An Introduction to Swinging Ch. 05


Candy and I were out on a Saturday night at a local wine bar listening to music when her cell phone pinged. During date nights we generally ignore our cell phones whenever possible, but recent family events made us a little more attentive.

This particular ping was from an online site that caters to the swinger lifestyle. We had posted our profile, indicating that we were open to new relationships but so far hadn’t gotten any bites. A feature of the site allowed you to post when you were out on the town and open to contact from like minded individuals or couples.

The message was short: “Like your profile, and especially the pics. I live nearby to where you are and wanted to know if I could join you for a drink?”

Candy clicked on the profile link to get a look at who the admirer was, and a big grin appeared on her face. She checked out the profile pics to find a fairly well built, definitely well hung, good looking single black man. She looked me in the eyes and said, “What do you think?”

“Let’s go for it,” I replied. “No harm in sharing a glass of wine.”

Candy had a few encounters with black and Hispanic men at Secrets, but never a one on one experience. Ron sent his phone number, and we sent him the address of the wine bar. He indicated he would be there in about a half hour. While waiting I ordered another bottle of wine to get Candy’s courage up.

Ron showed up on time, and he matched his profile pics to a T. Candy grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I can tell when she gets excited, and tonight was no exception. Ron settled in on the right of Candy and she immediately placed her hand on his thigh, giving it a strong squeeze. I could see the wheels turning in her mind: istanbul travesti ‘muscles too’.

We poured another glass all around and chatted about our lifestyle experiences. Candy’s hand continued to massage Ron’s thigh, working her way north until I could see she had a firm grip on what appeared to be a very large cock. Ron was grinning from ear to ear, and then Candy went for the close.

“Ron, I would really like to fuck you, but we have a rule: on the first encounter Ari will be along, strictly for safety. He doesn’t participate, just watches. And if you have more wine or a decent Scotch for him you can make us both happy.”

“Not a problem,” replied Ron. “I am not shy and having an audience seems to make me work harder and last longer. I live about 5 minutes from here, ready when you are.”

I cashed out our check and we departed together. We followed Ron to his condo, parking in the drive while he pulled into his garage. He met us at the front door, and Candy wrapped her arms around his neck and proceeded to ram her tongue down his throat. Not much for me to do, so I gently nudged them both inside so I could close the door.

Ron broke the lip lock long enough to say “Let me get us some drinks.”

Candy and Ron settled down on the sofa while I sat in a comfy chair opposite. Nothing like a front row seat!

The small talk didn’t last long. Candy’s hand was back in his lap massaging as she sipped her wine, until finally she placed her glass on the end table, and with both hands unzipped his trousers and pulled out what appeared to be about 9 inches of thick, black cock. I could tell by her moan that she was excited. Before Ron could get his drink on the other end istanbul travestileri table Candy’s head was bobbing up and down in his lap. She is an excellent cock sucker, but his rigid cock was much more than she could get into her mouth. Her down stroke seemed to end just past his circumcised head. Ron leaned his head back and just smiled.

Needless to say my cock seemed to be enjoying the motion, almost as much as he was. Candy continued to suck on his cock, and I could see he was getting pretty excited.

Letting his cock slip out of her hungry mouth with a loud pop, Candy said insistently “Time to get naked.”

“Here or the bedroom?” asked Ron.

“Bedroom, if there is a place for Ari to sit and watch.”

We proceeded up the stairs to the master bedroom and both Ron and Candy began hurriedly undressing each other while sucking each other’s tongue.

I knew Candy would not be able to get that huge cock into her pussy without some serious lube, and Ron seemed to read my mind. First he went down on her, sucking on her pussy lips and flicking his tongue over her clit. For me, this is a sure way of getting her pussy juices flowing to provide enough lube for my average size cock. I was pretty sure they were going to need some additional help. I’m guessing that this isn’t the first time Ron has experienced this issue as he had a bottle of lube in the top drawer of the night stand and liberally applied it to both his cock as well has Candy’s pussy.

“Are you ready?” he asked her. Not waiting for an answer he slowly began sliding that massive dick into her waiting cunt

Candy let out a gasp as he entered her, then as he pushed farther into her pussy she replied “Oh travesti istanbul fuck yeah!”

From my position at the foot of the bed it was quite a sight. Honestly, that was the biggest hard dick I think I have ever seen and I had no idea whether Candy would be able to take in his entire length and girth. Fortunately Ron was accommodating and went very slowly, in a bit, out a bit less, in a bit more, out a bit less, until he had his cock half buried in Candy’s cunt. And that is when Candy wrapped her legs around his thighs, grabbed both butt cheeks with her hands and forced him in to the hilt. She let out a moan that I am sure I will never hear when I am in the saddle. His cock filled her up and then some, but Candy wanted it all. Her hips began slamming into his cock like there was going to be no tomorrow.

They went at it for a good 10 minutes as the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room. Candy had to have cum at least 6 – 8 times, based on the decibel volume of her screams.

I was wondering if Ron was ever going to get off when I saw his back and butt muscles tightening. He now started pumping her cunt with renewed vigor and I could tell he was moments away from a monstrous orgasm, until finally the dam broke and he too let out a guttural moan and screamed “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

As he continued to pump he squirted loads of cum into her sopping wet pussy. His jizz started leaking out around her pussy on each out stroke until there was a slick, white mess of pussy juices and cum that would soon be dripping down her legs.

Finally, both well spent, he began to withdraw and I could tell Candy’s cunt muscles didn’t want to let him go. As her pussy finally gave in I heard a sloppy ‘plop’ as his cock slipped out entirely. Together they lay in a sweaty heap, gasping for breath.

She looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back, and this is the point when I realized that Candy would become one of those addicted to big, black cock.

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