An Aching and a Longing


“Are you sure?” he asked me tentatively.

I was sure, sure of nothing else right now, but of course I also wasn’t.

He was a friend, a good one, but he was also with someone who I cared about, deeply. Someone who I’d known for a long time. She was beautiful, trusting and sensitive and I was terrified that by doing this so much might be destroyed.

Still my hesitancy did not reflect my lack of desire. I wanted him. I yearned to go past the quick peck on the cheek, the casual brush of his palm against my breast as we hugged goodnight or the few times he’d taken my hand as we walked together. I’d seen his hesitancy whilst offering but also the sense of joy when I’d accepted.

Those moments, that steadfastly remained undiscussed, had cemented unspoken feelings. We’d both watched as our partners walked in front of us arm in arm or said their goodbyes at the end of the night. We felt the embers of desire that burned within but somehow we’d held back. But now the lockdown was finally over and we were together and he was here in my kitchen.

I jumped down from the counter top and closed the space between us.

“Yes,” I whispered softly as our lips met for the first time.

And in that moment I knew. A warmth spread throughout me. His soft and gentle kisses thrilled me. He wrapped his arms behind me and pulled my body against his. His hands firmly in the small of my arched back as I lifted my face to meet his. His mouth began to move with more intensity and I parted my lips to allow his probing tongue entry. It was skilful and thorough and the excitement of what we were doing was becoming more evident as I felt the bulge in his jeans pushing against me.

One hand slid up my back and became entwined in my hair and his urgent lips pressed harder against mine. His other hand briefly held my elbow before he cupped it gently around my face, his fingertips slowly circling behind my ear in that sweet spot that always sends shivers down my body. I nestled my cheek into his warm hand and looked into his gentle eyes and studied his face.

“What are you thinking about?” I murmured.

“Oh, just how long I’ve wanted to do this!” he said softly. “And how damn beautiful you look right now!” he added with a smile.

“You look nervous!” I replied whilst taking his hand in mine.

“Well I don’t want to mess this up. It’s something I’ve thought about for so long. And, I suppose I still wonder if this is really going to happen!” he added quietly.

My heart fluttered at his sensitivity; at his concern for me. That despite the urgency growing between us, he was still checking with me.

“I’m definitely okay with this!” I whispered quietly as our kisses began once again.

Outside in the garden we could hear our partners laughing together as they shared in some joke or other. Music played softly and the blazing fire crackled away in the pit. There was a brief silence then another cork popped, glasses clinked and the laughter and chatter resumed.

He took my hand and asked “Are you ready?”

Pulling his arm with me, I swiftly led him through into the other room before my nerves got the better of me. The embers in the hearth welcomed us as I turned to face him.

“Kiss me!” I demanded.

He looked nervously towards the door.

“Don’t worry, they’re busy enough outside so we won’t be disturbed!” I said, sounding a lot more confident than I actually felt.

He took me in his arms and directed me towards the large leather sofa that lay directly in front of the fire. Pushing me carefully backwards he Escort bayan lay me down. I could see the desire in his eyes.

He knelt at the end of the sofa and lowered himself until his elbows were supporting his body either side of me. I looked up at him and opened my lips slightly. My warm breaths were barely audible as I waited for his next move. I held his gaze as my heart raced. The tip of my tongue ran across my lips as I lay there in silence.

He held my gaze for a moment longer and then he kissed me. I gasped, then pulled him closer to me and eagerly kissed him back. His lips were smooth and firm like the feeling of his chest above me. I felt his mouth open and I slid my tongue inside. Probing and dancing with his. Our tips swirling and pushing against each others. I shuddered as his urgency grew.

He moved his lips away and I felt empty. I pushed my face back up to regain contact but he resisted. He smiled at me then lowered his lips to my neck. His kisses were soft and gentle again. His tongue exploring my sweet spot. I trembled. His mouth felt right. So attentive.

“Mmm” I murmured as his hands began to travel down my body smoothing the faded fabric of my t-shirt against my breasts. His fingertips stroked my sides and danced across my stomach. I looked into his eyes and nodded as they reached my waist and watched as he slipped them beneath my hem.

His fingers began to travel back up my body until he found the bottom of my breasts. He smiled when he realised I wasn’t wearing a bra and cupped my warm mounds in his hands. I lifted my body up a little so I could feel more pressure. His palms pushed back and he kissed me again.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“Yes!” I breathed back before shuddering as his fingertips found my nipples. He teased them to full attention and began to softly squeeze. I moaned my approval and my body shivered again despite the heat being generated between us.

“No, don’t stop!” I murmered as he let go.

He just smiled down at me and then began to pull my top up my body. My long dark hair spilled out behind me as he pulled it swiftly over my head and pushed me back onto the smooth leather beneath. He lowered his mouth to my stomach and slowly began to explore my skin. I trembled as his soft butterfly kisses brought me out in a carpet of tingling goosebumps. His journey was slow and deliberate as he concentrated on exploring my exposed body. When he reached the edge of my breasts he stopped and lifted his face away and gazed down at me.

I felt my face blush a little as he stared hungrily at my body. I lay there topless in my jeans watching his eyes devour me. My nipples hardened as he absorbed every curve and swelling, each freckle and line on my body.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as he continued to gaze at my naked breasts beneath him. “Is something wrong?”

“Jesus, no!” he replied. “I’m savouring this so I can remember exactly how you looked the first time I saw you!” he added gently.

I pulled him closer and his mouth sought out mine. Pure emotion raced through my body. I wanted him. Needed him. I yearned his touch, ached to have him.

When he dropped his mouth to my breast I groaned. My panties were sticking to my smooth mound. I ground my hips against his, feeling the bulge inbetween us pushing the hard ridge of my jeans against my pussy. He sucked my hard little nipple deeper into his mouth and flicked across the tip with his tongue. I moaned louder feeling the burning need to be touched further below increase. I wriggled harder and he Bayan escort smiled and laughed.

“Just a little longer” he teased.

I sighed softly, enjoying the feel of his mouth on my body and resigned myself to having to wait before his attention would divert to my soaking pussy.

I slipped my hand under his t-shirt and toyed with his nipples. They hardened to my touch and I began to twist and pull them. He moaned a little at this sudden attention and I enjoyed this feeling of desire that I was creating in him.

“Take your top off!” I said.

He quickly sat up and pulled it over his head. As he did I looked at the swelling in his jeans and reached out slowly with my fingers to touch his faded denin. He caught my hand and placed his over mine and pushed down with me. I could feel my panties getting wetter.

“Can I take it out?” I whispered as my heart began to race a little faster.

He withdrew his hand and swung his leg over me back to floor. He stood close enough for me to unfasten his belt and I began to undo his top button. He sucked in his stomach to remove some of the tension and I laughed nervously when his button released. I looked up into his attentive face and then slowly freed the remaining buttons. The gaping vee barely concealed his cock that was straining against his boxers. I deftly slipped my long slender fingers inside and pulled him free.

“Ohhh!” I exclaimed as he was revealed. I couldn’t help it and the tip of my tongue slipped across my lips, wetting them in anticipation. He watched me studiously as I grasped his cock in my fingers and began to slowly move my hand up and down. I watched as his swollen head appeared as I pulled his skin further down on each stroke and I licked my lips again as his thick ridge was revealed.

I extended my tongue to meet the small drop of liquid that my hand had created. He positioned himself infront of my waiting mouth. I parted my lips and allowed him in.

I ran my tongue around his cock feeling every bump and ridge. His skin was soft on his shaft, his head so smooth. I sucked my cheeks in and slowly drew my head away. He looked down at me intently, watching as more of his cock was revealed.

“Mmm that feels amazing!” he gasped.

I flicked my tongue around his gaping hole at the tip and dipped it inside feeling him tremble as his nerve endings exploded at my invasion. I grasped the base of his cock firmly and began to move my hand in a slow steady rhythm. He moaned as I began to suck harder and he dropped his hands to the back of my head. I felt his fingers run through my hair. My skin tingled.

“I love watching you do that!” he sighed.

I rolled my tongue around his cock and then pushed down till my mouth was full. I grasped his firm cheeks with my hands and held him there before I slowly pulled away, keeping my lips tight against his hard shaft until he finally slipped out.

I looked up into his green eyes and he smiled back. He gently stroked the side of my face and helped me to my feet.

“Can I return the favour?” he asked with a slight grin before dropping to his knees.

His fingers found the button of my faded designer jeans and quickly released it. His face was so close to me and I blushed a little knowing he would be able to pick up on the signs of my arousal. His fingers grasped my zip and lowered it revealing the top of my simple cotton panties.

“I can see you’re enjoying this!” he winked as he carefully peeled the material away from my smooth pussy.

I watched as he trailed his fingers slowly Escort across my stomach and then down the inside of my thighs carefully avoiding the source of his desire.

“Touch me please!” I urged and then gasped as his lips unexpectedly met mine. I’d imagined his fingers would have been first but the softness of his kisses sent sparks running through me. I felt his palms spreading me wider and then his tongue was inside, licking, probing, sliding deeper.

I shuddered as he fastened on my hard nub and rolled his tongue around. I gasped loudly when he slipped a long finger inside my pussy, skillfully finding my spot and making me shudder as he sucked and pulled gently on my clit.

“Oh god that’s good!” I exclaimed as I watched him eating my pussy. My juices were flowing freely and my body was longing to be filled.

“Fuck me!” I groaned as his added another finger. “I want you to fuck me now!”

He positioned his hard cock between my open legs and rubbed the tip of his shaft up and down my swollen lips that surrounded my pussy. I shivered as he slid up and down my wet groove.

“Are you teasing me?” I gasped.

“Maybe just a little” he replied with a smile.

But then I moaned as his swollen cock pierced through my defenses and I grabbed his cheeks to force him deeper. My pussy grasped and pulled at every ridge and bump on his hard shaft. I looked into his eyes as he slid deeper into me and we knew.

“Ohhh!” I exclaimed as he began to build up a steady rhythm. His cock splitting and filling me. My fingertips dug deeper into his cheeks as I thrust myself up to meet him.

“Look at me!” he demanded.

I opened my eyes and met his gaze briefly before he dropped his eyes to where my open legs revealed my bare pussy and his swollen cock plunging into my dripping hole.

“You feel amazing” he gasped.

My fingers clung to his back as I watched his cock sliding in and out of my pussy before my head fell back as I groaned from the sheer intensity that was building in the centre of my core.

I kissed him and wrapped my legs around his waist. My nipples hard against his chest. I pushed my body up to meet his downward thrusts so his cock was forced deeper into my hot pussy.

“Keep fucking me like that!” I groaned as my body was brought closer to the edge. “I want to come with you inside me” I growled as his hard cock pummeled in and out.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold back” he panted, the beads of sweat on his forehead evidence of the furnace created between us.

“Just fuck me a little bit… more!” I moaned before my pussy clamped tight on his cock, and wave after wave of explosions shot through my body. He was panting loudly and I knew that he was close too.

“Stay inside me” I said. ‘I’m safe”.

That was all he needed and with an arch of his back and one final thrust he shot load after load into my tight pussy. His body trembling and chest heaving as he emptied himself into me.

“Wow, that was good!” he exclaimed before dropping his mouth to each of my nipples, licking and sucking them briefly before returning to my lips. He kissed me gently and ran his fingertips down the side of my face.

“Thank you” he whispered.

I smiled at him and closed my eyes in the post bliss. I kissed him softly. Our lips moving gently together as we enjoyed the stillness.

“I’m not sure where this is going to take us, but I hope we get more time together” he said quietly.

“I’d like that” I replied with a contented smile as he stretched to retrieve our clothes from the floor.

I quickly got dressed whilst he went to find us all a cold drink from the fridge. When he returned with a bottle of fizz and four glasses I determined that we’d work something out and this moment wouldn’t be our last.

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