Birthday Party


Birthday Partyit was my birthday. I had given a lunch treat to my colleagues and friends. The restaurant was less than 500 meters from the office. We all were walking to the restaurant when a BMW X6 car stopped nearby. A beautiful woman of 31-33 years old got out from the car and she walked towards us.I looked at her from top to bottom. She must be 5’5” tall, lean figure, flawless skin with thick black straight hairs that ended up well below her shoulders. Her slightly oblong face was beautiful, dark brown almond shaped eyes. Her nose was fine and straight and led my sight to her thin beautiful lips.She was wearing an olive color long skirt, black tops with noodle strap showing the necessary amount of cleavage to take a look at her boobs and her 34d boobs didn’t need an invitation to look. I wanted to taste them. Never ever I dreamt that this would happen in the near future.Her name was Shreya, a friend of my manager came here to meet her. My manager asked her to join us but she refused. I also invited her to join us and she agreed finally. In the restaurant, my friends had arranged a cake cutting event. I cut the cake when everybody was singing the birthday song.And then people took the cake and splashed it on my face. My face was covered with cake and my eyesight was blinded partially. I saw my friend standing beside me with a huge smile on her face. I took some cake from my face in my right hand and decided to apply it on her face.When I raised my hand to do it, my friend noticed it and moved away. But I saw it very late. Shreya was standing beside her and she was taller than my friend. I applied the cake to Shreya’s boobs instead of applying it on my friend’s face. Though I touched her boobs just for a few moments, I felt the tenderness of her boobs through her fabric.It was nice. Everyone started to laugh and Shreya was visibly uncomfortable. I apologized to her and told her that my intention was to apply it on my friend’s face. She said its ok and left to the bathroom. She came back from the bathroom, talked to my manager and left the place.I felt very bad and felt guilty. I wanted to apologize to her. So I took her number from my manager and sent a text to her. She replied back and I apologized to her. She said that it’s an accident and didn’t mind it. She had to leave as her dress got stained. She told me that my party is still remaining.So I asked her a place to give my treat. I went to her place to pick her up. She was wearing black color pencil jeans, grey tank tops, and a white overcoat. She looked sexy as her grey tops were squeezing her boobs so hard and it looked like her boobs were trying to come out of it. I complimented her.She said thanks. We reached the bar. It was Wednesday night and the bar had arranged a local rock band concert. The band was performing well. We had a few drinks and then went near the stage. We danced together and we chatted in between.Since the place was very loud, I have to bring myself very close to her to talk. And whenever I did that, I smelled her perfume and felt her closeness. It was intoxicating me more than the drinks I had. I wanted her. While dancing my hands caressed her body accidentally. She didn’t seem to mind these things.During our chat I came to know that she is been married to a rich businessman and her marriage is not going well now. She said that she is gonna divorce him and that’s why she has come home. She also has a 5-year-old k**. I was surprised to hear that. “Oh, wow. You don’t look like a mommy!”She laughed. “Then how do I look like?”“You look like a supermodel appears in Tresemme bahis firmaları ads. You are sexy, naughty and adventurous.” She blushed and thanked me. Then she said, “I wanted to become a model before my marriage but then it didn’t work out as expected.”“That explains the hot body,” I winked at her. She laughed out loud. “Thanks.” I smiled and said, “I wished to see a supermodel or actress till yesterday.”“What happened today?” She said a naughty smile appeared on her face as if she knew the answer. She knew the answer. “Since I met you, I didn’t feel like meeting any supermodel.” She slapped on my shoulder and laughed.We danced and now that we have become close, I touched her ass and boobs. This time all intentional, and no accidents. We left the bar and reached her home around 1. I flirted and was naughty with her in the car. We reached her home.I got down from my car. We both looked at each other. I didn’t know how to react. Should I go further and kiss her or just go back home? Her k** was inside and I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate. I was a bit nervous too. I wished her good night out of my nervousness.She looked disappointed as her lips shrunk mildly. She wished me back and turned her back away. She walked towards her home and I saw her ass swaying right to left and then left to right. I felt very bad. If I had pushed the right button then I could have ended up fucking that ass.I slammed my right hand on the bonnet. Nothing much happened for the next two days. On Friday afternoon, I texted her. She replied and told me that she is going to Gokarna for two days as her son’s exams got over. She asked me a favor that her friend has ditched her last minute. She can’t accompany her to Gokarna.I smiled that luck is in my side. She asked me whether I am free on the weekend to join her road trip? I didn’t even think and said I will come to Gokarna with her. It was 10 hours journey and we drove her car alternatively. She was wearing shorts that show her voluptuous thighs.I loved the journey. Her husband owned a beach house and only one maid was there when we reached in the late evening. Her son slept in the car. I lifted him and took him inside. It was a duplex style bungalow. I put her son in one of the five rooms in the bungalow.She has shown my room and her room. The maid has prepared dinner for us. Shreya told her that we would serve dinner ourselves and asked her to leave. Shreya said to me she was tired and need a bath. She went to her room and the door remained open.A debate started in my mind. Whether I should go in or not? What if it was an honest mistake to let the door open and if I go in she would slap for my perverseness? That would ruin the trip. On the other hand, if it was intentional, then this trip would be memorable.So I built up the courage and went inside her room. It was empty. I heard the noise coming from the bathroom. I unlocked the bathroom and it opened. There was a huge round bathtub in the corner of the bathroom. I saw Shreya sitting inside the bathtub.Except for her naked shoulders and face, the remaining body was completely covered by the foam. Her eyes were closed and her head rested on the edge of the bathtub. I walked silently towards her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I was scared first. But there was no shocking reaction on her face.She looked at me as if I have entered her kitchen when she was cutting vegetables. She knew or at least she hoped that I would come inside the bathroom. She asked me, “What are you doing here?” Her voice was so calm.“Thought it would be a good idea to come in to help you kaçak iddaa relax.” She laughed and said, “I wont be relaxed if you just stand there and watch me take bath.” I immediately undressed. She looked at my dick and a smile appeared on her face. She was impressed with what she saw. I got inside the bathtub and sat opposite to her.She was still looking at me with a smile. She then extended her legs towards me and touched my dick with her toes. It tickled me. I jerked and she laughed. I did the same thing and touched her pussy. I started to rub her pussy with my toe. She moaned and I loved it. I rubbed her pussy with my toe for few more times.I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me. I kissed on her lips. I continued to kiss on her forehead, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. She took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it. My dick was getting erected. I flipped her. Now her body was against mine. Her ass cheeks were rubbing my dick.I put her in an angle as only half of her naked body is on my body. With my left hand, I touched her pussy. She let out a huge moaning. I loved it. I started to rub her clit vigorously. I squeezed her right boob while my left-hand middle finger was rubbing her pussy rigorously. She moaned a lot.Her body was jerking inside the water. I kissed on her neck and licked it. I put my middle finger into her pussy. I finger fucked her faster and deeper. She was shouting now. Luckily her son was very far and I was sure that he can’t hear his mommy shouting dirty words in the middle of the night.I finger fucked her pussy faster, deeper and she cummed heavily inside the bathtub. She turned towards me and kissed on my forehead. She kissed on my cheeks, lips, and chest and licked my nipples. She went inside the water and sucked my cock. She came up immediately as she couldn’t hold her breath.I kissed on her lips while her hand was stroking my dick. I came out of the water and sat on the edge of the bathtub. My erected dick was fully wet. She pulled down my foreskin and started to suck my cock immediately. I loved her blowjob. She was very good at it. This woman knew how to suck a cock.I was in heaven. She sucked my cock at a steady pace. I cummed heavily inside her mouth. Some portion of my cum dripped down from her mouth and into the water. She swallowed the cum inside her mouth. We both cleaned ourselves. She got dressed in a pink bathrobe.I wore a towel around my waist. I drank juices from the fridge and she had a cake. She told me that she loved oral sex. I reciprocated the same thing to her. We went to the balcony overlooking the sea. The crescent moon was on the sky and waves came and gone. It was a beautiful view.I stood behind her and looked at this beautiful view. Her hands were rested on the balcony fence- four horizontal steel railings ran across the balcony. I told her that the view is as beautiful as her. She blushed and thanked me. I kissed on her shoulder. She turned her head toward me and I kissed on her lips.I kissed on her ear and earlobes. I licked her earlobes with my tongue. I pressed her boobs so hard from behind. I kissed on her neck and licked it. I untied her lace and put my left hand around her waist. I rubbed her clit while kissing on her neck. She moaned and she ground my dick.She put her left hand around my head and moaned. She removed my towel and threw it away. I stood in the balcony naked. Luckily it was night and no one was around. I removed her bathrobe and she said nothing about it. I kissed on her shoulder, back neck and her entire back.I kissed on her ass cheeks and spanked her ass. kaçak bahis She moaned loudly. I loved it. I spanked her ass harder again. She said, “Hush. Nice dear. Loving it!” I spanked her ass again. Shreya rested her elbow on the fence and bent her upper body. It allowed me to suck her pussy. I sucked her pussy by bending down.My tongue moved around her pussy. I spanked her ass while licking her pussy. I licked her clit and vaginal opening at a good pace. She loved it as her moaning was louder. Then I stood up and sat at L-joint on the railing. My naked ass felt the chillness on the steel railing. I rested my hands on the railing for support.If I miss then I would fall from the first floor. She started to suck my cock. She licked the entire length of my cock. She put the cock against my abdomen and licked my balls. She went down lower and licked under my balls too. It was so good.My hands and legs went weak. I increased the grip on the railings. I loved it. She licked my balls and started to suck my cock. She took my complete 6” dick into her mouth. She choked herself with my dick. I loved it. I planted my legs on the second railing from the floor and grabbed her head with my both hands.I lifted my body a little bit and started to fuck her mouth. Her saliva was dripping down and fell on my thighs. I fucked her mouth faster. I fucked her mouth for a few more times. Then I took out my dick and asked her to stand in doggie.She rested her elbows against the railings and bent forward, looking at the sea view. I spanked her ass and rubbed her clit with my dick. I kept rubbing her pussy with my dick. She said, “Stop teasing me. I want your dick inside me. Fuck me, fuck me, hard baby.”I thrust my dickhead into her pussy. It slid in one smooth push as her pussy was so wet and not so tight. I started to fuck her wet pussy. I fucked her harder, deeper and faster. I put my left hand around her neck for support and started to fuck her faster.I spanked her ass harder. She loved it. I moved to my left and fucked her faster in an angle. I bent forward and kissed on her back neck. I slapped her hanging boobs. After few strokes of fucking her, I pulled out my dick from her pussy. She turned around and kissed me on lips.I lifted her left leg from the ground and put it on the railing. This gave me more access to her pussy. I bent down and inserted my dick into her pussy. I started to fuck her faster and deeper. My hands were on her hip, holding it for support and fucking her faster.Her hands were around my neck for her support. She said, “Yeah.. keep fucking. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me. I love it. You are good. You are so good!!!” I loved it when she said those words in between her moaning. I fucked her faster now. I was nearing my climax.I stopped fucking her and pulled out my dick. She knelt down immediately and waited for my cum. I cummed inside her wide open mouth. Some portion of cum fell on her boobs and some on the floor. She licked the cum on my dick and then swallowed it.The sex was amazing. I loved it. The entire trip was indeed memorable. In the upcoming days, we had sex in many places and in many positions. Once we went to Bali. We stayed in a resort near a jungle. They provided us a van to go inside the jungle and stayed there in the wood house for two nights.It was an amazing place. I fucked her inside the wooden house in the night with the howling and growling sound of a****ls in the background. In the early morning, we went to waterfalls and I fucked her beside the waterfall. This was the place her husband brought her to fuck her during their honeymoon. That’s why she knew the intricacies of these places.It was awesome and I will write about it in the second part. But sadly, our affair lasted only 27 days as her husband patched up with her. Our fling came to an end

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