Big Willy Ch. 01


Big Willy had a problem. At just over six feet tall and almost five hundred pounds, he was as fat as he was black. His arms were fat, his legs were fat, even his face was fat, and his gut hung out so far that he couldn’t find a shirt that would cover it. The bottom of his belly always peeked out between the football jerseys and sweat pants he always wore.

But that wasn’t his problem. Big Willy’s problem was that his balls were as fat as the rest of him, and they needed to be drained as often as possible. Wherever he was, whenever he felt it, he had to find some way to relieve the pressure, or he could barely walk. He tried not to get excited, but sooner or later something would get him going, and then he had to bust a nut any way he could.

The day was going fine until Willy walked by a small fitness center in a strip mall. There was only one person inside, a skinny, toned white girl with long straight brown hair. She wore a tight gray spandex tank top, cut off just below her cute tits to show off her midriff, and little purple spandex shorts.

He vaguely noticed her white sneakers, but she was using a stair machine with her back to the large front windows, and all Willy could see was her tight, toned ass moving up and down as she worked out.

He felt his big thick cock begin to fill and swell, and his balls expanded until they ached. He couldn’t look away from that tight little ass bobbing and swaying to her stepping motions. He had to have that ass.

Katie knew she was hot, and she used that little detail to the full extent whenever possible. When she opened her own private fitness center and became a weight trainer, she made sure she worked out in full view of the parking lot whenever possible, most of the time with her back to the windows, showing off her ass.

Guys would come in and sign up under the delusion that they stood a chance to date her, and girls would sign up under the delusion that she could make them look like her. It was perfect.

A knowing smile crept over her pretty face when she heard the front door open behind her, jingling the little bell above the entrance. She’d been showing off her ass for over half an hour. She knew it was only a matter of time before someone took the bait. She took a quick swig from her water bottle and stepped down.

“Welcome to Katie’s Fitness, can I help—” Katie said as she turned around to greet her new customer, then froze. “Or maybe I can’t help him. Holy crap.” Katie thought to herself, staring in shock at the morbidly obese black man standing in front of her.

“I’m sorry, um, I don’t think there’s anything I can do for you…” the cute fitness instructor said, trying very hard not to laugh. “I mean, what is he thinking?” she thought to herself. “Oh don’t you worry, sweet thang, dere is one ting you can do fo’ me.” Willy said, and dropped his sweat pants.

Katie froze. Her water bottle fell to the floor and spilled out in a puddle behind her, but she didn’t even notice. Her big brown eyes couldn’t help but look down when he dropped his baggy gray sweat pants, and below his giant round gut was a monstrous cock bigger, fatter and blacker than she ever thought possible.

As a fitness instructor, she thought she knew what sizes and shapes the human body was capable of, but this was not like anything she had seen before. The muscle jocks and the suburban dads Bycasino would often get cute little hard-ons when she worked with them, but this was no comparison. Was it because he was so fat, or so black?

“I only got dis one muscle I need you to work on, girl.” Willy said, wrapping a big hand around his shaft and beginning to stroke it slowly while he took a step toward her. He could barely get his hand under his gut, which was why he really needed a girl to “help” him when he got this way. Jerking off was nearly impossible for him.

She looked horrified, but Willy noticed that she couldn’t stop staring. They could never stop staring, every time he did this. He would get swollen, find some cute thing he could be alone with, and one way or another, she would get him off sooner or later. This one didn’t look any different.

“Fuck… what… how?” Katie stuttered, barely capable of speech. Now it was Willy’s turn to hold back a laugh, but he didn’t do as well and let out a deep chuckle.

“C’mon girl, just wrap yo’ little white hands around it and we can git started.” Willy instructed, but once he came within a few feet of the cute physical trainer, she took a step back, right into the puddle of water her bottle had made.

With a cute little squeak, her little white and pink sneakers slipped and she fell back onto her tight ass, sitting on the floor before him. She looked up just in time to see his fat black cock staring back at her face.

“Awww shit, dat’s right girl, get down dere.” Willy said excitedly. He was so heavy, he couldn’t breath through his nose, affecting his speech. “This” and “there” came out as “dis” and “dere”.

It looked so much bigger and even more disgusting so close to her face. He was uncircumcised, and the thick black foreskin rolled back and forth over the dark brown head while he stroked it. Thick veins covered the swollen length of it, and the fat head was drooling out a thick flow of pre-cum that was smeared all over the tip and slowly leaked down the underside of the shaft, then rubbed along the rest of the cock by his hand with a gross, sticky sound.

Then her mouth dropped open all over again when she saw his balls. His cock was one thing, but his balls weren’t even proportional. They were huge, swollen black monstrosities pushed outward by his fat thighs. Each one was easily the size of her fist, and they hung there in front of her face like they were proud of themselves.

Did he think she had dropped to the floor on purpose? His cock just kept coming closer. What was he going to do? She tried to talk, to tell him to put that thing away, but all that came out was “Guh… guhhh…” as her body felt paralyzed by her shock and disgust.

She turned her head just in time for the drooling cock head to collide with her pale cheek, instantly smearing her cute face with thick, warm goo. She groaned in disgust, but still could not seem to form words.

“Dat’s right, dat’s right, kiss it girl, kiss Big Willy.” The black blob gasped, not even aware that he had missed her mouth because her face was now beneath his view, under his gut. Instead, he reached his chubby left hand down, palming the back of her head, and turned her face toward his cock.

“No no nonono!” Katie’s mind yelled in fear as her face was slowly turned, feeling a thick trail of pre-cum smear Bycasino giriş across her face from her cheek to her lips as he dragged his cock across her soft, pale skin. Through her squinting eyes, she saw the massive black cock aimed straight at her face, felt the fat tip pushing against her lips, and felt his hand pulling her head towards him while his bloated body pushed towards her.

“Nnnn… nnnnn!” Katie groaned and strained against him, but his thick fat cock head was slowly spreading her lips and her jaws were about to give. All that pre-cum was just too slippery, and his massive weight pushing on her face was just too much.

“MMMmm!” the fitness trainer grunted when her jaws popped open and his fat black cock forced its way into her mouth. Her mind screamed with disgust inside her head as the gooey black head slid over her tongue and pushed her cheeks out wide.

“Ahhh yeah! Dat’s da way, girl. Take it in, bitch. Suck dat cock.” Willy sighed happily. This was the best part.

As Katie continued to grunt and groan her disgust, Willy just pulled her head forward inch by inch, stretching her lips wide as more and more black cock pushed into her mouth. She had already passed her boyfriend’s length, but at least her forehead was about to hit his gut. Then it would be over.

“Got a surprise for ya, girl. Bet you thought you was done, huh?” Willy laughed, releasing his cock from his right hand and grabbing his gut. With a strained groan, Willy slowly lifted his bloated black belly up over her head, and Katie could not believe her eyes. His cock was twice the length she thought it was, hidden under his gut.

“Dere you go, girl, dere you go…” Willy quietly encouraged her, pulling her head under his gut. She felt like she was being slowly consumed by some fat black Venus fly trap, gradually dragged inside before it all closed around her.

Her grunts of disgust and groans of resistance became frantic as Katie passed the half way point. His gooey thick cock head was pushing its way into her throat as her lips slid over the surface of his cock that had been hidden under his gut. The taste suddenly became ten times stronger, and she started to gag.

“That smell… oh, god…” Katie thought to herself. Everything went dark as she was finally pulled the last few inches. She could feel her chin resting on his giant balls while her nose pushed into his crinkly, foul smelling pubic hairs.

“Fuck yeah. Tight-throated bitch.” Willy groaned happily as he felt the last inches of his cock enter her stuffed mouth. This was exactly what he needed. His voice was muffled to Katie, though, as her head was tightly packed in the crevice between his thighs and gut.

“Time to git busy, girl.” Willy warned her, and released his gut. It rolled down over her head, completely sealing her off from the outside world. Everything was pitch black, hot and moist, and the smell and taste was revolting. Then he started thrusting.

Willy closed both hands around the back of her neck, just under his gut, burying his thick fingers in her shiny brown hair, and began rocking his body back and forth, fucking her throat slowly. He grunted and gasped while her muffled groans could barely be heard any more.

Katie was in a state of panic. Her small white hands found his thighs and pushed as hard as her muscle toned Bycasino deneme bonusu body could manage, but her fingers just sank into his blubber. He fucked her throat relentlessly, just hard enough that when he pulled back, she could snort in a quick breath of the foul-smelling air trapped around his crotch before he pushed back in.

Her nicely toned ass had provided the parking lot with a nice view, but now the display was grotesque. Katie was slumped in an awkward kneeling position, with half of her upper body absorbed into the swollen crotch of a morbidly obese black man, who rocked back and forth into her face. Willy didn’t know if anyone was out there, watching, and he didn’t care. He was almost there.

“Yeah girl, yeah girl, suck that cock, fuck!” Willy gasped and panted for breath. Neither one of them could breath very well. This had to end soon or one of them would pass out, though Katie did not want to know what would happen if he collapsed forward.

His fat cock stretching her throat out half way to her stomach, his heavy flow of thick pre-cum pouring out inside, lubricating her esophagus, Willy rammed her face as best he could and felt his balls preparing to release. He would finally drain his giant balls of the pressure that had been building since he saw Katie’s ass through the window.

“Cute bitch… take it… take my load!” Willy roared, and held her head tight against him. His fat body shuddered, shaking and jiggling, pouring load after load after load of thick hot sperm down Katie’s throat.

Katie was barely aware, but she knew something had happened. Holding what little breath she had, her throat was stuffed so tight that she could feel the meat inside her swelling and squeezing, sending shot after shot into her stomach. Just when she thought she could not feel more disgusted, she felt his sperm filling her belly and gagged harder than ever.

After grunting over and over for several seconds, Willy pulled back, releasing Katie inch by inch until his fat cock head slipped back up into her mouth. His hands gripped the back of her head as he waited for the long process of feeding her his cum to finally slow down and stop.

When his cock was sliding back up out of her throat, Katie found that her only option was to swallow, to assist the sperm down. The only other option was to choke with his cock in her throat. When the head popped out of her throat though, resting on her tongue, she realized the strength of the flow he had been having all this time, and her mouth immediately filled with sperm.

Katie’s pale, sticky cheeks bulged out, then sperm gushed out between her lips and Willy’s cock. He rocked his hips back and forth, still fucking her mouth slightly as the sperm poured off her chin. He enjoyed the last few moments of release, then let go of her head and shot one last load onto her face. Then he was done.

Katie kneeled in front of this revolting blob, coughing, spitting and hacking up his thick cum onto the floor, in a growing puddle in front of her, with her hands on her knees. Her cute face was plastered with a thick layer of milky sperm and several of his pubic hairs, which she was too busy trying to breath to even notice. Her mind reeling, she was barely aware of him. She had the vague thought that this put her way past her daily calorie count.

Willy enjoyed the view as his cock slowly dribbled the last of his sperm into the floor in front of her, and when it was finally dripping the last few drops, he tucked it back into his sweat pants and turned to leave.

“I’ll be back for dat ass next week.” Willy smirked, opened the door to the same jingle, and walked out.

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