedback through comments, e-mail or votes. Thanks for taking the time to read my scribblings and thanks again to LiliesLaughing for her advice.

Cheers, Roo.


Brash, obnoxious and stunningly pretty, John could not think of any reason at all why twenty five year old Tanya Freeman would require his services. There was no doubt she could afford him, she was married to Gary Freeman, the Leeds Rovers footballer but why would she want him? That was a mystery, but an answer was coming.

Everybody assumed that Tanya and Gary must have wonderful sex. He was as desirable to women as she was to men and she trained just as hard on her body as he did on his. How could they not have intergalactically orgasmic sex? Only she and Gary knew; he could not bring himself to slap her hard enough.

Nasty and spiteful, loving and kind, she had tried everything she could to goad him into giving her the punishment she thought that she craved but he always stopped short of being able to turn her on.

Continuing with the consultation despite his misgivings John made his standard enquiries about preferences, and then turned to sensitivity.

“Frenum” she said, “I’m not paying you fifteen hundred quid to treat me like a boy scout. You say that you’re a professional and I expect you to fucking well act like one. I expect you to have all the toys and to know how to use them, hard. If you don’t you’re wasting my fucking time.”

She then stood and bent down over him, placing her face close to his.

With an almost imperceptible shake of her head and in a very low whisper she slowly said, “No fucking mercy Frenum………no……..fucking………mercy” and with that she was gone.

John shared his concerns over Tanya with Sarah; he was not at all sure if she was a suitable client.

Sarah gave the situation a lot of thought and then said, “There is more than one way to skin a rabbit.”

She had had another of her brilliant ideas.

He knew that Tanya would not be easy prey but John had worked on the problem, taking great inspiration from TV shows of his childhood.

Running hard through the woods on a regular route Tanya suddenly found the ground all around her erupting. Her feet tripped and as she fell forwards she was caught in a fine net that instantly wrapped itself around her, tightening more and more the harder she struggled.

In seconds a man was upon her, smoothing the net over her head and pulling a thick hood down to cover it. A cord came snug around her neck and she was immediately aware of the restrictive effect on her breathing.

Too late she tried to let out a mighty scream but the sound barely made it out of the suffocating garment. The man’s weight was now fully on her lower back and her efforts to move became increasingly ineffective. Her right arm was cut loose from the netting and rammed firmly up to her shoulder blades where it was soon joined by the left.

Bound to the cord around her neck they were rendered totally ineffective for defence. With her knees then bent and her feet lashed tight up behind her buttocks all mobility was lost for Tanya and she was hauled into the air in a fireman’s lift and bundled into the boot of a nearby car.

Dumped face down onto the cold floor of the dungeon Tanya knew that the show was going to start for real as she heard the jangle of chains and felt the cuffs being applied to her wrists and ankles. Her feet were first to be released from the net and very soon they were being held three feet apart.

She was then lifted into a standing position and her hands released as the chains drew them overhead and as wide apart as the feet. Finally the hood was removed and John immediately saw a face full of utter defiance.

“What are you going to do now Frenum?” she sneered, but he did not answer.

He took out a knife and cut away the tiny sports top she was wearing. Her small but wonderfully firm breasts were released but did not drop an inch, sitting high on her chest with little conical shaped, light coloured nipples topping them off. She was truly in her prime.

He slid his hand down her flat belly and pulled at her tight shorts, slipping the knife down inside them and in an instant they and her knickers were on the floor. He took a step back to take in her inch wide stubbly Brazilian that reached up from the perfectly symmetrical architecture of her vagina with just a hint of the inner labia visible.

“Like what you see, you stinking perv?” she said. “What you gonna do about it?”

John steeled himself to remain professional and went across to the racks where he collected a riding crop. Tanya smiled as he returned.

He decided to get right down Kartal Anal Escort to business and, standing to her side said, “I want your cooperation.”

“I know you do you faggot, but you’ll get fuck all” came the dismissive reply.

John moved on, “On a scale of one to ten, how does this feel?” and with that he slashed at her perfect, small and round left buttock with the riding crop.

A tiny jerk of reflex shot up through her body and the instant red mark in the shape of the whip bore testament to the effectiveness of the strike.

“How does what feel?” she retorted.

Moving to her front John felt a rising sense of concern over his progress and how this was going to work out. Without saying another word he struck out at her right breast with the crop and again the tell tale flinch showed that Tanya felt its sting truly but the reaction he wanted was not there.

He eyed her with total concentration; there was no sign. She was shackled, vulnerable and had been whipped, and yet the nipples remained flaccid, there was no movement of the hips and her face gave nothing away.

With regret and very much uncertain that he was doing the right thing John hung the crop on a hook at the side of her and strolled to the chair that had been positioned in front, ten feet away.

Sarah had been watching closely on the monitor and took her cue perfectly. The disguised door on the wall in front of Tanya and a little to her right opened. Sarah stepped in.

“I said no fucking women Frenum, no fucking women!” Tanya ranted.

“Oh, I think that you will find that your contract definitely says that women may be involved. You should read the small print Tanya” gloated John, at last feeling that he might have the upper hand.

Tanya took in the ominous figure walking towards her. She was dressed in black knee length stiletto boots with large mesh fishnet stockings above. These were held by a thick garter belt that skirted the top of the woman’s shaven pubic area which was as bare as hers.

Four inches of voluptuous midriff gave way to a corset of black leather straps in a fishnet arrangement, cradling her large breasts. Her big dark nipples, already erect, poked through. Black lipstick adorned her mouth and the top half of her face was covered by a feline mask. Hanging over a finger of her right hand was a leather strapped ball gag which she toyed with as she approached.

The feeling in Tanya’s gut had switched from defiance to vulnerability in an instant and a heat began to build in her vagina. She noticed her own breathing become deeper and faster and she concentrated hard trying to control it.

“Get away from me you fucking slag!” she shouted and the chain of her right ankle tightened as she thrashed out an ineffective kick.

Sarah circled to her rear and Tanya slammed her lips shut to prevent the insertion of the ball, but that was already falling to the floor as the tape Tanya had not seen was slapped across her perfect mouth and pressed home to make an impenetrable seal.

Sarah now slowly and gently raked her finger nails across Tanya’s belly and ribs as the helpless girl raved unintelligibly behind the tape.

“Get away from you?” asked Sarah. “My darling, by the time I’ve finished with you you’ll be lapping my twat like a randy teenager.”

Tanya squeezed her eyes tight closed in an attempt to get the image out of her mind but it just grew larger and larger and the heat in her began to swell. As her fingers made contact with those tiny nipples Sarah was pleased to feel that they had tightened nicely and with a little tweak she decided to move on.

She took the crop from its hook and stood in front of the helpless girl. Tanya’s eyes now told of the fear she was experiencing at the unexpected development in the shape of Sarah, but Sarah was not about to let her off lightly.

“You, slut, have been rude to Mr Frenum and I. Far too rude and now it will be my pleasure to make you pay the price. But before I do so I think that you are much too comfortable there, it’s almost like sitting in an armchair. Mr Frenum, the remote please.”

John tossed her the remote control for the winches and Sarah began to haul up on Tanya’s wrists. Tanya was lifted into the air with her weight completely on her arms and her legs spread out tight. The tension in her glorious little body was a delight to the eyes and her face had lost all traces of defiance.

Standing to her side Sarah thrashed the crop at Tanya’s pert arse and the poor girl let out a muffled yell as it struck home. Driven on by her own rising excitement Sarah whipped her a further five times on her buttocks and legs, taking her time between the blows to ensure that Tanya was able to contemplate each one in turn.

She then moved around to the front and Tanya’s eyes widened as she finally used the crop in an upward motion on her poor, exposed pussy. They were not hard blows but the sting of them felt like fire to her sensitive, swollen genitals and the fact that Kartal Yaşlı Escort she was absolutely powerless to defend herself against them drove her wild. Tanya had never been so turned on, she was utterly desperate for her clit to be gently massaged, her vagina to be filled.

The remote was used again and she was allowed to make contact with the floor. Sarah ran the crop across her breasts, gently flicking the hard nipples.

“I’m going to fuck you, you know that don’t you?” she said.

Tanya just stared at her, hating the thoughts that were going through her own mind; she desperately wanted Sarah to fuck her right now.

Striking the outside of Tanya’s left hip hard with the whip Sarah repeated her question in a raised voice. Tanya jerked and nodded rapidly while a short, repeated, muffled sound came from behind the tape. Sarah then looked down at Tanya’s moist, swelling cleft and, gently lifting the crop to it, she rubbed its leather strap back and forth, working it in between her lips.

Tanya groaned and moved her hips, riding the strap and increasing its penetration but Sarah soon removed it and drew it to her own nose.

“Ahhhhhh, sweet young virgin. I’m going to ride you my darling; like breaking in a Mustang.”

Sarah then looked at John and he knew what she wanted. He went across to the racks and wheeled an apparatus that looked like a vaulting horse into a position immediately behind Tanya. It was a thick padded plank a foot wide, about three feet long and it stood about three feet high on adjustable legs.

Chains were pulled out of the floor on the opposite side of the horse from where Tanya was standing and these were fastened to her wrist cuffs. Using the remote Sarah began to shorten the new chains as those from the ceiling grew longer. Tanya began to try to shout out and twisted and yanked as best she could but the action of the chains were not to be resisted.

Thirty seconds later she was totally immobilised, stretched over the horse backwards in an exaggerated crab position. Sarah had taken some delight in watching the petulant brat being drawn into this uncomfortable position but now she left her for a moment to go to the racks.

Placing the crop on its hook she took down the flogger and returned to Tanya. She teasingly dangled it on her face for a few moments before raising it and bringing it down smartly on her left breast. Tanya was unable to make any movement at all in reaction to the stinging pain but the crimson mark and the anguish of her cry left no doubt as to the effectiveness of the weapon.

Sarah lashed at her right breast now and it was then that she noticed that she had begun unconsciously to finger her own clit as she dealt out the punishment. She was high on lust and she decided to make good on a promise.

Firstly she had to make sure that her control over the bitch was complete. Bending down towards Tanya’s face Sarah put her finger up to her mouth in a ‘Hush’ motion. She then rapidly tore the tape from her mouth and Tanya stayed obediently silent.

“Very good, very good” said Sarah and without giving any instruction she got onto all fours and introduced her massively swollen pussy to Tanya’s mouth.

She had been waiting for this moment since the very second she slapped eyes on the sensual form of Sarah and now her tongue darted over her distended clitoris and between her labia with the enthusiasm of a rampant, virgin lesbian.

Sarah was enjoying the venture into sexual regions she had not explored before too. Especially the dominance, and having this little whore do her filthy bidding was bringing her to a spectacular orgasm. Tanya worked harder and harder as she felt her mistress approaching climax and both women cried out loud when it came, cascades of love juice flowing across Tanya’s face.

Standing now, Sarah could not help but wonder what it was going feel like to finger another woman, she knew that forcing one to give her pleasure had been a fantastic turn on but now it was time to explore some more. Teasingly walking her fingers along Tanya’s body Sarah reached her hips and then slowly moved towards her swollen, gaping, vagina.

Using the flat of her hand she rubbed above her clit and Tanya let out a relieved “Yes!!!!” but the hand was immediately withdrawn.

Sarah strutted back to where Tanya’s head was held two feet off the ground. Taking her nipples between the fingers and thumbs of both hands she twisted them gently, but then applied a little more pressure.

“I’m your Mistress, slut, I can give pleasure and I can give you pain. Now, what did you say to me?”

“Yes……. Mistress?” said Tanya, keen to avoid Sarah’s displeasure.

Sarah rose again and retuned to Tanya’s pouting cleft, immediately inserting two fingers as deep as she could.

“Yes Mistress, yes Mistress” cried Tanya. She tried to move her hips but her confinement was just too strong.

Finding her G spot and thrilled by the warm wetness within her pussy Sarah worked Kartal Zenci Escort harder, inserting two more fingers and stimulating her massively distended clit with her other hand. Tanya gave up trying to move her hips and the chains on her ankles went tighter as spasms ran through her legs.

Sarah could not believe the pleasure she found in forcing her slut towards orgasm. The joy of commanding her body flooded through her and she worked like an artist. With one final, “Yes Mistress!!” Sarah’s hand was awash with Tanya’s beautiful juices.

Not only relieved that she had finally cum Tanya now felt the relief from the discomfort of the vaulting horse as the chains began to haul her back into a standing position and then those on her wrists were mercifully lengthened to allow her arms to relax.

Sarah came to stand in front of her and toyed with her own nipples with the tips of her index fingers, delighting in the obvious desire she was able to raise in Tanya. She closed to within a foot and, putting her left hand behind Tanya’s neck tilted her head and drew open her mouth. As she pulled Tanya slowly towards her she too opened her mouth and they began to kiss more passionately than they had ever kissed anyone before.

Both women had full, soft, hot lips and their tongues danced an erotic and joyous dance of lust. The heat of each other’s breath searing their faces as the excitement tearing through their bodies caused them to gasp for air.

Tanya was free at last; free to admit to herself that she wanted to be with a woman, to enjoy being dominated by a woman. Sarah had found a devil inside her, one she knew could lead her to greater pleasures than she had ever known, if she could avoid it leading to her destruction.

Tanya was desperate to feel Sarah’s arousal with her own hands and her chains jangled loudly as she fought a hopeless fight with them trying to reach her Mistresses labia. Sarah’s devil responded.

She stepped back from Tanya.

“You don’t touch your Mistress without permission, slut” she said, ominously, and turned to John.

He came across to Tanya with a strange contraption in his hands. It was a metal bar about three feet long which had a large hoop at one end and a somewhat smaller one at the other.

He stood behind her and fastened the large loop, a sturdy leather strap, around her neck; the bar hung down her back. The chains on her wrists were detached for a few seconds and passed through the metal loop at the opposite end of the bar and then once again locked onto her wrists. Still comfortable Tanya did not understand how the devise would work.

Eager to demonstrate Sarah began to shorten the chains and Tanya soon realised that her hands were being pulled to the rear. With them drawn fully behind her and her arms straight as a rod the bar began to rise and the action caused Tanya’s head to begin to bow down, further and further until finally her hands were stretched high in the air and her body was bent forwards at the waist more than ninety degrees, her legs locked straight by the lifting action.

Satisfied that her little whore was suitably positioned Sarah approached the racks. Tanya tried to see what she was doing but she was out of her view, for quite some time. At last she saw her making her way back across. It was now clear what Sarah had been doing; she had an enormous strap on cock proudly displaying its nine inch length and seven inch girth at her hips.

The strap running between her legs held an electronic probe that sat inside her and discharged a glorious shower of electrical pulses to her G spot as her hips pushed forward on the dildo and its base vibrated on her clit. It was the very best of woman fuckers.

Sarah paraded the massive member in Tanya’s face and said “I told you I was going to fuck you didn’t I?”

Her school’s worst prick tease by a very long way Tanya had, surprisingly, been a virgin until she met Gary. He was the only man she had been with and he was not equipped with anything like the monster on Sarah.

“Please Mistress, no!” she pleaded.

But Sarah was in no mood to comply with the begging of a helpless, attractive woman. Standing behind her she parted her lips and worked the head of the enormous dildo into the entrance of her saturated vagina.

Tanya gasped with the pain and sweat beaded on her brow as Sarah slowly forced the cruel instrument home, stretching her as never before. Eventually, to Sarah’s delight the vibrating base of the cock was all she could see as Tanya’s pussy had reluctantly accepted its huge mass.

And then the fucking began. Withdrawing and entering, withdrawing and entering slowly at first, then faster and faster, Sarah watching with joy as the massive member slid in and out of the tight pussy at an ever greater rate, the base slamming into her pink flesh, her scent filling the air, and the bullet within Sarah sending cascades of glorious electricity through her pussy.

Tanya closed her eyes and concentrated on the pain and ecstasy of her position, dominated and fucked by a woman with huge, firm tits and she wondered if she could ever be satisfied any other way. Sarah began to come and, thrusting with even greater vigour she slapped at Tanya’s beautiful arse and the two women climaxed long and hard in unison.

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