Bikini And A Badge Ch. 01

Big Tits

Brittany glanced nervously at her watch. She had five minutes to make it to the meeting on the top floor. Unsure of what the meeting was about, Brittany hoped it wouldn’t be bad news. Word around the offices was the agency had been reviewing employee records, possibly for cutbacks.

Although Brittany had been recruited by the agency just before her college graduation and her work record was spotless, she’d never been promoted to field operations like she’d hoped. Perhaps her superiors had doubts about her qualifications and capabilities. She might be a prime candidate for elimination.

Twenty-six year old Brittany was 5’8”, slender build with a fantastic figure. Her streaked, shoulder-length light brown hair highlighted her gorgeous face. An active jogger and exercise fanatic, she was very health conscious except for her addiction to cigarettes. It was the one little pleasure in life she wasn’t about to give up.

Leaving the cramped office she’d worked in for the past four years, Brittany made her way to the bank of elevators at the end of the hallway. Her high-heels clicked noisily on the granite floor with each step. Riding the elevator alone, she checked her purse, making sure she had her badge and handgun. Hopefully, she’d still have both when the meeting was over.

Approaching her manager’s office, his secretary, Margaret looked up at Brittany from her desk.

“Down the hall to the conference room on the right.” She said coldly, pointing in the conference room‘s direction.

Brittany walked slowly towards the conference room, apprehensive of what lie ahead. Nearing the conference room, she found the door slightly ajar. Entering the small room, she found herself being stared at by three other people, two men and another woman. Not recognizing any of them, she took a seat at the table without saying a word. All four remained silent for several minutes.

“Anybody got an idea what the hell this is all about?” One of the men asked, breaking the silence.

“I wasn’t given any information.” The other man stated, sounding exasperated. “I was just told to fly down here from Memphis for a meeting.”

“Memphis! Is that where you’re from?” The first man inquired.

“Yeah.” The second man answered. “I was transferred there from Jersey about a year ago.”

Before anyone else could say a word, the conference room door suddenly opened. Brad Langley, district manager for the agency, strode in. He took a seat at the end of the table, setting several folders down in front of him.

“Good morning.” He greeted with a serious look on his face.

Brad Langley was a stocky, slightly overweight man in his mid-fifties. He was somewhat balding with a deep receding hairline. He rarely smiled; his face always seemed frozen in a most serious look. Brad’s main concern was putting in enough time to make it to retirement.

“First of all, I know you’re probably wondering what the hell this is all about.” He started to speak. “None of you have much field experience, if any at all.”

His remark appeared to be directed at Brittany and the young man sitting beside her. There was a moment of eerie silence before Brad continued.

“You four have been picked to form a team.” He stated. “Don’t bother asking why you were picked. Believe me, you don’t want to know the real reason.”

Brad went on to state that the four of them were going to be set up as decoys to catch a group of men and women preying on tourists in the waters around the Bahamas.

“These modern day pirates as I prefer to call them, are preying on innocent tourists boating in the islands. They overtake their boats and rob them at gunpoint, most often during the late evenings or early mornings.” Brad informed them. “Several of the females have been kidnapped and taken captive. So far, only two men have been killed during the robberies.”

Brad sorted the folders and pushed them across the table. Opening the folder in front of her, Brittany was confronted with numerous artists’ sketches of the men and women purported to be committing the crimes. The sketches depicted persons appearing to be of South American descent. The women as well as the men looked quite dangerous.

Beneath the pages of sketches were crime reports filed by some of the victims. Glancing over the first report, she noticed the term “heavily armed with automatic weapons” mentioned several times. Brit continued to read while Brad rattled on about some of the attacks.

“The four of you need to meet up in Miami this Friday morning.” Brad stated. “The agency’s already taken care of your travel plans. There’ll be a boat waiting for you at the Seaspray Marina. You’ll take the boat and head out towards the Bahamas.”

“Brittany, according to your employment profile you’ve got experience at boating, so you’ll be responsible for the operation of the boat.” Brad added.

Brittany had grown up on a lake in Kentucky. Being out on the water had been the one thing she enjoyed more than anything ……. except almanbahis for sex! The ocean was going to be much different than being on a lake. Having to deal with waves and tides would be something she’d have to learn on her own and learn quickly.

“Kent, I need you to take care of the weapons and ammo.” Brad said, looking at the handsome, young man sitting next to Brittany.

Brittany looked up from her dossier long enough to take a good look at Kent. A slight smile formed on her face as she returned to reading the file. Kent was twenty-eight, two years older than Brit. Clean-shaven with dark brown hair, his bright green eyes and pleasant smile highlighted his facial features. Kent’s athletic build was enhanced by his tan, tailored suit. He was definitely a person who prided himself in his looks and physical stature.

After assigning menial duties to the other two people, Dave and Cheryl, Brad rose from his chair and walked towards the door. He briefly turned back to the four people sitting at the table.

“For all our sake, none of you better fuck up.” Langley said threateningly. “It’ll mean all our asses if you do.”

Langley slammed the door behind him. The four people remained sitting at the table, looking at each other more than the folders in front of them.

“Well, what now?” Kent asked.

“I don’t know about the rest of you but I could go for some lunch.” Dave mused. “I missed breakfast.”

Dave was about the same age as Brittany, twenty-six. He appeared to be trying his best to attain the “Don Johnson” look but he wasn’t having much luck, looking more like an out of work bum. At least his clothing was clean and neat. Dave’s background with the agency had been escorting federal prisoners to and from court appearances.

Cheryl had more field experience than the other three. Doing crime scene investigations and interviewing witnesses were her specialty. She was the youngest of the group at twenty-five. Cheryl was 5’7” tall with shoulder-length brown hair. She was quite attractive with a body most of her coworkers would kill for, especially her breasts, which Brittany wondered about. Dave was fascinated with her but he was subtly keeping his attentions hidden.

“I’ve got work to get done before Friday.” Brittany said. “I’ll see you all at the Marina, Friday morning.”

Rising from her chair, Brit exited the office. Deciding to grab a quick smoke before returning to her cramped office, she exited the rear of the building near the employee parking lot. Shortly after lighting up her cigarette, Kent came out of the building.

“Hey, see you Friday in Miami.” He said, smiling as he walked slowly past Brittany.

“Yeah, see you then.” Brit responded, offering him a soft smile.

Watching him walk towards his car, her eyes focused on his physique. His well-tailored suit fit him perfectly, outlining every curve and angle of his athletic body.

“This assignment may prove to be more interesting than dangerous.” She thought. “Let’s just hope we all don’t get killed catching these bad-asses.”

Brittany wrapped up her work, early Thursday morning. Her flight from DFW International Airport to Miami was scheduled to depart at 4:10pm. With her luggage already packed, it was just a matter of driving to the airport and getting checked in. Brittany’s flight would land in Miami shortly after 6:30pm.

Arriving at the Bentley Hotel on Ocean Drive, Brittany checked into her room. Grabbing a quick shower and ordering dinner from Room Service, she reviewed the information packet on the boat she would be in charge of. The 2003 Cabo forty-eight foot cruiser was powered by twin diesel engines. The cruiser had two staterooms, two complete bathrooms and a fully furnished galley. Sorting through the pictures, Brittany was pleasantly surprised at the ultimate luxury the boat offered. Twice the length of anything she’d ever controlled before, she wasn’t as skeptical as she had been initially.

Brittany spent the rest of the evening watching television and reading the assignment folder one more time. She’d looked at the folder so often she practically had the faces of the suspects memorized as well as all the information.

Arriving at the Seaspray Marina early Friday morning, Brittany was the first one there. Checking in with the manager, she acquired the keys and directions to where the boat was docked. Carrying her luggage down the narrow pier, she curiously surveyed the other luxury boats and yachts. She fathomed how much money was sitting there in the water. Most of the boats approached the million-dollar price tag; some were a million dollar plus.

After stowing her gear on board, Brittany strolled around the boat, familiarizing herself with every square foot. It was even more luxurious than the photographs had depicted. Deciding to check out the engine room, Brit lowered herself into the engine compartment. The twin diesel engines provided over a thousand horsepower combined. Brit looked for signs almanbahis yeni giriş of possible engine problems but didn’t find anything. The entire compartment was spotless. Checking the on-board generator, she was satisfied the boat’s mechanical condition was excellent.

Climbing out of the compartment and wiping her hands off, Brit spotted Kent walking down the pier. He was pushing a two-wheel cart with several boxes along with his luggage on it. Brittany stepped onto the dock and waved her arm to get his attention. Seeing her at a distance, Kent waved back. His pace quickened as he approached the boat.

“Looks like you’ve got enough armament to supply a small army.” Brittany quipped.

“Well, since we may be up against a small army, I thought it best to come well prepared.” He responded, grinning.

Brittany helped Kent get the boxes loaded on board the boat. Setting his luggage in the living area of the boat, the two stowed the automatic weapons and handguns safely away.

“What’s your weapon of choice?” Kent inquired.

“I prefer the Glock 21, 45 automatic over anything I’ve tried.” Brittany quickly responded. “I sometimes carry a 25 caliber derringer in a leg holster under my skirt.”

“Hmmmm! Lucky gun!” Kent exclaimed, grinning. “Maybe you should have been in charge of the weapons as well as the boat.”

“No thanks.” Brittany replied. “This boat’s going to be more than enough for me to manage.”

Kent stood looking around at the boat, noticing all its luxuries.

“This is one hell of a boat!” He exclaimed. “Wonder how the agency acquired it?”

“Hard telling, probably a drug bust or something.” Brittany surmised.

It was almost noon before Dave and Cheryl showed up at the marina. The two arrived together in the same taxi. Both Kent and Brittany noticed their arrival and their behavior from a distance.

“Wonder if those two are gonna be more trouble than help?” Kent muttered. “We probably need to keep a close eye on both of them.”

Brittany, not saying a word, nodded her head in agreement. Watching them walk along the pier, the two acted more like honeymooners than team members.

“Hey guys!” Cheryl shouted. “Sorry we’re late. Got held up in traffic.”

“Would you check out this fuckin boat!” Dave exclaimed. “Hope the beds are comfortable!”

After getting their luggage stowed on board the four sat down to plan their trip. It was decided the team would make it to Freeport for the first night’s stay. Departing early the following morning, Brittany would steer the boat into the area south of the islands where most of the attacks had taken place. There, they would set up their decoy location in hopes of attracting the “pirates”.

“What about the accommodations?” Dave asked. “With two staterooms, who’s sleeping with whom?”

His question was one that was also on Brittany’s mind. Hesitant to speak, she left it up to the guys to decide.

“Dave and I can share a stateroom, Cheryl and Brittany can share the other.” Kent spoke, breaking the silence.

“Cheryl and I prefer to share the same stateroom.” Dave responded. “Is that going to cause a problem?”

“No. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.” Kent replied. “I’m sure Brittany won’t mind me stowing my luggage in her stateroom.”

“It’s ok with me.” Brittany said. “At least one of us is going to have to be standing guard at all times, especially at night.”

Brittany started the twin diesel engines, letting them warm up till they smoothed out. Kent and Dave standing on the dock, cast off the lines. When the guys had safely stepped onboard, Brit eased the throttles back, gently maneuvering the forty-eight foot cruiser away from the dock. Spinning the wheel around, the cruiser came about heading towards the marina’s exit. Brittany eased the throttles forward and the boat proceeded slowly past the rows of luxurious cruisers.

Slowly making it’s way through the narrow channel, the boat responded immediately to every command from the cockpit. Brittany felt at ease handling the large watercraft although she was still apprehensive about the assignment and two of the team’s members. Dave and Cheryl seemed more interested in spending time with each other and making the whole thing into some sort of vacation. They weren’t taking anything seriously, not a good sign.

Once out into the open sea, Brittany headed southwest towards Freeport in the Bahamas. Kent stepped down into the galley bringing back two iced soft drinks. He set one down next to Brittany, standing at the controls.

“Thought you might be getting thirsty.” He said.

Brittany lit up a cigarette and took a sip of the soft drink.

“Thanks. My throat was getting a little dry.” Brittany responded. “What are the other two up to?”

“Not sure.” Kent replied. “They’re down in their stateroom with the door closed.”

“We’d probably be better off if it was just the two of us.” Brittany stated. “They’re not going to be of much almanbahis giriş help.”

“Two extra shooters.” Kent said. “If it comes to that, which it probably will.”

“My girlfriend back home would have really had a fit if she knew I was out on a boat with another girl.” He added. “She didn’t take the news about this assignment too well the way it was.”

“Well, I can understand how she’d probably feel.” Brittany commented, not too happy hearing he had a girlfriend he was probably serious about.

“You engaged?” She asked. “Or just dating.”

“Kind of seriously dating.” He replied. “I think she wants to get married. She’s been giving out those subtle hints. Know what I mean.”

“I can imagine.” Brittany spoke. “Certainly not something I’ve ever considered.”

“Never found someone you thought seriously about?” Kent inquired.

“Nope, never.” Brittany boldly replied. “I’m not one who’s into monogamous relationships.”

“It might not be a bad idea if I got you familiar with the controls.” She added, quickly changing the subject. “In case something should happen to me.”

Kent’s face quickly turned serious, almost worried, hearing Brittany’s remark. Brittany stepped aside, allowing Kent to stand behind the boat’s numerous levers and gauges. Detailing what each gauge measured and what each lever and switch controlled, she educated Kent on the boat’s operation.

Dave and Cheryl emerged from their stateroom. Cheryl was straightening up her hair and primping. She was wearing a bright orange thong bikini. The top barely covered her nipples, let alone her ample breasts. Kent’s eyes stared at her breasts, obviously having been through augmentation. Dave followed Cheryl up to the main deck. He was wearing a Speedo-style swimsuit, which outlined his cock and buttocks.

“Thought we’d change clothes and lay out in the sun.” Cheryl stated. “No sense in taking this assignment too seriously just yet.”

Passing by Kent and Brittany, the two made their way out onto the front deck of the cruiser. Kent stared at Cheryl’s butt till she spread her towel out on the deck and lay down. Noticing Brittany was watching him stare at Cheryl’s ass, he quickly turned his attentions back to the control panel.

“Quite an ass, wouldn’t you say!” Kent exclaimed.

“Which one?” Brittany smarted, slightly grinning.

Kent and Brittany sat down in the leather seats in the cruiser’s cockpit. Looking out over the front of the boat, they could see Dave and Cheryl fondling and groping each other. Their actions seemed to bother Kent more than Brit. Dave untied Cheryl’s bikini top exposing her hard breasts. Tossing it aside, he squeezed and massaged her bared breasts causing her to squeal with delight. The two acted like teenagers about to have sex for the first time.

“They should have stayed in their stateroom.” Kent muttered, smiling slightly.

“Let them have their fun now while they can.” Brit responded. “If things get rough and tough, they won’t have any time for it later on.”

The cruiser proceeded through the calm sea, making Freeport by late afternoon. Slowing easing the boat into the marina, Brit slipped the boat up to the fueling station. After topping off both fuel tanks, she and Kent moved the boat to a dock at the far end of the marina. Dave and Cheryl had headed towards the marina’s store for souvenirs leaving them alone with the boat.

“We’ll stay here for the evening and leave early in the morning for the south side of the islands.” Brittany stated.

Kent tied the boat off to the dock. Brittany killed the twin diesel engines. The gentle sounds of water slapping against the side of the boat made everything seem very calm. Looking back towards the marina’s store, Kent saw Dave and Cheryl hurrying towards them carrying several plastic bags.

Stepping onto the boat and setting their bags filled with souvenirs down, they seemed quite excited.

“Another boat got attacked last night.” Dave stated, excitedly. “Not far off the south end of the Andros Islands.”

“We heard them talking about it in the store.” Cheryl added. “Three women were kidnapped and their husbands were shot up pretty bad, one of them may not live.”

“There’s something more than just robberies occurring!” Brittany exclaimed, looking in Kent’s direction. “Why are they taking female captives? There was no mention of ransoms in the crime reports.”

“Did you hear if anyone got a description of the men or not?” Kent asked Dave.

“Didn’t hear anything about descriptions.” Dave replied, shaking his head. His voice sounded nervous.

“We better get our shit together before we pull out in the morning.” Kent stated. “Won’t hurt to be prepared.”

That evening while Cheryl and Dave prepared dinner, Brittany and Kent walked along the docks checking out the other boats.

“Mind telling me what you’re looking for?” Kent asked.

“Probably a waste of time really but I’m looking for boats that might match the description given by some of the victims.” Brit answered. “There’s so many marinas and so damn many boats that could be suspect.”

“Besides, I just wanted to get away from Dave and Cheryl for awhile.” She added, grinning. “Those two make me nervous. They’re both scared stiff.”

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