At the Villa Ch. 08 Pt. 02


(This story is a continuation from the previous episode. Another two episodes will follow soon to close Sam’s narration of his illicit adventures with the beautiful and hot Xenia, as also of her roommate, Iona.)


I pressed harder and against all the pressures from Xenia’s end, my finger slowly made its’ way inside in anal tube. Up to the first knuckle it found itself deep behind the sphincter. More of it went deeper and deeper inside her anus as I continued insisting that it was not yet enough. She only whispered, ‘aauuchch.’ I just continued pushing and it became easier as at last. She slowly and with caution freed her anal muscles. At last, not to mention the moaning it was all the way imbedded inside her arse.

I just watched and felt Xenia’s feelings. She was still not at ease with my finger moving around within her anus. I picked my hard cock with my other hand. It was very hard and throbbing, wanting more of what was coming. I moved it up and down along her slit, then straight through the gate of her vagina. I was becoming very impulsive. Never had I known I was so confident. But Hera; during that special Sunday encounter together, she managed to cultivate all those feelings; that confidence that I was that somebody who women wanted. She gave me new ideas about how some women were going to look at me. She told me that they will use me as a sexual object, just to satisfy their carnal desires. They were looking at me from a sexual point of view, in a way that I will be used or better to quench their sexual greed. ‘Most girls on a first look they will like you Sam, but soon they realize that they could not risk getting series. You look more like a playboy…’ Hero put Sam straight. (Read about Hera = At the Villa Ch 7 Pt 2 Lydia.)

Those ideas had changed my conception about myself, altogether. The way I was looking to the future, such circumstances fitted me perfectly as it would make my, life much easier. I was not interested in getting into any serious relationships, therefore I kept myself free, energetic, and worked hard in my studies and naturally felt free to pleasures those few that fitted into the categories that fitted my dreams. The beauty of the female specie was something which I became to cherish, not only for their beauty, but also to enjoy those special moments of intimate feelings, and finally, that taste of great satisfaction; especially when they were so satisfied, that they asked for more.

My hard little one eyed boy was embedded deep in the comforts of Xenia’s cosy and hot vagina. As she felt it deep within her body she cuddled it with her strong internal vaginal muscles. The pressure inside my body started to multiply; dramatically. In no time my little naughty boy was ready to explode. I was not ready to let him do so, so quickly. I wanted to suppress him and wait for that special moment which I had envisaged. The time was pressing too and I thought I can leave this for later. I gave her a couple of long slow trusts, enough to make her feel his master’s feelings. And then I pulled him out and away. My finger followed suit. I lowered her skirt and covered her naked bums.

‘Where can I find a bathroom?’ I asked and continued. ‘I must clean myself and become again presentable. Smelling sex won’t be a good presentation of myself.’ .’There is one to your right within this office.’ Xenia answered.

‘Thanks, that’s great. Have you enjoyed it?’ I asked, with curiosity to her reaction.

She did not answer but took me in her arms. She hugged me and kissed me as hard as she could while her lips sucked mine, one at a time while I attacked hers. There was nothing more than the taste of the liquids and creams which I had brushed from her pussy and which were still pasted to my face. When we broke the kiss I asked Xenia to kneel and clean my still hard dick. I wanted her to taste her produce and clean it from all the love juices that had accumulated around and along its whole length.

She knelt infront of me and took my still semi hard cock in her hand, delicately playing with it, examining it and checking its structure as like someone who had never seen or touched a semi hard prick. She pushed the foreskin back and forth as she started to kiss and lick with her tongue, along its length. I became very relaxed, although as soon as my dick felt her tongue again, moving along its length, it started to get bigger and harder. Xenia really knew what to do and she was quick. The time was pressing and I was not yet presentable. As soon as Xenia had properly cleaned it from all the juices, she took its whole length into her mouth, sucked it a few times and then let it go. We cleaned ourselves and I made myself presentable; hopefully I did not think I had any pussy smells left, from that encounter we both had illicitly enjoyed.

The phone rang, and I soon was on my way down the corridor to madam’s office. As I arrived at her office I found ‘Madam’ waiting for me in the doorway. We made the formal introductions she, ‘Madam’ offered me to sit down. I sat down, while she unexpectedly sat Casibom not far from me on the other visitor’s chair. She did not sit on her official chair behind the desk. I quick flash through my brains told me that maybe she wanted to do it in a friendlier way and not in an authoritarian way.

‘Sam, when I was evaluating your file, the results you achieved in the last year were incredible and nearly unbelievable, so I checked the previous two years including consulting with your English teacher. Your results were, year after year consistent. Now I’m looking forward that you keep that trend for the next four years. The subjects you chose are not easy and the way ahead is hard, but the end results could be very satisfying. Any questions, if I may ask?’ Madam asked at the end of her rather long introduction.

‘No I have none, at least not for the moment.’ I answered, surprising myself.

‘Sam the reason… why I wanted to get acquainted with you was that I would like to make you aware of a very interesting scholarship and which is not easy to qualify for; but not so difficult to get your hands on. It has to do with the oil business. It is a trust, which early Greek settlers in the Texas region had set up in the beginning of the twentieth century. It was purposely set up for Greek students who wanted to continue their post graduate courses in oil exploration etc. To earn it; you must have to prepare yourself well as there are some special conditions which you have to abide yourself with, from now. One of these conditions is; that you should not get involved into any serious relationship due to the fact that these courses take about four years, and a lot of practical work is involved. They are like 60% work and the rest academic and that means, after you major from a university here in Greece.

‘You will earn very good money while you will be still studying, practice makes perfect Sam. Therefore, during this period you will never have a home. Important is, that during the period from the day you arrive in the States you start receiving contributions from the trust but also; when you start earning money during the practical periods, a small percentage goes back into the trust. I don’t think I should elaborate more on this subject. You can understand why they have this condition. The other conditions are normal of course, like results etc.’

‘Yes Madam, I perfectly understand their concern. I will be very happy to take the challenge.’ I answered.

‘Thanks Sam, I thought you would.’ She gave me a great smile and then we talked about some other important things especially that she was going to keep a strong hand on my behaviour and that I abide by the rules. She will also be monitoring my progress all the way, so I had to watch out.

‘Sam, I very much wanted to meet you in person and now that we got acquainted I know precisely with whom I am dealing. I am sure we are going to work very well together and that we understand each other, very well. I had never had a baby, but now I’m going to have you; to cuddle for the next four years.’ That’s when she stopped talking. She stood up, moved a little closer, then extended her hand as mine took hers and we shook them. She looked into my eyes, an indescribable smile on her lips while she held my hand rather longer than I had expected. She also squeezed it, rather a bit strongly. ‘Sam, I had ordered some books for you which you have to collect. The receptionist should have informed you with the details.’

‘Yes Madam, I had been informed and all the details were well received.’ I answered while she was still holding my hand.

‘We will be seeing a lot… of each other. What we had discussed here must stay here, Sam. When are you travelling north, to Thessaloniki?’

‘Thursday morning, I leave.’ I answered.

‘So Soon! Where are you going to stay?’ Madam asked.

‘We always had a house there overlooking the sea, on the eastern side.’

‘So you hear from me after my arrival. Please can you let me have your address?’ She was still holding my hand and I could tell that I started to feel some shivers and unwanted reactions from the way she was squeezing it. I could not make out what it was, but sure there was something; I mean there were some forbidden feelings down at my crotch.

I wrote the address and after I handled the paper we said our goodbyes. I left as happy as a baby.


‘You must have been very proud dad, to receive such great news, before you even had spent one day at the university?’ Lydia asked with a certain pride. We were still connected. We had only just changed the position. We were resting on our sides, her bums pressed against my crotch and my hard dick still deep inside her vagina connected from behind. She cuddled my dick many times and we also trusted in and out together as she backed back when special feelings took over our bodies, especially when I was narrating those very hot illicit spots between Xenia and myself. I nearly exploded inside her body especially when, occasionally she exploded.

‘Yes, Casibom Giriş I left the complex more than happy. I wanted to fly and shout, but of course to achieve what I was asked; it was damn a lot of hard work and it was very, very hard work indeed; yes very hard work.’ I answered as I hugged Lydia to me. I pressed my hard cock further inside her body, enjoying a nice squeeze from her end. I was holding her against me with my hands, one passing under her neck, massaging her beautiful little breasts. The other hand was over her waist towards the vee area, teasing her clit. This position we were in, kept the heated act very alive and bustling. We had enjoyed the intense feelings for each other, with a few light orgasms here and there. The narration of the story became more exciting, especially for me. Remembering all those intimate details of my first glorious sexual adventurous of days gone by; those beautiful ladies of that time were really great; unforgettable. Contacts had been lost many years ago including with the beautiful Hera.

‘Madam seemed to have had more than a special interest in you, in the way she let you go away from her office. Where you happy about that …?’ She asked without elaborating.

‘No, sweetie, I was not really happy, at all. That feeling was as good as not so good, especially that look in her eyes and the sexual feelings she caused me. As a matter of fact I became embarrassed, felt like an idiot, in a way. She was going to be my lecturer and immediately I knew that she was going to do anything within her power, to dictate the way I was going to live the next four years or so. If I achieve what she wanted and what I was aiming for, she was going get a very good boast to her career and I, in a way would be the victim. If I made it, I know how hard I had worked, but she would be the glorious one. That was my prediction and in the end I was right.’

‘Dad, you should have been proud that you had somebody to watch and assure you a prestigious end. It’s what you wanted, in the end.’ Lydia continued.

‘You are right sweetie, but at that particular moment those were not my thoughts, even though I was so happy and felt like flying. It was the way she held my hand and looked into my eyes; that’s what was really shocked me, and the way my dick started to grow so hard in my pants was very embarrassing. That was what frustrated me. I had no sexual interest in her and she hadn’t showed any.’ I pressed my points.

‘Maybe she was frustrated and after all she wanted you as her playmate?’ Lydia asked. I never answered that question. I just pressed my hands around her body and hugged her as I massaged the parts I was holding. I kissed her neck and sucked on her earlobe while I started to thrust my dick in and out of her vagina. She moaned and started to turn. I gave her some space and in no time my dick was out of her pussy. She continued turning until she was first on her back while her face was turning towards mine, with a beautiful smile. We kissed as she pushed my body to lay flat on my back and without breaking her lips away from mine she straddled me as she guided my hard dick back inside her vagina.

I was in heaven looking at that smiling face as I felt first the tightening of her muscles around it. It was then that she started bucking up and down, fucking herself until she became wild with another incredible orgasm. My dick was flowing in and out of her hot furnace. I was getting more and more excited. I felt my manhood growing; the mushroom head extending. I wanted to give her a good fill but I was not ready with my story.

Lydia was very curious from the moment she knew that I was her lost uncle. When she discovered I’m paternal father her interest extended into hunger for more. She wanted to know more about the sexual adventures of her father. She wanted to know him better; especially after the way he had made love to her, fucked her and made her cum and enjoy the beauty of real mind blowing orgasms. That’s what made her that she wanted to hear everything in micro detail. She got very hot, especially when I was narrating the naughtiest parts. It was not only having that sexual hot effect on her, but it was also having the same effect on me. I also felt and noticed those changes as we were both intimately connected. I think we both enjoyed evaluating the extent of the sexual friction that there was between us during those hot encounters we enjoyed together.

‘Did Xenia wait for you?’ Lydia asked.

‘Did Xenia wait for me? Sure she did….’


Xenia was still waiting for me at her office. She called ‘Madam’ asking permission to leave. Permission granted, we perished from that place and in no time we were collecting the books. The first telephone boot I found I called Mum and told her, the great news. She was so happy she offered me her full support. Then, I asked her to prepare some food which I would collect in about half an hour. She just asked for how many?

Around thirty minutes or so later I entered the restaurant and found Mum Casibom Güncel Giriş with her hands wide open. She hugged and kissed me as she told me how happy she was with the news. The food was already packed and ready to be collected. She just gave me that smile of approval and while I thanked her, I ordered more food for the morrow and for three, not two.

I only received another smile, so I wondered what Mum had done when she was my age. All I knew she had married at eighteen.

A few minutes passed and Xenia and I were locked inside my family’s flat. We were like two hot animals ready to go for each other.

‘Woww, you really live in a nice place; are you sure we are safe here?’ Xenia asked while I was switching the ACs on. Although our windows looked down on the Port of Piraeus, it was still hot inside.

‘I told you, we have no problems. She won’t be back until I call her and tell her all is clear.’ I said while I got behind her and moved her hair to one side. I started licking her earlobe and with the other hand I searched for the lock and zipper of her skirt. Xenia moaned as she felt her skirt going down along her beautiful smooth legs, ending in a heap on the carpeted floor. I didn’t need to care about her panties as these were already cut off at the gusset; but before I pulled her skirt down at Xenia’s office, I pressed the longer end of the gusset inside her vagina. By the time we were home I was sure that it was more than soaking with her cocktail of smelly and tasty juices. Xenia’s panties was going to be the number two souvenir, not to mention the one I had from my sister; the one which was tainted with her virgin blood.

The blouse went next, followed by her bra and therefore only her panties were left. I stripped myself in record time, my dick pointing upwards, was hard as steel. I put one hand around her neck and we started necking slowly, kissing and finally sucking each other’s tongues. Her heart started to beat harder as the kissing and the sucking got more aggressive. Her panties started their way down slowly, along her legs. As the gusset was still stuck into her vagina, I therefore very slowly, pulled theat part of the gusset which was still inside. I pulled it very slowly until what was left of her panties, ended also on the floor. Now she was really and totally naked. We were still feeling each other’s bodies. The kissing and the tonguing continued while her hand was roaming along my hard rod, making it harder and harder.

We quickly moved to my sister’s room where the bed was wider. I looked at Xenia; naked, she was very beautiful. I kept looking at her black eyes, that beautiful hair covering the upper part of her naked back. I asked. ‘Where do you want to start?’

‘Wherever you desire… I think you know better, Sam. I don’t know! Like to fuck me first?’ she asked.

‘Where do you like it, in the ass or in your pussy?’ I asked. She gave me a staggering dirty look. ‘Right, have you ever done a sixty nine?’ I asked smilingly.

‘You know, you were the first one to suck my pussy.’ She stated.

I lay down on the bed and helped her get on top of my body in the opposite way; her face looking down at my hard dick. With her legs in a kneeling position, one on each side of my head; my eyes were focused on her black wiry hair which covered her pussy. Slowly it started coming down over my mouth, naturally to be eaten, licked and sucked. Before my mouth touched her super wet and sensitive crack, my hard dick was already half way inside her mouth. She started to suck slowly, sending shivers of pressure all around my body. I had to be careful, as she was incredibly hungry.

I tried to concentrate somewhere else as I was totally scarred that in no time I could have filled her mouth with a massive load of cream which I still had stored deep inside my balls. I hadn’t even started to touch that beautiful wet slit, so I took a deep breath, then my tongue started to plough between those swollen lips into her vulnerable valley. She just moaned, as her tongue was moving along the length of my hard dick. Xenia’s body started to shiver as my tongue continued moving along her slit, ploughing deeper between those two swollen lips; from her clit to her vagina. I wasn’t aggressive but rather calm. I made my moves slowly and effectively, while I, calmly, enjoyed the treatment she was bestowing on my dick.

Her mouth and tongue danced along its length and its thickness, until at last she slowly took most of it deeper into her mouth, moving her mouth slowly along its length, slowly forward and backwards. Her hand never stopped massaging my nuts in their natural habitat. She worked very slowly while enjoying the pleasure of a professional sucker. Her body shook and trembled with sexual energy as I kept sucking her little engorged button between my lips; sometimes even a tease with my teeth.

Xenia rolled her tongue and lips around the big purple mushroom head, sending more shivers of pleasure around my system; while she moaned and cried from the licking and sucking she was receiving from my end. My tongue went deeper into her vaginal opening; her hot sex liquid was now flowing abundantly as her body vibrated. Her hand was still rolling my balls while her mouth abandoned my now very hard cock which soon was ready to explode.

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