Annie’s Rape


[i]I checked the handle on the back door and found it unlocked. Opening it slowly I look in and see her in the living room with her back to me, she is wearing a black skirt with white stockings, and a white blouse, obviously the cunt just got home from the office. This Bitch has no idea I am there. I quickly come up behind her and clamp a hand over her mouth and put the knife to her throat. I feel her breath quicken as she feels the blade on her throat. I tell her to keep quite and I won’t have to kill her. I ask her if she understands and she just nods, her eyes never leaving the knife. I trace her tits with the blade enjoying the way she squirms and jumps while I run the blade over her shirt. I tell her that she is going to be fucked hard tonight like the slut she is, tears begin to roll down her cheeks as the realization that she is about to be raped finally sinks in. I slide the knife down the front of her blouse and slice open her top, exposing those big fat tits to my hands. I remind her to keep quite as I drop my hand to play with her jugs, I ask her if she is going to be good, and she nods quietly tears pouring down her cheeks. I lift one in my hand feeling its weight, I squeeze it hard and a whimper escapes her lips. I drop her tit and start slapping and pulling on her tits taking each one in my hand pinching and pulling on her nipples till they are red and welted, she is really starting to cry from the pain. Her chest is red with hand prints and welts from being abused. I punch the whore in the mid section, causing her to drop to her knees. I can hear the air leaving her lungs as she drops. I handcuff her so I can keep her hands out of the way. I have plans for a long night with this cunt and I don’t need her getting any ideas. I grab the hem of her skirt and pull it up over her ass, exposing a white thong covering her cunt. The bitch is sobbing uncontrollably as I pull her panties to the side exposing her holes to me. I laugh as I start to finger her cunt and tell her how I plan on fucking her ass deeply!

I slide a finger up her cunt and feel how tight and dry she is, this bitch hasn’t had any dick in a long time, but that’s about to change. I spit on her twat and start to work my finger back into her cunt. With my finger deep in her cunt I start slapping her ass making it red and causing her to beg for me to stop. I tell her to shut the fuck up and slap her in the back of the head, “you belong to me now bitch and you will do what I want you to, you understand me Cunt?”, I slap her hard across the face to prove my point. She is crying uncontrollably as she pleads with me to please stop. I laugh as I jam my thumb up her ass causing her to yelp. “OOhhh Please, Please ouch st.. st.. stop ouch please your hurting me, please stop” This stupid Bitch has no idea how hard she is going to be used. I pulled my thumb out and force two fingers up her shit hole causing her to scream and beg me to not hurt her any more,” I promises to do what ever you want just please don’t hurt me any more“. I laugh at her and tell her she will do what I want anyway or I will kill her and jamb a third finger up her Virgin ass hole making the bitch scream even louder. I continued to pump my fingers in her ass as I explain that all I want to do is hurt her and she had better be good or I might get carried away. She starts to cry even harder as I pull my fingers from her ass and shove them in her mouth forcing her to suck them clean., the taste of her ass making her want to throw up I push them down her throat making her gag. I pull my fingers out of her mouth and slap her hard across the face causing her to fall over on her side. I order her to get back on her knees, she does knowing she has no choice. I grab her thong and pull it to the side as I let my hard cock out of my pants . It’s time to really hurt this cunt and use that pussy properly. I laugh at her as I slap her ass with my hard cock teasing her about her asshole and how I plan to use her. I grab a handful of hair and push her face deep in to the recliner I have her bent over. She starts to struggle as she tries to breath. Laughing at her struggles I line up my cock with her cunt. She really begins to beg and plead for me not to fuck her, I slap her in the back of the head, and slam the entire length up her twat with out warning. Her head snaps back from the shock and pain as a loud scream escapes Sex hikayeleri her lips. She is dry and the pain is incredible as Annie is forced to take my cock deep her cunt, she pleads with me “ stop, it hurts so bad, OH GOD PLEASE DON’T HURT ME… OH GOD IT HURTS” and tries to wiggle away from the painful invasion of her pussy. I hold it in buried to my ball sack enjoying the way she is crying and begging for me not to fuck her. Then I slowly start to fuck my cock in and out of this cunt feeling the walls of her dry pussy grabbing my cock and watching the muscles in her body twitch uncontrollably from the pain as I force more of my cock in to her hole. Nature is starting to take over causing her to slowly get wet, in a desperate attempt by her body to stop the pain

I can barley understand the babble coming from this slut. I look down at her ass and give it a hard slap leaving a hand print on her left cheek. I spit on her asshole and work some spit in to her asshole with my thumb. I ask her how often her boyfriend fucks her in the ass and she said “ nobody has ever done that to me”. “I’m going to cunt and when I’m done with you, you will be a ass slut for sure. She really starts begging me to leave her alone. I slap her on the ass again and grab a handful of hair and drag her to her feet.
I shove her down on her back on the couch and order her to suck my dick. She refuses and I slap her hard causing her head to spin. I grab a handful of hair and stick the knife to her throat, immediately her mouth opens and I shove my cock into her mouth and down her throat watching her gag and spit as I hold her in place. I tell her that if I feel any teeth I will slice her throat, and ask her if she understands. She nods her head slightly as I shove my cock back down her throat. I know this bitch can’t breath when I am in her throat but then what the fuck do I care? I see the panic in her eyes as the need to breath gets stronger. I slap her and pull my dick out so she can catch her breath before shoving it back down her throat. I like the way this bitch looks with my cock in her mouth. I tell her that she better get used to having my cock in her mouth cause I plan on keeping this party going for a long time. Then I grab her by the hair and start fucking her face pushing my cock deep down her throat with each thrust. She is coughing and gagging , I can feel the cunt choking to death on my cock. I pull my cock from her mouth and slap her face as I pull out. “Time to fuck bitch” I tell her as I grab her by the hair and pull her up off the couch. I can’t pass up the opportunity to play with this bitches tits again and start to bite and suck on them. With her nipple between my teeth I bite down hard causing her to cry loudly in pain. “shut up bitch” I tell her and smack the other tit hard. She can no longer control her crying and sobs uncontrollably. I love to hear this bitch cry and slap her again, and again. Then shove her down on the couch again with her ass up in the air. “Hope you enjoy this as much as I will cunt“, I say mocking her. Time to give up that ass. She has given up any hope that this brutality will end soon, she is just trying to stay alive now. She Knows that her only chance is to do exactly what I tell her to do. Annie has accepted that she will be raped by this beast for hrs if not days and just wants to live through it, she knows he will kill her if she doesn’t do what he says, she can see it in his eyes. Pulling her skirt back up over her ass, I pull her thong out of the way and spit on that asshole watching those globes bounce as she tries to wiggle away from my probing fingers.

I slap her ass and tell her to be still. Annie knows that the time to FUCK that asshole of hers has come and she powerless to stop this beast from abusing her. She just hopes it will end soon as she feel the head of my cock at her asshole. I tell her to enjoy it as I start to push against her shit hole. She is crying really hard and begging me not to do this, “I will do what you want but please don’t it hurts so bad please, oh god please!” I laugh and tell what I want is fuck her virgin ass and that’s what I’m going to do so relax and enjoy it cunt”. I push again and feel her tense up, making her asshole even tighter I slap her ass and tell her to relax or it will hurt more, she seems to believe me as I feel her ass cheeks relax just a little, Sikiş hikayeleri that’s what I have been waiting for. I push hard and feeling her hole stretch and pop as her asshole gives way to the head of my dick. The cunt is crying and pleading with me to stop, I stop with just the head of my cock in her tight shit hole enjoying her pain and sobs. I watch her ass cheeks jump as her asshole opens and closes around my cock. Her shame is apparent from the crying and the way she buried her face in the couch. I slap her ass and stuff another 2 inches up her ass. “Do you like the feel of that cock in your ass slut?” I ask, taunting her causing more humiliation for the bitch. “sure you do cunt, now your going to be a ass slut every chance you get aren’t you Bitch!” She begs me to hurry screaming how bad it hurts, her tears falling like rain from her face, I just laugh and add another four inches to her over stuffed ass. Annie has never felt so stretched and feels like she needs to shit, the pain is worse than anything she has ever felt before, she feels like she is going to be split open from this huge cock stuffed in to her. Her violation is complete with this beast is buried in her ass. I slowly start to fuck the remain 2 inches in to her ass. I am enjoying the way she begs and pleads, so I ram the last 2 inches in and hold my cock there. I feel those ass cheeks on my thighs, she knows she has all 8 inches of cock stuffed up her ass. Her legs are shaking and her hands are opening and closing grabbing at nothing. Her face is contorted from the pain. Too bad for her we are just getting started. I pull completely out of her ass, and she asks if it is over. I answer by slamming all 8 inches back up her ass with one motion. Her head starts thrashing from side to side and a blood curdling scream comes out of her just fucked mouth. I pull out and do it again repeating this over and over for about 5 mins. Each time the screams grew quieter, till all that I could hear were her soft sobs, and grunts every time I slammed it home. I decided she needed to be naked and regain a little fight, I mean who likes a dead lay? I yank my cock out and hear her asshole pop as my dick comes out of her well stretched hole. I grab her by the hair and bring her to her feet forcing her down the hall way to her bedroom. I have been watching this bitch for weeks planning this night, I know her house and where her room is. I force her to her knees once we are in her room, taking out my knife her eyes grow wide with fear. I trace her throat and tits with the blade before sliding the knife inside the waist of her skirt. She jumps and tenses as she feels the cold steel on her naked skin. With one quick motion I cut away her skirt and thong leaving her in only her blouse gathered at her wrists and her stockings. I slice her blouse down the back slicing it away from her body, a few more quick cuts and the stockings and blouse are gone. Now this bitch is completely naked. Her lips are starting to swell from being slapped , I grab a handful of hair and force the cunt to look up at me. I tell her that I own her and that she is now nothing more than a fuck toy for me. To prove my point I start slapping her tits with a ruler she had laying on her dresser. The long welts pop up immediately and she pleads for me to let her suck my cock, anything to stop the abuse. I put down the ruler after a few more strokes marking her tits really good. I slap her across the face holding her by the hair still. “Ok cunt open your mouth and do it now, She opens her mouth happy to stop the abuse of her tits, stupid trusting bitch. I shove my cock all the way down her throat watching her gag again and begging around a mouthful of cock.

I really start fucking her mouth, pulling her face back and forth over my cock by the hair. I can feel her tongue on the underside of my dick, her lips making a perfect circle around my cock. Annie is trying to please me so I will stop abusing her, Good try but I won’t be happy till I have totally abused and humiliated this uppity Bitch. I grab the ruler again and slap her already sore and red tits over and over again enjoying the way they bounce and the whimper and tears it brings from this bitch. I tell her that the only way to make me stop is to beg me to fuck her in the ass again. She winces at the thought of being ripped open again, but the pain in her tits is clouding her Porno Hikayeleri thoughts. All she wants is for the pain to stop, she starts trying to make me cum with her mouth hoping to end this ordeal as quick as possible. “suck that cock you filthy slut” I tell her adding to her shame. “You like the taste of cock don’t you, You are a real Cum slut aren’t you Bitch?”

I make her tell me she is a cum slut with her mouth full of my cock, “Yes I’m a cum slut” she is to afraid to not do what I tell her. I decide to play with even more and make her beg me to throat fuck her like the whore she is. I love humiliating this stuck up cunt. I shove my cock down her throat and pinch her nose closed cutting off all her air, her eyes grow wide with panic as spit bubbles start coming from the corners of her mouth. I hold her still with my cock down her throat till I see her eyes start to roll back in her head. I let her go and she gasps for breath falling onto the floor. I grab her by the hair and force her on the bed with her ass up in the air. “Spread your legs wide open cunt and do it now”, she knows it is useless to resist me, it will only bring more beatings. With her hands tied behind her back she does as she is told and spreads her legs. I begin with slapping her ass till it is red and welted with hand prints, I tease her about the way her ass
Jiggles when I slap it, and ask her if I should use the ruler on her ass? She pleads with me to stop hurting her. I smile as I smack her ass a few more times extra hard causing her to start crying really hard. As I move between her legs I tell her” lay still bitch or I will really hurt you”. She doesn’t move even as she feels my cock head on her asshole. I spit on her hole and rub it in with my cock head. I see her tense up as my dick makes contact with her ass. I can feel her tighten that ass in a vain attempt to stop me from raping that hole. Raising my hand to her head I grab a handful of her hair and pull her back toward my cock. When I start to feel the resistance of her asshole on my cock I start to push in to her asshole stretching it but not enough pressure to slide it in. She starts whimpering from the pain and again pleads with me not to hurt her , she will do what ever I want as long as I don’t hurt her. I laugh at her and shove my dick all the way in to her ass till I hit bottom. The searing hot pain snaps her head back as she lets out a scream of pain. I can hear her trying to catch her breath and sobbing uncontrollably. The lack of lube makes her asshole grab at my cock with every movement we make. Annie’s head is rolling from side to side as I hold 8” of cock buried in her ass. She is babbling incoherently through her sobs. I pull out till just the head is in her ass and then slam it home again causing the bitch to scream out again, “ouch oh God ouch unnnh please unnh unnh please dear god stop, please stop please it hurts so bad please!!!!!!!!” Damn this bitch is making me even more horny with her begging and pleading. I pull out and slam it home again enjoying her pain and humiliation. “You like that cock don’t you whore”, I tease her as I fuck her as hard as I can now driving in to her bowels like a steam piston. I have her tell me that she likes the way I stuff her ass, and I increase the speed and depth of her ass rape. It is time to cum and this bitch is going to eat it. I pound her ass so hard she scoots forward on the bed till her head is bouncing off the head board. I slap her ass again and throw her over on her back. Lifting her legs over my shoulders I drive my dick back up her butt. There is no stopping this assault she is going to get all of it and deep! I pull my cock out after about 5 min. and shove it deep in her throat to make her taste her ass. She can feel my cock in her throat swelling even bigger than before and jumping around in her mouth, she knows it is about to explode. The taste of her own ass and the dick down her throat make her gag and wretch as I shoot my cum down her throat and into her belly. I pull out and shoot a wad right a crossed her face before shoving it back in to her mouth. “Get every drop you fucking cunt and make sure its clean, or I will shove a baseball bat up your ass.” With tears streaking down her face she cleans my cock with her mouth. I leave her on the bed tied up with my cum drying on her face, and go get my bag of toys from the back door where I dropped it. The night is still young and I have a lot more pain planned for this bitch. I pick up her cell phone and make a few calls on my way back to her room. This is way too fun to keep to my self…………

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