Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 53


The preceding three visits had avoided kissing regardless of opportunity, much as it had been missed. The rules were going to be changing again tomorrow, making following visits impossible to predict in a very unclear future. On the other hand, Sundays have been one of the most reliable days over the years, making this Sunday a particularly suitable time to visit.

Following the old routine, I got a beer, asking how things would work in the future, with answers that left me uncertain. There was a steady stream of visitors today, many of whom needed to be taught how use an app. One of the things very appreciated here when having sex here is pure anonymity, and such an app removes that aspect. Being anonymous provides the necessary freedom to indulge in uninhibited male only sex. Plus, in a certain oblique way, to be able to say that what happens is random, not quite intentional, regardless of how much the craving for hot male sex drives returning here.

Though the first visit here occurred in my late 40s, awareness of and interest in the baths has existed for decades. I even knew the location of this bathhouse for several years before taking that initial step into another world, where men openly have sex with each other. The late 70s of my youth were a fairly decadent time, one whose magical style I continue to fully indulge in, mixing partners and substances into glorious sexual experiences. From cross dressing to being fucked to kissing three other men cock to cock at the same time, the baths provide a perfect setting for sex of the most entrancing variety.

Fantasies remain, such as being in a true daisy chain, multiple men sucking each other, not merely sucking and being sucked by different men at the same time. Or being fucked and fucking at the same time, one of my earliest and dirtiest fantasies, wanting to feel another man’s cock in my ass. Such things were never shown in the magazines I was jacking off with as a teenager. At the baths, I have participated in all the other roles, but still not been the one in the middle.

Some of my first orgasms watching gay porn involved such situations, with the daisy chain concept being first introduced that way, cumming so good in a video booth, very stoned, a just bought bottle of poppers available while clicking through the gay channels. Which often showed incredible gay group sex, expanding the range of fantasies concerning what the baths could offer.

I went upstairs, turning towards the hall leading to the porn room, seeing a man from previous visits in the first video booth, a fact that sent more than a twitch to my cock. Entering the porn area, one man was at the top row rear corner. Leaving the theater area and walking down the hall, the first man grew attentive as I briefly paused to look at the porn, which turned out to be utterly uninteresting.

Though a quick glance at his large available cock sent another enticing twitch to my own cock. Something he noticed, as when upstairs or downstairs, I walk around naked. I only wear a towel in the public middle area, though even there it is not required. More than once, when my towel has disappeared, walking through the area to get another towel provided a certain true exhibitionist sensation, knowing that other men could see my still glistening cock from just being sucked.

This nudity aspect is another unexpected aspect of the baths, not in the sense of being naked among other men, but the practical result. That result being able to have almost instant sex, without any need to care about clothing. Walking into the steam room and having your cock sucked as soon as you enter is wonderful to experience, especially when another man presses his bare skin against yours as you begin kissing, feeling his cock touch yours in a stranger’s mouth.

Downstairs, I saw towels in the steam bath cubbyhole wall. Plus someone leaving the room, closing the glass door behind him, meaning today, the door was unlocked. First going to the non-bubbling whirlpool, I slid into a free space. Nothing happened among us, and after a short time one man left. As soon as the jets started, I followed him out of the water. Only then noticing a sign saying the limit was supposed to be 3 people, which was funny considering I had made it 5.

The sign saying the steam bath was closed remained on the door, but curiosity was impossible to resist, as so often happens at the baths. Going inside, the light level was extremely low even by steam room standards. Though still cool enough, the heat had been turned on. Trying to be cautious moving back to rear section, still I ran into someone. A bit of exploring did not make clear what was going on, with a standing man definitely not interested.

That attitude was absolutely no problem, but trying to get around him proved difficult. After grabbing my hand and saying he was not interested, I replied neither was I, but intended to walk to the back. At which point he huffily turned and left. The idea of taking pictures arose, but the space was not really empty. Exploring around the back, a istanbul travesti pair was silhouetted against the light from the glass door, one kneeling, giving the other head. They quickly separated for whatever reason, yet another man remained at the end of the curved corridor, looking through the glass door.

Things as they were, taking pictures was dropped as a plan, particularly as even this minimal steaminess might fog the lens. Nonetheless, being in the steam room added a certain nostalgic thrill, reminding me of group sex encounters. Going around upstairs a second time, finding the same man in the booth, already recognized as a regular visitor like myself, sitting with his back against the wall, legs spread, large cock fairly erect. The porn area also had the same man at the top corner, with no obvious signs of exposed cock or interest, making it easy to decide to go to the dark room.

Stretching out in the relaxing darkness, wondering if anyone would come in, thinking that the man in the booth was available, particularly if making sure to soon take advantage of an existing opportunity. Someone well known from various past encounters, a true bathhouse slut like myself. He was also one of the men most responsible for convincing me to stop using condoms by oral sex, a decision yet to be regretted in the slightest. The simple truth is that a bare cock is better, and once you give in to that fact, bathhouse sex becomes even more irresistible.

With no one entering, thoughts of his big cock and willingness to go down on a cock he had complimented many times in the past became ever more inviting. It was hard to even approximately remember just how many encounters we had had throughout the spaces of this male only sauna over the years. Including the public showers next to the changing area, a place that felt extremely public as he made me hard, then went down on me. The more I concentrated, the higher the number went, from a half dozen to a dozen to 2 dozen, not certain if the number should be higher still.

How do you count meeting each other twice or three times during a visit? Group sex would count as one, even if 3 or 4 other men had been involved between the first and second session of head. Moving from one location to another would also count as one, but if either of left us the other at the new location then returned, should that be counted as two? Or to be very simple, counting only how many visits involved him. Quite a number over the years, both of us being regulars.

Further, he knew intimately how easy I was, at least for him to start going down on me, if rarely cumming when he wanted. We had a somewhat complex connection that way. I certainly enjoyed his notably big cock, we both having much practice in having sex with each other and other men, together, in series, or alone. The crux was not wanting to cum quickly at the start of a visit. Any time someone starts insisting, I simply point out there are plenty of men to still have sex with. The baths are not about exclusivity though the way some men seem to look at making another cum, it feels almost like ownership. Often along with the reasonable idea that they are simply making as many men cum during a visit as possible.

Today was not exactly a rushed visit, but a forecast for hail later was something kept in mind, as motorcycle riding and hail don’t mix well with hurricane strength gusts. Seeing him after such a long pause was like being in the steam room, a welcome reminder of earlier times. Ones in which he had been a very enjoyable partner, particularly early on in a visit, like today. Further, a man who normally had to be put off as he wanted me to orgasm right then, something never fitting my intentions at the start of diving into the variety of opportunities found at the baths.

Yet the last few visits had been quite mixed, while knowing from extended experience just how well he treated my cock. A cock that was rapidly taking charge, wanting to cum in his mouth. Just like the first time my intentionally condomless cock filled his mouth, giving in to naked lust with a man who I had seen giving head to numerous strangers beforehand. Today, it was no longer important to pretend about not being tempted from the first sight of his big sexy cock, and how he looked at me. With the lack of success of the last couple of weeks till now, no reason existed to prevent me from intentionally going to him to have sex.

Gathering my things, putting on the mask, I went back out. Same man in the video cabin, not quite yet deciding to take him up as I glanced in, walking further. Not really surprised to see the same man still alone in porn area. Going to the other section, it was deserted except for one cabin where the door was closed and the sounds of hot sex were obvious. It appeared that the steam bath was attracting a fair amount of attention, as today the bathhouse was certainly not empty, even if upstairs was only lightly visited till now.

Desire growing, deciding that the man in the video booth was the best choice became easy, no istanbul travestileri longer pretending about not wanting to have sex with him. Getting closer to the booth though, another man was standing in the doorway, talking. I sort of discretely hung around, as the conversation and the man’s posture did not seem particularly sexual. He did leave after a moment, allowing me to approach the doorway. Drawing closer into view, he began offering his large, almost erect cock, prompting me to start stroking.

His interest was obvious from the start, with nothing covering my cock from his eager gaze. We were simply appreciating the view of a known partner from the past, sinking into a familiar entranced state, the thought of sex transforming into the reality. There was nothing furtive in the least as we looked at each other with anticipation.

He patted the platform to sit down next to him. I had not even noticed whatever porn was playing. This time, my attention was completely focused on him, much like his was on me, both knowing that we would be having sex with a horny and talented partner. After spreading the towel out, things to the side, poppers bottle available, I sat close. This bottle of poppers was new, the last of a carefully preserved reserve, that fact being a part of my decision to enter, knowing how much he enjoyed poppers too.

He was eager to have me go down on him, which was not quite my wish until he was completely hard. Telling him I wanted to play first, we were soon enjoying jacking each other off. After a couple of minutes, he went down on me. The sensations were wonderfully intense, quickly approaching orgasm. The simplest way to change the situation was to go down on him. I got the bottle ready after gently pushing his head up and back, taking a smallish hit. Closing the bottle, staring at his sexy big dick as the first effects started to be felt, mouth approaching his eagerly offered shaft.

As soon as my lips started sliding down it, he leaned back against the wall, groaning how good it felt. Grasping my extended rod, I took his length very deep, amazed how it became possible as the poppers turned me into a total suck slut in a flood of desire to be filled with cock. Desire grew uncontrollably, causing him to halt my greedy blow job right after I breathed out. Followed by him having me lay back, giving me head again, sinking into the paradise of his wet mouth.

My hands ran over his body, soon finding a nipple as he kept stroking himself while going down on me. The receding poppers made the cock worship more intense to experience, leading to me pushing him away to keep from cumming. We were both aware that orgasm beckoned, but more or less we were not going to push the other too quickly.

In gratitude at what his mouth had done, I began sucking his nipple as he kept pumping his shaft. As he was playing with my nipple as I stroked too, this created an endless wave of pure shared bliss. Men are definitely aware of just how good nipple play is when hard, at least after their first introduction, which if not experienced before visiting the baths is certainly something that will be discovered there.

Moving my mouth, his underarm was not quite available, but a bit of neck kissing as a finger slid over his armpit made the idea clearer, even in his very turned on state. One of the traits we shared was jacking off while being played with, lost in the sensations at the edge of orgasm. My tongue spent a luxurious amount of time sliding over his sensitive skin as my hand replaced his. His moans as he kissed and licked my neck were an extra delight, proving how horny he had become.

The door remained open the entire time, but at only one point did we notice someone watching. He did not come in, even as we both played for him, making it plain we would enjoy another man joining in. Over the years, as a pair we had had group sex in all the public areas, including one time in the steam bath when he was going down on me while being fucked after already having played with maybe a half dozen other men. Not that we really cared about other men, fully involved with each other, doing things that we loved. Going down on me, I kissed his neck and ears, caressing his moving head.

When he came back up face high, lips parted in luscious invitation, his intention was plain. I hesitated in one sense, mind wondering as his hand drew my head nearer, anticipation growing. The idea of kissing had been a grey zone, but these circumstances were tilting ever more in favor of letting go, getting lost kissing a naked turned on man. One who wanted to kiss, aware from other times that he was a fantastic kisser. By now, whatever doubts existed were gone, having decided to freely enjoy sex with him, no longer willing to restrain myself considering how extended the next involuntary pause might be.

The familiar excitement grew, as in this area, he was not a stranger at all. He was a man I had had sex with before, fully intending to enjoy the situation completely. It was incredibly satisfying to be kissing travesti istanbul a man again, both of us getting even more turned on as the kiss deepened entrancingly, tongues swirling, lips pressing, stroking each other at the same time. Time stopped as the kiss continued, flowing between roles and sensations, sometimes the one in charge, other times equals, sometimes the one being dominated. Kissing a cock sucker is always sexy, an attitude he shared.

I was the one to end our extended kiss, my face going between his legs to take his cock into my mouth again. After making his length slippery with spit, I returned to his mouth, kissing him while jacking him off. His passionate wordless moaning was sexy, allowing me to break our kiss right at the edge of orgasm, just before he told me to stop, his mind working more slowly due to how turned on he was. Basically, he become willingly enslaved to his cock at my urging, as he had often in the past.

He asked, barely coherent, if he could use the poppers, quickly taking several deep hits after I held the full bottle under his nose. After closing the top, I pressed my rigid length along his, as always amazed at how hot it felt to rub cocks. Squeezing his nipple as I knelt above him on the platform, looking at his gorgeous dick against mine, a sight even better than seeing an aroused cock while stroking alone. I love going cock to cock, a discovery first made at glory holes, which was my first bareback experience, so to speak. The sexiness of a naked cock was incredible, especially the way it is so hard and so soft at the same time.

Playing like that has turned into something of an addiction over the years. Seeing two cocks being handled together provides fantastic sexual feedback at a fundamental level, aware how mutual the sensations are. The skin on our shafts felt extremely soft and supple, a result of our previous oral sex as experience has taught me. The poppers may have taken him a bit by surprise, as I had not actually intended to make him cum right then, even if it felt so good that it was difficult to stop instantly when he said to.

Moving away slightly, it almost seemed as if he might regain control, grasping his swelled shaft just under the head, moaning about cumming, staring between my legs. My own stroking felt wonderful, looking at his quivering hot cock. A sight found irresistible since my teenage years, masturbating with a friend, watching each other after getting hard from the sight of naked women in Playboy or Penthouse. Even back then, it was not only my friend and I watching each other, but sometimes others who shared the magazines with us, leading to sessions with 3, or even occasionally 4, exposed cocks and public orgasms.

Back then, poppers were completely unknown to us, but discovering their pleasures alone and with my first couple of girlfriends certainly demonstrated why they are a favored sex drug. A subculture that includes women, one that overlaps on the male side to the subculture of cruising at the baths. My current partner was not only an experienced member of the cruising club, he was also a devoted member of the poppers club, likely anticipating the effects of poppers seeing me from the first in the doorway.

However, these poppers were really powerful, having been carefully stored. Considering how difficult they have become to buy discretely over the last couple of years, and how the baths had been closed, his underestimating just how they would affect him was understandable. The small hit I had done before provided a good chance to experience what they were like, but he had used the bottle more like it had been open for a long while. He had done four hits one after the other, breathing deep though each nostril, taking his time.

The effects were plain to see on his face, as his mind had gone between his legs, where the sensations were overwhelming it completely. The expression of a person no longer able to keep from orgasming in a swelling wave, eyelids fluttering. His hand remained unmoving, but the quivers along its taut length would be irresistibly intense, only delaying orgasm, not stopping it.

Watching him lose the balancing act was exquisite, remaining in control enough not to cum when he did. Looking openly at him, appreciating the purely sexual moment, confident that my turn would be coming.

His cock started pumping white cum as he groaned about how good it felt. His orgasm was quite long, in part because of how tightly he kept squeezing his swelled cock right under the flared ridge. A part of me wanted to apologize, though quickly overruled. He was clearly satisfied at getting off, with no reason to think any regrets were involved. Especially as I planned to follow him, knowing he would not stop until his mouth was filled with cum.

He asked for paper towels from the dispenser on the wall, cleaning his hand and cock in similar fashion to those teenage sessions. After getting clean, he bent over to take my cock in his mouth, a delight beyond my imagining at those high school jack off sessions. Using poppers while getting sucked by my first girlfriend gave me an excellent idea what that sort of sex felt like at a gay sauna too. Poppers have been something shared over decades with both women and men, all of whom fell under their spell completely.

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