Another Girl Next Door Story. Part 2.


After supper and TV time he headed to his room and donned his Speedo and waited. It was just a little shy of 10:30 when his laptop beeped and Zak quickly donned his headset and hit the ‘accept’ key. Once again Airel’s beautiful face appeared on the screen and due to the angle of the camera, he could see that she was clad in a shiny blue bra.”You like? It’s made of satin,” she informed him.”I like,” he answered.”Is everyone asleep?” she asked.”Yes,” he responded.”Same here. So meet me out back,” she responded before her image vanished.Once again Zak crept out of his house and jumped the fence between their houses. He found her stretched out on the same double-wide chaise lounge as last time. She was clad in only her blue bra, panties and garter belt that were all made of satin. The addition of silky seamed nylons on her legs and high heels on her feet made him want her even more.He took his place beside her and they hugged each other. A second later their lips were locked and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Zak ran his hands up and down her firm leg and enjoyed the sensation of the nylons against his fingers.Airel pushed him on his back and sat on his thighs. She then slowly unfastened her bra and allowed it to fall to the ground to reveal the most perfect tits Zak had ever seen. Airel leaned forward and arched her back to place her breasts in close proximity of his mouth. He needed no coaxing or instructions and when she felt his lips and tongue on her hard nipples, she issued a sexy moan.As Zak licked and kissed the silky skin of her beautiful breasts he became aware of the heat and wetness on his legs coming from behind her bahçesehir escort tiny silken panties. His cock grew hard and Airel gently ground her crotch against his. She stood up for a second and jimmied her panties down to reveal a tiny strip of hair between her thighs. She then leaned forward and placed her hands on the waistband of his Speedo and slowly drew it down his legs. Once again his rock-hard teenage cock sprang into the warm night air.Airel then took a seat on his thighs again and leaned forward. She kissed his cheeks, eyelids and lips while gently moving her tits against his naked chest.”Do you want me?’ Airel asked”Yes,” Zak replied.”Then you will have to swear that you will never tell anyone about this, and I do mean anyone,” she said in a solemn tone.”I swear not to tell anyone, ever,” he stated.Airel raised up on her knees and moved a few inches until she was above this throbbing member. Zak felt her tiny cool hand grab his cock and move it toward the entrance of her pussy.”I don’t have any protection,” he managed to say in his excitement.”You don’t need any with me,” Airel responded as she began to lower herself on him.Going bareback was also a new sensation. Normally the fear of pregnancy and disease had him always wear a condom, but for some unknown reason, he trusted her words.She was hot, wet and tight and moaned as every inch moved into her. This cowgirl position was new to Zak as all his former conquests wanted him on top. Airel would raise up slightly and then slam herself back down again. This movement caused both of them to moan with pleasure.In between her rising and falling on his cock, she would grind beylikdüzü bayan escort her pussy against him. Airel would lower his head so she could kiss and lick his chest and nipples. She would then push her tits into Zak’s face so he could do the same to hers. Finally, all this stimulation was too much and Zak felt his orgasm approaching.”Airel, I’m gonna cum,” he told her between gritted teeth.”Then go for it,” she responded.”I’m not wearing any protection,” he reminded her again.”You don’t need any,” she answered in an abated breath.Less than ten seconds later they both enjoyed massive orgasms. She lay on top of him for the longest time as she floated down from her orgasmic high. Airel eventually crawled off of him and they held each other, gently kissing. Between her silky skin, gentle kisses and the sight of her in nothing but her garter belt, nylons and heels, Zak was hard again in no time.This time Airel lay on her back and invited Zak on top. The feeling of her nylon-clad legs across his back as he humped her tight pussy was indescribable and he lost his load again in record time. His legs were shaking so bad he was barely able to jump the fence.And so the week went. Clad in a different set of lingerie or nightie, they met on her patio every night and fucked for hours before Zak returned home. Finally, the weekend arrived and it was time for outside chores. As he and his father headed to the garage they spied their new neighbour in his backyard and went to the fence to introduce themselves.He was an older, good-looking male named Stan. As they talked he paused long enough to call over his shoulder for his escort beylikdüzü wife to join them.”Honey, come out here,” he said.Zak almost had a heart attack when Airel came around the corner of the house.”Maybe this wasn’t Airel. Maybe this was the daughter,” he said to himself.”This is my wife, Airel,” Stan said in the way of an introduction.”No kids?” Zak asked.”Yes, but our daughter is in college so it’s just me and my wife,” Stan responded as he placed an arm around her shoulder.”Oh my God,” Zak said to himself.”I’ve been balling a married woman.”He excused himself and got busy with the yard work while his dad and Stan talked. He would occasionally glance over at the small group of adults and stare. Dressed in cutoffs and a t-shirt, she was still incredibly attractive. When Airel caught his eye he would quickly look away with an embarrassed look on his face.”What if her husband or my parents find out?” he asked himself as fear clutched at his heart.Now Zak had enjoyed sex with girls that were engaged but never with anyone that was married, This was a violation of his code of conduct and everything his parents had taught him. So that evening, when his laptop signalled he had a chat requests, he just stared at it. He knew it was Airel and debated whether to answer it.”Not to answer would be considered rude,” he told himself. “Plus it would deny me the opportunity to tell her off.”So Zak donned his headset and hit the ‘accept’ button and once again Airel’s pretty face filled his screen. He lost his anger for a moment as he stared at her pretty face.”What’s wrong?” she asked when she didn’t see the smile on his face or hear his familiar greeting or comment on how great she looked.”Your being married is what’s wrong. That and the fact you lied to me,” he replied as he struggled to keep his voice low.”Yes, I’m married and yes I lied to you, but it was necessary,” she responded with a sad look on her face.

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