Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

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I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning. I quickly discovered that my wife had bound my four limbs to the bed as I slept, and when she noticed me starting to stir, she treated me to a beautiful smile.

“Morning darling. Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks baby. I think we both know what I want for my birthday present this year.”

I glanced down at the cage locked onto my cock, then the key hanging around her neck. She smiled at me again.

“You’re going to absolutely love your present, I know you will. But before we get around to that, here’s your first treat of the day.

She started to descend on my face, stopping a matter of inches above my face. I looked up at her pretty white panties with devotion.

“You can kiss them.”

I tried, harder than you would believe possible, but she was just too far.

“Please baby, please come a little lower.”

She lowered herself, but so quickly I didn’t even have time to plant a kiss on her outline. Just a quick touch of the fabric to my lips and I was enthralled.

“Please baby?”

“What will you give up to taste my O?”

I looked up at her again, trembling with anticipation.

“Please don’t make me do that baby? Mercy, not again.”

She smiled. In the past seven months, I had had twelve ruined orgasms and no full ones. We had gaziantep escort agreed that my first ten would be ruined, and then twice since I had given up and offered her a ruined orgasm. Once it was to be able to lick her after almost an entire night of her edging me, and once it was to get her to put her paddle away when she had me in a humbler.

She lowered herself onto my waiting face.

“Don’t worry sweetie, it’s your birthday. This one’s on me.”

I mumbled my thanks into her pussy, and she smiled again and enclosed my face between her thighs. For the next several minutes I kissed her panties without licking once, so I could be certain that when her panties were finally soaked through and I started to taste her properly, it was all her, and not my saliva. That was when I started to throw in some long licks as well.

“No going round the panties today sweetie. I don’t want it to be over too quickly, and I’m already pretty heated up from the thought of what we’ll be doing later, so this’ll have to do for now.”

She started slowly and rhythmically grinding into my face, in a way that made me as hard as I could possible become. My cage had what are called points of intrigue, small protrusions that aren’t pointed but still very painful when you really tried konya escort to expand. I could tell that I was starting to overflow through the sides of the cage in a way that really pinched as well, but I could barely feel it at the moment, my entire world centred between her thighs.

It was ten wonderful minutes later that she finally dismounted my face, after a pretty frantic finale where she was bucking hard against me in a way that I adored.

As soon as she climbed off I was aware of the pain in my cock, but seeing the look of satisfaction on her face made it all worthwhile.

“Wait right here darling.”

She disappeared out the door. The smell and taste of her kept me bulging out of the cage, so it seemed an eternity till she returned, carrying a tray laden with bacon, eggs and toast.

She washed my face quickly with a flannel, and then fed me soldiers, each one stuffed with eggs and bacon and peppers. It was a pretty brilliant morning so far.

When breakfast was over, she put on a fresh pair of panties, changing in the bathroom so I couldn’t see what I’d seen a hundred times before, which still turns me on even after all this time, and came back in and stuffed the soaked white ones into my waiting mouth, then sealed them with some masking tape. Her new pink kayseri escort ones looked absolutely fantastic, and I thought I could still see trickles of moisture on her thighs.

“Baby, you aren’t gonna cum now, and this is nothing to do with your birthday present. Just a bit of morning fun.”

She unlocked me, looking gleeful at the way I was bursting out of my cage, even more than I normallu am after having gone down on her. She still seems so innocent, acting shocked she can have such an effect on me. It always surprises me just what this girl who likes to act the part of the virgin maiden, trembling to touch my throbbing cock, is capable of doing when she’s made her mind up. The punishment she gave me last time I came without permission springs to mind.

Over the next forty five minutes or so she proceeded to edge me like absolutely crazy, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes making me fuck her hand, sometimes refusing to touch me if I bucked my hips at all when she had told me not to, always getting me so close I thought for sure I’d cum that time.

When she went to lock me up all I could do was moan into my gag even louder than I had been doing already. She’s gotten pretty good at forcing a very hard cock into a very small cage recently, but today for the first time in a while it was completely impossible, and she was forced to get the ice pack out. I whimpered as it went on, and then again as she finally got the lock shut.

She finally untied and ungagged me, and lay down in my arms.

“We’ll have to get ready for your parents soon, but we’re both in for an amazing night when we get back.”

To Be Continued.

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