Back to the Future Ch. 04

Alexis Grace

Thanks for the feedback on the first three chapters.

Don’t take this story to seriously, it’s only meant as a light hearted parody of the famous film. Hope you enjoy the next part.


This was it; I had the keys to dad’s lab and to the car. I may not get another opportunity this good again. Mom and dad were fast asleep and he had forgotten to take his keys to bed with him, like he normally did. I assumed that mom had been in such a hurry to fuck him that he just left them in his jacket pocket.

I dashed upstairs to get the papers that I had photocopied from dad’s book. I threw on a retro white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

In order to get back to when my mom was 18 I would have to travel from now, the year 2026, back to the year 2002.

Mom was still at college, she had not married my father at that time and I would not be born for another two and a half years.

I stuffed the papers from dad’s book into my pocket and grabbed some money. In 2002, they used old paper money, so I would have to get some of that when I got there.

I did not really know what else I might need 24 years ago, so I decided I had no more time to waste and I crept out of my room.

I got downstairs and opened the back door, closing it behind me as quietly as I could; I shuffled towards the back gate. Dad’s lab was not far away but it was after 1am and I didn’t want to waste time running there, so I grabbed my electric roller-skates from the garage.

After I put them on, I stamped my foot down and the wheels started spinning, I hoped there was enough battery power in them to get to the lab. I had to remember to leave them behind in the lab though; these things didn’t exist in 2002.

I powered down the road and out of sight of my house, the skates were so slow, they only went along at about 20mph, if only they would invent skates that went faster!

It took about 10 minutes to get to the lab. It was a pretty normal looking building, dad had chosen it because it didn’t look like a lab, it just looked like an old warehouse. I turned off my skates and took the keys from my pocket. There were five keys on the ring as well as the big black one marked ‘Discovery’.

I found the right key to the door and walked inside.

Right there in front of me stood the time machine.

It looked so amazing as the moonlight shone through the window and directly onto the car. It looked like a cross between an old style B.M.W and a Porsche. It was slick and good looking with large rim covered wheels and tinted glass.

The car had on top a large thin funnel that made it look a bit like an old steam train. The back end was raised slightly higher than the front and it contained a circular hub that looked like a scaled down version of a jet engine on a plane.

I changed out of my skates and into my sneakers. I put the skates up on a shelf and walked over to the car. I pulled out the papers from my pocket, photocopied from dad’s all important book.

I found that actually the car opened with a normal key, another one on the set I had, so I put the key in and opened the door.

I climbed into the driver’s seat and shut it behind me.

On the dashboard sat the computer screen. It had a message on it which simply read ‘WELCOME TO TIME’

The rest of the car looked pretty normal, a steering wheel, a brake lever, two pedals under my feet, even the seat reclined.

I unfolded the papers and began to read. The instructions said that the screen would come alive by saying out loud the words, “TIME TRAVEL.” So I said it.

The screen on the dashboard flickered away the message and presented me with a new screen, it read, ‘SAY ALOUD YOUR TIME OF DESTINATION.’ So I told it where I wanted to go. October 5th 2002, the date flashed up on the screen.

Then it changed to another message, ‘SAY ALOUD YOUR PLACE OF DESTINATION,’ now I had to think about this. I could not be sure that if I went back to this exact spot in 2002 that this lab would be here, maybe it was not an empty lab back then. So to be safe I decided to tell the car to go to the garden of 1165 Fowler Avenue, California. This house was famous in the neighbourhood. It had been abandoned for decades after the old owner died in 1996 and left the house to his dog. The local authorities had been trying to get around the legal problems for years but to this day it still stood there alone, empty and un-lived in. It was the perfect place porno izle to hide a time travelling car in 2002.

So I gave the computer the address and it flashed up on the screen.

It then showed a message saying, ‘ENTER PASSWORD,’ oh shit! I had not seen anywhere a password written down. I frantically scanned the pages of dad’s book. I was worried that maybe for safety he hadn’t written the password down.

But then it came to me, dad always used a stupid password when he was talking to his bank manager. He used it so that the manager would know it was really him. He used the password, ‘Jabbawocky,’ taken from that old Monty Python movie that he loved.

I said out loud, “JABBAWOCKY” and to my total relief the screen changed and said, ‘PASSWORD ACCEPTED.’

Then I read through dad’s papers and found that after entering the details, you had to ignite the nuclear tank.

I took hold of the large black key and looked for where it was supposed to go. The car had not got a place for a key like a normal car, so where was the slot for the key?

I read again through dad’s papers and the diagram of the car. I finally found that the slot for the key was under the driver’s seat. I looked down and found a sliver panel with a deep crooked groove cut into it. I held the key and placed it on the edge of the slot. I slowly pushed the key into the groove and twisted it.

The car made a sharp jerk and began to violently shudder from side to side. A loud roar came from the back of the car and the computer sprung into life. I grabbed the steering wheel and held on tight. On the screen it was rapidly scanning through hundreds of pages of figures and odd formula’s. The car began to jerk forward as if it wanted to speed off through the lab door. The noise from the back of the car grew louder and stronger, as if it was a jet engine going into full throttle on the runway.

The screen flashed a message saying, ‘RELEASE BRAKE NOW’

I reached down in between the drivers and passengers seat and took hold of the brake lever. I pushed the button on the end of it and it dropped from my hand.

The car shuddered so violently it felt like a size 10 earthquake. Then a huge bright light filled the car, it was a blinding light and I had to half shut my eyes. The car felt like it had raced forward doing three hundred miles an hour.

My head was involuntarily thrown back against the head rest of the seat. My legs flew forward without me doing anything and it felt like I had been launched out of a space shuttle.

I could no longer see the lab outside of the car, everywhere was just a blinding white light. The car roared louder than ever and I gripped the steering wheel so tight my hand was becoming numb.

Then with one loud bang it was over. The white light vanished and the roar of the car just stopped dead. No more shudder or shake. It was like a rollercoaster had come to an immediate stop.

I fully opened my eyes and looked out of the windscreen. I was in an overgrown garden, surrounded by trees and hedgerows. The walls around it where 10 feet tall and just to the right of the car stood a house, its windows broken and its walls covered with moss and dirt.

I loosened my grip on the wheel and saw a new message on the computer screen; it read, welcome to October 5th 2002, Address: 1165 Fowler Avenue, California, U.S.A.

My god it had worked, I was in the past.


I left the garden, satisfied that the car could not be seen and headed down the street.

As I walked around I was amazed at how much everything had changed. I saw areas of land where no houses stood, but in my own time they did. Places that had completely changed in 2026 but here in 2002 didn’t even exist.

The cars all looked so different, so old and odd looking.

I had forgotten to give the computer a time of day to arrive so it was the middle of the night, exactly 1.37am, the same time I had left but precisely 24 years earlier.

I decided that I could not do anything until morning so after a while of looking around I returned to the car and tried to sleep.

The next day when I awoke, I almost forgot where I was. I climbed out of the car and ventured out again into the year 2002.

I passed people in the street and I wanted to shout, “I am from the Future, I haven’t even been born yet,” but I had to keep quite, I tried not to look out of place.

I decided the best chance porno of seeing my mom was to head to the place that she went to college. It was not far from where we now lived and close enough to where I left the car to be able to walk.

It was very strange to walk about in this place; I kept seeing things and thinking, ‘wow that will not be there in 2026.’

I finally reached the college just as the bell rung for the start of class. I decided that the best chance I had of finding my mom would be at the college dorms. So I followed the signs for the building.

When I got there I saw a poster inside the door which gave the names and room numbers of everyone in the building. I found my mom’s name and her room number, 117, so I headed down the corridor.

Then I suddenly thought ‘hang on, she won’t know who the hell I am,’ I couldn’t just go and knock on her door. So I walked back out of the building. I saw a bench just opposite the door so I went and sat down.

I stayed for over three hours hoping that mom would either come out of the building or would come back from classes. During the time I sat there lots of people came and went. There clothes looked so old fashioned and there shoes where just bizarre. I saw sneakers that had laces on them, how pathetic, trainers that you actually had to tie up yourself!! Some of the girls who passed by had on those funny shoes with the big heel at the back. I remember mom telling me that high heels were very trendy in her day. They just looked stupid too me.

Finally just when I was about to give up and try somewhere else, I saw my mom appear in the distance.

She was walking with a friend holding her books. She looked so hot. Her hair was longer and darker than I had seen before. She looked younger of course but in many ways she had not changed much at all. Her body looked the same amazing sight it did now as when she was older. Her chest looked as big and full as that I had come to adore.

Her face was almost angelic and serene, she talked with her friend and her amazing smile crossed her face.

She got closer towards me and I stood open-mouthed watching my 18 year old mom walking closer.

As she drew level with me, she looked me right in the face. Her eyes met with mine and I simply smiled. I had not really planned for what I was going to do when I actually got to meet her.

She smiled back at me and very briefly looked me up and down. Her friend also noticed me and kind of giggled as they went passed. I watched as mom and her friend walked into the dorm building.

I gazed at her ass, which was covered in a dark blue skirt that hung just below her knees.

It looked even tighter and fuller than I knew it; I felt my cock harden in my jeans.

I decided that I had to talk to her so I followed them into the building. As I walked in they were both standing in the hallway checking a mailbox for any letters. My mom turned her head around, flicking her hair over her shoulders. She smiled at me again and I smiled back.

“Hello,” I said, she looked at me with those seductive eyes and replied, “Hello stranger.”

I walked closer to her and said again, “Hi, I was just passing by and you caught my eye, you are very beautiful.”

I could feel myself blushing as I said it, but this called for a direct approach.

My mom looked at me and said in a high pitched voice,

“Oh wow, thank you.”

Her friend grabbed her by the arm and they both giggled.

“What’s your name?” my mom said. “I’m Jamie,” I replied.

“Jamie! That’s a nice name,” she said.

She started to let her eyes wander over me. I wondered if maybe the clothes I was wearing were wrong for this time, were they too futuristic?

“So Jamie, where are you from?” she asked.

“Well, I just moved here actually,” I replied.

Just then I noticed her nudging her friend, then she turned and looked at her. I could not see what she was doing but I assumed she was giving her some look which said ‘go away,’ because her friend raised her eyebrows and smiled then turned and walked down the corridor.

She turned back to me and stepped closer, her eyes looked bright and clear, I could smell a perfume that I had never smelt before, Mom never normally wore perfume but she obviously did when she was younger.

“Would you like me to show you around?” She said.

“Yes that would be great,” I replied eagerly.

“You’re very cute,” she said in an amazingly rokettube sexy seductive voice.

My mom’s voice had changed quite a lot, it was slightly deeper now and less squeaky, but I guess that was an age thing.

“Thank you,” I replied,

She smiled at me again and asked me to follow her; she began telling me about the best places to hang out and where to buy illegal booze. She said she knew of a shop in town that sold to underage kids. Mom had never been a drinker in all the years I had been growing up, we had never had drink in the house and she always warned me from going near it until I was older, but here at 18 she was obviously into it and knew how to get it.

I followed my mom to her dorm room, where I expected to find her friend but the room was empty.

“Come in,” she said, “let me show you a map of the school.”

I walked into her room and I was shocked. My mom had always been a very clean and tidy person, always fussy around the house and telling me to clean my room, yet here I stood in her college dorm room and it was a tip. There were clothes and books and empty cans of coke spread all over the floor. Her bed was unmade and her make up was spread all over a counter underneath a mirror.

“Sorry about the mess,” she said, “I can never be bothered to clean up.”

Mom at 18 was very different to my mom at 42. I had never imagined my mom as a messy, drinking teenager before but here was living proof of it.

She asked me to sit on a small two-seat sofa that was under the window. She went over to a cupboard and opened a lower drawer.

As she did the back of her skirt rose up, not enough to see anything but enough that it gave me a wonderful view of her butt as she stuck it in the air. Watching her bend down to the drawer I also noticed her tits swing forward. She had on a sweater which covered her up far too well but as she leaned forward the front of the sweater bulged out as her massive tits swung forward. I felt my cock twinge and stir again in my jeans.

When she straightened up she had in her hand a piece of paper. She came over and sat next to me on the small grey sofa.

“Here you go,” she said.

She thrust the paper into my hands but my eyes were looking elsewhere. As she sat on the sofa she came down at a sideways angle so she was sitting on her side facing me. Her huge tits almost hit me in the face as she did this. Her legs tucked underneath her and her hair flung around her face.

She looked at me and caught me staring at her chest. I looked up and made eye contact with her, I thought maybe she would go mad at me, this stranger looking at her tits, but she just smiled at me and pointed to the map.

It was a plan of the school buildings and grounds and she started telling me where I should go to register in. I had to play along with it for now, how else could I explain being here?

“You really are very hot,”

She suddenly said, as her eyes wandered over my chest and down my stomach, towards my crotch.

I could not believe that mom had said that too me just the other day in my own time, now here I was sitting next to my 18 year old mom, years earlier, hearing her say exactly the same thing. I felt my pulse begin to quicken as mom moved a hand onto my shoulder.

I looked her in the eyes and said,

“Thanks, you are very sexy too.”

I felt her hand move to my chest but I kept my eyes locked on with hers.

Her eyes burned into me and her mouth moved into a kind of half smile. I could feel my cock hardening in my jeans as her hand crossed over my abs.

“Wow,” she said in a loud gasping voice, “You have a very nice six pack.” “Thanks, I said, “My mom says that as well,”

“Really?” she replied,

“I don’t normally do this kind of thing,” she said, “But something strange inside me is telling me I should kiss you.”

Her hand inched lower over my stomach and down towards the top of my jeans. My cock was getting stiffer by the moment and I could see how visible it now would be if she looked down there.

She began to move her face closer to me, and I saw her lips purse closed. Her eyes kept locked with mine and I brought my arm over my chest and placed it on her shoulder as she moved inch by inch closer towards my face, our lips were now on a collision course.

This was it, I was seconds away from kissing my mom and her hand was continuing to move towards my hard throbbing cock. I started to close my eyes and prepare my mind for what I had travelled through time to do, the memories of her naked, fucking herself and then the sight of her riding dad’s cock all rushed through my mind. This was it, my moment in time.

to be continued…………

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