Beachfront Balcony


There is a forbidden pleasure in being naked on a balcony. Nine stories in the air, overlooking the ocean had its own excitement. I had stripped of my clothes thrown in haphazard piles around the room. He followed behind me, his own clothes slipping off with haste.

The ocean breeze was mixed with the warm salt air, air that was rising off the hot sands of the day. The stars winked down at us as if they knew what we were doing. Together we sat, drinking coconut room and pineapple juice. Our legs were propped up on the balcony railing. I closed my eyes for a moment, taking in the moment. My body, unclothed, bare to Father Sky and Mother Earth, I felt whole again. He sat there in nervous giggles wondering if anyone could see us. I smiled to myself, uttering “This is perfectly natural”.

To think that nudity is so unnatural feeling to us even though that is our natural state. We sat close, in separate chairs, our bodies only touching by the air that we shared. I parted my legs briefly, the breeze hitting my most tender places. I felt beautiful almanbahis giriş and naughty. I looked down at myself, the way the moonlight glimmered on my skin. I felt illuminated in the darkness, I was my own moonlight. My partner had relaxed some with help of the rum. His legs also parted revealed his aroused state. I smiled to myself, his nakedness was becoming. We sat there, in half silence, half rum induced laughter for almost an hour. We returned inside, crashing on the king side bed.

Our bodies refreshed from the salt air we touched each other with gentle caresses. I grabbed an ice cube from the cup allowing little droplets of water to hit his bare chest. He shivered with each drop driving his nerves into pleasant sparks of energy. I moved the ice down, dangerously close to his hardness peaking out from under the sheet. I licked the droplets from his chest quenching the thirst that I had for him. He returned the favor, dripping the cold water onto me. I found nothing but pleasure in each drop that hit my skin. The ice cube found almanbahis me nipples, which as he rubbed became achingly hard.

His mouth mixed with his hot breath and cold skin left my skin charged for more touch. Our lips touched, the ice finding its way from his mouth to mine, and back again. The cube slid between us in an exchange of passion and increasing wanting. He grabbed another cube to suck on. This time, his head nuzzled between my legs, began to chill my burning flesh. I arched up to the touch, crying out from a mixture of pain and dulled pleasure.

The ice melted mixing with my wetness creating an elixir of slickness. My body shuddered in orgasm as his mouth, cold yet hot, claimed my clit. Driven mad with lust, I pushed him over on his back. The cue was unmistakable. He slipped the latex sheath onto his throbbing cock. I crawled up on top, easing myself down like lightening. We moved like the ocean waves, rising and falling on top of one another. Another flash of pleasure took my body deeper into his. When I could almanbahis giriş go on no more, we laid together our breath racing.

Some men don’t last long enough, this man surely lasted too long. I took a moment to rest my body. I was intent on giving him the same pleasure that he had me. I grabbed the bottle of lubricant from the bedside. Apparently I did not need it tonight! I poured a nice puddle into my hand allowing it to spread all over my palm. He was still hard as I began to stroke ever inch of him.

I generally found that giving hand jobs was not forte, but tonight my hands seemed to know the rhythm. His body seemed to respond by arching up and down with the movement of my hand. I stroked him faster, feeling his body tighten in impeding release. He was moaning now, competing with the roar of the ocean below. My hand tightened as I moved faster and faster. He let out a howl as his orgasm made his body explode with such fury that I had never seen before.

He uttered thanks over and over again. I smiled triumphantly, my honor as a sex goddess restored with this act of power. We rinsed ourselves of pleasure in the shower. Exhausted, we both fell into a pleasant sleep. The next morning, I looked out over the balcony to the ocean. I blew a kiss to the ocean in blessings for the night before.

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