At Last We Meet Ch. 2


Kimmy held Ringo close to her not wanting to ever let him go. She felt wild, like an animal, careless and free. But she also wanted more of what only he could give her. She had waited long enough to make love to any man, it having been a year since her ex-husband left her, and having Ringo be the one to fulfill that desire was just icing on the cake of desire.

“To hell with work…I’ll call them later when I’m good and ready,” she thought to herself and sat up in bed pulling Ringo with her.

“Come my young lover, we need to heat things up again, and I know the perfect place to make it really steamy…”

Kimmy led him into the small bathroom of her apartment, kissing him hard and passionately all the way. She stopped only long enough to turn on the hot water in the tub and pull the rest of her clothes off over her head. Ankara bayan escort As she kissed his lips brutally hard, she ripped the buttons on his shirt in one mighty yank, sending them flying in every direction. She hungrily explored his mouth with her tongue, savoring the taste of her in his mouth, and pulled his torn shirt from his back with her long nails and stepped into the tub. The hot water poured over them like a waterfall; their bodies clinging as they hungrily kissed and explored each other. Kimmy reached for the soap with a blind hand and brought it up to his back and pulled from the kiss. “I wash your back, you wash mine…” she whispered huskily and proceeded to lather him up. Ringo kept trying to kiss her again but she pulled away teasingly.

“Now now…it’s bath time…we need to get all clean before we Escort bayan Ankara get down and dirty again….” she smiled as she brought a soapy hand around to cup his cock and began to clean it with loving strokes. Ringo closed his eyes and let out a long moan of pleasure.

“Ohhhh god, Kimmy that feels soooo good.”

She smiled to herself as she pulled him back under the water to rinse, his eyes still closed, and she quietly knelt down to take him into her mouth. Ringo bucked at the sensation of her mouth around him sending him deep into her loving throat, and looked down at her with wide-eyed amazement.

“My god, Kimmy! You weren’t kidding! Ohhhhh that feels so wonderful!” Ringo cupped her head in his hands, lacing his fingers through her hair as she twirled her tongue around his cock like a pulsating, writhing Bayan escort Ankara animal. She went wild on his cock. She hadn’t had one in so long so she was going to savor every morsel of him, telling him with her wild eyes as she looked up at him and flicked her tongue at his cock head like a snake. She let him pull her mouth back down on his cock, deep-throating and pulsing in her mouth. He controlled the pace…she controlled the sensations, and she began to hum around him. That sent him over the edge, and she could feel the cum building in his shaft as she cupped his balls lovingly with one hand and his ass in the other pulling him along encouragingly. She wanted to taste his cum, to have it shoot down her throat, and with a great cry of ecstasy he gave her what she wanted.

“Ohhh fuck yes! Kimmmmmmyyyyyyy…oh God….” Kimmy drank every last drop down, purring her happiness as she milked his cock clean and finally stood.

“NOW you know why they call me the QUEEN,” she mused and gave him a wicked grin and licked a drop of cum from her chin with her long tongue seductively.

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