Ass-eating Alex

Public Sex

“Alex, get in here! We need to talk.”

Alex opened his bedroom door, head down. It was almost an instinctive response for him now. He knew it was better to come sooner, rather than later, whenever he heard Masha call for him.

“About time. Look, you really need to take on more responsibility around the apartment. Yes, you clean the bathroom and you don’t protest very much when your girlfriend sleeps in my room instead of yours, but isn’t there something else you could do?”

With his head still down, Alex replied, “I guess I could organize your closet or wash your clothes.”

“That’s stupid. No. Try again.”

“I could get another job and buy more cute shoes for both of us.”

“Better, but you don’t even wear your shoes outside. Think of something better.”

“I could stop masturbating and go into chastity for you.”

This made Masha laugh.

“How does that benefit me at all?”

“I.. guess it doesn’t.”

“No, and then you’ll be horny all the time and try to do things with your girlfriend. We talked about that. That’s not allowed anymore.”

Alex stayed silent, with his face still pointed at the floor.

“Fucking look at me!”

Alex was urfa escort scared, but looked at Masha as she had ordered.

“You’re going to eat my fucking ass. After you do it, you’ll never say another fucking word about it. Understand?”

Alex looked at Masha, horrified. “Are you serious?”

Before he knew it, Masha raised her leg and knocked Alex to the ground with the back of her foot. It didn’t hurt, because he had enough time to soften his fall by extending his arms in a push-up pose. Masha then lightly put pressure on his elbow with her foot to make him fall, face-first, to the carpet.

“Get on your back and stick your tongue out. It’s time to get to work.” Masha moved closer to him, trying to take off her shorts and panties as quickly as possible. She saw that Alex was in shock at what was happening, but she didn’t give a shit at all. She needed this, and Alex was home to give it to her. In her mind, it was logical for her to use Alex like this.

“Fucking move! Fuck, Alex. I don’t have all day. I need to be in class in an hour. Roll over!”

Alex started to roll over, but it was only because he wanted to get up and run to the escort urfa safety of his bedroom. Before he knew it, Masha was squatting on his face. He tried to push her off, but her legs were too strong.

“I took dance and gymnastics lessons for seven years before I moved here. Alex, sorry dude, but you aren’t going anywhere until I allow you. I can lock your face into position for hours if I want. Now stick your fucking tongue out.”

After squirming, shaking his head, and continuing to try to push Masha’s ass away from his mouth, he finally did as he was told. He stuck his tongue out, a little bit at first, then a little bit more, masking Masha moan. He was surprised, but he felt a swelling in his pants. He was beginning to find a rhythm in his licking, and he began to move his hands towards his pants when suddenly Masha screamed at him.

“What the FUCK do you think you’re doing?” She pulled his hand away and slammed it hard onto the floor. “You are disgusting. I have no time for that today.” She pulled his hand toward her, then grabbed the other, pressed both on her hips, and said, “This is where you’re allowed to touch.”

She then squatted urfa escort bayan down hard on his mouth. Alex felt the full force of her body resting against his face, and he finally understood that he had to do what Masha wanted. Masha began grinding her ass against his face, still moaning. Alex was getting really excited listening to Masha moan. Even though it was was clear that Masha was just using his face as her personal ass-licking machine, he liked it.

After what seemed like an eternity, Masha got up. Her legs were shaking. She wobbled over to where she had thrown her panties and shorts, began putting them on.

“I’m going to go finish myself off in the bathroom and go to class. You’re really good at that.”

“I think I kind of liked it too.”

“Yeah, whatever. Maybe you’ll do it again for me, but probably not.”

Masha went to the bathroom, and when she closed the door, Alex crept to the door and stood outside to listen to Masha. It didn’t take long for Alex to hear a heavy sigh, letting him know that Masha had finished.

Suddenly, the door opened. Masha stood in front of Alex, looking enraged.

“Asshole! I saw your feet under the door. You fucking pervert!”

“I’m so sorry. I was just waiting for my turn in the bathroom.”

“Fucking lying creep. Here, take this.” She rubbed her fingers against his cheek, perfuming his face with her pussy.

I’m going to class now. Remember, we’re never going to speak of this again. Pretend this was all just a dream.”

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