Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 11: Everyone Cums Together


© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains interracial sex, group sex, lesbian sex, first time hetro sex, and more. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Aggie walked outside to the Valet. “Can you get me a cab to this address?” she asked the young man standing there. The valet pulled a whistle out of his pocket and blew it as he waved his hand. A beat-up old Chevy pulled up and he opened the door for Aggie. Aggie climbed on as the driver stared and the scantily clad, long-legged, tanned teen who climbed into the rusty beat-up old car.

“Where to princess?” the driver asked.

“This address please,” she said handing him a piece of paper.

“No worries,” he said as he dropped the car in gear and accelerated leaving a cloud of smoke behind him. After driving through town and down some secluded roads, the car pulls up to an elaborate log cabin. “Enjoy your time with Muhunnad,” the driver says with a knowing smile. “I’ll be back in two hours to take you back if you wish,” he tells Aggie.

“That would be great, she tells him handing him a wad of cash.” as she gets out of the car. She watches as the ancient Chevy roars off back toward down the winding dirt road. She looks over the cabin and sees the front door open. She smiles and walks up the three steps and across the small porch and walks inside. When she walks in, she sees Muhunnad standing to the side as she walks enters the dark cool foyer.

“Mr. Muhunnad, I’m Aggie.”

“I remember you, princess,” he says giving her the once over and licking his lips. Aggie watched his meaty tongue glide over his thick full lips as his gaze bored into her. It was like he was looking into her soul. “You’ve changed princess,” he said, smiling at her. “Come sit and have a drink.” HE snapped his fingers at his servant who quietly left the room and soon returned with tall glasses filled with colorful frozen fruity beverages.

She smiles at him, in gratitude and sips her drink, feeling extremely nervous being alone with him. She remembered how big he was, and wondered if she would be able to take him. She put down her drink and cleared her throat, “Mr. Muhunnad,” She began speaking in a formal and business-like manner, “I came to apologize for any inconvenience I caused you. When we first met I was very naive. I went into the hot tub in a somewhat modest bathing suit, my boyfriend had given me. Shortly after you joined me, I felt something rubbing against my naked pussy. When I stood up and realized I was naked, I thought you had surreptitiously removed it from me.” She paused taking another sip trying to calm her nerves.

Muhunnad leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs, letting his loose shorts gap open so Aggie could see several inches of the monster cock she remembered. Her hand started shaking so she put her drink down and forced herself to stop staring at his manhood.

“I wrongly accused you. I later found out my idiot of a boyfriend bought me the bikini when he was drunk, and didn’t realize it would melt in water. I now realize that it was the bikini itself that was fondling me. I hope you can forgive me.” Agatha said looking him in the eyes, unconsciously licking her lips.

“Now, princess, I missed out on a lot of white pussy after our misunderstanding. There’s no way you can make that up to me.” Muhunnad told her. “Once I open my resort, I’ll be fucking all the white girls; the little college girls wanting a taste of the wild side, the bored housewives looking for some excitement, the engaged girls looking for one last fling, the newlyweds wanting a wild honeymoon to remember when they return to their boring lives, and the divorcees wanting to feel sexy after their marriage fails. How can you make up for that?

Aggie starts to laugh. “I’m sure you didn’t lack for someone to warm your bed or wet your cock for the last few months.” Muhunnad bows his head acknowledging the truth of Aggie’s statement. “I can promise you sex so wild you can’t even imagine. All you have to do is let the owner of the existing resort help defray the construction costs of the new property, and in return, you invest the money you saved in the existing resort. This way the two of you are partners. The two properties can be run as a single resort. I mean they were looking to expand, since they are booked near or at capacity pretty regularly.” Aggie was glad she remembered those facts from one of the many arguments she had with Lars after their first trip to the resort.”

“Now princess that sounds like a sound idea,” Muhunnad said with the lazy smile of a predator about to pounce on his prey. “But who is going to give me this wild sex you promise.”

“Come join Lars and me for dinner tonight at 7, and you won’t be disappointed, I promise.”

Muhunnad gave niğde escort Aggie the once over, her microkini not leaving much to the imagination. “I will be there princess.” They smiled at each other and finished their drinks in silence. Once both glasses were drained, Muhunnad stood up and said “I have some calls to make and money to move. Please make yourself at home until your ride returns.” He stood up and took her hand in his and gently kissed it.

When Aggie entered the lobby of the resort, she could hear a wild party in the main lounge. She ripped the scant material off her body and headed toward the sounds of laughter. As soon as she threw open the door, a blast of sound assaulted her ears as her drunk friends screamed “AGGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, and swarmed the naked girl.

After settling down in the corner of the bar they had commandeered, Aggie told everyone about her conversation and some salacious details about Muhunnads cock.

Lars was still basically sober, worrying about Aggie being alone with the well endowed rich handsome man. But as the other girls started talking about all the things they wanted to do to that cock, Aggie whispered in Lars’s ear, “Nothing happened, at least not yet. No promises about tonight after dinner.”


At 6:45 Lars entered the resort’s restaurant, wearing a pair of pink Khaki shorts, a gray tee-shirt, and a navy blue button-down short-sleeved shirt. He reserved a table for seven. Then he went to the bar and ordered a cocktail while waiting for Muhunnad.

Muhunnad arrived a few minutes early and saw Lars at the bar. He walked over and shook hands with the younger man. As they were greeting each other, Aggie walked up wearing a smile and a black pearl necklace. Muhunnad smiled at the subtle hint of the direction the night was taking. Lars’ clothing made Aggie’s nudity all the more noticeable. Soon the hostess came over and guided them to their seat.

Muhunnad pulled out a chair and gestured for Aggie to sit. Before sitting, Aggie lightly grazed his cheek with her lips and whispered: “thank you.”

As he pushed her seat in, Muhunnad said: “I do like your outfit Aggie.”

“What, this old thing?” she replied with a huge grin on her face. “I’ve had it for years. Not much to it, but it does seem to attract quite a bit of attention.”

Muhunnad laughed as he claimed the seat to Aggie’s left. Lars looked at his two companions and sat directly across from Aggie. Before he could say anything, a server approached the table. “Hi, I’m your server Tyene. Would you like to order some drinks or appetizers?” The young woman asked, making eyes at the handsome men at the table.

“A fresh fruit platter, with lots of berries and pineapple.” Aggie ordered “and bring us a few pitchers of assorted fresh fruit juices.” she told the server as she lightly fingered her necklace.

“Anything else,” she asked, winking at Aggie, realizing what the order meant for the rest of their evening.

“No, thank you. But I am expecting some friends to join us, please make sure they can find us.”

“Of course,” the server said with a wink at Lars as she pranced away her eyes dancing.

The trip made small talk and when the fruit platters arrived, a naked Latina appeared by Muhunnad’s side. “Is this seat taken?”, she asked.

Muhunnad looked at the petite naked girl as Aggie said, “Christina, this is our new friend, Muhunnad. Muhunnad this is my classMATE Christina.”

Muhunnad quickly stood up and smiled as he took in the firm stomach, toned thighs and pert breasts of the lady standing beside him. “Christina, it is lovely to meet you. Please have a seat,” he said, pulling out the chair to the other side of him.

One by one Shay, May and Vee joined the group each one as naked as the day they were born. When Vee arrived, Muhunnad was stunned. HE lost his usual savoir-faire, and became tongue-tied and just kept staring at her voluptuous breasts and the glowing nipple rings with a chain running over the deep valley of her breasts. It was obvious to everyone that Muhunnad was stunned into submission by Vee.

May seemed to be getting a little jealous of the attention Muhunnad was paying to Vee since he was practically ignoring everyone else. Every time her glass was empty, he filled it. Vee dropped her napkin at least five times and her fork twice. Every time Muhunnad dove to the floor to retrieve it.

Despite Muhunnad’s obvious desire for the curvaceous beauty with short pink hair, bright green eyes and covered in more ink than a leaky octopus, the group had a lively conversation and lots of laughs.

Once the food was gone, Tyene asked if anyone wanted dessert. “Send a huge tray of chocolate-covered strawberries and two, no, three bottles of Dom to my room,” Aggie told her.

Tyene smiles at the group, “I’ll bring them up myself,” she tells the group as she clears the table.

They all stand up and walk to the elevators, Muhunnad stays to the back of the group, his eyes focused on Vee’s amble bottom. When they got into the elevator, ordu escort the air was filled with an awkward silence. They all wanted it to happen, but taking that first step was a bit awkward.

Vee, being the least reserved of the group, got things rolling when they arrived on their floor. “Muhunnad, I’ve always wanted to ride a naked man like a horse. You wanna help me out with that?”

Without a word in reply, Muhunnad starts ripping off his clothes and as soon as he’s naked, he drops to all fours. As Vee straddles him, May exclaims, “Holy shit his balls are bigger than my fist, and his cock is fucking huge!”

All eyes looked at the growing cock and watched as it expanded until it seemed to stretch all the way from Muhunnad’s waist to his chest. “Giddy-up,” Vee cried as she rode her pony down the hallway. I kissed Lars as everyone else followed behind Vee who was shouting out different cowboy phrases as she rode him down the hall.

“Tonight lover, anything goes. You can have any girl and any hole, but I plan on riding Muhunnad at least once. Are you okay with that?”,

Lars looked deep into her eyes. “Honestly, I’m not completely happy about you fucking other guys, but it’s not like you’re fucking around behind my back, and you are giving all I asked you for and more. Tonight anything goes.” Then he kisses her holding her tight to his body. “Just remember, you’re my lady, always.”

Aggie wipes away a tear from her cheek. “I love you too,” she replies.

“Hey, you lovebirds, let’s get this door open and get too fucking!” Vee bellows as she grinds herself on her pony. Lars and Aggie laugh and Lars tosses her the key card. The group enters the room, and Vee immediately takes charge.

“Aggie, start sucking that monster cock, May undress Lars, Shay get your tongue in Aggie’s pussy, it needs to be really wet so she can ride Frankenstein’s monster. Christina sit on my face till I make you cum.” Everyone followed Vee’s instructions, without speaking a word.

Vee lay on the bed and Christina sat on her face. As the slight Latina lowered herself, Vee shouted “when Lars is naked, suck him till he’s hard then put his delicious cock in my sopping cunt.” she said to May before Christina smothered her with her slit.

May quickly pulled Lars’s clothes off his body, and as soon as his dick popped out of his shorts, May sucked the entire shaft into her mouth while still removing his boxers.

Aggie got on her knees and started slathering Muhunnad’s cock with saliva, getting it as wet as possible so she could take as much as possible in her mouth. As she spit on the head, Shay lay on her back and slithered between Aggie’s legs and began to tongue Aggie’s slit.

Christina began to rotate her hips grinding her pussy on Vee’s face. May pulled her mouth off Lars dick and grabbed it with her hand. She led him to the side of the bed and guided his cock into Vee’s pussy. “OHH FFFFFUUCK” everyone heard Vee cry out as the dick slid past her meaty lips and deep into her pussy. May didn’t have any further instructions so she knelt on the floor near the bed in the Nadu position.

Aggie took Muhunnad’s head in her mouth and worked her tongue over it, using both hands to stroke the shaft and spread out her spit to help lubricate it. Shay started to use her fingers rubbing Aggie’s sensitive clit, as she tongue fucked the tiny girl, adding her saliva to Aggie’s natural lube.

Vee lifted Christina off her face momentarily. “Get the fuck over here you slant-eyed whore,” Vee shouted. The other girls ignored the racial slurs, knowing this was part of their dynamic.

May jumped up as soon as she heard Vee speak. “As you wish, Meinu”

“You know how I like my tits handled. Make me cum pet.” Vee commanded before pulling Christina back onto her face. May scooted over to her owner, and grabbed the chain between her tits and pulled it so hard and fast that Vee’s torso lifted off the bed. Her scream could be heard even though most of it was directed into a sweet Latina pussy.

The sensation of Vee’s scream shot straight into Christina and brought forth the climax that had been building as her friend continued to feast on her girl cum. Christina’s body thrashed about making Vee buck her hips, as her pussy muscles pulsated, pleasuring Lars who was overcome with pleasure and blasted his cum deep into her cunt.

Aggie shuddered through a mini climax from Shay’s oral talents, Muhunnad’s cock was dripping with her saliva, “On your back,” she commanded as she stood up and straddled her ebony lover. Shay slipped in and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock giving it a few extra licks, and drooling her spit to help ease its entrance into the tiny girl. Shay grabs Muhunnad’s cock and Aggie lowered herself until her lips just touched the tip. She starts to grind herself on his head making sure she was wet enough to take the large dick.

She slowly moved up and down taking a bit more each time until she surprised herself by taking the whole thing. She ground herself on his groin before she lifted her osmaniye escort self and dropped down. Soon they got into a nice rhythm and Aggie put her hands around his neck and threw her head back as their bodies kept slapping into each other.

Vee had extricated herself and bent May over the bed. She pulled a strap on from under the bed and quickly pulled it onto herself. As soon as the faux phallus was in position she slammed it into the tiny Asian woman and began fucking her hard.

Christina lay on the bed watching Aggie bouncing on a cock that was almost the size of her forearm. Lars was laying next to her watching a fuck fest even wilder than he had ever imagined. He shifted over and began to suckle on Christina’s tits as she reached for his cock and began to stroke him.

Aggie’s legs were getting tired and she was close to cumming. Shay rammed a finger into Aggie’s ass, pushing the slight slut over the edge. As Aggie trembled in pleasure, Shay kept fingering her dark hole, and Muhunnad wrapped his hands around the slight girl’s waist and began using her like she was a fleshlight.

The sounds of sucking and fucking went on most of the night, only pausing for the participants to hydrate and swap partners.

Lars fucked Christina, Shay, and May, dropping a load in two pussy’s and one ass.

Everyone one of the girls rode Muhunnad to orgasm. Only Vee tried to take him in her ass, unsuccessfully. Muhunnad only gave Vee and Christina his loads.

When everyone was either too tired to continue or completely satisfied, or both, May went around cleaning each person of the massive amounts of boy and girl cum. All too soon everyone fell asleep.

The group stayed at the resort for several more days sucking and fucking among themselves and with a few lucky guests and even a few employees. The experiences of those lucky few became the stuff of story and song.


At the end of the summer, Lars Aggie and Christina returned to school and moved in together. The trio was inseparable for the next two years. During their senior year, Mother Beatrice gave her Blessing for Lars to become the first male to be initiated into The Sisterhood.


Ch. 11 … Ever After

The day after commencement, Aggie and Lars are in the house, getting ready for their big day. Aggie finishes putting on her dress, as Christina and Tiffi help fasten the Velcro that will hold the dress on her body until the time comes for it to be removed.

Meanwhile, in another room, Lars is wondering what will happen at the ceremony. He knows with Mother Beatrice officiating, anything is possible. The fact she provided him the tuxedo made him just a little nervous.

The ceremony had been fairly benign, well benign compared to some of the other events that happened in this room Lars thought. Once they finish saying their vows and are wearing their rings, Mother Beatrice intones “You may now do the bride,” as she rips the dress off Aggie, exposing her nude body to all the guests. Then she turns to Lars and grabs his tux, which Mother Beatrice had borrowed from a male stripper, and ripped it off him leaving him just as naked as Aggie.

Lars grabbed Aggie’s naked body and kissed her deeply as his hands cupped her ass cheeks. The guests all watched as his dick started to rise and Aggie took it in her hands and began to stroke it wanting desperately to consummate their marriage in front of all the people that mattered to her in the world.

Soon the wedding became an orgy, much like every other party held in this house. The sounds of fucking, sucking, moans and groans filled the air. Suddenly a voice cried out, holy shit look at that. Everyone stopped mid debauch as Lars was laying on the floor in a 69 with Mother Beatrice.

“That’s the first dick she’s ever touched.” someone shouted as everyone focused on the groom and old lady who was so engrossed in their pleasure they didn’t notice that they had become the center of attention. Soon Lars shifted his position and slid his still hard cock into Mother Beatrice pussy and took her virginity.

Everyone cheered and yelled and screamed for their beloved founder as she, for the first time experienced heterosexual intercourse, with the first and only male to be a member of the Sisterhood.

When they were finished, Mother Beatrice was helped up and escorted out of the room as the younger people returned to their carnal pleasures. Tiffi and Christina were helping her up to her room for the evening, and she told them, “Tell Aggie thank you for me my dears. I have now completed everything on my bucket list. I still prefer my beautiful daughters, but I can see why so many enjoy cock.” The girls smiled and kissed her goodnight as she entered her room. Once the door was shut, they returned to the conception as it had jokingly been named.


Standing at the airport waiting for their flight, Lars tugged at his collar. “I sure will miss Mother Beatrice.” Aggie used the tissue she held to wipe tears from her eyes. She was an awesome old broad. Aggie said. I’m glad you were her last before she joined Mother Eunice. I bet their reunion makes our conception look like a religious service. The couple hugged as they silently thought about the late Mother Beatrice while waiting for their flight. Nine months later Lars and Aggie named their twin girls Beatrice and Eunice.

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