All Grown Up Christmas Ch. 03


All Grown Up

The Spirit of Giving Head

Kelly came home from college, eager for her to continue her secret affair with her brother-in-law, Dan, but instead caught one of her aunts cheating with a different uncle. Needing to confide in someone outside the family, she rekindled her high school friendship with Charlotte, a gorgeous, voluptuous blonde. They watched one of the videos Kelly had of Jenny and Danny, and were overcome with sudden passion. Naked in bed, they explored a new hunger, and later Kelly, still overcome with lust, and Dan returned to the bungalow he’d rented for the Christmas vacation, eager for more from him.

Kelly and Danny drowsed cuddled together on the cottage’s couch, spent from three hours of sexual play. Her pussy was a little sore, and he was pretty much spent for the moment. No calls had come in from work during their interlude, but she suddenly heard his personal cell buzz, then a few bars of a reggae song came from the tiny speaker.

She jolted upright, and hissed to Dan, “Jenny’s ringtone!” Her older sister never called during the daytime, unless there was an emergency.

He grabbed for it, dropped it once to the rug, and scooped it up, thumbing it to life. Kelly didn’t need to be told to be quiet. “Hey, babe! No, we’re out shopping. Kelly’s gift cards. Yeah. She hasn’t found anything just yet, but has a couple of ideas. Uh-huh.”

She went over to the bathroom and wetted a towel, cleaning her face and then her shaved privates, using the lavender body wash that came with the little rental, and finally moved to her breasts. A swig of mouthwash took care of the scent and taste of cum. Smelling much less like sex now, she padded barefoot back to the couch, and stood, listening.

“No, baby, nothing like that! Look, we’ll be there in half an hour. Love you, too.” He hit the kill switch on the phone, and swore feelingly.

“What’s wrong, Danny?”

“Jenny wants to meet us at the diner right away. She sounded upset, really pissed.”

Kelly quickly reviewed everything she had done all day. The long hours with Charlotte rose first in her mind, and had been wonderful, but the rest was a blur. She reviewed everything in a near panic. She had left nothing in Jenny and Dan’s bedroom, hadn’t even been in there in days. Shit! Had Jenny found the miniature cameras she’d hidden? Or, worse, the videos? Kelly felt her calm beginning to fray, trying to remember if she had closed her laptop after she and Charlotte had watched an old video of Jenny and Dan fucking. She was sure she had, but her certainty diminished with each passing moment.

She was out the door and into the garage as Danny tucked his shirt in. He waited for her to get her clothes off the seat and into them before he opened the garage door. First, he checked the door into the garage, and, satisfied it was secure, fired up the Dart, backed out and headed back to town.

They pulled in at the diner seven minutes ahead of schedule, parking at the end of the lot in the darkening afternoon. Kelly smoothed her sex hair down, and Dan did the same, and she silently reminding herself to bring a brush next time. Checking her face in the mirror, she put on a little rouge and a touch of color on her lips, then took a deep breath, got out of the car, and for good measure popped a peppermint into her mouth. The cool, piercing taste eased her mood, and killed the last hint of cum on her breath. Dan followed also, looking puzzled but not apprehensive as they headed for the door to the restaurant.

Jenny had already gotten a booth, and sat on one side, all the way to the window, her lips pressed into a thin line, eyes tracking both of them. Kelly sat by her sister, and Dan sat across the table from them. “Everything okay, Jenny?”

“No.” Flat and without any inflection, with hard edges and an unforgiving ring to the syllable. Kelly’s heart fluttered, and Dan licked his lips, then decided not to speak. Jenny waved the waitress away without looking at her.

“I came home early, and pulled the laundry out of the wash. Yours, Dan. They’re drying now, should be done when we get home.” She turned to her younger sister, who fought not to shrink from her gaze.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Kelly thought. She knows something, found a drop of cum somewhere, but we were so careful, I was just borrowing him, and it was okay just to borrow him. She fought back tears. Jenny hated her now, she felt with the certainty of the headsman’s axe from one of the French novels she had read over the summer. Bottom lip quivering, she said, “What?”

Jenny fixed her stern glare on her sister alone. “When I went upstairs, I was going to clean your sheets and pick up a bit. Just to help out since I was home early.” She took a sip of water, then turned her glower to Dan. “Do you know what I found?”

“No idea.” He almost said “babe” but realized endearing words wouldn’t mollify Jenny, and might just make her anger flare.

“A bra and panties significantly larger than almanbahis adresi Kelly’s.” Her eyes bored into his, furious. “The bed was a mess, bedspread on the floor. The sheets were moist in the middle, and smelled like someone was having sex on it all afternoon.” Turning to Dan, she accused, “Were you fucking that little blonde friend of Kelly’s? The big-titted girl who slept over last night?” Her eyes shifted with a hard stare to Kelly. “And where were you when this was going on?”

Kelly’s tears started now. “No, Jenny, that’s not what happened.”

Dan put his hands up. “I didn’t touch her friend. Didn’t even consider it. Absolutely no sex with her, either.” That at least was true.

Jenny’s eyes now drilled into Kelly’s. “Tell me the truth.”

Her tears were flowing now, and she answered slowly, quietly. “Okay.” A deep sniffle to keep herself from breaking down entirely. “It wasn’t Dan.” She steadied herself with a deep breath, not wanting to tattle on herself, or Charlotte, which was somehow worse, a betrayal of trust. At the same time, she couldn’t throw Dan under the bus, even if they had just spent the afternoon making love.

Her voice was thick with unshed tears. “Charlotte and I got to talking last night, then the subject turned to boys, what they like. What we like. We…we decided to watch some porn, y’know, for research.” Jenny stayed silent, letting her sister proceed. “So much of it looked fun, then we watched two women in bed. They were naked and young, obviously having a lot of fun, and we got curious. It wasn’t planned, it just happened.”

“Dan? What did you know about this? Is it true?”

He shook his head, still telling the truth. “I didn’t hear anything, and I didn’t see anything. I was in my office most of the day, and Charlotte left I think around noon. Kelly and I went out for lunch a little later, and then she wanted to shop. I swear, Jenny, I didn’t see them in bed at all.” At least most of it was true, Kelly thought.


“Dan was never in my room today, or last night, and Charlotte did leave around lunchtime. I don’t even think Dan came back upstairs. We went out for lunch and went shopping for something to buy with my gift cards.” Another lie’s framework with a foundation of truth. Kelly felt wretched, but at least Jenny hadn’t discovered what she and Danny had been doing.

Jenny’s eyes softened. “Kelly, is that the truth? It was you and Charlotte?”

She nodded, not trusting herself to say anything more. She was miserable now, relieved after she was so certain she and Dan had been caught, but still having to reveal a secret she wanted kept hidden at all costs, though not at the cost of her sister’s marriage.

Surprising everyone at the table, Jenny smiled, putting her arms around Kelly and hugging her close. “Sis, I really do understand. I’m so sorry I thought Dan was…cheating.” Dan looked nothing but relieved, and Kelly felt a brief flash of anger that all this had fallen onto her shoulders. “I love you, Kelly, and I understand being curious about other girls.” Jenny steeled herself. “Are you seeing her again?”

“Um, she was coming over again tonight, maybe. I think just to talk, but…” She felt her voice trail off.

Jenny closed her eyes, steeling herself for something. “I’m going to tell you something. You and Dan.” Her dark eyes flitted over to her husband. The waitress returned, and Jenny accepted the menus this time, putting them in the center of the table, and the other woman withdrew, sensing the family needed a little more time before ordering. Jenny motioned for both to lean closer.

“Danny, you remember my roommate Celeste?” Dan blinked, then nodded. He remembered her much more clearly than Jenny would have been happy to hear. She had been a glorious redhead, lean and athletic, very sexy, able to wake the dead the way she dressed. The sultry sway of her hips and come-fuck-me attitude weren’t all show, to hear how a couple of his friends described her sexual gymnastics and appetites.

Softly now, mostly to Kelly, “Celeste and I were…curious, too.” She let the words hang there over the menus, sitting in the air between them. Dan’s brow furrowed, considering the possibilities, and Kelly’s eyes widened at the revelation, and the implications for her own sexuality. My sister, she realized, also had sex with another woman. An odd thrill, centered at the center of her womanhood, went out to her spine, and the tingle travelled up to her now erect nipples.

All she could say was, “You and she…” Unbidden and unavoidable, she found herself imagining Jenny rolling around on a mattress or on the floor with some faceless friend from college, the two of them kissing and fondling, hands running over each other’s bodies, fingers penetrating…

She shook her head once, the motion driving away the images. “Jen, you…”

“I slept with my roommate, my female roommate. Shocked?”

Dan spoke up. “Honestly, I had no idea.”

Jenny glanced over almanbahis adres at him, a hint of joyful lust replacing the frankness of her admission. “No idea at all, Danny? Not even when you came by to surprise me? Celeste opened the door naked, and said I was still in the shower?”

He smiled fondly at the memory. “Yes.”

Jenny leaned in closer, a wistful, confidential smile brightening her face. “She had just gotten out of the shower with me, after we were making out on the bed. I washed her hair, then washed the rest of her body, top to bottom. I soaped her all over, and rinsed her off, and she was supposed to do me next, then you knocked. That was the first night you and I were…intimate.” The word was as innocent as she could find, but her eyes and mouth gave it a deliciously lustful spin, and she laughed when Dan’s eyes widened in comprehension.

“So you were…”

“Horny as hell. Wanted an orgasm, badly. And you gave me one,” she cooed.

“So, after that…”

Jenny’s eyes were far away in the depths of joyful reverie. “I slept with her a few times after that, even while we were dating. Does that shock you?” Dan shook his head slowly, in wonder rather than disbelief, and Jenny forged onward. “Celeste even wanted me to invite you to bed with us, but I didn’t want to share. Truthfully I was in love with you, and still am, and I was a little scared she could steal you from me.”

Kelly watched and listened, painfully aware of how awkward this was, and surprised they were being so open in front of her. Her face burned with embarrassment, and guilty desire. She grabbed a menu and opened it to hide her face, not really seeing any of the selections. The last thing she wanted to hear was Jenny’s bold admissions to her husband, the brother-in-law she herself had been with just an hour earlier.

“So, you were never tempted to share me? Didn’t want Celeste to borrow me?” Kelly’s eyes shut, ashamed to hear the word she had used so often to describe her own affair with him.

Jenny laughed quietly. “I came this close to letting you in on our horny little secret, and almost as close to letting her in our bed.”


“So glad I didn’t, aren’t you?”

Kelly heard the playful smirks over the menu, and knew they would spend all night together, probably the minute they got home, satisfying each other, and she knew they would be loud.

“Maybe… I think I could have been with you both, a couple of times, and you and I would still be married. And I wouldn’t have this sudden curiosity about redheaded roommates.”

Kelly heard her sister thrust a menu into Dan’s hands. “Time to order, you…” Her voice was still happy and loving, and Kelly was doubly certain about the loud sex they would be having this evening.

They ordered and ate. Kelly was famished, and devoured a whole cheeseburger, over the protests of her stomach, and she sent fries and a piece of carrot cake down to keep it company.

When they left the restaurant, Kelly turned to Jenny. “Can I…ride home with you? Sister time? I have a couple of things to talk about. With you.” The older sister nodded, and Kelly took her place in the passenger seat.

Dan got into his car, and they watched from the front seat as he drove off. Jenny turned on the car for the heat, but didn’t budge from their parking spot. “So, what’s on your mind?” The last vestiges of light were disappearing from the sky, shrouding the parking lot in secrecy.

“Was it really that good? With Celeste?”

“It was fun, and felt good. You know, she’s somewhere in Oregon, married and trying to get pregnant.”

“Did you… What did you do with her? Um…in bed?”

Jenny turned to Kelly, willing but not too eager to answer. “Why do you ask?”

“Look, I like boys. A couple of them last semester. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill, and I know to be careful. I really do like boys. Men,” she amended. Jenny’s silent, questioning look caught her. “What did you actually do? Kiss naked, be in the shower together, snuggle at night?”

“All of that, several times.”

“Look, I just… Fuck.” Jenny’s eyes narrowed briefly at Kelly’s curse, then relaxed as she realized how hard it was for her younger sister to talk about this. “Jenny, did you ever…do more than kiss each other and make out?”

“Like what?”

The words tumbled out, and Kelly wished she had been able to use a different phrasing, but there it was. “Did you ever lick her pussy?”

Gales of laughter erupted from Jenny’s mouth, and Kelly was instantly relieved. “Yes, a couple of times. Took half a pitcher of margaritas before I was willing to try it. Celeste always liked doing it, though, and I don’t think she ever needed alcohol to get interested. She probably got me to thirty orgasms while we shared that apartment. When I moved in with Dan, she knew it was serious, so we mostly stopped.”


“A couple of times I visited her, just to catch up.”

“And…did you catch up?”

Jenny almanbahis adresi nodded guiltily. “You cannot tell Dan this. Deal?” Kelly nodded in assent.

“Okay. So, yes. Two nights before my wedding, in fact. I was so nervous, just needed Celeste to tell me everything was going to be all right. We started chatting over a glass of wine, then it turned into a full bottle, and I wound up spending the rest of the afternoon. She was always seductive and convincing, and very good with her tongue. We enjoyed a long bath before I left. She’s very skillful, very hot, and so loving.” Jenny’s smile went from dreamy to wistful, and she exhaled slowly while remembering that night, and others.

Kelly thought about what she had said, and her mind zeroed in on one particular bit. “You said ‘she’s’, as in ‘she is’. Is she near Portland?”

More guilt now, Kelly was happy to see, but for her own sake. It made it more alright that she had been fucking Danny earlier. Jenny nodded. “Actually in the city of Portland. Her husband is out of state, and they’re separated. Celeste had me over, and we had some wine again. I’d been two weeks without sex, and I knew she would talk me into bed. Hell, I wanted her to, and I think she knew it. And into the hammock in her backyard, naked under the stars. I felt so free and relaxed, and the orgasms…” The dreamy look was back again, and she heaved a sigh.

“Wait, sis. What about Dan? Does he know you slept with Celeste while you were out there in August?” She felt angry at her sister for deceiving the man they both loved, and at the same time comforted that Dan wasn’t entirely in the wrong for fucking her all through August, and this afternoon.

“That’s the part you can’t tell him. Celeste and I have seen each other every year but the first since Dan and I got married. Every year she’s…persuasive, and we wind up in bed, or the hot tub. She really has a strong libido, wonderfully strong. She can make me feel so appreciated when I’m alone, and it’s very reassuring to know someone else wants me that way.”

“Doesn’t Dan?” Not Danny, not Danny. “I mean, the two of you…I hear you sometimes from my room, and you sound pretty damn happy.”

“Oh, Dan does it incredibly for me. I hope you find someone who is such an amazing lover as Dan is. But… It’s hard to explain. I love him so much, you have to know that, Kel. It’s just…sometimes I need a little Celeste.”

Eager to know, even in the face of these admissions, Kelly blurted out, “Do you make her come? Did you lick her pussy this time?”

“Yes to both,” she confessed, and Kelly thought she saw her cheeks color in the light from the streetlamps shining on the nearly empty lot. “Being away from him for most of the month, I had to do something about how I felt, what I needed. She is a great kisser, and sometimes I just need that and her touch. Her tongue.”

What about the phone sex you had while I sucked Danny’s cock, or while we fucked on the couch, sis? She didn’t ask that, of course, but felt slightly less dirty now for her affair with him. Instead, she said, “Sis, you have to tell Dan.” Not Danny, not Danny. “He’s a great husband to you, you’re happy with him, around him, aren’t you? It’s not fair for you to keep it from him.” The last sentence shocked her, as she remembered what the two of them were concealing already.

“Kelly, it’s complicated.” It was a cop-out, and Kelly wouldn’t let her get away with it.

“Tell him. Besides, it looks like the thought of that would get him…hot for you. You saw how he reacted to your stories. Just let him know, maybe bring him with you the next time you visit her.” Jenny shot her a glance, then seemed to consider it.

“You won’t tell him, right?”

“Not my secret to tell, Jen. You should.”

“I’ll take that under advisement, counselor.” She chuckled. “I’m glad I told you both. It’s been a hard thing for me, keeping that from him. And you deserve to know, since you and Charlotte are so close.”

Kelly pulled her phone from her jacket pocket, and noticed Charlotte had texted her during dinner, probably in the middle of Jenny’s long sexual confession. “Speaking of… Let me call Shar.” She dialed the number, since she hadn’t had time to give Charlotte her own quick button, or her own ringtone or caller ID.

“Charlotte? It’s Kelly.” She was careful, in case her mom was eavesdropping. That woman could be a real pain to her daughters, she thought.

“Mom’s being a royal bitch again. She still thinks I was,” then she yelled away from the phone, “fucking some guy in the back of a car!” Kelly winced not so much at the volume, but at Charlotte’s obvious hurt.

“I can talk to her, tell her you were over at my house. No penises involved…”

“She won’t fucking believe you. Probably think you procured him for me, or joined in.”

“You okay, Shar?”

“Yeah, mostly. Can I still come over tonight?” Jenny couldn’t help but overhear both sides of the conversation, and nodded when Kelly looked to her for an answer.

“Yeah, Shar. Come on over. We’ve already eaten dinner, though. You want to stay a couple of days? Just get some time away?” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jenny’s approving nod.

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