Adventures While Babysitting Ch. 1


” What do you mean the sitter cancelled?” I said to my wife. I was really upset. We had been planning on going to this party for several weeks now. My wife had been looking forward to it for a while. She hadn’t seen her old college friends in 20 years. Granted, it wasn’t fun for me. Watching her gossip about people she had not seen in a while. Not only that, at this type of party there was bound to be alcohol, which she could not handle very well at all. ” I know honey. I felt the same way too. I am going to call Donna and let her know we can’t make it” she said.

I sat down on the bed and watched her while she called her friend. My wife walked back and fourth across the room as she talked to Donna. I looked her up and down, recalling the time that her body was nice and firm. No longer was her ass small and round. Now it was wide and plump. After four kids and at the age of 43, gravity was pulling everything on her body down with it. Its not that I don’t love my wife. I love everything she used to be and how she was. It had been a long time since we had had sex. After the birth of our last child, Margret lost all of her female organs and now she was never in the mood. I know it wasnt her fault, but I couldnt help but feel mad at her because of it. I was 45 and still in my prime. I constantly craved sex and maintained an erection at all times. I wanted it so bad it hurt, but after 2 years I finally came to the conclusion that I would never get it again.

“Well, I have some good news” said Margret. ” I talked to Donna and she has a friend with a teenage daughter who might watch the kids tonight. I am going to call her while you hop in the shower”. I went into the bathroom and turned the water on very hot. The steam felt so good and I eased myself in. I let the water run down my back and shoulders. Goosebumps trailed down my back and towards my groin. My dick was getting hard and I knew I would have to relieve it soon. Maybe tomorrow while Margret took the kids shopping. Just as I was thinking about rubbing my dick a little, my wife came into the bathroom. “Well honey, I just talked to the girl, her name is Amanda, and she will be more than happy to watch the kids. I gave her our address and she will be here in a half hour”.

I finished washing and got out of the shower. After putting on some clothes and brushing my hair, I went dowstairs. The kids were running all over the house and everything was caos. We were ready to go, all we were waiting for was the sitter. I knew my kids were wild and I could only hope that one little teenage girl could handle my rugrats ranging in ages from 4 to 8. I was in the kitchen getting my youngest something to drink when the door bell rang. I heard my wife open the door and was just coming out of the kitchen as they walked into the dining room. There, before my eyes stood the most hottest teenager I had ever seen.

Amanda had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She could have only been 18 but her body was as progressed as 21 year olds. Her ripe breasts were full and round and very perky. I just glimpsed a protruding hardness beneath her shirt. Her creamy hips and lustful thighs made my dick get hard, and I couldnt help but imagine grabbing those hips as I rammed my cock into her pussy. I looked up to her face and stared at her volumptous lips that were pink and wet. I would love to hear my name come sweetly out of that puckered mouth in passion. She wore a half shirt and I could see her flat tummy curve into her nice little cut off jean shorts.

I realized I was staring and quickly came to my senses. ” Hello Mr.Richards, my brother just dropped me off. My parents ask that if you are going to be late, to just let me stay the night here and bring me home in the morning. I brought sleep over clothes just in case” she said. My wife glanced and me with a smile, ” well I think that is great, that way we can enjoy ourselves more. Be prepared to stay the night Amanda, because we will be out late then” she said. I rolled my eyes, knowing that my wife was going to get trashed. It was going to be a long night.

We left the number at the party and headed out. Margret was excited and it was no sooner had we arrived that she began to drink. I grabbed myself something and sat back on the couch to prepare for a boring evening. margret continued to drink and drink, and soon was wobbling from person the person in a drunken stupor. We had been away from home a little over four hours, and I was ready to go. I got up to try to get Margret to leave but found her past out on the couch. Donna came over and advised me that we could crash there if we wanted. Not wanting the kids to be scared in the morning when we werent there when they woke up, I explained it would be better if we went home. Margret was a dead weight. I couldnt get her up and after a few minuts of trying, I gave up. Donna said it was fine for her to stay overnight and I could go home.

My mind wandered to Amanda, and I was worried I wouldnt be able to control almanbahis adres myself alone with her. But I was still anxious to get home. I left the party and made my way home. Since had drank and few drinks I drove slowly. No use getting pulled over on my way home. The lights on the bottom floor was all out, but I could see a glow from the window. Thinking the kids were asleep, I opened the door quietly and made my way down the hall. The glow I had seen was coming from the fireplace, and Amanda lay naked on a blanket in my living room. It wasnt uncommon to build a fire in the summer. Living by the ocean brought very cool summer nights. What shocked me was the baby sitter laying in full glory, naked in front of the fire.

I stood in the hall watching her. She tilted her head back and ran her fingers down her tits. I watched as her ripe nipples sprang up and hardened. Slowly she trailed her hands down to her hairless pussy and began to rub her clit. Little moans came out of her pink lips and I felt my cock strain against my pants. Amanda was only 17, but I imagined fucking her so hard. Margret was gone for the night, but the kids were still here. That would cause a problem. Maybe it was a sixth sense, but Amanda realized I was there and watching and jumped up off the floor. She stood naked and I entered the room, my hard cock clearly showing from my pants. She glanced down and said ” Mr. Richards, I had know I idea you would be home so early, I am embarrassed. I am sorry, I will put my clothes on if you want me to”.

“Where are the kids?”, I said.

” I forgot to call you. Your wifes mother came over and got the kids. She said something about wanting to take them with her for tomorrow and that when your wife goes shopping she can swing by and pick them up” she said.

Amanda continued to look at my hard dick, the more she looked, the harder it got. Soon I had to turn around. “Put you clothes back on before something bad happens”, I said and headed up to the shower. I ran the water hotter than I normally would trying to get my dick to go down. Most men take cold showers, but not me. I soaped my body and rubbed my cock with my soapy hands, enjoying the feeling. Thoughts of Amanda flooded my head and I imagined sliding my cock in her tight bald pussy. I wad of cum squirted out and mixed with the soap. This was nothing compared to what I normally do and I couldnt get any more out, even though I was throbbing. I rinsed off and got out of the shower.

When I entered the bedroom, Amanda was laying on my bed. My cock was still hard and the sight of her made me tremble. ” Mr. Richards, I think you are very sexy and I want you to fuck me. I was thinking about you when I was rubbing myself downstairs, and I am soo wet from wanting you” she said. She got on her knees and I approached the bed. She moved to the edge and her face was even with my hard cock. She licked her pink lips and slowly kissed the head. Gently she sucked the whole thing into her mouth and rubbed my balls. I felt ready to explode. Her virgin mouth worked its way on my dick and soon I shot my load into her mouth. I could see some of it dribbling out of the corners of her mouth, but she swallowed it all and then licked it clean. ” Ummmm, I love the way your cum tastes” she said.

Wanting to please her the way she pleased me, I laid her back on the bed and spread her creamy thighs. Her pussy was soft and pink, and she was hairless. I took my fingers and slowly spread her pussy lips apart and flicked my tounge over her small little clit. ” OH GOD MR. RICHARDS!” she yelled. Wanting to get her off, I continued to lick her ripe little pussy, relishing in the taste of her pussy juices. Soon her tiny body began to twitch and I knew she was cumming.

Not giving her a chance to rest, I moved up quickly and positioned my 8 inch cock at the opening off love hole. ” OH YES MR. RICHARDS! FUCK ME! SLAM THAT HARD COCK OF YOURS INTO MY PUSSY! FUCK ME BABYYY”she yelled. Not sure if her 18 year old pussy could handle all 8 inches of my cock, I hesitated for a moment, but then slammed into her with the force of a madman. I could feel the back of her cervix and the grip of her tight little pussy hugging my cock and it made me wild. I pounded into her, sweat quickly forming on our bodies.

” OH BABY, YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT! I LOVE THE FEEL OF IT ON MY COCK” I said as I pounded into her, my balls slapping against her ass. ” I WANT YOU TO BE DEEPER IN ME MR. RICHARDS. LET ME ON TOP, UGHHH BABY, ITS SO GOOD” she moaned.

I pulled out of her and laid down on the bed. She positioned herself over me and I guided my rod into her pussy. Her wet cunt slide don my cock and I felt myself bury deep into her. ” OH GOD BABY, YOU ARE SOO TIGHT. IT IS SOO GOOD, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK MEEEEE” I screamed. the bed was rocking really hard and her pussy was sliding up and down my cock. She squeezed her pussy muscles and I felt myself let go.

“YES MR. RICHARDS, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM. FILL almanbahis adres MY PUSSY UP BABY, I WANT YOUR LOVE JUICE ALL IN ME!” I groaned and began pumping her and soon we were in the same motion, our bodies slapping against each other. ” IM CUMMING MR RICHARDS, IM CUMMING, FUCK ME, OHHH BABY FUCK ME” My body rocked in excitement as her body quivered in orgasm. Still shaking, I pulled her off of me and bent her over. “YES BABY, SHOVE YOUR COCK IN ME, DO ME LIKE A DOG, FUCK ME HARD” she said.I

slammed my dick deep into her and started pounding. ” OH YES AMANDA, YOU LIKE IT WHEN I FUCK YOU LIKE THIS DONT YOU? YOU LOVE ME HARD COCK DEEP IN YOU? OH GOD YOU LITTLE SLUT, I LOVE YOUR FUCKING PUSSY. OHHHHHHH GOD, OHHHHH GOD” I yelled. I slammed into her with one big thrust and felt my cock explode. She moaned as I kept pumping my cum into her pussy, filling it up with my sweet juices

Her body began to shake again, and soon she was yelling ” OH GOD MR RICHARDS, ITS SOOO GOOD, IM CUMMING AGAIN, OH BABY”. Her renewed orgasm brought mine on stronger and just when I thought I was done I felt myself shoot more cum again. Convulsing in pleasure, I laid down on her back, my cock still in her, twitching from the great orgasm I had. Out of breath, I slide out of her and laid next to her on the bed. My cum dripped from her pussy and the smell of sex in the room kept my dick hard. Still moaning from the aftershocks of several orgasms, she lay moaning on the bed. I reached over to her and pulled her closer. ” God that was good. I never knew it could be so good” she said.

“That was nothing” I said. ” Wait until the next time you babysit”………………

Part Two

Adventures While Babysitting Part II [part 2 of 2] By: Sweet Brandy ([email protected])

“ Mr. Richard’s, your wife is one the phone. Line three” my secretary said.

After thanking Kathy, I picked up the phone. “ Hi honey, I just wanted to call and let you know that I made it okay. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and we miss you already “ Margaret said. After reassuring her that I would be okay all by myself, we hung up. Margaret and the kids had left home early this morning to visit her sister, who had just given birth. It felt good knowing I had the whole weekend to myself. She tried to persuade me to go with her, but after I explained that I had a lot of work to do over the weekend she finally stopped nagging.

Of course though, the work I planned on doing would not be done at the office. I had a big weekend planned for Amanda. We had not seen each other since the night we first “met”. Deciding to call it a day, I grabbed my coat and left the office. In the car on the way home I kept thinking about Amanda. We first met about a month ago when she came to my house to baby-sit. The original baby-sitter had canceled, leaving us to find a last minute replacement. The sight of her made my dick hard and I regretted having to go to a party with my wife, but as luck would have it, my wife passed out and stayed the night there. I went home to be with the kids, but found that my mother in law had picked them up for an overnighter. To my delight, Amanda tried to seduce me after I got out of the shower and succeeded.

Now, a month later, I was finally going to be able to have her sweet pussy again and I had some surprises in store for her. I got to my house just as my buddies did. After we all got inside I called Amanda and told her to come over. I could tell she had been waiting anxiously for my call. My dick was hard, as were those of my buddies. They knew what to expect. We had talked about it in great length, and finally they persuaded me to let them try Amanda’s sweet pussy. Hopefully Amanda will like the idea of a foursome. I have been friends with Mike and Ernie for years, and they were both great guys, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Mike has been married for fifteen years and has three kids, all girls. His height is average, but his gut is not. Mike has put on a few pounds since I first met him and now his belly bubbles out. He has lost a good portion of his hair, but has acquired no gray. His wife Cheryl is pretty good looking, but spends most of her time at Bingo. This leaves Mike a lot of free time, and many dates with his hand. Ernie, on the other hand has no children and divorced his wife years ago. He is good looking, and is what is known as a male whore. I have never seen Ernie with the same woman twice since his divorce, and Margaret has not hid the fact that she would rather I not hang around him. I guess she must be scared that what Ernie does will wear off onto me.

The door bell ringing brought me out of my thoughts. Anticipating seeing Amanda again had my cock throbbing. I could tell the guys were nervous, but disregarded them as I hurried to answer the door. Amanda smiled at me as I opened the door. She was wearing an over sized sweat shirt and leggings that were so tight you could see every curve of her tiny little pussy. Her almanbahis adres hair was pulled back in a pony tail, which I knew wouldn’t be up long. I loved the way her hair caressed my body as we fucked, and I would take no time in pulling it down.

After smiling at me, she came in and I closed the door behind me. No sooner had I done this than she was all over me. She started kissing me with a passion so great I felt I would die. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around me and moaned through our kiss at the feeling of my hard on. I pushed my pelvic into hers and started grinding, never breaking our kiss the whole time. I don’t know how long we stood there kissing, but soon she felt the presence of others in the room.

Amanda stopped kissing me and looked at Mike and Ernie. Her face showed fear for a moment but soon turned to surprise. It took only a moment for her to realize what I was wanting to happen. Her legs were still wrapped around me, and I could have swore that her pussy got wetter. Amanda jumped down from me and stood looking at the three of us. A seductive smile formed on her face and she began to take her clothes off. It took no time at all for us to shed our clothes. We followed Amanda into the downstairs guest bedroom, and my cock hardened at the sight of her sprawled on the bed.

Not hesitating at all, I climbed on the bed and took one of Amandas tits in my hand. The nipples were light pink and hardened when I ran my tongue over the little button. “ Uhhh uhhh uhhh “ Amanda moaned. At the sound of her sweet little moan, Mike and Ernie decided to join us on the bed. Mike positioned himself at Amandas pussy, and Ernie went to the other side of her. She reached up and took my dick in her mouth, swallowing it all the way to the base. It felt so good that I gripped her head and started fucking her mouth. She moaned and urgently began to suck, her mouth going in time to my fucking motion.

At the site of me fucking her mouth, Mike began to get anxious. He roughly grabbed Amandas legs and positioned them over his shoulders. He spread her small pussy lips with one hand and then started to push his 8 inch cock into her pink wet little pussy. I watched as he slide it all the way in and pull it almost all the way out. His cock was soon glistening with her sweet pussy juices. Mike threw his head back and I could see the sweat forming on his face. “ Ohhh you sweet little whore. Your pussy is so tight baby! Do you love it when I pump it like that. Ohhh babyyy “ Mike moaned

Mikes sounds of ecstasy brought me bad to the sucking of my cock. I was still fucking her mouth and knew I would soon cum. Ernie was on the other side of Amanda and I noticed she had his cock in her hand. It was a swollen purple stump of a penis, but very fat and thick. I could see the dark veins throbbing on it, and soon realized Ernie was getting ready to cum. His cock soon began squirting white juices all over Amandas hand, which was now lubricated and sliding smoother on his stubby little cock. Ernies chubby body began to tremble and sweat was pouring down his face.

I looked at Mike and could see his body shaking. I looked down at Amandas pussy and could see Mikes cum seeping out of her. After a few minutes of pumping he stopped and laid his head down on her ass. He was breathing hard, and I could tell he must have had one hell of an orgasm. Wanting to cum, but not in her mouth, I stopped her from sucking and pulled my dick out. Mike lifted his head up, and saw what I was wanting. He moved to the side and let me get between her legs.

“ Ohhhh Mr. Richard’s! Yes baby, fuck me.Shove your hard cock in my sloppy pussy baby!” Amanda said. She didn’t have to tell me twice. I pulled her legs up and slide my throbbing monster into her semen soaked pussy. I pushed her ass up higher as I pounded my dick into her pussy. Mike and Ernie were each sucking on her nipples. I watched as Amanda puckered her sweet lips and moaned in pleasure. Her pussy muscles squeezed against my cock, and the tiny ripples sent me over the edge. Soon I was filling her pussy with my cum. I continued to pump her pussy, which was soaked with cum. The pumping of my dick made slapping noises as I pounded into her pussy. Soon she was shivering and moaning, as an orgasm rocked her body.

The sight of her orgasm turned me on more, and soon I was having a mind blowing orgasm of my own. As soon as I had my last orgasm, Ernie was soon moving towards her pussy. I quickly got out of the way, knowing how impatient I had been when I was wanting to fuck her pussy. Ernie was almost ready to slide his dick into Amanda, when I heard the bedroom door open. I looked up in shock and stared into the face of my mother in law. Her face began to turn red as she realized what was happening in the room. Mike and Ernie tried to quickly cover themselves, and Amanda scrambled to do the same.

A few seconds past and I finally got the balls to speak. “ Its not what it looks like Susan” I said, and as soon as I said them I immediately regretted them. She tuned and stormed out of the room, leaving me to scramble to get dressed to follow her. I didn’t get down stairs in time to hear what she said to Margaret on the phone, but I didn’t need to.

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