Afterwork Surprise


My mind kept wandering as I tried to keep up with needed chores around the house. I was in one of those moods and kept thinking of my husband, Joe. You know, my husband is not one of those men that women would look at and immediately say, “Hubba Hubba!” But he has some outstanding qualities that are not what you would call noticeable at first sight.

Joe is in his early sixties, a physician, and works most days Monday through Friday. When I was much younger I never dreamed sex could be so great when a man and woman get past 50! Joe’s intellectual capacity adds to his physical abilities that make him so outstanding in bed.

I was doing dishes and trying to decide what would be for dinner when thoughts kept creeping into my mind. I wanted to plan a sexual escapade for the two of us and I had some great ideas swirling through my mind.

At 1230pm I decided to call Joe and give him a heads up (so to speak). It was his lunch hour and I knew he wouldn’t be busy. Joe would probably be sitting amongst his peers and would love to receive a sexy offer over the phone. I can just imagine his squirming in his seat, next to the other physicians, trying to maintain his professional composure as I told him my plan to have an erotic surprise for him when he comes home this evening.

I warned Joe because I preferred him to be alone when he arrived and at times his day is quite stressful and I knew he may not be up for this. Thank goodness he was more than willing to participate and I could just hear his squirming as I played our little game over the phone. Joe and I play this game where I ask him to give me two clues. Each clue includes something that needs to be included in our erotic adventures for the evening. Things like crotch less pantyhose and whipping cream or oral and handcuffs, but I get to create the rest of the experience.

You can imagine how it must be for him to try to retain his composure and whisper professionally into the phone his two clues. Thank goodness he has on his lab coat! Sometimes when I’ve called him in the past he has rushed from the table and all his peers think he has tummy issues. If they only knew!

That day was no different surrounded by his peers as he excitedly said yes to my request. Joe whispered into the phone, “couch and porn movie.” That’s all it took for me to trigger my ideas and start my plan for a sexy adventure that evening. After a little thinking, processing and reorganizing this is how it all transpired.

Joe thought about his phone call all afternoon. He found it hard to concentrate on his afternoon duties but could not slip off to his little private room next to his office that he used on occasion to relieve himself. He wanted to save it all for later. He almost ran off the road a time or two while attempting the drive home and he successfully kept the speed down so he wouldn’t get a ticket. When he pulled into the driveway he approached the front door and felt the excitement welling up inside as he reached, trembling, for the door knob. He stepped inside and waiting for him on the entryway table was a glass of tawny port and a note. He noticed a basket on the floor and his robe hanging nearby. As he sipped the port he read his note.

“Enjoy the port, take off all your izmit rus escort clothes and place them in the basket. Put on your robe but don’t tie it, leave it open in front and fondle yourself as you please. Come in the living room when you are ready, don’t stop fondling yourself!”

Being in his sixties it takes a bit longer for Joe to get that erection going. The desire is still there but it just takes a bit longer to get there. I enjoy that so much because that normally means more foreplay for me. As he sipped his port Joe could hear noises as if people were getting sexually satisfied in his own living room. He fondled himself and found that his erection was getting quite prominent. That is one of the great surprises with Joe! He is uncircumcised, and has the largest, meatiest dick I have ever seen! It still amazes me and I crave that huge cock after all these years! I’ve seen a few dicks in my life and none can compare! When I hold it in my hands it is like holding a huge heavy brick!

Joe put his empty glass down and as he stepped into the living room was surprised to see the couch had been moved! The back of the couch was facing the TV and there was one of his favorite porn movies playing on the big plasma screen. I was on my knees looking over the back of the couch watching the movie, all the time playing with my clit and pussy, getting myself hot for Joe. I was wearing only thigh high hose with high heels and a sparse robe so I wasn’t completely naked. I wanted him to have to hunt for the prize.

Joe walked into the living room and his huge dick was sticking straight out of the front of his robe and he walked up behind the couch to face me. He has a beautiful hairy chest that has turned to silver over the years and the most beautiful lively eyes that show his eagerness and hunger.

Joe’s nostrils were flaring just like a bull and the look in his eyes was pure excitement and yearning. I reached up, touched his neck, and slowly ran my hand down his chest and belly. I looked at his dick in front of my face and I started to reach my mouth down to taste it but he leaned down instead. Joe gently held my face and gave me a most passionate kiss.

That is another of Joe’s qualities. His kisses are the most passionate, gentle and satisfying you can imagine. You feel as if he is gently inhaling you inside him as he kisses you softly and lightly brushes his tongue across your mouth. His full silver beard tickles as it brushes your face. I love that about Joe. He is so vigorously sexual but he never forgets the little important touches of passionate kisses.

He kisses me for a bit and I tell him how much I love him. He tells me he loves me too but I soon tell him, “I really want to suck your cock.” He straightens up and says “suck my cock!” I take his cock in my mouth but he is so big I can only fit the head inside. He grabs me by my hair and gently guides his dick into my mouth as far as I can take it.

Sometimes I wish my mouth was bigger so I could take him deeper, down into my throat, just like in the movies. The only time I can do that is if he is not fully erect. I love the feeling of Joe’s cock getting hard in the back of my throat. Joe gets too big in short time and then only the izmit escort head can fit in my mouth but he still loves what I do to him.

While sucking Joe’s cock I grab the rest of his dick with one hand and stroke his foreskin and dick up and down while I grab his balls with my other hand and gently massage them. I love to swirl my tongue around his huge head and dick and suck as if I’m trying to pull his load of come out of him. Joe says, “Oh you suck good cock!” and he makes grunting noises as I suck him more. I can tell he is enjoying this tremendously. He continues to fuck my mouth and we can hear the people on TV making their fucking noises at the same time.

Joe grabs my tits and massages them. I feel my nipples become erect with his delicate but firm touch. I don’t want him to come in my mouth; I have other surprises for him and want to feel him fuck me in other ways. I do love to swallow his hot load and feel his cock pulsating in my mouth as he reaches an orgasm but I want to feel him deep inside me this evening.

He stops and kisses me again in his passionate way. He then walks around the couch to see me from behind. Joe admires my huge butt and wants to explore my treasures I have waiting for him.

He loves the movie and getting behind me gives him a full view of the scene. On the TV a white girl is having sex with two black guys and one is getting ready to put it up her ass. He’s really huge for her but she takes it. Joe looks down at me and sees that I have a robe on but my ass and pussy are barely covered. When he stands behind me he slowly and gently raises my robe to reveal my huge butt and pussy lips.

Joe gasps as he sees what I have left for his pleasure. I have sticking inside my ass a large butt plug. There is a soft handle on it so he can push and pull it if he pleases. He strokes my butt and thighs and enjoys the view while occasionally peering at the scene on TV. My pussy lips are swollen and I’m so moist that it feels like my juices are running down my thighs. I can’t wait for him.

Joe slowly gets on his knees to get a better view of my treats all the while stroking me and touching my clit with his fingers. Okay, there is another of Joe’s traits. He knows exactly how to stroke my clit until I’m trembling with the anticipation of an explosion. I love to cruise on the border of an orgasm as he enjoys my pussy and clit.

Suddenly, I feel Joe’s tongue on my clit and it sends shivers up and down my spine! He starts lapping at me like a dog and exploring my clit and pussy with his tongue! He is sucking my pussy juices and I can hear little noises as he tongue fucks me. He reaches up and gently grabs my butt plug while simultaneously tongue fucking me, occasionally swirling his tongue around my clit and back up to my pussy.

I have my butt straight up in the air and I’m trying to position myself to give Joe full access to all my nasty pleasures. He pulls the butt plug out just a bit. He then pushes it in all the way and I shudder with delight. He continues this for a time and I can no longer hold back. My orgasm rips through me and I just can’t help it. He continues pushing and pulling on the butt plug and sucking up my pussy juices as my orgasm subsides. It’s a big plug but not nearly kocaeli escort as big as his dick.

Joe then asks if he can fuck me. I am so ready and I say, “Please fuck me.” I can see the TV is busy with a girl eating a big black cock and taking a dick up her ass at the same time and I feel myself getting excited again. Joe stands up and asks, “Do you want it up the ass or in your pussy?” I prefer the pussy. His dick is so big that I don’t think I can handle it up my ass. He decides to leave the plug in my ass and fuck my pussy. I’m really excited to think this will be like the double penetration I’m now seeing on the screen.

Joe stands up and he can see the steamy scenes on TV and it just makes him want me more. He grabs his big dick and steps up to my backside. He teases me with his huge hunk of meat. He even pushes on the butt plug with his cock and runs his head up and down from my ass to my clit, slowly up and down. Then he guides himself into my pussy and it takes my breath away.

Every time Joe’s meaty cock enters me it makes me gasp in delight. I think his foreskin acts as a shoehorn to make him fit inside me and it would be difficult to have sex with him if he didn’t have it. He starts pumping in and out slowly using long strokes. I can feel the butt plug go deeper each time he plunges himself into me. I push myself against him and try to make him go as deep as possible. I love to feel him deep inside but I love the feel of him stroking in and out, in and out, in his teasing way.

Joe’s nostrils are really flaring now. He can see the scenes on TV and he watches me below him squirm and wiggle uncontrollably. He knows I like his big cock and he just keeps giving it to me, in and out. Sometimes he stops pumping for a short rest and it just teases me more.

Joe can feel his excitement mounting as he continues stroking his dick in and out of my pussy. He can smell the pheromones emanating from my groin. This only makes him more excited and he feels his cave man instincts rising to the surface of his senses. He is grunting and sweat is beginning to pop out on his brow as he continues to plunge in and out.

Joe can feel the tightness created from the butt plug and he feels it rubbing on his dick each time he pushes deep into my pussy. The nastiness of it all! He thinks of how tight it would feel if he plunged his dick up my ass instead of the plug. The scene on TV is getting hotter and hotter and he feels his big wad of an orgasm coming! He asks me if I’m ready for his hot load and I am so ready to explode myself!

I squirm myself onto him more as he continues to pump harder and faster. I suddenly feel myself going over the edge as Joe starts letting out his caveman grunts and I know he is giving me his hot load. He just keeps pumping harder and grunts loudly each time he plunges inside me and I am coming and coming and I never want him to stop.

Joe and I stay together on the couch on top of me like a bull breeding a heifer. We are out of breath and satisfied. He slowly rolls off and his hot juices are dribbling from my pussy. I gasp as he grasps my butt plug and gently slides it out.

We sit down and he kisses me softly. Joe says, “Thank you! That was wonderful!” We hug each other and as Joe holds up the plug, he gazes at it, then at me. Joe says, “Next time my dick instead of the plug.” I shiver as I think of Joe’s big cock trying to enter my tight puckered ass. I’m not sure. I think it’s much too big! But maybe, I’ll think about it.

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