Alvederzane Mein Hair


There is a blanket agreement in this story for the main characters to ‘comply’ with all requests and actions between them. Does that mean that everything will be discussed in advance? What fun would that be?!


This will be my first time visiting Germany. Gabe and I just spent a week in Paris; and it was amazing. We’ve been boyfriends for two years now, enjoying ourselves, each other, and life in general. After meeting online, we agreed to be open if we stayed together – and we did.

“I know. But my job needs me, too, Troy. Take a few days and get to Germany. Look up this guy I’ve been chatting with. His name is Hans. He’s hot for an American to hook up with. Send me pictures. Love you.” And off he went.

This trip to Germany is nice. I am taking the train because it relaxes me completely. Hans is excited to meet me; and he should be at the platform waiting when we pull into the station in Stuttgart. We have each others head shots, so it should go smoothly.

“Please watch the platform as you exit; and enjoy your stay with us.” Not a good beginning – there’s no one on the station platform except a married couple with kids, and me.

“Hier druben! Over here!” That’s better, I recognize Hans as he’s speed walking to meet me. Better still, our greeting includes a hug! “It is good to see you, Troy. Come. I have a car waiting.” I wonder if Gabe knows more about Hans than he told me. For starters, his car is a Porsche Panamera GTS – not very fuel efficient, but hey – what ride! Stay with me. Hans and I are going to have a whirlwind time over the next 24 hours. You might say it will be the ride of my life!

“Does Gabe know you drive a Panamera, Hans?”

“Nein. I was hoping not to scare him away. Sometimes money can be intimidating. Are you comfortable, Troy?” I’m only here for 24 hours…better get started.

“With you? Absolutely! Oh…the car! Yeah…it’s a real beauty.” That produced a smile. Hans is a blond-haired blue-eyed six foot tall hunk of a man. For reference, I am five eleven, dark haired, and about twenty pounds past his weight. We are sharing some good talk on the way to his place. He isn’t wasting time either – the talk is mostly about our bodies, relationships, preferences, turn ons and turn offs. Gabe must have primed him for my stay. “What did Gabe tell you about me?”

“That you are looking forward to being fucked by some German cock as much as I am interested in being with my first American.” Well that’s straightforward. We’re pulling off the main road onto some sort of estate driveway.

“This is my home. As my guest, you may ask anything of me, and I will comply. I only ask the same of you. Do you agree?” Maybe I should say no.

“Sure, I agree.”

Part 2 –

What a house! Mansion. Estate. Whatever you call it, it’s got everything. We did the tour – Bauhaus style elegance to the max. There’s a pool, a sauna, a hot tub…and a game room. No. Not that kind.

“This is my game room, Troy. Let’s get naked, and I’ll demonstrate the equipment for you…for us.” There’s 22 hours left for my visit here. No time to waste!

“What’s that for, istanbul travesti Hans?” It looks like a mini shower pan just big enough for one – but it’s in the middle of the room, no walls around it and only a hose attached to a short pipe about two feet high.

“Good that you ask. The rest can wait. This is where the fun starts with my ‘guests’. I am pleased that you are curious about it.” He and I are disrobing; and I can clearly see that he is very pleased indeed – There’s a rigid eight inch rod standing at attention between his hairless legs. In fact, his entire body is hairless – no pubes…no pit hair, just smoothness everywhere. I’m starting to feel like a barbarian sporting a full bush, lush pit hair, and hairy legs and arms. Heck, even my ass crack is hairy. Gabe has no complaints!

“Step in.” Hans is wheeling over a small tray table brimming with all kinds of clippers, scissors, razors, soaps, body lotions, and there’s towels on the bottom rack. I get it. This is a shaving station. “I like my guests to be smooth.”

“Uh…I don’t know, Hans. Gabe and I…”

“But this is Hans and Troy for another twenty two hours! We agreed to comply with each other.” He’s right. Let’s see if some reasoning will work.

“Okay, but tell me why you do this. Is it something your countrymen enjoy? Do you all shave down?” He’s laughing. I’m blushing.

“You are too cute, Troy.” Hans has me in a bear hug. My six and a half inch cock is starting to rise, despite it being just a tad concerned with this shaving thing.

“No. Not all. In fact, most like their hairy parts. But they also find it a real turn-on once we get started. As for me, I like the look of smooth male skin. I like turning a hairy man into a shaved boy, all ripe and ready for my taking. Men only, mind you. No one under twenty one gets to play in this room with me!” Okay. That’s better.

“Okay. Make a boy of me, then!” Gabe will not like the pictures of this when he gets them.

“Good. Let’s start at the neck and work our way down.” Hans is using one of those dry battery clippers. He’s fast – my arms are already bare; and he is lifting one to get at my pit hair. There is a slow and steady stream of warm water at my feet that takes the hairs right down the drain. Got to admit that it all feels nice.

“I like this. Feels like I’m being pampered at a spa!”

“You are that! The other arm, please.” I watch as tufts of my pit hair fall languidly into the basin; only to be flushed away in the swirling water. Hans is clearly enjoying this, as well. After several passes of the tool, my chest hair and trail are no more.

“Ah. And now for the forest that is preventing your beautiful penis from standing out in full glory.”

“In America we don’t clear cut anymore, Hans…we just selectively trim and…” No use. The clippers is bogging down in my thick ‘forest’ of crotch hairs.

“Your sense of humor is top notch, my foreign friend. This is exactly what I have been hungry for!” The clippers is being replaced by a can of foam and a razor.

“Okay. Okay to the shaving, but that straight razor is gonna istanbul travestileri make me faint. Please, Hans, use the safety one instead!”

“I will not cut off your…”

“No! Please stop – don’t even say it!” He sees that I am agitated. To his credit, he’s making the switch in tools.

“Will it make you feel better to do this yourself, Troy? I would enjoy watching that.” Sure, why not.

“Sure. Thanks, Hans.” I take the safety razor from his hand, and as I do, he places a gentle kiss on my mouth. My smile relaxes us both. It’s not long before the strokes of the razor have me bushless, and Hans is holding up my cock so I can shave it, the balls and…”

“My turn again. It will not be easy for you to do your butt crack.” He has a point there. “Bend at the waist for me, Troy, and hold your cheeks apart. Yes! A few swipes and…ahhh, that’s better. You have such a lovely anus! Take a look.” Holding up the hand mirror shows me what my now shorn ass looks like. Damn – he’s right. My anus is lovely!

Part 3 –

Once my legs are shorn, Hans takes a towel from the cart, uses the hose to wet it down, and is gently washing the loose hairs from my skin. After patting me dry, he is going to apply a skin lotion. But that will be done at another station.

“Over to that “X” on the floor, please. It is where I will hoist you up for applying the lotion; and also where I will have my first taste of your body, be able to touch you everywhere I please; and to take you as mine…for starters.” Gabe and I have done some mild bondage. If its consensual, it’s okay with me.


“I know you by now, Troy. Have no concerns. The straps are of fine silk, and made so that you can release yourself at any time. It’s just role playing, and must be fun for us both…right?” As I nod in agreement, Hans is ‘tying’ my hands with the ropes. There is a short pole for me to grab on the hoist; and I see that he is right – I can slip out of the ropes at any time.

“Up you go!” The electric winch has my arms above my head; but he stops it with my bare feet still on the floor. This feels super sexy!

“Do I get to play with you, Hans?”

“Absolutely, yes you do. We have six stations to do after this one, and still have twenty hours left to do it in. The menu calls for sex, more sex, food and drink, lots more sex, a nap, and finally, goodbye sex!” The lotion is warm, and it is making my skin look soft and silky. I watch as he rolls over a different tray table. It has lots of familiar toys, and some that are new to me.

“Hey! We didn’t agree to a blindfold. HANS!” It is tied to my head nonetheless, and my vision goes dark.

“All is agreed to, Troy. You will never be permanently harmed, so just relax.” I hear the rustle of cloth, and the twisting off of a bottle top. “Be calm, my friend. Just take deep breaths.” WHAT? NO! “The next station awaits us my new friend. I find it better – for my pleasure – that my ‘guests’ are incapacitated for the first taking. There will be plenty for them to enjoy once that is out of the way.”

Part 4 –

“Lower this hoist Hans…my, travesti istanbul you are a heavy one, Mr. Troy! Here we are. This sling chair is perfect for me to fuck that pretty pink hole of yours for the first time. We can dispense with the blindfold now. You will awaken just about the time I am ready to seed your wonderful body. Then Hans will wipe away your tears of joy and we can continue our journey of discovery together. Without your vocal feedback, we’ll do two infusions of lube with the lube shooter…and I will be extra cautious to feel every inch of my penis as it penetrates your body, so as not to damage you in any way. In it goes.”


“There, there, just let your dreams carry you safely away. Oh, how wonderful it feels to rub my helmet onto your newly shaven skin. You should be proud to know that you have gotten my fluids to flow already, Troy. Aahhh. There is no tension in your body. This is why I have you asleep. My helmet has easily passed through your outer ring with absolutely no resistance. Go slowly, Hans. That’s it. One inch at a time. Oh. Oh, my. With no clenching down, my shaft is free to slip within this lovely warm channel like they have always been together. The video will show Troy just how careful I am being at taking him this way. It was not easy getting his legs up into the straps, but the angle of his anus and channel is now perfect for me. All but two inches of my pride have sunk within him. There. It is done. I am berthed.


“Yes, Troy. You feel the fullness of me within you. You are being fucked while in your dream state. Perhaps also within your dream? How perfect that would be!”


“You already have me at my edge, Troy. My thrusts within you, slow and rhythmic, need to be timed just right…”


“As your head begins to move and thrash side to side, you will awaken soon. Now timing is everything! Such a handsome man. Such a beautiful body. Oh, how I love taking a stud this way. Taking his precious ass as my own. Taking the very essence of his manhood from him and watching him later beg me to do it again! My time is close.”


“Ahh. Ahhh. Here it comes. Wake up. TROY!

“Hmm? Whe…”


“Huh? Where am…What the fuck? HANS! You son of a…”

“ANGHHHH!!!! Ich Komme! ICH KOMME!!! FUCK…I”M CUMMING!!!” Damn. If I admit how good it feels to have him cum inside of me like this, I won’t be able to express my anger at what he did to get us here. “OH! OH, Mein Gott! My God…that was good!”

“Hello! Hans? This is me. My eyes are up here!” Bastard better have a lot to say about this.

“Welcome back, Troy. None the worse for your ‘trip’?” If looks could kill…

“You tell me!”

“Better. I’ll SHOW you!” With Hans still impaled into my channel, and me nice and comfy in this sling…he’s clicking a control, and we both watch the events since I blacked out. Sure. His being kind and gentle is supposed to make all of this okay.

“What now, Hans?”

“Now we remind ourselves of our agreement – we comply with everything each of us does.” Fine. He’s right. I was so angry at first that I started to tear up.

“Let me wipe away these tears. Are you still angry with me…or can I release us both from this station.”

“I’ll let the anger go if you make it up to me.”


“Easy. Just comply!”

to be continued…

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