Anne And Rose And Me And Sam


The next weekend, Anne and I went for a swim on Saturday morning. After lunch, she said, “I want to go shopping! Come with me, please!” The look in her eye made it difficult to say no. She drove us downtown to the adult store where Sam had taken me the previous week. On entering, we saw Marshall behind the counter. He came over to us.“Welcome back, sir,” he gushed, “I hope everything worked out for you with your purchases!” Anne responded before I could.“Everything was amazing!” she gushed right back. “We need to add to our collection!” She leaned forward and whispered into Marshall’s ear, and he just smiled. Looking at me, she said, “Why don’t you wait for me back at the café? I won’t be long.” I shrugged my shoulders and left, leaving Anne in Marshall’s capable if feminine hands.Arriving at the café, who should I see but Sam, sitting at a small table with two coffees in front of her? I went over, and she stood up and greeted me with a hug and a peck on the lips, surprising me. “So,” she said, “spill. How’d it go last weekend?”“Awesome!” I replied. “Better than I could have imagined! Thanks in part to you!” I raised my coffee cup to her.“I know,” she said, a smug grin on her face, “Anne told me everything, Mister ‘Your cock feels enormous inside my ass!’” I was stunned that Anne would share such a thing with a woman she had previously thought I was secretly crushing on. “She couldn’t stop bragging about you, how you were the best lover in the world. Good for you!”“Well, I’m not giving izmit escort you any more details, but I’ll tell you, the gel and the ring worked better than I hoped!” I exclaimed quietly, as there was a family a few tables away.“I knew they would,” she said smugly. “And you’re welcome, I was happy to help.”  We continued chatting for a bit when she said, “You know I’m not here by accident today, right?”“I figured that out when I saw you, yeah. Anne’s getting sneaky in her old age.”“Well,” Sam replied, “she told me about Rose coming to visit. Are you okay with them being alone together? You know, now that you’ve had a chance to think about it?”“Yeah, I am. Did she tell you about our deal?” I asked.“She did,” Sam nodded, “like I said, she told me everything. She also told me she was worried you might back out.”“No, I’m good. I’ll just have to find some way to occupy myself without thinking too much about her and Rose when they’re together.” I sipped the last of my coffee.“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” she answered, “and if you get stuck, call me, I’ll occupy your mind. Oh, look, there’s your lovely bride now! Hi Anne!” She waved as my wife came in the door holding a small paper bag. Anne waved back, coming over to us and kissing Sam on the cheek and me on the lips. “I think I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone,” she said, making her exit.“Bye, Sam,” said Anne, “and thank you, for everything. Seriously, we couldn’t have gotten where we are without you.”“My pleasure,” yahya kaptan escort Sam said, under her breath, “as well as yours.” She waved and was gone.“So, you’re still good with Rose and me?” she asked. I nodded.“I’m fine with it, stop worrying.” I took her hand, “Let’s walk so we can talk some more.” We left the café and walked back to the car. Anne drove again and as she drove, we talked about her upcoming rendezvous. “My only concern was that she might give you something I couldn’t, but after last weekend, I’m not worried about that anymore. I mean, how long has it been since we made love nine times in seven days? She might give you something different than I can, but the way I see it, that can only make our sex lives, and the rest of our lives, better. I just want you to be happy.” Anne squeezed my hand.“Thank you, Sweetie, you’re so understanding. I’m lucky to have you.” We pulled up to an upscale lingerie store. “Now you can help me pick out a few things. I’m never going back to Granny-Panties again!” We went into the store, and I was assaulted by the vast array of sexy and alluring underthings on display. The hostess came over to us with the usual, “How can I help you today?”Anne told her she was looking to replace her underwear wardrobe completely and that she was not particularly experienced buying lingerie. You could see the hostess counting her commission as she took Anne’s elbow and led her to the back of the store. After asking gebze escort my opinion on a few things, I said, “Sweetie, you’re buying this stuff for you, not me, my opinion doesn’t really matter.”“Hang on to that one, the hostess said, “He is a keeper!”“If only you knew,” Anne replied, winking at me.“You know what,’ I said, “I think I’ll go across the street for a pint. How about you join me when you’re through here?” I hugged my wife and sidled up to the hostess, “Don’t let her spend it all today. Fix her up with a few things. She can always come back for more if she wants to.”“I got it,” she replied. “Enjoy yourself! I’ll have her back to you in about an hour.” I left and crossed the street to the pub. Just shy of an hour later, Anne came in, her arms laden with packages. I began to fear how much she had spent.“Sweetie, you are going to love the things I bought!” she gushed, “and I got you some things too!” She sat down and looked over the specials board on the wall above the bar. We each ordered supper and then left for home.Arriving home, I thought perhaps she was going to model her purchases for me, but she declined, saying it would have to wait for our next naughty weekend. “You’ll just have to be satisfied with the ‘same-old-same-old’ until then,” she giggled. Considering that the ‘same-old-same-old’ was pretty fucking awesome, I was happy with that. We had made love every night since our night in the hotel, but we hadn’t done anal since; Anne was a little sore for a couple of days afterward and didn’t want to overdo it. We had agreed that, in the future, if we had sex on Saturday nights, it would be butt-fuck night. This being Saturday, and given that we’d had sex every other night during the preceding week, I was a little jumpy with anticipation.

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