Alice’s Gift


“Hi, Tom. It’s me.”

“Come on up.”

The buzzer sounded and I stepped into the building. I was nervous and, as happens when I’m nervous, very excited. Tonight was going to be a huge change in my relationship with someone I’d known most of my life. Though even if it hadn’t been Tom this would be a big night for me. I’d never been loaned to anyone before.

“Hi Alice. Is Mike parking the car?” Tom thought my husband and I planned to take him to celebrate his birthday, but we hadn’t been completely honest with him.

“Actually, Michael won’t be joining us tonight, but he wanted to be sure you got this.” I handed Tom his birthday card, and I shook a little as I did. When he read it someone Michael and I had both known since school would be part of something the two of us had never shared with anyone.

“Thanks.” He opened the card with a smile and read it. Confusion played across his face but as I watched I could see understanding set in.

“Is this…? Does this mean…? I… I’m not sure I know…” Actually he was pretty sure he did know but he was too scared to admit it. I knew what the card said: ‘Enjoy your birthday present Tom. For tonight she yours to do whatever you like.’

“I never realized… I mean, I didn’t know you two were… Is this what you want?”

“You have to understand, Tom. Michael isn’t just my husband, he’s my owner. I want what he tells Kartal Sınırsız Escort me to want. That means tonight I want you, and I want what you tell me.”

“This is… you have to understand… I’m not ready for this.”

“Then let me get you ready. You wouldn’t want me punished for not doing as I was ordered, would you?” I admit I was teasing him somewhat. The bulge that had been growing in his pants was a sure sign he was ready in at least that sense. I knew what he meant, though. When Tom and I were getting to know each other I certainly didn’t feel like a good girl, but I was a good girl and that was how Tom would always think of me. There was something exciting in the idea that he would never be ready to think of me differently even after he was through using me.

I unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it aside. My bra was a black silk number with a bright red rose stitched in the center, and I knew how I looked in it. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, and I stood in front of Tom wearing just my bra, stockings and a pair of heels. I had no panties, of course; I’m seldom allowed them even in my day-to-day life.

Tom removed his tie and began to take off his shirt. “No,” I said. “Let me.” I stepped close to him and began unbuttoning the shirt, running a hand over his chest. I folded it neatly and lay it on the arm of his couch. Then I knelt Kartal Suriyeli Escort in front of him, untied his shoes and removed them with his socks. I reached up and undid his belt and his trouser button and pulled down the zipper. I stood again and lowered his trousers and shorts, then lay them beside his shirt. He was so stunned it took just the slightest push to set him on the couch.

“You must have thought of me this way at some time, Tom. Isn’t there anything you’d like from me?”

“You… Your mouth… You’ve got the prettiest mouth.”

“You want my mouth? Like this?” I leaned forward and kissed his neck, and I ran my lips and tongue down his front until I’d reached his waist. And as I did I realized what this meant to me. I had another body, a different man’s body, and that was something I’d given up hope of. I knelt in front of Tom, took him into my mouth, and began running my lips up and down his penis. I thought about how much I was enjoying this, enjoying my sluttishness, and I felt my dampness grow.

“Can you take it any deeper?” I could; I’d been very well trained. I looked up into his blue eyes and showed him just how much deeper I could take it. He gasped and in just a few moments I felt that familiar kick at the back of my throat, and I tasted the salt as I pulled back.

While he was still hard I climbed onto his lap and with one hand Kartal İranlı Escort guided him into my pussy. I began to rock back and forth, grinding him into me. I felt heat on my face. I knew I’d flushed bright red, and that Tom could see what he was doing to me. Soon I was whimpering, and soon after that came an orgasm. Tom could feel my vaginal walls spasm rhythmically to milk him, and I could feel his excitement. Trying to force himself further inside me threw us both off the couch and onto the floor.

I had no wish to have my hips and shoulders ground into the hard floor so before Tom had a chance to recover and throw himself on me I was on my knees and elbows in front of him. Immediately he was inside and fucking me again. My toes curled and I clawed at the rug, and I knew I was close. Suddenly, he pulled out. I was too close to let it stop. I reached between my legs and rolled my clit under my middle finger while I waited for what I knew came next.

“Alice, there’s something I want to…”

“You don’t ask me, Tom. You tell me.”

“Give me your asshole.” And this time I heard the growling undertone I’d been waiting for.

One hand was engaged. All I could do was reach back with my other arm and spread my cheeks with my thumb and fingers. Fortunately, I had lubricated his cock well already because he had finally learned. He didn’t stop to think of me, to take the time to make this easier for me. I felt him press against me, and he ran the entire length of his cock into me, until his hairs tickled the crack of my ass. I remembered then what it felt like to first be mastered, and I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time, something I’d missed. I felt filthy.

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