Adventures of a Literotica Author Ch. 03


Authors Note: Between April 2008 and May 2008, I submitted a total of five stories under the name tantric_explosion.

I no longer remember the email address I used for my Lit membership, for that author name. I found the final drafts of each story and with permission from Literotica, I am resubmitting the stories, under my long time name – The Style Guy

Denny’s Restaurant — June, 2005

I was sitting close to the front door, when they walked into Denny’s for our late morning breakfast date. She was dressed, as I had instructed her, in a tight white tee-shirt, jeans and casual shoes. I was confident that underneath were a white satin bra and thong set. When she saw me, her face brightened in sexual lust.

He was dressed casually in jeans, golf shirt and sneakers. When he recognized me, his pasty white skinned face turned bright red. Together, they walked to my booth.

Literotica Feed Back — April, 2005

Hi, I want to tell you that your first story was great. I love stories about dominant men and the idea of a dominant hair stylist; surrounded daily by woman was unique and wild. I also enjoyed that the story took place in West Hartford, CT. I live in nearby Bloomfield and recognized many of the landmarks! I was creaming in my panties as I read! Please write more! Kitty

My first story had been posted on Literotica for six days and generally received positive comments and feedback.

Kitty’s feedback was the first I received from a woman that included a valid email address. I’ll admit that I had a stirring in my groin, when I noticed she lived in Bloomfield, just a few miles away.

I wrote back: Kitty, Thanks for your kind words about my first story and encouragement to continue writing. I think I’ve caught the Literotica bug! After reading the stories for years and finally posting my own, I’m hooked.

I also enjoy stories about dominant men and submissive women and enjoy that theme in real life. I think many others do too, but are forced to bury their feelings. I’m glad I don’t have too. I’m also glad you’ve shared your feelings. Thanks. Christopher

I’m Christopher. At the time of my first story, I was a forty-four year old professional, married father of two. My wife and I had an active and fulfilling relationship, including great sex. She enjoyed my domination, to a point. However, when I crossed “the line,” she would turn-off for the night. I craved the opportunity to meet a sub/slut.

Kitty surprised me, when she sent an email the next day. Hi Christopher, I know what you mean about burying dominant and submissive feelings. I found Literotica by accident. My computer was in for repair and I was using my husband’s. I found the site in his history file and when I looked more closely at the stories, all he read were stories about dominant men.

Those stories excited me also and I started reading them too. One night, Henry caught me. He was surprised that I liked the stories and we compared our favorites. It gets frustrating, knowing we both like a D/s theme, but we have a boring sex life. I just can’t figure it out.

Anyway, you should know that Henry and I each gave your story a “five.” He “got off” on it as much as I did. Your friend, Kitty

Kitty and I exchanged emails almost daily. I learned that she and Henry were high school sweethearts, had been together for a total of sixteen years and married for ten. Both were in their mid-30’s, taught high school and were thinking about starting a family.

The picture she forwarded showed the happy couple. Kitty was very cute, with a short, very curvy, full and healthy body. Her brown hair was styled, framed her face and hung to her shoulders. Kitty’s eyes were bright and her smile was wide and gleaming. She wasn’t beautiful. Instead she was cute and innocent looking.

Henry was standing behind her in the picture. My first thought was, in ten years, he’ll be the “Pillsbury Dough Boy.” He is short, pasty white and overweight.

Several days after I had sent my picture, Kitty observed, “You look a lot like the description of the character in your story. How much of the character is truly you?”

I answered, “I based the character on me, my looks, my personality, and my sexual desires and fantasizes.”

It took Kitty another week to ask the question she was really thinking about. She asked, “How much did you exaggerate the size of your penis?”

I ignored the question completely and waited. Three days later Kitty wrote, “I see you’re not answering me about your size. You must be a four inch wonder like Henry.”

In my next email, I told her, “Sorry about that. I forgot to answer. No, I’m not four inches. I’ll admit to rounding up, so I’m not nine inches. I’m closer to eight and a half. I’m told that I’m pretty thick.”

Kitty’s two word response was, “Holy shit!”

When I opened my email, the next day, I found more feedback for my story:

Literotica Feedback — June 2005; Hi, My wife and I love your story and we hope you write more. Henry and Kitty

The email address was different. Escort bayan I suspected it was Henry’s. I answered, “Thanks for your note. I have three more stories in various stages. I’ll let you know when they’re ready! Christopher

I also sent a note directly to Kitty. “You little married slut! What are you up too?”

She responded, “No one has ever called me a slut before. I almost came when I read it! I’m not sure what I’m doing. I keep thinking about you. I keep thinking about how you treat the women in your stories. It turns me on and I’m pretty sure it turns Henry on.”

I quickly wrote back to Henry’s email address, “Hi Kitty and Henry. Thanks for your note and the encouragement to keep writing. I think it’s exciting that a husband and wife can enjoy the types of D/s themes I write about. Do you have that type of relationship? Which of you is Dom? Christopher”

And to Kitty, I wrote, “Sweetheart, we both know what you’re doing! You’re acting like a slut. You’re a married woman and you’ve emailed a stranger, almost daily, and shared the secrets of your intimate life and sexual fantasizes. We also know that you’re trying to decide if you want to make your fantasy into reality. And now you’re using your husband and bringing him into your little game. Do you want to cuckold him?”

When I checked my email, the next evening after work, I found two. The first from Henry said, “Neither of us have dominant tendencies. We’ve been reading stories on Literotica and have found we like those with a D/s theme. It’s frustrating. I’ve found my wife is submissive and I’m passive. Henry

I read Kitty’s next. “You’re right and you’re wrong. I am using Henry. I’m pushing him to explore. But you’re also wrong. I’m not trying to decide. I’ve already decided. If you can talk Henry into it . . . well, you fill in the blank.”

After three short weeks of daily emails to Kitty and Henry, we met.

Denny’s Restaurant – June, 2005

As they reached the table, I stood and pumped Henry’s hand and welcomed him. Turning to Kitty, I slid an arm around her waist and pulled her to me. Her breasts squished into my chest as I leaned in and gently pressed my lips into hers. Smiling, I let my hand drop and cup her left ass cheek, before pulling away. As they slid into the opposite side of the booth, I had to smirk at the couple’s complete sexual naïveté.

We had an enjoyable time, chatting and eating our late breakfast. Their initial nervousness disappeared after a short time. They were intelligent and had a wide variety of interests. I was enjoying my time with them.

As our waitress cleared the remains of our breakfast, Henry started, “Well, we were kind of wondering . . . if you wanted to come over for the afternoon?”

Henry fidgeted, as he waited for a response.

“What do you have in mind?”

He nervously continued, “Well, the Red Sox are playing. Maybe we could hang out and watch the game.”

I stared at Henry and shook my head, “I hate to waste an entire afternoon watching baseball.” I ended with a shrug.

“We don’t have to watch sports,” he eagerly went on. “We could do something else.”

“I’ll ask you again, Henry. What do you have in mind?”

Henry glanced at his wife and when she nodded for him to continue, he said, “Would you be interested in doing something . . . like from your stories?”

“Maybe,” I conceded. “Tell me more.”

“Kitty and I have been talking about you and how you act. It really excites her and she wants to try it.”

“Why don’t you do it, Henry?”

He couldn’t raise his eyes from the table. Instead of answering, Henry shrugged.

“I’m interested in playing, but I need an answer to my question.”

Henry’s pasty white face had a deep blush, as he admitted, “I can’t treat Kitty like she wants to be treated.”

“Look at me Henry,” I instructed. “How bad does Kitty want this?”

He gulped and admitted, “She wants it really bad.”

“Does she want to be a slut?” I asked.

Henry nodded, and answered out loud, “Yes.”

“And you? Do you want me to treat your sexy wife like a slut?” I asked.

“I do,” he whispered.

“Are you giving me your wife?”


“Will you be with us?” I asked Henry.

“I’d like to . . .”

“You’d like to what?”

Henry steadied himself and said, “I’d like to watch.”

“Will you participate?”

Again, he shrugged and said, “Maybe.”

I looked at Kitty for the first time, since the discussion turned to sex. “Is this what you want?”

Wide eyed, Kitty nodded.

“You want to be my slut?”

“Yes,” she croaked.

“Ask me.”

She took a few seconds to collect herself and then asked, “Please . . . please let me be your slut.”

“Do you want Henry to watch?”

Kitty looked at Henry and then at me. “Yes,” she slowly said.

Looking at both husband and wife I explained, “The only rules will be my rules.”

Both nodded their agreement.

“Kitty,” I started, “Are you excited?”

“I’m really Escort excited! This is unbelievable.”

I continued, “Is Henry excited?”

At first Kitty was confused by my question. She wondered, “Why is he asking me?” Then, with a smirk, she figured what I wanted. I watched as her hand moved to Henry’s lap. She giggled and told me, “Oh yeah. He’s real excited.”

“It seems like we’re all excited. Let’s head to your home.” I called for the check, paid and together we walked to the parking lot.

We exited Denny’s and when we reached the parking lot, I pointed to my Land Rover and told them, “Kitty can drive with me,” and led Kitty to my vehicle.

Henry looked uneasy, but didn’t say anything. I opened the passenger door for Kitty and as she stepped onto the running board, I reached down and cupped her jean covered twat and squeezed.

She jumped and in a surprised grunt, said, “Oh God, yes.”

I massaged her pussy through her jeans, leaned in and stuck my tongue into her ear and finally told her, “You have one minute to strip.”

Cupping her by the ass, I lifted her into the Range Rover and closed the door. As I circled the car, I caught sight of Henry, waiting by the entrance in a gold Honda Civic. I waved to him, opened the driver’s side door and climbed in, next to a topless Kitty.

She had just dropped her bra and in an automatic gesture covered her very large breasts. “You have less than thirty seconds to get your jeans off.”

Remembering my instructions, Kitty uncovered her breasts, unbuckled her belt and jeans and wiggled them and her white, thong style panties over her hips.

I didn’t give Kitty the satisfaction of looking at her. Instead, I started the car, pulled out of the parking space and behind Henry.

Once on the main road, I asked, “How long is the drive?”

“About fifteen minutes,” Kitty answered.

“Do we pass a drug store, on the way?”

My naked passenger looked around, to become re-oriented and answered, “Yes. We pass a Walgreen’s.”

“I forgot a bottle of lube. We’ll need to stop.”

“Christopher, I need to know. Are you really going to fuck my butt?”

I waited a few beats before telling Kitty, “Have no doubt. Before I leave you, my cum will be dripping from your ass.”

My already rock hard cock became harder, as Kitty wiggled her naked ass into the front seat of the SUV and groaned, “Oh God!”

I looked at Kitty and watched as her imagination took over. She looked adorable. Her face was cute and she looked ten years younger than her thirty four years. Her brown hair was pulled back into a short pony tail and held in place by a preppy blue and white polka-dot bow.

I re-evaluated her body. She wasn’t plump. Instead, she was solid and curvy. Her skin was flawless and had a healthy glow. Kitty’s breasts were huge. They were very firm, but because of the shear mass, they hung down. They were capped with large brown areoles and topped with long spongy nipples.

Kitty’s thighs were pressed together and she was gently squeezing them into her hairless puss.

I watched as Kitty dialed her husband’s cell and then watched though the windshield as Henry answered his phone.

“Hi Henry,” Kitty purred. “You need to make a stop at Walgreen’s.”

She listened to his response before continuing, “Please buy some Astro-Glide.”

After another pause, she impatiently responded, “So I won’t be split in half, when he ass fucks me.”

I noticed a bit of nastiness in Kitty’s tone. She was listening to Henry again and curtly said, “No Henry. We’ll go to the house.” She looked at me before adding, “Look in your rear view mirror.”

I looked ahead at the mirror in Henry’s car and watched his eyes, look back at us. Kitty rose up in the seat and exposed her bare tits to him. “And you better hurry.” In a last dig at her husband, she finished, “We may even start without you,” and she ended the call.

I was going to comment on the way she was treating Henry, but decided now wasn’t the time. I wanted all my options open, as our afternoon was just beginning.

We arrived at Kitty and Henry’s home a few minutes later. They lived in a neat Cape Cod style home, compete with a picket fence. It was on the outskirts of town and fairly isolated.

Kitty had me park in the driveway, got out of the car and together we walked up the brick path to the front door. Although the naked beauty couldn’t be seen from the neighbor’s homes, she easily could be spotted by a passing car. It was hard taking my eyes off the sway of Kitty’s full round ass and bouncing breasts, as she made her way, unobserved, to the front door.

Once inside their home, I simply instructed Kitty, “Kiss me.”

She smiled, came forward, leaned into me and pressed her soft moist lips into mine. Her arms circled my neck, while my hands gripped her waist and held her against me. Kitty’s naked breasts mashed against my chest. She groaned as I pushed my tongue into her warm wet mouth and ground her horny twat into my thigh.

I bit her lobe Bayan escort and whispered, “Are you ready to be a slut?”

Grinding even harder against my leg, she croaked, “Oh yeah. Make me your slut.”

Letting my right hand drop from her waist, I pressed two fingers against her aroused pussy lips. Kitty let out a loud, “UUUUUUrrrrrggggg,” as she circled her hips against my probing hand. “I’ve waaaaaanted this for soooooooooo fucking loooong.”

I pressed Kitty against the entry hall wall, continued a deep French kiss and worked my fingers around her over heated hole. I easily found her g-spot and teased it with my finger tips.

“You wanted what?”

Kitty was humping into my hand and groaned, “Being a slut . . . soooo goooood . . . soooo . . . fuuuuuucking . . . gooooooood!”

She was moving toward an orgasm, when the sound of Henry’s car could be heard, pulling into the driveway. Pulling my fingers from her twat, I instructed, “Clean them,” and pushed my two glistening fingers into Kitty’s mouth. She gagged slightly and then enthusiastically moved her tongue around and cleaned my cream covered digits.

Hearing Henry’s footsteps approach the front door, I told Kitty, “Open the door, pull him in and aggressively give him a kiss.”

Henry was caught off guard, when Kitty pushed him against the wall. He mumbled, “Oh yes,” as she pressed against him. He dropped the Walgreen bag and his arms circled his naked wife.

“Thank you . . . thank you sooooo much . . . for this!” Kitty was almost out of control as I walked up and pressed into her back, sandwiching the horny brunette. I held her hips and pressed my raging pant-covered boner into her ass. Kitty actually started to shake, she was so excited.

I leaned in and whispered, “I want a beer, slut.”

She pulled her tongue from Henry’s mouth and answered, “Yes Sir!”

She slid from between us and Henry and I both watched as she made her way to the kitchen. Her ass looked delicious.

I led Henry from the entry way and into his spacious family room and plopped onto a bar stool. Kitty returned a few moments later carrying three Coors Lights. As she handed them out, Henry nervously said, “I think we need some rules, before this gets out of control.”

I started to shake my head, but didn’t need to, when Kitty jumped in, “We talked about this already, Henry.”

Gaining some confidence, he continued, “I know. But this is new for both of us. I think we need to set some boundaries.”

Kitty gave him a huge smile, approached him and kissed him aggressively. She reached to his waist, pulled his shirt from his jeans and wiggled it over his head. His pudgy stomach and pasty white man-boobs jiggled as she tore his shirt off. Leaning in again, they kissed hard.

“Come with me,” Kitty told him. Taking his hand, she guided him to the other side of the house. I heard a door close and then for the next few minutes, some muffled bickering.

She returned alone a few minutes later and I asked, “Where’s Henry?”

Kitty smiled shyly, blushed and said, “He’s in our bedroom and in time-out.” She laughed as she finished.

When I raised an eyebrow, Kitty continued, “Henry won’t bother us. I promise.”

“Strip me,” was my next instruction.

Kitty’s smile got wide as she stepped in front of me. As she had done with Henry, she pulled my shirt from my slacks and over my head. My tee shirt followed and she dropped it to the floor.

She took a moment and placed both palms against my chest and traced up to my shoulders and down my arms. “You’re in good shape and have a great bod!”

Reaching for her hanging breast, I cupped it gently. Kitty was purring, as I closed the distance between us and pressed my lips into hers. Our tongues dueled together. I continued to massage her heavy breast and let my other hand drop to her lushes ass. Kitty groaned into my open mouth as I explored her round globes and tight crease.

After an energetic kiss, I instructed, “Finish undressing me.”

Kitty dropped to her knees and quickly pulled my shoes and socks from my feet. After unbuckling and unsnapping my jeans, she pulled them and my boxers to the floor. It took a few extra tugs to get my jeans completely off, as Kitty was distracted by my hard thick cock bouncing inches from her face.

She stared for a few moments and then smiled and said, “I remember what you told me.”

“About what?” I asked.

“You said hands were for hand jobs,” her smile got wider as she finished, “and mouths were for blow jobs.”

Kitty’s hands rested along her thighs as she opened her mouth and leaned in. She took over half my cock, nearly five inches, on the first try. I was tempted to take hold of her head and continue to push in, but decided to see what Kitty might offer on her own.

Very slowly, she backed off and let her tongue drag along my shaft. She circled the head and then started a slow decent. When I hit the entrance of her throat, she gagged, backed an inch out, caught her breath and pressed down again.

Her throat was tight and circled my cock head. “That feels fucking incredible,” I encouraged Kitty. She groaned and the vibrations rocked my balls. Backing me out again, she stopped when my plum size head was resting on her extended tongue.

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