Adam , Jesse Ch. 13


Jesse’s party was pretty much the same as all her other ones with the exception of Adam. More than once she had caught someone glaring at them or heard someone whisper about her being with Adam. She stifled a yawn, bored with the looks, the whispers and the party. She glanced at the time seeing it was only a little past midnight, yet she felt drained. That was until she looked at Adam. His very presence was enough to keep her awake.

“Adam, sweetheart, were you ready to go?” she asked having made her way to where he stood talking with a group of people.

“Any time you’re ready,” he replied on cue.

They said their goodbyes and she managed to find Richard to let him know she was leaving. Richard nodded and for the most part, no one seemed surprised by her departure. Adam put his hand on her shoulder, letting her lead him outside. He almost tripped over her when she suddenly stopped and looked at him rather puzzled.

“Forget something?” he asked a bit confused and somewhat concerned about her. “Where did you plan on going anyway? You live here, remember?” He waited a minute or two just watching her. “Is something wrong or has the wine finally reached your brain?”

“I’m not drunk or tipsy if that’s what you mean. If you were paying any attention at all, I never retrieved my first glass of wine from the bar.”

“Then what’s wrong? Where were you planning on taking me?”

“I needed some air Adam!” she practically shouted before calming down. “I’m sorry, I just wanted out of there. We’re going to my penthouse I just don’t know which car to take. Sounds silly right!”

“Not at all, come on let’s go.” Adam couldn’t help but notice the frustration in her voice, but had a good idea where that was coming from.

Without waiting for her reply, he took her hand and led her to the convertible she had given him the keys to. Like the gentleman he was, he opened the door for her to get in. Jesse did and waited patiently while he flipped the top down and got in himself. She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the headrest enjoying the fresh air across her face. Adam kept glancing at her and decided to take the long way back to her office.

“A good nights sleep wouldn’t hurt you, you know.” he finally said.

“That’s exactly why we’re going to my penthouse, office, whatever you want to call it. Home away from home.”

“Where no one can bother you, whether I’m there or not.” Adam had heard the exhaustion in her voice and was a bit disappointed. In fact, he was struggling to keep his erection from busting his zipper.

“Oh believe me Adam, it does matter…”

They drove around in silence until finally he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“So was this party business or pleasure?”

“A little of both. Some of the board members were there with their wives. You would have remembered them from other parties if I had told you who they were.” Jesse sat up having allowed the cool breeze to refresh her. “I want them to know that I’m not a threat, that I’m honestly interested in helping.”

“But you’re not sure where their loyalty is going to end up, is that it?”

“They have been very loyal to Gerald, although it probably was out of fear more so than anything else. I’m just not sure if me or my project can ease that fear. In fact I have no idea how to do that.”

“What you’re already doing will take care of that Jesse,” he replied glancing in her direction. “You’re being open, up front with them, bringing them in your home, your life, letting them be a part of this project. They’ll eventually see the truth for what it is. I don’t think you’ll have any problem convincing them to cut the strings with Gerald.”

“Damn, I really wish I would have talked to you before I started on this project. It sure would have saved me a lot of sleepless nights.” Jesse cracked a smile. “So tell me, what is a man with your education and degree doing bartending?”

“Having fun, what else!!” he said all to quickly and saw Jesse was still waiting for an answer. “I have a real job if that’s what you mean. You weren’t around when I was hired but I’m sure you know I was hired in at a management position. I’m a business consultant and I go around to places, especially new business’s and help them get set up starting with hiring the right people, getting them trained and even working with them for awhile.” It wasn’t all that much from the truth he thought trying to convince himself more than her.

‘Well, you do have a way with people,” she replied softly, again leaning her head back and gazing at the stars.

“Not all of them,” he mumbled but caught the grin on her face and knew she had heard him. He wasn’t sure she believed him, but apparently she was willing to accept his answer and that was enough for him. He realized this was the first time he had seen her so relaxed and sober with him. He had to admit, it was a nice change finally seeing her for herself, if in fact she was being herself. Previous experience had almanbahis adres taught him to beware, especially with her. He glanced at her and felt himself grow stiff. Damn, he thought, if only….

When they reached the office building she showed him where her private parking spot was. She also told him that he could use one of the free spots around hers. She always had several reserved, just in case, she had told him. What a life, he kept thinking and all he really had to do was fuck her. Well, that wasn’t all, but, damn, if he didn’t have principals, the fun he could have.

Inside she was greeted by the doorman who didn’t hide the way he looked at her, especially down the front of her dress. Although, Jesse seemed completely oblivious to him or his gazing. Actually she always seemed that way when it came to her appearance, neither caring if someone looked or not, or what they might think for that matter. Adam wasn’t all that sure he liked that. It might be one of the problems with this whole plan of hers. He kept this to himself, at least for the time being. He wanted to get to know the woman he was working for.

“Any messages Frank?”

“Not since the last one madam. I’ve taken the liberty to send up a bottle of wine, on ice of course. I checked and made sure the bottle of bourbon you asked for was stocked. I also let the staff know not to bother you. Will there be anything else?”

“No and thanks, I don’t know what I would do without you,” she teased him, enjoying the soft blush come across his face.

“Guess I don’t have to ask if you planned an evening alone with me. Sounds like you thought of everything.” He wasn’t going to even guess how she knew this was the way the evening would end. This entire day had been one surprise after another and he decided to just go with it.

Following her into the elevator and now finally alone with her, all he could really think about was reacquainting himself with her. One look in her eyes let him know she was thinking the same. He didn’t need any enticing to pull her to him and kiss her. Her arms were immediately around his neck greeting his kiss with a demanding one of her own.

When the elevator door opened, they practically fell out the door with their lips still locked together. He dropped his hands down to her wrists, pulling them over her head and pushed her against the wall. His mouth feverishly devoured hers, demanding from her while she responded demanding in return.

“Damn,” he gasped when her leg rode up his to press against his crotch. He took a quick breath before returning his lips to hers.

Jesse’s heart was beating hard and she thought for a minute she was going to faint. Never before had she wanted anything as bad as this, the kissing, the touching… She wanted him badly, every inch of her body was on fire. He freed her hand only to grasp it with his other so that he had the use of one hand. He immediately cupped her breast squeezing, rubbing his thumb over her nipple until she almost collapsed. If he hadn’t been holding her up, she thought she would have.

“Oh shit Adam…” she breathed heavily against his neck. Her tongue followed along the edge of his collar, licking and kissing him. Her breath was hot against his skin and when she tenderly bit his earlobe and pressed her knee a bit harder against his crotch, his reaction was immediate.


He let go of her wrists and slipped her dress off leaving her to stand there in only her panties. His cock practically burst thru the zipper of his pants. It didn’t take her long before she had her hand on his zipper quickly freeing his heavy erection. He swore again when she gently squeezed. He had to back away from her, putting himself out of reach from her grasp, not wanting to come in her hand.

He easily picked her up and took her to the bed tossing her on it. She watched him quickly discard his clothes while his eyes never drifted from her small slender frame. It didn’t take long before he was on the bed laying beside her, kissing her again.

The heat of their bodies were pressed tightly together practically steaming the windows. Jesse’s nails scratched down his back causing him to jerk and press harder against her. He reached around, grabbing the cheek of her ass and pulled her to him, his cock swollen against the thin material covering her moist pussy. He cupped her breast, teased her nipple till it was hard enough to suck and that’s exactly what he did until she cried out.

“Oh baby, yes!” she gasped when he gently bit down. “Fuck me Adam, now, please.”

That was all the incentive he needed and he quickly removed her panties. Her hips moved against his hands and she let out a scream when he forced several fingers inside her. Her wetness soaked his fingers and without hesitation he sat up and positioned himself between her legs. She was already wrapping her legs around his waist when he took hold of her hips and thrust.

“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried almanbahis adresi out. She grabbed the headboard for more leverage and met his thrusts hungrily. The room echoed with their moans and screams until both cried out, coming together stronger than ever. No words were exchanged, they just held each other, allowing their breaths to calm and the pounding of their hearts to slow down. They slept.

Only a couple hours later, Adam was awakened by noises of rattling papers, swearing and Jesse walking around almost dressed. She hadn’t put on her blouse but he was already getting an erection watching her in her black bra and black skirt. She had taken the time to put hose on along with heels and this turned him on even more. The perfect fantasy, he thought to himself.

“Uh, mmm, remember me?” he asked and sat up letting the sheet falling across his waist exposing his bare chest. “Were you going to just let me sleep or…”

“Morning, sexy,” she smiled and came up, giving him a most amorous kiss. “I was about to wake you, as soon as I finished dressing that is.”

Jesse finally found where she had laid her blouse and put it on. She grinned at him, noticing his stiff erection. She thought about a quickie, but changed her mind. This mornings meeting was all too important and she didn’t want to be late.

“So, what’s on for this morning?” Adam stood, letting her leisurely gaze at his body before he grabbed his pants and put them on.

“We have a meeting at 11:00. I’m on my way downstairs to get ready for it. You have time to take a quick shower and you’ll find a freshly cleaned suit in the closest. When you’re ready, just take the elevator to the fifth floor and go to 545.”

“Right and thanks for giving me so much time,” he said, a bit perturbed she hadn’t woken him sooner. And what was this with always having clothes to fit him, he thought along with wondering how many men might have worn these. He quickly put those thoughts out of his head. “Mind cluing me in on what the meeting is about?”

“My project, of course. I thought we already went over that.” she was half listening, quickly looking over her folders before putting them in her briefcase.

“You mean that’s today. We didn’t even go over half of what you showed me. Shit, Jesse, you should have told me that was today.” Adam moved quickly, gathering together his own clothes. “I don’t suppose you thought about sending up some coffee?”

“This what you need,” Jesse asked, grinning and handed him a cup of coffee. “I’ll brief you right before the meeting. Don’t look so worried, all you really have to do is follow my lead.”

“Like that’s an easy task. You really do need a lesson in handling information, darlin. Like who to give it to, when to give it and especially in remembering that it might not be important to you, but it damn sure might be important to someone else.” he said, having raised his voice along with his blood pressure adding to his growing frustration. He quickly took a sip of coffee, thankful it wasn’t hot.

If anyone had been watching they would have gotten the impression the two were an old married couple. It was strange how the two of them seemed to fit together so well in such a short time. Both of them felt this, thinking it was a bit odd, but neither spoke of it.

Adam, coffee in hand, went to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. It wasn’t at all how he pictured waking up with her. He would have much preferred a continuation of last nights steamy events. He also had to admit he felt like she was ordering him around and that didn’t sit well with him. He had to keep reminding himself she was, in fact, his boss, even if there was more to their relationship. Nothing like hiring him at the last minute, he pouted to himself.

Jesse laughed to herself at his behavior, not surprised by it. She didn’t like anyone telling her what to do any more than he did. Guess they were going to have to compromise so both could satisfy certain parts of their ego’s, she thought. The hardest part still was going to be keeping her hands off him while they worked. If that was even a possibility.

Taylor and Borg Incorporated had all their offices on the fifth floor, although several other employees also had a private office like she had on other floors. They didn’t have the penthouse, of course, but they had small apartments with an office similar to hers. She felt the four walls of the small office the company provided were just too suffocating. Of course this was cheaper and she understood why Gerald had rented them, but nothing said she had to like it.

“Good morning Ann, any calls?” she greeted her secretary as she walked in. She picked up her mail and flipped thru it.

“Actually it’s been pretty quiet for a Monday morning. I guess everyone is too surprised by the meeting you arranged to worry about any other business around here.”

“Wait until they hear what the meeting is about, surprised might be an understatement.” Jesse joked almanbahis adres nonchalantly and helped herself to a cup of coffee. “I’m expecting a man named Adam Farrows in about 45 minutes. When he gets here send him right in.” she said before slipping into her office, closing the door behind her.

The first thing she noticed was how clean her desk was. All the papers were neatly in stacks with notes explaining them. Folders had been filed away and the pencils were sharpened. A list of the weeks appointments and meetings lay out for her quick reference. She didn’t know how Ann managed to take care of everything so punctually, but she was thankful to have her.

The room itself was extremely cold but not in the sense of temperature. There were no personal pictures, no little knick knacks, not even a plant. In fact, other than her presence and the few files she had, one might think it was vacant. But Jesse didn’t care, she did most of her business in the penthouse. The only reason she was here today was because of the project and the support from board members she wanted. And probably, she thought to herself, to remind them who actually owned the company. If she was going to rid herself of Gerald, it was time for her to take charge and they were all about to find that out.

For the most part what she did do had nothing to do with Taylor and Borg. Martin Enterprises, her own company, took up the better part of her life. Real estate was a big business and she hoped to make it even bigger with this project. Unlike Gerald, she thought, their little city could start flourishing for a change instead of going broke lacing his pockets. It would draw more people to their area and this meant more money, for everyone hopefully she thought.

There was a soft knock at the door before it opened. Adam walked in, quickly taking a look around. She looked up from her desk and smiled brightly.

“So you found me. Guess it wasn’t all that complicated like you thought, was it,” she teased. “You look great, by the way, but then you always do.”

“Is this where the big meeting is, might get a bit crowded if you ask me.” he replied, ignoring her comment about his looks. He knew what would happen if they started on that subject and time was not on their side.

“There’s a meeting room down the hall,” she laughed. “Have a seat and I’ll go over a few of my notes with you.”

Once he sat, Jesse explained how she would lay out the project to the members. The man who had designed the plans would also be attending so he could explain what they both had in mind. For the most part, Adam saw that she was well prepared, having covered most bases. He didn’t think she would have any problems convincing them to climb aboard. He did see that she was planning to use Taylor and Borg’s money as well as her own for this. That was where the problem would lie, he thought. It didn’t take a genius to know how well that would set with Gerald. He might not have known the man much, but he sure as hell knew what his reaction would be to this. At the same time, Adam wondered what everyone’s reaction would be to him and how she planned to fit him into this pretty little package she had come up with. He didn’t have to wait long for the answer to that.

“I plan on letting them know from the start that I’ve hired you as project manager. Everything will go thru you first. This way you will get the information you need just like you’ve wanted,” she hesitated, grinning at him then continued. “And it will leave little question as to why we are working together so closely. Of course, I will have the final say on what we do.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he grinned.

“You do realize there will be some questions about you’re background and such, but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle that. That is, after all, what you do for a living isn’t it, handling things. At least that’s what I thought you said.”

“It won’t be a problem.”

So, she had been listening last night, he thought to himself. He now had to wonder when she had decided to use him, for lack of a better word, for this project of hers. It was a good thing he was use to faking identities, he thought, otherwise this could get a little bit hairy.

“There is one other thing we need to take care of before we go,” her voice had changed and she stood up.

“And what would that be?” he eyed her suspiciously.

Jesse walked around her desk, moving very close to him, before resting her bottom on the edge. Her skirt came up well past her knee making it very easy for him to catch a glimpse of the black lace panties beneath when she crossed her legs. The scent of her perfume was a bit bolder than he was use to her wearing, but very becoming and the look in her eyes hadn’t gone unnoticed either. That did leave him somewhat nervous. Hell, he thought, the door isn’t even locked, someone could come in. Not that he really cared, but he was a bit concerned about how that might look if someone saw them, especially Gerald or even Reese. Although, when he thought about her ex husband, he wouldn’t mind him interrupting. There was some unfinished business between the two of them whether Reese knew it or not. Adam had already decided it was high time that man got exactly what he deserved.

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