At a Loose End in Austria


At a Loose End in AustriaIt was Sunday 2nd July 2017, and I was alone in a foreign town that I wasn’t familiar with. I had been drinking during the day and found myself at a loose end by 8pm as it was getting dark. I was lay in my hotel room and the tv channels were not English and I was becoming restless. I started to watch pornography videos on my phone and in no time found myself totally naked masturbating vigorously on the bed. I made myself cum at least twice, but still I was not satisfied.I tried to find an escort online but was struggling, it was difficult as I didn’t really know the town welI and I didn’t speak great German. I had never been with an escort before at home and was not comfortable with an escort visiting the hotel for fear of being found out.. I was desperate to get my blowjob, I just wanted to feel some lips and a tongue riding my shaft to the point of no return, and then it happened, I found it in blue writing on my phone screen. In an instant I sat up, and my heart began racing.The words Peep Show and Girls was the best option at a release I was going to get and I clicked on the blue text. The website was in German but surprisingly most things translated well, and afterall I was only looking for the word ‘blasen’, German for blowjob. There were dozens of pictures of busty women with their faces blurred out, I looked at the services offered and I was spoilt for choice. I could have anything I wanted for relatively small sums of cash. The place looked like a well presented clean venue and I made the decision to head down there and get myself a blowjob.With my heart still racing, I jumped in the shower and stood there with the most amazing feeling inside me. I reached for my razor and completely shaved around my waistline, penis, testicles and anus. As I walked out of the shower, I was refreshed and tingling my penis not hard but definitely not soft. It was still quite veiny from the masturbating earlier.I made myself look and smell great, put jeans on without underwear and a crisp white business shirt. As I left the hotel I smiled at the receptionist and set out on the street. The club was on a main road and I only need to make a few turns. After around 10 minutes I had to check my phone to see if I had taken a wrong turn and noticed that I was actually quite close and I wasn’t lost at all. As I looked ahead I could see some vivid purple lights and I just knew that was it. I felt my arms beginning to shake and could feel my heart beating through my chest, my breathing was different. I become unsure about this, I was in my thirties and had never done this before, so why am I doing it now?I walked in through a dark entrance door and I was surprised to see that it was like walking into a cinema foyer, it was bright and it smelt good, the total opposite of my fears. A man in a tshirt was sat behind a desk at the far end of the room, he raised his eye brows to acknowledge my presence as I continued to look around me inside the bright entrance. There was an elderly gentleman choosing a video on a large touch screen and as I walked further I saw the auditorium with around 30 seats looking at a circular stage. There was a gorgeous brunette of eastern European appearance on a revolving stage, her bra was around her waist and her underwear around her knees. There was a young man in a tracksuit sat on the front güvenilir bahis row, around 3 feet from the stage. He was just staring at her, each time she faced him she starred right back and as she revolved she round grab the cheek of her arse and stretch her anus sideways for him. She noticed I was watching from a distance and made a burning look towards me and grabbed her breasts as they hung beneath her still on her knees.Not really knowing what to do, I walked into a private booth. There was a comfortable bench seat, a wash basin and a window looking out onto the stage. I stood close to the window and just looked at the girl on stage, I tried to catch my breath for a moment or two but that was not happening. Both the model and the young man noticed that I was stood in the booth.I walked over to a large touchscreen display by the door inside the booth and translated the language to English. It was just like the website, the choice was all mine. I could filter by service or by girl. I started browsing the girls who no longer had their faces blurred out. The prices were about the same for most services with the older women being slightly cheaper, I wasn’t interested in an older person. I knew what I wanted and I set out for what I craved as I was lay back masturbating in my hotel room.As soon as I saw Veronika, I knew there would not be another girl on this list that could compete, she was 23 and from Ukraine. I checked her profile and she offered that I was after and ordered a blowjob and facial for 50 euros. A message appeared confirming the order and asked me to be patient whilst the girl prepared for the visit, as the order was confirmed the a shutter was released from the window inside the booth and increased to a full height floor to ceiling window.I stared out of the window, although I could see the girl rotating on the stage I barely noticed her. The young man on the other side of the stage had hardly moved since the first time I saw him.I could hear that something was happening on the other side of the wall to the right of me as I looked out at the stage. There was a slow and quiet knock on what I thought was the wall, I called “hello” and noticed that my voice was broken, I was shaking with nerves. A small door that I hadn’t noticed opened up and Veronika squeezed out sideways. She was stunning, and stood totally naked but wearing knee high velvet boots and black velvet arm sleeves from her wrists to just below her elbow. She was petite in figure with long black hair flowing halfway down her back and bright blue eyes, she was pale in completion with tiny pink nipples on her young pale breasts. Her bright glossy red lipstick made her look every bit of the role I wanted her to play in my life.She looked at me and asked “English?”, I nodded and murmed “yes”, she replied “Ok, relax” and walked closer to me, she kissed below my ears and around my neck. I was shaking so much as my right hand was squeezing her arse cheek and I felt amazing. As she continued I moved to the front and stroked her shaven soft pussy with the back of my hand.The window overlooking the stage was now directly to my left, the model could see that I was with company and must have known when the shutter was removed, she made wild faces at me through the window each time she came round.After a while, Veronika moved back pulled on my belt türkçe bahis buckle saying “please”, again, I murmured “oh ok” and released my belt buckle, I will never forget the thumping sound that my belt buckle made when it hit the floor between my feet. I was suddenly stood with a naked woman infront of me with my semi hard penis appearing between the two sides of my shirt, I released the two lowest buttons on my shirt and lifted the shirt above my dick. I think Veronika was expecting me to remove my shoes and trousers, and I would have if I was asked. It felt more like what I wanted not being totally naked, afterall I wasn’t looking for anything intimate, I just wanted a blowjob. As I stood there for a few seconds looking between her eyes and her breasts she reached for a tissue from a small box next to the wash basin, she got down on her knees and crawled over to me, looking up at my face at all times. There was a huge drop of precum on the end of my dick, I was quite embarrassed about that as I looked at her, the perfect shape of her ass, high up in the air as she continued to crawl to between my feet below me.Veronika looked up at me and caressed under my shirt and around my thighs, my erection was starting to make an appearance, as it was starting to grow the direction was heading towards her face and I made a surprising gasp as the wet tip brushed her neck. She moved her head closer and was kissing around the base of my penis shaft where I had shaved just an hour before. She run her finger from the base of my penis to its head and collected the precum with it, as she pulled back my foreskin, she used the wet tissue to clean around and underneath my penis head. It stung a little bit but that wasn’t a bad thing as I was so hard and ready to cum. At this point as she was wiping me down I turned my head to the left and glanced out of the window and noticing that the model on stage and the young man on the front row could see me, and they could see me enjoying having my hard dick in Veronikas hands, that really turned me on.As I looked out of the window, I felt this immense suction around half of my dick, my legs tensed and I bolted more upright from my toes. I looked down to see Veronikas head slowly navigating my dick, back and forth. It was amazing, I was already so close and I didn’t want this feeling to end.After the initial sensation, I felt myself relax and started to enjoy the blowjob that I was receiving, for the first time in around an hour I felt my breathing was back to normal. I was smiling, and with each forward push Veronikas mouth made on my dick I felt myself gasp and smile even more. The girl on the turntable could see my happiness, I’m not sure that the young man was that interested in me or bothered to look at Veronika giving me a blowjob.After a while, Veronika removed my dick from the inside of her mouth, and brushed her hair back with her left hand. She looked up at me and asked “good?” I whispered “amazing” as she smiled back at me before she rolled the underside of her tongue around my foreskin and carried on with the slow and deep penetration of the inside of her mouth.I placed my right hand on the back of Veronikas head, and again with each push forward I felt my grip tighten up, I knew this wasn’t going to last forever.The revolving floor outside had stopped, and the model crawled over to immediately güvenilir bahis siteleri in front of the window of the booth. She sat back on her knees and started to squeeze one of her boobs with one hand as she started to finger her pussy with the other. I felt my heart beating through my chest again, I felt more amazing than before and I didn’t think that I could. The whole situation suddenly become more about the model on the stage, I was focussed on her and not Veronika or the blowjob.She moved closer to the window and pressed her breasts against the glass, with her left hand cupped still holding on to her pussy. She was starring right at me and licking her lips, my head still cocked 90 degrees to the left watching this unfold before me. I was getting close, I could feel my toes curl in my shoes and my buttocks clenching, simultaneously Veronikas motion almost doubled in speed with her lips squeezed tight around me.The model on stage turned her back to the window, and put her face sideways down on the floor, her arse pointing up in the air again and her pussy spread wide open and looked fantastic. She crawled slowly back towards the window and this time pressed her buttocks against the glass, you could see that it was creating a wet patch on the glass as she moved. I could just about see her left hand was underneath rotating around her clitoris, her right hand was squeezing her right buttock stretching her anus as she was before, I could just about see her face grinning at my pleasure as it was pressed against the stage floor. As the model rolled forward, she looked back and licked two of the fingers that had been rubbing her pussy, she slowly reached back and slid the two wet fingers inside her anus, at this point I jolted back to give Veronika the facial as I knew I was cumming. She carried on sucking me as I was ejaculating inside of her mouth and groaning not knowing whether to stare at the ceiling in total satisfaction, look at the top of the head I was ejaculating into or to continue looking at the gorgeous girl fingering her anus 2 feet before me. Eventually, Veronika stopped the blow job and again removed my dick from inside of her cum filled mouth. She continued to rub it in a similar motion with her right hand as the last remnants of cum gattered around the head, she looked at me and giggled and screwed her lips together dribbling some of my cum over on of her small tits and began to massage the cum over her chest with her other hand.Without noticing, the girl on stage had disappeared. At this point I realised it was all over. I reached down to my trousers and pulled them up my leg tucking my now deflated penis into the fly and fixing my belt. Veronika offered me a wet tissue, but there was no way I was cleaning that up for a while, it still had her red lipstick over the shaft.Veronika stood there naked, this time I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy. Again she asked “good?” I replied “oh yes” with my normal voice back, she said “ok, 50” and the money was handed over in one note that I had got ready before she enterred. Veronika reached over to give me a hug and kissed my neck as I had one last fondle of her right arse cheek. She said “Ok, goodbye” and through the small door that she arrived from she disappeared forever.As a new model appeared on the revolving stage, I sat back and relived the 15 minutes that had just been. I could not believe that for such a nominal amount of money, you could experience all of what I had just seen and done in such a short amount of time. I was truly satisfied and will never forget that night.

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