Beths introduction

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Beths introductionBeth and her mother went to visit her aunt Ann. Ann was home from the hospital after giving birth to her son. Going in Beth asked where Robert was. Her mother put her hand on her shoulder and said not now. Ann said he has to stay there for a couple of more weeks. As they say talking Beth noticed Ann rubbing her chest. Ann said, I’ll pay for it if you’d go get some takeout. Beth’s mother asked if Beth could stay. Smiling Ann said of course. As Ann rubbed her chest again Beth asked, why did you keep rubbing your chest. Ann said, they’re full of milk and they hurt. After a few minutes Ann said, I need to release some. Beth asked, can I help. Smiling Ann said, I’d like that. Coming over to her aunt, Ann said to sit next to her. As Beth watched Ann unbuttoned bornova escort her blouse and pulled out one of her tits. Beths eyes were fixed on Ann’s swollen breast. Ann said would you like a taste. Yes, Beth said quickly. Laying her across her lap Ann said to open her mouth. Beths heart pounded as she watched Ann lean down guiding her nipple into her mouth. Beth closed her eyes as she suckled her aunts tit. Ann moaned softly as she felt the pressure relieve. Beth felt Ann’s hand rub her stomach. As she moved up and down slowly, she reached Beth’s small breasts. Beth put her hand on Ann’s and pressed it against her. Stroking her hair with her other hand, Ann moved the first down and started undoing Beth’s buttons. Beth’s breathing quickened escort bornova as she felt her shirt fall open. Ann traced the out line of Beth’s bra. Beth arched her back and unhooked her bra. Ann slid her hand under it and rubbed the soft flesh. Replacing her tit with the other, Ann went back to caressing Beth’s firm breast. Beth bit softly as Ann squeezed Beth’s nipples. Beth felt warm all over as Ann rubbed her way down to Beth’s waist. Opening her eyes, Beth looked into Ann’s eyes. After a moment of silence, Beth nodded her head and sucked her belly in. Ann slipped her hand in and ran it across her panties. Beth moaned as Ann reached her crotch. Moving her fingers as far as she could between Beth’s jeans and panties, she pressed her hand firmly bornova escort bayan against her steaming pussy. Ann pulled her hand out and said, we better stop before your mother gets back. As Ann pushed her tits back in her bra Beth fastened her bra and buttoned her shirt. Ann leaned over and kissed Beth deeply. Moving quickly Beth sat back down as they heard the car pull up. They sat quietly as they enjoyed their lunch. Beth flashed a smile when her mother wasn’t looking. As Beth cleaned up Ann and her sister finished their drinks. Ann said, why don’t you let Beth come over Friday night and she can help me step up Roberts room. Beths eyes lit up and said, please mother. I don’t know she said. I don’t want her to be in the way. I won’t be. Beth said loudly. Ann said there’s a lot of things that need to be done, and it’ll give you a night to your self. I’ll think about it is all Beth’s mother said. Driving home Beth pled her case on staying at aunt Ann’s. Finally she said alright. Beth hugged her and went to her room to get a suit case ready

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