Audiobook with My Granddaughter


Granddaughter convinces Grandpa to let her help record an erotic audiobook.

My thanks to OldUncleAl, here on Literotica, for his editing help and guidance to improve the story.

All characters are over eighteen.

Audiobook and My Granddaughter

Glen Russell sat in his home studio reading over a new script he and his partner, Kay, had been offered. The fee they had been promised was very good. It was actually a fairly short work, and only needed two voices, was written well, but there was a problem. Since Kay’s bout with Covid, her voice sounded too mature. The script was about a granddaughter visiting her grandfather, getting high, and having sex. Before getting sick, Kay had enough flexibility in her voice to be anything from a small child to a crusty old woman. Having no other female voice actor available, due to the Covid, Glen would have to turn this one down.

He lived in a large motorhome on twenty acres in northeast Texas. It was miles from most anything except the ranch house on the property where his daughter-in-law, Shelley, lived with her daughter, Autumn, his nineteen-year-old granddaughter, and the highlight of Glen’s life. They had moved there after his son’s death two years earlier. Glen had lived there and used the motorhome for work. When Shelley and Autumn moved in, he started living in the back forty, as he called it, so Shelley would have more privacy, find someone, and hopefully move forward with her life.

Autumn had been a full-time college student, with an active social life, until Covid brought that to a screeching halt. She was bored enough now, that she visited grandpa regularly.

Glen smiled, hearing Autumn’s standard ‘shave and a haircut’ knock. Opening the RV door, he was greeted with her big brown eyes and beautiful smile, which was quickly followed by a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug.

“Hi, Grandpa,” she beamed.

“Hello yourself. Come in.”

“I brought you cookies. They’re a little dark on the bottom, but they’re still good,” she told him, handing him a plate with about a dozen large chocolate chip cookies on it.

“I’m sure they’re delicious. I hope you brought an appetite too. It’ll take me a week to eat this many.”

She grinned at him, “I might be able to help.”

Autumn was tall, with long brown hair, a gorgeous smile, and was skinny as a rail. From the neck up, she was a beautiful woman. Below that, she was straight as a board, at least from what her grandfather had seen.

Glen put the cookies on the table and grabbed the chocolate milk from the refrigerator. After a quick glance at the expiration date, he poured two small glasses and joined her.

“Grandpa, I can’t believe you still keep the chocolate milk for me. You’ve done that since I was a little girl,” she told him.

“You’re still a little girl in my book. Thanks for the cookies,” he said picking one up and taking a bite. “Besides baking cookies, what are you up to today?”

“Trying to figure out a way to earn some bucks. Everything is shut down except my creditors. They seem to be completely unaffected.”

“Capitalism in action,” he chuckled. “Does your mom have the same problem?”

“Not so far. She’s working from home. I may have to resort to being a cam girl.”

“Hopefully, it won’t come to that,” he said seriously.

“I hope not either. I don’t have the body for it, and I’m too tall to pass for a little schoolgirl. Can I ask you about something?”


“How did you get into recording audiobooks?”

“I was a foley artist, a sound effects guy. I started doing a few voice overs, and it grew from there.”

“Has Covid affected you?”

“Not me personally, but Kay, the woman I record with, isn’t able to work since she got the damned thing.”

“She’s still sick? That was two or three weeks ago.”

“No, she feels fine, but it changed her voice. We got a good script the other day, but her voice is all wrong.”

“Wrong how? I thought you just read the lines.”

“We’re actors when we do the dialogue. This script is for an older man and a young woman,” he advised.

“I’m a young woman. Let me do it with you,” she offered.

Glen laughed. “It’s not about your age. Autumn, this is an adult script.”

“I’m nineteen.”

“I know. This is an erotic script with a man and his granddaughter.”

“Then I’m perfect for it. When do we start?” Autumn asked.

“I don’t think you’re following me. Have you ever listened to audio porn?”

“No, but I’ve watched porn.”

“I’ll send you a snippet that Kay and I did earlier. You’ll understand better after you listen to it.”

“Grandpa, I can do this. I’m an awesome reader and I was in plays in high school.”

“Listen to the recording. Picture you and me facing each other repeating the dialogue. You’ll understand better.”

“Fine, but you’re underestimating me.”

“Autumn, listen to it and get back with me.”

She reluctantly agreed and went home a short time later. Glen located şişli escort the recording and sent her a few minutes to listen to.

Autumn donned her headphones and went to the quiet of her room to listen. ‘Imagine sitting across from grandpa and saying this,’ she thought, then hit play.

Kay: “Grandpa, I haven’t been laid in six months. The grass has made me really horny. I’m going with the flow.”

Glen: “But…”

Kay: “I feel your dick getting hard for me.”

Glen: “I think we should talk about this.” I tried to pull back, but she resisted.

Kay: “We can dance and talk at the same time.”

Glen: “Fine but ease up with the pelvis.”

Kay: “But it feels good. I’m wet and you’re getting nice and hard for me.”

Glen: “Brenda, you’re my granddaughter.”

Kay: “In title only. We aren’t actually related. Grandpa, I’m hornier than I can ever remember being. We’re both adults and unattached. The only thing stopping us is two pretty thin layers of clothes.” We looked in each other’s eyes. “Fuck me, grandpa. I really want this.”

My Grandpa didn’t reply, and I began lowering myself and knelt in front of him. I took the elastic on both sides of his shorts and pulled it down. Grandpa’s cock, now fully hard, was inches from my face.

“I see why you were so popular with the ladies. You’re very well equipped.”

He moaned softly as I took him in my hungry mouth. “Damn, has anyone ever been able to get the whole thing in their mouth?”

Glen: “Not many,”

Kay: “May I try?”

I didn’t wait for him to answer before taking him in again. I made it about halfway before pulling off and taking a swig from his water. I resumed my task, and this time swallowed him to the base. After a few seconds I pulled off.

“That’s a lot of cock. Cum for me, grandpa. I’ve got dick munchies.”

I started again just by licking the head and shaft. My hand cupped and massaged grandpa’s balls. I took just the head of his cock into my mouth and began swirling my wet tongue around it. Grandpa instinctively began rocking and put his hands on my head, pushing me in a little farther with each thrust.


I pushed myself fully onto him. As he stiffened, I backed off a bit and used my hand to continue stroking him.

Glen: I fought the urge for as long as possible, then exploded into my granddaughter’s mouth for what seemed like minutes. When I finished, she pulled off and looked up at me, then opened her mouth to show me her coated tongue and swallowed my cum.

Kay: “Delicious.”

I licked the last drops from the head.

“Let’s go to your room. I think we’ll be more comfortable.”

About a minute in, she began to bodily react to the dialogue rather than picture herself reading it. She played it a second, then a third time to better concentrate.

“Fuck,” she said out loud. “That’s hot stuff.”

Autumn put her hand between her legs. She was hot. She got up and removed the headset then locked her bedroom door. Grabbing her vibrator from the drawer, she pulled off her shorts and panties, then laid on her bed. The vibrator ran for less than a minute before she came for what seemed like a long time. It took her a moment to recover.

Autumn thought about watching her grandfather’s face as she blew him like what she had just listened to. Before this, the thought had never crossed her mind, but as she had listened, the thought had turned her on. Still, she thought, ‘I can do this.’

Autumn dressed, then took the long walk back to grandpa’s RV. He was grinning when he opened the door.

“Understand now?” he asked, showing her in.

“Yes,” she said, blushing. “I can do this.”

“There’s more than just simple dialogue. Sometimes you’re saying your lines while your counterpart is pounding you, or your being eaten. You have to record a realistic sounding orgasm. Have you even done…never mind. I don’t want to know,” he said.

“I’ve done some of this,” she replied.

“Sweetheart, you have to be the character, not just read the script.”

“Test me then.”


“Let’s read something where I’m getting fuc…I mean pounded.”

“Fine. Come to the recording booth.”

Her grandfather led the way and sat her in the chair. He adjusted her microphone and handed her earphones. Moving to another table, he picked up two scripts and handed her one. Then taking his seat facing her, he put on his headphones and turned on the recorder.

“Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Top of page 14. You’re getting it hard from behind. When I give you the signal, you begin reading. Make it real.”

She nodded. A moment later he signaled to begin.

“Yes, yes. Make my pussy yours. Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. Fill me up with that big cock. Yes, yes, yes!”

“Cut,” he said. “Now listen to what that sounded like. Did it sound real, convincing? Did it sound like you were being pounded?”

He played it for her. Autumn was laughing almost immediately.

“See mecidiyeköy escort my point?”

“Again. Record it again,” she insisted.

He recorded a second time and was surprised how much better she sounded.

“That was a lot better but listen again. Were you being pounded?”

He played it again for her.

“No. I think I did the lines well, but it doesn’t come across like I’m getting nailed.”

“I’m probably going to hate myself for this. Stand up and lean over the mike. When I say go, you begin.”

Autumn did as he had directed. Glen stood and grabbed the cushion from his seat. He walked behind her and held the cushion over his lap.


“Yes, yes..uh..Make my pussy..uh..yours. Fuck there’ tomorrow..uh..Fill me up..uh..with that..uh..big cock..uh..Yes..uh..yes..uh..yes”


As she was recording he was humping her from behind with the cushion between them. She laughed when he stopped.

“Now listen,” he told her.

As they listened this time, Autumn heard a woman being fucked and enjoying it.

“See? I told you I could do this.”

He rolled his eyes and sat facing her. “Humping is easy to simulate. We just hump. How would you simulate a vibrator, being eaten, or having an orgasm?” he asked.

His granddaughter thought for a moment before her eyes got wide and she looked at him.

“You’re kidding?” she said.

He shook his head, “Understand now?”

“Is that how you and Kay…?”

“We tried a dozen different approaches. Nothing else worked as well. You and I can’t do this kind of recording. Maybe another script will pop up. We can do that.”

“Okay,” she said, dejectedly.

Autumn was halfway back to the house when she turned around and ran back to the RV.

“How much would I get paid?”

“The job pays $50K. Kay and I split it 50/50.”

“I’d like to at least read the script, grandpa.”

He handed her a folded copy and she ran back to the house.

Knowing that after his granddaughter read the entire script she would drop the idea, Glen forgot about it.

Autumn read it three times. She was counting up how many times she would have to cum, and everything else that would be required of her. It was probably more sex than she’d experienced in her entire life. To top it off, she’d never orgasmed during intercourse and had never had multiple orgasms. Her biggest concern was the finger in the butt thing. No one had touched here there. She sat for a long time thinking about it. ‘If grandpa and Kay could do this script, so can I,’ Autumn told herself. The $25K would not only leave her debt free but would make a down payment on a car. It might buy a used one. She slept on it.

Bright and early the next morning she walked to the RV and gave her standard knock.

“Good morning. I come bearing cinnamon rolls and your script,” she told her grandfather.

He smiled and invited her in. As they ate cinnamon rolls and she had chocolate milk, Autumn dropped the bomb.

“I’ve thought about this all night. I want to do the script with you.”

“We talked about this yesterday. You’re my granddaughter. We can’t.”


“It’s against the law to do what we’d have to do,” he said.

“Grandpa, I’ve got bills to pay. I have no job. I don’t want to be a cam slut, but if that’s what I have to do, I will. What you and I do to make this recording is nobody’s business but ours. I’m not a virgin. Neither of us are attached, so we aren’t cheating on anyone. I’m not sure where I heard it, but I heard you had a vasectomy. I’m on the pill, so I guess that doesn’t matter anyway. I can use a fake name, like you do, so unless mom listens to the book, which she won’t, she’ll never know. You make a good living at this. If I do well, maybe I can too. Have you ever been a waitress?”

“Can’t say I have,” he replied.

“It sucks. Take my word for it. Think about it, please?”

“Autumn, you realize that if we do this it means you and I are going to be having sex, right?”

“I like sex. Yes, I know that, and the idea doesn’t bother me.”

“Give me a little time to think it over. Okay?”

“How much time?” she asked.

“A day or two.”

“I’ll bring more cookies tomorrow.”

“Trying to bribe me with food?” he asked grinning.

“I’ll bribe you with whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. I really want this.”

Autumn was up early baking cookies again the next day. She was prepared for today’s visit and wore a tight t-shirt, without a bra, and yoga pants. Before knocking, she teased her nipples to assure that they were obvious.

When grandpa opened the door she was holding the plate of cookies up high near her breasts to make sure he noticed. She could tell from his stare that he did.

“Sit. I’ll get the chocolate milk,” she told him.

He sat and watched as she went to the kitchen. The milk was on the door, but Autumn bent over much farther than needed to grab it. It took considerably longer than escort istanbul necessary too. Her efforts didn’t escape him. She poured both glasses at the table, so her small, but protruding breasts were at his eye level.

“You’re really working it this morning,” he said.

“Like my outfit?” she asked, pulling her t-shirt up high enough to show off her camel toe.”

“Lovely. Tryouts for a cam job today?”

“I just wanna look good for my sweet grandpa,” she replied.

“If, it is still if, we do this, the total payment to you is $25K. You have to pay taxes on that, which will be about $8K. I would give you $5K upfront. You will use an alias on the recording. We would start with the non-sexual dialogue and narrations first. That would be followed by your solo sexual dialogue and narration. We would finish with the rest. I’m the director, so what I say goes. Any questions?”

“When can we start?”

“I meant questions about what I just said.”

“No, I’m fine with all that.”

“I’ll tell you the day before what we’re going to be doing, so you can study the script. I don’t want it memorized.”


“Since you’ve never done this before, there’ll probably be a lot of retakes. That’s normal and expected.”

“Okay, again.”

“When is your period due?”

“Next week.”

“The next questions are kind of personal but knowing you better will help me with planning what to record and about how long it’ll take. I assume you’ve read the script and know what we’re recording.”

“I’ve read it several times.”

“Have you given a blowjob before?”

“Yes, and a hand job.”

“Did you swallow?”

“No, but I’ve tasted it. I had planned to try swallowing the next time I did it,” his granddaughter assured him.

“Have you been eaten?”

“Yes, but he had no idea what to do.”

“Did you cum?”

“Not from that. Only with my fingers and a vibrator.”

“Have you had vaginal intercourse?”

“Yes. That didn’t make me cum either.”

“You need a new boyfriend. Anything in the script that gives you concerns?”

“At one point he puts his thumb in her butt.”

“What’s your concern?”

“No one has ever touched me that way. I don’t know if I’ll like it.”

“It isn’t about liking it. It’s about making the listener think you like it.”

“Is it disgusting?”

Her grandfather chuckled. “I don’t personally think so. I believe you’ll find it strange, at first, but enjoyable.”

“Grandpa, will I be getting completely naked?”

“Only when it’s necessary to follow the script.”

“So, are you going to let me do the book with you?”

“I’ll give you my decision tomorrow. Okay? No more cookies though. I’m getting fat.”


“One more question. How big were the people you had sex with?”

“There was only one. He was about your height and weight.”

“Autumn, I was referring to penis size.”

“Oh, sorry. I guess five or six inches. I forgot to bring a ruler,” she grinned.

“Okay. Any more questions?”

“When would we start?”

“If we start, it’ll be next week. Probably on Monday. A lot of time and work goes into one of these. If we start it, we need to finish it.”

“I promise,” his granddaughter agreed.

After she had gone, Glen reviewed the pros and cons. It was good money and would help Autumn with her bills. They weren’t large debts, but they did worry her since she had no income. Although she had never done voice acting, she showed promise from what little they had done. Autumn was enthusiastic about going forward with it. Success doing this job would likely bring them more projects. Her lack of sexual experience might be more of an asset than a liability. Glen, being nearly sixty, had learned over the years how to please a woman. Her responses would be real and would record well. Since he was older, Glen also knew that he would have to pace himself to keep up with her. A big con was that she was his granddaughter. For the most part, that was a moral issue. Legally, it was prohibited, but the only people he had ever heard of being arrested were adults who had incestuous relationships with minors. Autumn was an adult. Morally, Glen didn’t have a problem with it. This was a business deal. His biggest concern was how this might affect his relationship with his granddaughter. Would it bring them closer, or God forbid, tear them apart?

He spent the day going through the script and breaking it up into workable pieces. There were narrations for him alone. Narrations for just Autumn. Non-sexual dialogue for them together. Sexual dialogue for them, and finally sexual acts. In the final editing process, he would add any other ambient effects that were needed.

The sex was a big part of the story, so he spaced that over fourteen days and would include their combined dialogues in between for recovery time, mostly for his own recovery.

He estimated five weeks of recording, then the final edit. Glen would begin recording his narrations the following day. He checked the weather forecast. In his RV, rain and high winds would interfere with the clarity of the recordings. The forecast was clear for the next ten days.

Autumn was up bright and early again and showed up dressed much as she had been the day before.

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