Amy’s First College Wrestler


It’s Saturday night and Trey (21 yrs.) is walking back to his college dorm room. A gate is locked and he’s forced to walk around a girl’s dorm building. His eyes notice a light coming from a window. He walks closer and the curtain is halfway closed.

A naked woman is walking around inside. She’s wearing red panties and her round tits are on full display. She has smooth brown skin with long, black hair.

He says, “Holy shit, nice tits… She looks familiar.”

It’s Monday evening and wrestling practice is over. Trey is naked who stands on a weight machine. He smiles because his competing weight is still at 157 lbs. His feet step off the machine and he stride’s over toward the showers.

Trey leans one hand against the wall. The hot water splashes over his head. He thinks about the woman he saw in that window. Those great looking tits and long black hair. He knows that he’s seen her somewhere before.

Amy (21 yrs.) is a Polynesian with a terrific body (35-24-32). It’s Saturday afternoon and the home wrestling meet has just started. She sits down in the bleachers inside the large gymnasium.

Trey lost his first match of the season and isn’t happy. He angrily walks off the gym floor, but looks over his shoulder. He notices Amy sitting in the bleachers. She’s the girl in bursa escort that window. He unstraps his head gear and rests his hands on both knees. He looks over at her and the guy sitting next to her. He must be her boyfriend.

Trey finished his shower and sits down in front of his locker. A thought finally comes to him. That girl has been a fan of the wrestling team. She’s been sitting in the bleachers during home meets and practices.

Thursday night. Trey walks into his single hotel room for an out-of-town meet. He strips naked and lays on the bed for a nap.

Knock-Knock-Knock. It’s the door and Trey wakes up. He says, “It’s probably coach.”

He walks over and his hand cups his cock and balls. He leans forward and looks through the peep-hole. It isn’t coach. It’s that girl standing by herself.

Trey whispers, ‘Shit, it’s her.”

He opens the door, but only a few inches. He asks, “Yeah, can I help you? I’m not dressed.”

Amy replies, “Hi Trey. I’m Amy and a big fan of yours.”

“Well, thanks. What do you need?” He asks and then opens the door a little more. He shows his bare chest.

Amy hands over her hotel card-key. She says, “That’s my room key. I’m getting married in a few months. And…, I’ve never slept with a white guy before. I’m Polynesian.” bursa escort bayan

She quickly walks away. Trey looks at the card and smiles, “I never fucked a Polynesian before, either.”

It’s been a long two days. All Trey can think about is Amy’s nice tits. He wins his match on Saturday afternoon. His eyes look for Amy who isn’t anywhere in the stadium. Maybe she’s waiting for him, in her hotel.

Saturday night inside Amy’s room. The curtains are closed and there is only one lamp light on. It shines over the naked bodies of Trey and Amy. She’s laying back on the bed. Her black hair lays over a pillow. Her legs are spread open. He’s lying on top of her with his chest pressing against her tits. His face is turned over her right shoulder.

Trey’s thick, 6-inch cock, is buried inside of her pussy. He’s thrusting long and slow.

Amy responds, “Oh… God… Ohh… Trey… Mmm… God…!”

Each thrust brings their hot bodies together. Trey keeps it slow moving.

He whispers, “Fuck.”

Both of her hands grip his broad shoulders. She breathes hard, “Tr-Trey… Uhh… God… Don’t… Stop… Trey…!”

He lifts up his head and they kiss passionately. Trey doesn’t stop thrusting.

Amy screams, “Trey… Riiightt… THERE… THERE…! God-My-God…!” escort bursa

Trey pulls out his cock and pushes off her body.

He gently turns her, onto her stomach. Amy breathes hard as Trey pulls her legs over the edge of the bed. He smiles down at her firm buttocks and black pussy.

His fingers stroke her wet pussy lips. He wipes those fingers around his condom.

Trey states, “You’re so wet Amy.”

“Only when I see you” she replies.

He guides his cock-tip toward her pussy lips and inserts slowly. He pushes in as deep as he can.

“God!” she says.

Trey leans over and places his hands on the bed. His eyes look down at his black crotch touching her butt cheeks. He begins thrusting fast and hard.

Amy responds, “Uhh-Uh-Uh-Uhh-Uhhhh!”

His eyes never leave his crotch as it hits her buttocks.

Amy’s hands grip the sheets, “Uhh-Uhh-Uh-Uhhh!”

Trey grunts, “Here it cums!”

He pushes in one last time and explodes, “Shiiiiiittt…! Shiiitt…! Ssshh-iitttt!!”

His cock pulls out. Trey then yanks off the condom and drops it. He falls to his knees and his hands grip her firm buttocks. He kisses them.

Late Sunday morning.

Amy wakes up naked and Trey is gone. She climbs off the bed and notices that the room telephone is blinking. She walks over and presses a button.

The voice-mail says, “Amy, it’s Trey. I had to catch the early bus back to college. If you want to meet again, before your wedding. My private email is “HotTrey”.

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