Bad Kitten

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I’ve been a bad kitten.

I was only curious, as I often am. Master was away, and the collar caught my eye, its silver loop shining in the waning daylight. Master likes to slip his finger through it to pull my gaze towards his while I kneel at his lap.

“Look at your Master, slut,” he’ll say. Then I know it’s playtime.

But there are rules about the collar. It belongs to Master, just like I do. He puts it on me with care when it’s playtime, and takes it off when he is finished, hanging it on the bed post.

Today I broke the rules.

I was awfully lonely with Master gone. I felt bare without his hands running over my body, grasping my breast, my ass, slipping his fingers between my thighs. I was needy with no one to play with.

I touched the collar gingerly where it hung on the bed post, feeling the smooth black leather and the coolness of the metal loop. I picked it up, holding it carefully, like a sacred and fragile artifact. I looked to the door nervously, expecting to be caught in the act.

Standing in front of the mirror, I fitted it around my neck clumsily, as only Master had ever put it on me before. My reflection fascinated and amused me: a decorated and unattended slut. I touched the mirror, not unlike Narcissus, feeling that I could keep my own gaze for quite some time…

The doorknob turned.

Before I could even attempt to undo what I had done, there was Master, in the bedroom doorway, staring at me with irritation, but also some amusement. Master never lost his temper. He spoke evenly, “Come here, slut, and kneel in front of me,” I did as I was told, kneeling with my gaze downward, too shy to meet Master’s eyes after having committed such a grievous offense.

He grasped my jaw and lifted up my face to meet his. I knew he could see the guilt in my eyes and my pouting lips, quivering trying Pendik Grup Escort to form an explanation or apology.

“You know what you’ve done,” he said plainly, “and you know what I will do to you.” I was to be punished, I knew, but I didn’t know how.

Master ordered me undressed and I obeyed. My hands were tied and lifted above my head, with the rope looped through a small ring in the ceiling. After Master was finished securing me in place, he stood in front of me, fully clothed, without touching me. I was bare and vulnerable before him, subject to his desire.

He placed his hand firmly around my collared neck. “This is mine,” he said calmly. His other hand grasped my breast and squeezed my nipple, and I winced slightly. “This is also mine,” and his hand travelled down my back until it reached my ass, which he stroked and raked his nails over. “This belongs to me,” and I moaned very softly, needing his touch. Something was missing…

“And your cunt… my property… gets special treatment tonight. Spread your legs,” and I did as I was told, feeling suddenly warm and prickly with anticipation.

Master walked around me, taking his time, and making me wait as a lesson in patience and discipline, because he knew how much I hated that. I stayed silent and took my punishment, because I knew that I deserved it. He stood in front of me again, stroking his chin and enjoying the sight of me helpless to his will.


Without warning Master slapped my bare cunt hard with his hand, making me gasp and shiver. His hand cupped between my legs and he fondled me, feeling how wet I had become. “You’re awfully wet for a whore taking such a punishment,” a grin flickered across Master’s face and he circled me once again.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He spanked my cunt from behind and I cried out with surprise Pendik Manken Escort and pleasure. My pussy was all red now, and I could feel the warm wetness slowly running down my inner thigh. Master stood behind me with one hand cupping my breast and the other carefully fingering my cunt, my juices covering Master’s hand.

I sighed and moaned. “Please Master?” I began to beg quietly, my breath heavy, “Please don’t stop…”

But Master did stop. He stood in front of me again, and undid my wrist restraints. My arms collapsed suddenly, the feeling having escaped them, and Master caught me and pulled me into him. I rested my head on his chest, and he stroked me whispering, “I make the rules. My slut obeys them”.

He stroked and squeezed my ass. I knew there was more to come. Master wasn’t finished with me yet.

I sighed as he turned me around and pushed me face down on the bed. I could hear Master undoing his belt, and guessing what would come next, drew my knees towards my chest, and planted my hands on the bed, pushing myself up with the strength restored in my arms. I presented my ass to Master like a good girl, my pussy still pink and throbbing from being slapped.

Master was silent as he stroked my ass tenderly and raked his nails over my back. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me beneath his jeans, ready to take what was his into possession.

I did not expect his belt across my ass, and I drew in my breath sharply as he dealt the first spanking, “Thank you, Master,” I moaned, feeling the warmth spread across my skin, my grip on the bedspread loosening. He pet my ass gently and repeated the lashings a few more times before placing the belt down beside me. I could hear him unzipping his trousers, and I moaned in reply.

“Who do you belong to?” he demanded of me.

“I belong to Pendik Masöz Escort you, Master. I’m yours,” I answered without hesitation. All of my holes are for his pleasure. I am his to take, to use, to fuck until he is satisfied. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Mm… that’s right. You’ve been a very bad girl, but you’ve taken your punishment well. Now I’m going to give it all to you, baby, in your ass and you’ll take it like the little whore you are,” and fingered me, encouraging me to open before he held me in place and slid his hard cock into my asshole, letting me feel every inch. I gasped and moaned.

“Mmmaster… yes! It feels so good. Fuck me, please? Please…” I begged.

Master thrust into me slowly at first, filling me up and taking his time to enjoy. I was so tight and so aroused from my spankings that I thought I would cum right then. He thrust into me over and over again, harder and harder, fucking my ass until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was stretched open, and my pussy was dripping, and desperate to cum.

“Is my slut ready to be filled?”

He knew he needn’t have asked, but I obliged, as I was eager to receive his hot load and feel his pleasure flood into me.

“Mmmaster… please… I need it so badly. I need to cum, Master…” I was nearly breathless and every part of my body was electrified with stimulation. I could feel him squeeze and massage my ass as he pumped into me, his cum bursting from his cock and filling my with warmth and satisfaction, “Cum, whore! Cum for me…”

I came with force, my body shaking as if being rocked by and earthquake. I screamed with pleasure, burying my face in a pillow and clawing at the bedspread as he held me down.

I stayed that way for several long moments, my body settling into a pleasurable exhaustion. I felt Master pull out of me, and as he did, his cum dripped from my ass. I sighed as he gently turned me over to face him, collecting me into his arms as he lay beside me. “Mm…” was all I could manage, still breathing heavily from being used up. Tamed. Disciplined.



It was all he needed to say.

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