Ass Of Athena


She looked at them. She felt it. She felt all their gaze. As the wrestler known as Athena sashayed down the hallway, it’s like she could read thoughts. She was well-liked in the female locker room. She was hard-working. She was smart. She was their women’s champion. However, on the other hand…Sometimes she was looked at like a piece of meat. She had no self-esteem issues. She was in fact, one of their curvier female wrestlers on the roster. She saw signs every week that said “Athena Rules” or “Bow Down to Athena.” But on the other hand, she saw an “Ass of Athena” sign that offended her before her match. It eventually became the name of one of her finishing moves. In the promotion that she’s in, the female roster and tag team division was deep and full of talent and character. So, one day, she said:“Fuck it.”She was going to embrace the sexiness. She was going to embrace her curves. Let the crowd have it. Tease them a bit.One night in Las Vegas, filming SCW, Athena was set to defend her Women’s Championship in a match against…“Hey, boys.”“Hi, Miss Jackie,” They said in unison.“Goddamn, istanbul travesti she’s fine,” They said while watching her sashay away.Miss Jacqueline was the elder stateswoman of the women’s division in SCW. Jacqueline got those comments a lot. For some reason, she drove the opposite sex crazy. She was tomboyish with girly-girl tendencies. As for her self-esteem… She had absolutely no issues with that. Her protege was named Miss Nadia.“I’d fuck her in all her holes…” One male wrestler softly said.Nadia not so subtly stepped on said wrestler’s foot.“I heard that.”She got that a lot also. However, those holes were reserved.As for Athena, she was a very pretty petite Latina who had brown eyes and a curvaceous figure. She did not travel alone.“What’s up, bitches?” Athena said.Meet Becky Diamond and Selena Torres, Athena’s friends and tag team partners. Becky is the wild card. She acts more on emotion. Selena is younger, at the age of nineteen. She is more of a daredevil.“What’s up?” Becky said.“You ready?” Selena asked.“Born ready. They don’t call me the travesti istanbul war goddess for nothing.”“SCW! SCW! SCW!” The crowd chanted raucously.Athena was getting ready for her match backstage quietly when she felt a hand trying to feel on her curves stealthily. She didn’t know who it was. She looked back with an angry glare. Nobody was there. She turned around. It was Gunther, her on-screen boyfriend.“Athena. Hello, my champion. You ready for your match, my darling?” He said.“What do you think?”“I think… You got this. No matter what they say. No matter what happens, my champion.”“Still champ, Gunther. Still,” Athena said with a touch of sass.They shared a short kiss, that broke abruptly.“Oh.”“Oh.”“I apologize,” Gunther said.“It’s okay. I kind of miss him,” Athena said.“I understand.”Gunther and Athena’s relationship was a special one. Friendship, yes. More than friends… Maybe. Only one problem. Athena had a long-distance boyfriend. The two wrestlers’ friendship started with Gunther giving Athena advice on her character. Gunther had a crush on Athena, but istanbul travestileri she will never forget his words…“Embrace it. Embrace that sex appeal of yours.” She started thinking more about it. The rest was history.Later, while the show was on…“Athena, my girl. What up, champ?”“Steve Taylor. What’s up, champ? Great match out there tonight,” Athena said. Steve is one of the tag team champs, The Head Hunters.“You know what I said out there? We are fighting champions, damn it!” Steve said.Steve trained with Athena (and is a not-so-secret admirer to her) Athena and Steve are friends. However, she can tell he looks at her ass every time and it drives him crazy.“Hey, Steve, what we doing after…” Steve’s tag team partner, Paul Strong said. He stopped in his tracks.“Hey, Paul,” Athena said.“Hey.”“I don’t know why he’s three-hundred pounds and have can’t talk to a woman…” Steve whispered. Athena chuckled.“Shut up. If you excuse me, I got an ass to kick,”He started chuckling, while checking every curve on her body.Meanwhile, in the ring…“The Women’s Title is up for grabs next! Athena will defend against Miss Jackie! This might be her biggest test!”The bell rang.“This contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCW Women’s Championship! Introducing the challenger, being accompanied by Miss Nadia, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Miss Jackie!”

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