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My name is Molly. I have been married to Stan for 11 years. Four years ago we sort of stumbled into swinging with three other couples we’re friends with. Here’s how it happened.

We were at Mark and Crystal’s house for a dinner and pool party, so we were all in our bathing suits – the men in trunks and the women in bikinis. Dinner was long over, and we were just sitting out by the pool, cutting up and having fun. We had been drinking a LOT of wine before Mark, Crystal, Kyle and Deb decided to jump into the hot tub. The rest of us – Bryan, Lisa, Stan and I – were still sitting at the picnic table on the patio, finishing our wine and watching the antics of the four headed for the bubbling water.

In a surprising move, Crystal decided to take her bikini top off as she entered the hot tub. She has perfect 36C natural tits that stand up majestically, while still managing to bounce around whenever she moves. I imagine no one – man or woman – complained much whenever she decided to show them off. This move prompted Deb to do the same thing, so she, too, untied her bikini top and let her 37D boobs tumble out. Hers were also natural and very impressive, with big areolas and ½” nipples.

Mark and Kyle hooted and made appreciative noises as the hot tub was filled with splashing and bouncing tits. Then, in an even more surprising move, Mark and Kyle looked at each other, shrugged, and pulled off their bathing suits, too. Next thing we knew, two bikini bottoms joined the two bathing trunks on the deck outside the hot tub. Several minutes of splashing, pulling, and pushing ensued, with attendant shrieks and laughter as the four of them wrestled around the spa. It was obvious that tits, butts, balls and dicks were being slapped, grabbed and fondled as the ruckus continued.

When they finally settled down, Mark was sitting on a bench in the water on one side of the spa with Deb leaning up against him, her beautiful big boobs swaying above the water as she caught her breath from the rough housing. Kyle was sitting on the deck on the other side of the hot tub, his feet dangling in the water, with Crystal sitting in the kocaeli escort water next to his leg, her arm draped over his thigh, and her 36C tits jiggling against his calf as she laughed.

By now, the four of us at the picnic table were watching the hot tub antics, completely intrigued and – to be honest – turned on. Seeing bouncing breasts and big dicks flopping around was mesmerizing, and this being the first time we’d seen our friends naked had all of us completely enthralled.

Since Kyle was sitting on the deck, his cock was visible to everyone….. and it was enormous! (probably why he was sitting on the deck – to show it off.) His flaccid shaft was about 11”, ending in an impressive mushroom head. It dangled loosely between his legs and actually reached into the water from his perch on the deck. His ball sack was also big and hung heavily beneath his long dick. Mark was sitting on the bench in the spa, which meant his dick was under water, so we couldn’t see it, but I had noticed it while they were frolicking earlier, and it appeared to be about 10” long, and fairly thick. I was definitely anxious to check it out again whenever he decided to get up from his seat in the hot tub.

At this point Mark casually threw his left arm over Deb’s shoulder, which made his left hand fall naturally onto her big boob, and started massaging it. Deb looked over at her husband, Kyle, with a slight smile on her lips. She didn’t react to Mark’s tit squeezing initially, as her eyes met Kyle’s for a moment, but when he started tweaking her nipple, she closed her eyes and moaned, sidling even more closely up to him.

All of us sort of glanced over to Kyle to see what his reaction would be. In yet another surprise, Kyle seem to be transfixed by Mark’s hand on his wife’s tit, and the fact that her nipples were responding to his attention. Kyle’s big cock began to stiffen, lifting itself out of the water, and becoming semi-hard as he watched his wife’s hand reach under the water to find Mark’s prick. Crystal, also somewhat mesmerized by her husband’s attention to Deb’s boobs, and by Deb’s obvious stroking of Mark’s cock under the darıca escort water, noticed Kyle’s rising pole and reached out with her hand to begin fondling it. Kyle returned the favor by starting to play with Crystal’s tits as she pumped his huge shaft, splitting her time between eyeing Mark and Deb stroking each other and staring at Kyle’s mammoth cock as it grew to its fully erect 12”.

The four of us at the picnic table glanced at each other, then we all got up and moved over to watch the action close up, standing around the edge of the hot tub with our elbows resting on the wall that surrounded the spa.

By now, Mark had pulled Deb onto his lap, and had obviously inserted his prick into her pussy. She bounced up and down on his shaft with her eyes closed, groaning and grunting with each thrust, her shapely 37D tits slapping the water on every down stroke, and banging into each other on the up stroke. Meanwhile, Crystal was completely focused on Kyle’s massive cock, pumping it with her hand as she jerked it with earnest. Kyle remained focused on his wife’s bouncing boobs as she got fucked by Mark, all the time playing with Crystal’s tits.

Suddenly, Kyle pushed Crystal’s head down toward his groin and shoved his long rod deep into her mouth. With his head back and his eyes closed, he released a huge load of cum down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of it. When he was done cumming, he released her head, but she kept slowly sucking it into and out of her mouth for several minutes before she let it slip out of her mouth with a smile. She continued to gently stroke Kyle’s softening shaft as they both watched Mark and Deb continue to pound away on the other side of the spa. Then with a grunt, Mark grabbed Deb’s hips and shoved himself as far into her cunt as he could get, emptying his nut sack deep into her pussy. At about the same time, Deb let out a guttural wail and had an electrifying orgasm, gushing her pussy juices all over Mark’s stiff prick.

Without really giving it much thought, the four of us watching what was going on in the hot tub had paired off, and our bathing suits were now gölcük escort strewn on the ground around us. Stan, my husband, was fondling Lisa’s gorgeous 38DD tits (she had the biggest rack of all of us), while she was giving Stan’s 10” pole a sloppy blow job. Meanwhile, Bryan was standing behind me, with his hands squeezing my bouncing 35E boobs, as he slammed his 9” cock in and out of my sopping wet pussy like a jackhammer.

With the heightened effect of this being a new experience for all of us, I had an earth shaking climax, just as Bryan unloaded a huge stream of cum deep into my cunt. When he was done, he kept slowly pumping his dick in and out of me, causing most of his jizzm to drip out of my pussy onto the ground between my spread legs.

Right about then Stan let out a growl and I turned to see him thrust his hips forward as he dumped a massive load of cum into Lisa’s mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but most of it spilled out the sides of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her heavy breasts as they swung beneath her. Stan held her head and kept pumping his cock in and out of her mouth as he finished cumming. Finally, he pulled his softening shaft out of her mouth with a “plop”, leaving it dangling between his legs, dripping its final string of spunk onto the ground at his feet.

Afterward, we all climbed into the hot tub – still naked – and talked about how much we enjoyed the evening’s activities. As we sat in the spa talking and laughing, everybody’s tits, cocks, pussies and balls were being fondled and stroked by someone who wasn’t their spouse. This prompted us to come up with the idea of periodic swinging parties among the eight of us. All of us laughingly agreed, and continued chatting about it, as the squeezing, jerking and fingering also continued.

It was nearly midnight, but no one seemed tired yet. The stroking and fondling continued and, inevitably, nipples and cocks became erect again, and we all paired off – jerking, blowing, and fucking whoever we were sitting next to in the hot tub.

We all agreed that Stan and I would host the next pool party at our house in a couple of weeks, and that we would start the evening by eating dinner completely nude out on the patio, and see where that led. And that was my introduction to poolside swinging.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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