After Party


As usual I had to work late which meant you went to the party without me. It wasn’t really my kind of scene, but I would’ve been there with you if I was able. I managed to get out in time for you to call and ask me to pick you up. Even though it had been a long day for me I was more than happy to oblige. Last thing I wanted was you driving drunk, even though you swore you weren’t. Cops don’t care if you’re drunk or just buzzed, they’ll bust you all the same.

When I walked in you didn’t even give me the chance to say hello. You just grapple onto me and kiss me in front of everyone. With the music loud and people dancing I don’t think anyone really noticed or cared. I know I don’t, not with you in my arms. You say your goodbyes and we are on our way.

We’ve got a good twenty minute drive ahead of us and I know you’ve got ideas in your head. Sliding over to sit in the middle, you begin breathing heavily in my ear. Your hand on my thigh squeezing, breasts rubbing against my arm, I try to keep from getting in an accident. I tell you you’re not making it easy for me to drive. With a laugh you say you’re going to give me a real challenge. Before I can say anything you’re undoing my pants and leaning down. You take my cock in your mouth and begin sucking with a insatiable hunger. I swerve on the road for a moment, the power your mouth has on me is intense. You like to live dangerously, it adds to the excitement, and I do everything I can to keep us from getting pulled over.

Part of me wanted to make the drive almanbahis adresi longer, I love when you suck my dick, but I didn’t. Managing to get us back to your place in fifteen minutes, we rush for the door. Once on the other side I pin you against the wall and stick my tongue down your throat, my pants falling down since I never buttoned or zipped back up. My hard cock presses into you, the thin fabric of your pants allows me to feel you and I know you’re not wearing anything underneath.

I pull your shirt over your head and you reach for me again, but I stop you by turning you around. Pressing you into the wall again I slide your pants down, and kneel behind you. You stick your ass out and I bury my face into you, my tongue finding your wet pussy. You’re drunk from wine, but I’m drunk with you, and I let my need take over. Standing back up I guide my cock in and slip right inside your pussy. You’re so hot and wet I immediately start slamming into you. One hand grips your hair and pulls, turning your head so my mouth can get to your ear. My other hand unhooks your bra, and gropes at your naked breast. I’ve been thinking about this all day, daydreamed about all the things I wanted to do. I even planned it out, but my hunger is so strong all plans are out the window.

I push you down onto the couch, your legs spread open and my face rests between your thighs. I lick your clit while fingering you with two fingers, getting them nice and wet before slipping them into your asshole. Your fingers curl in my hair almanbahis adres and pull me closer to you, force my face deeper. I suck on you, tongue exploring every part, teeth testing your flesh.

Moving my face up I take your nipples in my mouth as my cock slides into your pussy again. Sucking hard as I fuck you, your nails test the flesh at my back. My teeth capture your nipple as my lips pull on your flesh and you moan out my name as I release you, my cock plunging all the way inside you. Our tongues dance as I pound into you with as much force as I can muster. I ball my hand into a fist, pulling your hair as I look into your eyes and see the ecstasy you get from fucking hard. It drives me wild and I increase my speed. You cum quick and hard, your body shaking as your pussy squeezes down on my still moving cock.

You push me back, making me lay on the couch so you can get on top. Taking my cock in hand, you lower yourself onto me and sink my dick into your ass. Laying on top you me you move your hips and grind on me, your mouth on my ear again driving me nuts. Licking and sucking my ear, I am completely powerless to your desire, entirely at your mercy. Teeth pull on my earlobe, and my hand finds your hair again. Pulling you back you let my ear go and I bring our mouths together again.

Reaching to the side table you pick up a vibrator and turn it on. As you lean up I take it from you and press it against your pussy. You ride my cock as I press the vibrator against your clit, sliding it along almanbahis adres the length of your pussy. I watch your breasts bounce as you take my cock deep in your ass. Here we are, fucking with such a passion, like we need to just to survive and all I want is more.

Taking the vibrator from me, you allow me to get up before going to your hands and knees. With your face down and ass up, I leave one foot on the floor and place the other on the far side of the couch. With a downward angle I slip my cock back in your ass as you fuck your pussy with the vibrator. Grabbing you by the ass I fuck you hard and strong, the sound of our bodies colliding almost as loud as our moans. I’m growling before too long as I feel that all too familiar sensation, the orgasm is building.

The most difficult part I’ve found in fucking you isn’t the aches I get from using every muscle to their extent. It’s not the sleep I lose because of the two or three times we wake up in the middle of the night to fuck again. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the amount of time and effort I spend at the gym to improve my muscles to fuck harder and longer. I love all those things. No, the hardest part about fucking you is trying not to cum too soon. You feel so good and my need is so strong that I could cum quickly if I don’t make the effort to stave off my orgasm.

Pulling your hair again while we fuck both your holes, I can feel it getting closer. You gasp and moan as you cum again, your whole body shaking and quivering. My stamina at it’s finest isn’t a match for you like this and I cum inside you with a few final hard thrusts.

As we lay on the couch trying to catch our breath, there’s only one question on my mind. Will we even make it to the bed before we fuck again?

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