An Afternoon in the Sun


I was invited over for drinks with my girlfriend, Tina, and BBQ. Since I was new in town, she thought to introduce me to some of her friends. Now this turned out to be more than the average BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) and meet and greet.

Tina has a large pool almost as long as her house. She works as model and has profited from it well plus other ventures including business and real estate. Now she’s about 5’4″, brunette, athletic and quite open minded. Her friends are models or certainly look like models. She has either worked with off and on over the years. They’re all in their mid-twenties.

Unknown to me, Tina had drinks with the girls a week before to catch up on things including the news about the writer of this tale. In her conversation, she mentioned my huge cock size to them. They didn’t believe her thus, their other motive in coming over this little social.

Tina is having a drink in the shallow end of the pool with Fanny and Jesica. Fanny is about 5’6, good shape and nice breasts underneath her red bikini. Jesica is about 5’5″, a model, and beautiful breasts being restricted in her stripped bikini. Now the girls are talking away about work, movies and other topics. We all finished eating so we collected around the pool.

I decided to take my beer and lay in the shallow end with my waist laying under the water. Oh yes, this is in California and extremely hot so the pool really was soothing in the scorching heat. They huddled in the corner and whispering. I looked on and wondered why they became silent.

Jesica, Fanny and Tina all swam over to my end of the pool for a little chit and chat. I knew something was up. Tina started.

“Now the girls and I were talking and we want to know which bathing suit top looks better on each of us. We want your opinion.”

“Ok so survey.”

Tina takes off her top revealing her 36D breasts and hands over her green top to Fanny with her medium sized 32B breasts. Jesica takes off her top showing her 34C breasts while waiting for her turn. Fanny hands over her red top.

‘I hope you don’t mind us being topless, Sam.” Replies Jesica.

“No, I used to live in France so topless beaches were the norm.”

Jesica keeps her arms folded until Tina and Fanny are done with their tops. Tina adjusts the top with the red Escort bayan top just holding her breasts in place. Her nipples are just being covered. Fanny’s breasts are all covered with some side boob showing. Jesica says “Ok what do you think?”

I hesitate. “I think you need to exchange with Jesica’s top before I make a decision.”

Jesica and Fanny exchange tops. Jesica slims down the panels to reveal more of her breasts and covering only her nipples. Fanny huffs and does the same. Now I admit my cock was getting harder as they switched tops. I decide to have another swig of my beer. Tina says “Well, Now can you make a decision?”

“Nope, I think you guys need to change bottoms as well.”

‘Ok then.”

They look at each other and shrug their shoulders and take off their bottoms so they are matching. I couldn’t notice that Fanny’s pussy was nicely trimmed while Jesica had a bit of hair about her clit. I forgot to mention Fanny is a brunette and Jesica a blonde.

“Now what you think?” says Tina

“I think you guys need to get a little closer and model for me a bit.”

Fanny comes over to my left side moving a little closer as she strikes a few poses. Jesica moves to the centre just in between my legs. Tina seems not to mention anything about her proximity to me. Tina moves to my right side and strikes a few poses.

They look at each other. Tina says “Someone here hasn’t changed his bathing suit yet, we’ll have.”

I stand up on the shallow end with all these women and it was not hard to get aroused. My enthusiasm was beginning to show through the swimming trunks. The next moment really took my breath away when all three women take a couple of steps on their knees in the proximity of my raging hard-on.

All three take off my trunks simultaneously.

“Much better, don’t’ you think ladies?” says Tina.

“Oh much better, you said he had a big cock, now I believe it.” Responded Fanny.

“That’s some cock!” says Jesica.

Then Jesica reaches out with her hand and runs it up and down my cock. Fanny gets a nod of approval from Tina and puts her hand on my cock as well. Now I am getting a double handed hand job. Tina then moves to the centre and licks the head.

“Now Tina that’s rude to your guests, they should taste first.” Bayan escort Says Fanny

“Agreed.” As Tina leans back slightly while the other two now get very close to her with their breasts touching as they all surround my cock. One man’s fantasy is two women and now three is heaven.

Fanny is the first one to lick the head with Jesica licking on the shaft. Tina repositions herself so she licks the other side. The sensation was absolutely incredible. This was only the beginning of the afternoon frolics.

Fanny leans forward beginning to swallow my cock. She works way down the shaft when Tina moves her hand behind her head and forcing it down further. “Come on girl!” she says. Fanny gets within inches of swallowing me whole when pulls back gapping for air. “My turn!” exclaims Jesica. Fanny move the cock her mouth.

Jesica manages to swallow me whole without any encouragement. She moves her mouth up and down my shaft with Fanny licking it between the motions. “OK Tina, your turn.” Says Jesica.

Tina then licks up and down the shaft in long strokes. The others are getting turned on with Fanny begins to finger herself underneath the water line. Jesica squeezes both Tina’s nipples and Fanny breasts lightly. Fanny smiles back and licks my cock again squeezing both their tits together. Tina’s nipples are surprisingly hard and rub against her friends hardening nipples.

“I think we need to examine this further.” Says Fanny.

“I think so too.” As I stand in front of the three lovelies.

Tina takes my hand and escorts me to the lounge chair. Fanny moves the other two lounge chairs closer together as Tina lays me down on the chair. “Now you stay there while we continue our inspection.”

All three begin licking my cock with their tongues touching spontaneously along the way. Tina seems turned on and squeezes her own breasts in response. The other two wrap their arms around Tina’s back. I’m in complete heavy with each one of them taking turns sucking and licking my shaft.

Without saying much Fanny moves between them and begins to insert my cock as she begins to ride me. ‘Guests first Tina” she says. Jesica gets to her side and helps her onto my cock. Tina still astonished how forward her friends have begum. Fanny leans back and she moves slowly Escort up and down my cock.

Tina comes over and kisses me passionately. She whispers “You like my little set up.” I agree with her. She kisses down my stomach and rubs Fanny’s clit. Fanny moans with this action. Jesica rubs Fanny’s nipples now and then since this whole experience is new to her. Tina licks my shaft between thrusts.

Fanny is almost ready to cum when she gets off my cock and helps Jesica onto my cock. Jesica grabs the cock head and guides it into her. Tina now in sixty-nine position gives me her pussy as I begin to lick it. Fanny not being left out begins to lick Jesica’s hard nipples. Jesica astonished brings her closer and sucks her breasts.

Tina begins to moan a little louder begin me satisfy her wet pussy. She licks Jecisa’s clit in between the moans. Fanny moves in and encourages her lick her friend’s clit. Fanny and Tina both cum at the same time. It was now Tina’s turn.

“It’s your turn girlfriend to ride this beautiful cock.” Jesica claims.

“If you insist.” As Tina slides her body down my chest to my cock. She moves to enter my huge cock into her tight pussy. This where things get really interesting.

Tina is then aided both Fanny and Jesica upon my cock. As Tina’s large tits begin to bounce with each thrust each begin to lick her hardening nipples. Fanny keeps on encouraging her to ride my cock harder. Tina puts both hands on my legs and leans back with Fanny kissing her with Jesica rubbing her clit. Fanny kept telling Tina to ride me harder. Tina moans louder surprising her friends.

“Tina we didn’t know you were such a screamer.” Says Jesica.

“Yes, you are such a quiet type.”

I get up and put Tina on all fours. Fanny gets behind me and gets my cock into Tina. Jesica kneels in front of Tina giving her luscious tits to suck. She gives one breast to her then the next moaning with each lick. “Come on girl harder into the cock.” Exclaims Fanny.

Jesica getting more adventurous begins to sneak underneath Tina licking down her stomach as she leans back then on all fours as they go into the sixty-nine position. Jesica switches between licking between my cock and Tina’s clit. Tina is holding onto the lounge chair with all these crazy sensations.

Sensing about to cum. I pull out of Tina. As they turn around they all kneel before me welcoming my sweet cum. I spray into each of their opening mouths. They in turn kiss and lick off the cum off each other faces. Now that’s freaking hot!


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