Black Master Three


I knew I would never go back on my own accord, but I jerked off to the memory of that weekend pretty much exclusively for the next few weeks. I was getting near the end of my schooling there so the work load was way down. Basically just killing time drinking and trying to pick up girls. It was hard getting laid back then, maybe I was still to young, I don’t know. I guess it was a little over two weeks since I was boned by the Black Master, I went off base to a liqueur store that would serve me regular beer, not the stuff the military gives minors. I had just gotten two six packs and was leaving the store when he saw me.

There he was, my Black Master.

Come here he said. I thought of running, but hell he was standing no more that ten feet from me and I knew he could have easily caught me, being that he was so powerfully built. I walked toward him and he asked how I been. I told him I was just fine. Seems you forgot your manners cunt, he said. I was very nervous now, not knowing what this black giant would do to me, but I knew what he wanted me to say. I mean I’m fine Black Master.

Did you miss me little girl, he asked?

This was heading in the wrong direction but I knew what I had to say, I certainly didn’t want to piss him off and I wanted to get out of there with my life and my beer. Yes, Black Master, I missed you. He moved quickly to where I was and put his arm around me forcefully and turned me towards his car.

The door opened and he ushered me inside. Once inside I was faced with another black giant. I was positioned between the two men when my Black Master started to tell me what was going on. It’s been a while since you’ve been over, I was starting to think you didn’t love me anymore, you do love me don’t you? Yes Black Master I love you, I’ve had to work that’s all. What you got in the bag girly? He reached over and opened up the bag with my beer.

Hell X, looks like my lover girl was gonna come over and bring us some beer today, isn’t that right cunt. I was fucked and I knew it, no way out now, play the game and hope for the best. If I let my mind go, I could get turned on, just like when I masturbated to the thoughts of the last episode. Yes, Black Master that’s what I wanted to do. Good slave cunt, we are gonna go to my place right now and get comfortable. He started the car and headed off. Here I was sandwiched between these two hulking black men. My Black Master told me to get us all a beer, so I handed them each one, but I forgot my place again and didn’t open the cans.

What the fuck is this cunt. Why you want to treat me this way in front of my friend. Open them fucking beers right now or I’ll put a whooping on your white ass. Snap, snap, I opened them quick, asking them both to forgive me. They laughed out loud. It’s been a while since I had that tight white cunt of yours baby, why don’t you show me what you really missed and give it a little attention. No way out for sure now, I reached over and started rubbing my Black Master’s penis through his sweat pants. It was still as big as ever.

That’s a good little white whore, I’ll be sure to let you get plenty of that cock this weekend, you’d like that wouldn’t you cunt? Oh yes, Black Master, I love your cock. Tell me what you want to do to my cock, bitch. I was right back where I was three weeks ago, only no Jim to help me out. Not that he did that much helping out before. I knew what to say though and I did it as convincingly has any salesman could sell anything.

I want to suck on that big beautiful black cock, I want to swallow your cum, I want to lick your balls Black Master, I just love your big dick. I purposely didn’t tell him I wanted him to fuck me, but he picked up on what I was leaving out. What else do you want cunt. I want you to fuck me Black Master, I want you to fuck my tight little boy cunt and fill with your cum. Humiliation to the max.

That’s a good white cunt, oh, I’m sorry did I introduce you to my friend, call him Mr. X. Now I expect you to be just as nice to Mr. X as you would me. Put your hand over there and be nice to him. With that said I reached over and started to rub Mr. X’s crotch. Damn, man, you sure know how to find em he told my Black Master. He had jeans on and I couldn’t really determine the size of his dick, I was sure it was soft, but now I knew for sure that I was gonna be shared by these two.

The car came to a stop and my Black Master told Mr. X to go inside and get Jim and for him to watch the shop, he’d be back in a bit to get him. I didn’t realize it, but we were at the porn store. Two minutes later Jim got in beside me. You wanted me Black Master, Jim said. Yeah, cocksucker, looks like my little cunt didn’t do a good enough job of keeping clean and I want you to get her ready for me again, you know what to do. Now I realized that I was gonna get shaved again.

I had let as much hair as I could grow back, it was a bitch cause it itched coming back in. No more bursa escort than five minutes passed, the whole time I’m playing with my Black Masters dick, he had taken it out for me to play with until we arrived at his house. I was thinking that this would be my last chance to bolt, but I knew I still couldn’t run fast enough to escape him. Into the house we went, up the stairs and into my Black Masters bedroom. He told Jim a few things and left.

The door locked shut and there I was with Jim. How did you hook up with him again, did you call here? No, Jim, I was just getting beer and he was there. Well, we better get started, get undressed, you know how bad he is, let’s get it started before he gets back. So I stripped and went to the bathroom where I was given a bunch of enemas again. Then into the shower, this time however, Jim lathered my body up with shaving cream and used a straight edge razor on my body. This was a bit scary when he did my balls and ass, but it also turned me on big time. The sensation was great and my dick jumped to attention.

After Jim had me clean shaven, he pampered me with some perfume and applied make-up to my face, painted my nails, did the lipstick thing and put that blonde wig on me again. He spent more time applying the various make-ups to my face this time and I was amazed at just how much like a girl I looked. I was pretty, I just didn’t have any tits or a girl cunt. He got me an outfit, red panties to match my lipstick and nails, same kind as before, it hid my penis but exposed my asshole.

The bra I had this time, came with fake tits in them. Red high heeled sandals. Then Jim put a black leather collar around my neck, it had four studs and four ringlets built into it. He then made me get into some kind of French maid outfit. The skirt, just below my panties, my belly was exposed but my bra and nipples were hidden. He told me how pretty I looked and then had me sit on the bed. All I could think about was what was gonna be happening soon.

Quite frankly I was scared but also turned on. I felt like a little slut and I knew my Black Master would make me act like one too. I didn’t have to wait to long before the door opened and there he was, my giant Black Master standing in the doorway. You look like a real sexy whore cunt he said, as he walked over to me and made me take his tongue into my mouth. He French kisses me for a minute while grabbing my ass. I certainly hope you didn’t forget how I like to be treated cunt.

No Black Master I didn’t forget and I took the initiative kissing him, and grinding into his crotch, sucking his tongue and grabbing his ass. I did everything I could to act like a girl, act like his slut. He led me into the outer room, where all the sex stuff was and had me sit on this padded bench again. He took my hands and cuffed me to a chain. He lit up a big joint and handed it to me saying I should get a buzz on. Then he told Jim to come with him and he left.

I sat there chained, smoking a dooby when again Jim came into the room. The Black Master said to bring you these beers, he must like you. So there I sat, getting stoned and drinking beer dressed like a slut and chained, all by myself. It didn’t take long for me to get fucked up, I had a strong buzz on and in this position all I could think of was what was going to happen next. It was almost two hours later and I drank eight of the nine beers, even though they were warm and by now I had to piss like a race horse. Problem was, I was chained and could only move a few feet. Not enough to make it to the bathroom.

I didn’t realize it, but my Black Master probably thought of that already. My dick ached by now. I could hear some people downstairs and new that my Black Master was home, I hoped he would come up and let me piss soon. Just when I thought I would piss all over myself, my Black Master came up the steps with his friend Mr. X, a big fat black woman and Jim. She is one sexy little slut, the woman said, I can’t wait to get a shot at that cunt. I was wondering if she knew I was a man.

No problem Linda, but we’re gonna get first crack at that cunt tonight, with that said he told her to go do this and that and to meet someone somewhere, and she left. I had to piss so bad I finally begged my Black Master to let me go pee. Please Black Master, I have to pee will you let me. In a minute baby doll, Jim, get on your hands and knees. Jim knelt in front of me opened his mouth and the Black Master told me to start pissing in his toilet slave’s mouth.

This was gross, but I was glad it wasn’t me drinking piss. Off I went, it felt so good and Jim seemed to enjoy it as well. I pissed for at least a full minute and Jim drank every drop of piss down, he didn’t spill a drop. Then as the stream started to lessen, Jim put his mouth around my dick and sucked every last drop of urine from my dick. It was such a relief.

That’s a good cocksucking malatya escort toilet slave, now go back to work. Jim got up and left me alone with my Black Master and Mr. X. My Black Master unchained me from the bench and told me to give him some love. I knew what I was to do, so I immediately started kissing and groping the giant black powerhouse. How you like this sweet cocksucker X, he asked.

Let me try some of that man. My Black Master turned me to face Mr. X and pushed me in his direction. I was a little concerned now, if I was supposed to act like I loved Mr. X and if I acted like I loved him more would it offend my Black Master. I went to him and looked back at my Black Master. Kiss him bitch, what’s mine is his now get to it. I started kissing him right away, rubbing his dick, feeling his ass, sucking his tongue. The game starts in about twenty minutes, you want a quick one now or you want to wait X. Let’s wait, this cunt can serve us for awhile.

We then walked down the steps went to another door and down into the basement. It was fixed up real nice, a big bar, sectional furniture with a huge TV and entertainment center. They sat down and my Black Master told me I was to be his waitress tonight and I better be damn good at it. Whatever his guest wanted I was to provide with a good attitude. Do you understand? Yes, Black Master whatever you desire. Good now go over to the bar and get us some beer. I did as I was told.

My Black Master then told me that I was to shake my ass like I wanted fucked whenever I walked and when no one wanted anything from me I was to return to him and kneel between his legs until further instructed. Get on it bitch. I dropped to my knees between his legs. You like being there don’t ya bitch? Yes, Black Master, I love being between your strong legs. Kiss my dick through my sweats cunt. I started to plant little kisses all over his cloth covered crotch. I could feel him starting to harden. Get my dick out slut. I pulled his huge man raper out and started to suck his stiff prick. It’s been a few days since I had me some white trash whore. You’re in for a nice big load of cum today faggot.

Tell me how much you love my cock and my cum. I started alternating between sucking his cock and then licking it and telling him how much I loved his cock and how I wanted his cum in my mouth and that I would do anything to be able suck his cock and drink his cum everyday. I was putting up a good show too. After maybe five minutes he grabbed my head and starting pulling me down further on his throbbing pole. Suck it bitch get ready to suck my balls dry. I gagged a bit but managed to handle it as he fucked my face.

Finally, he held my head down and starting squirting his molten sperm into my mouth. Torrent after torrent of burning man seed blasted down my throat. He kept me sucking for another five minutes until he was sure I got every last drop out of his softening prick. He pulled my head off and ordered me to fetch him another beer. I did and was sure to swing my ass like I was told to do.

When I got back I once again kneeled between his legs. Lick that drop off my dick bitch. There was a very small drop of cum which I licked up promptly. You ready to fuck her mouth X. Yeah, come here cunt, suck on X’s black boner. Mr. X stood up and pulled his pants down around his ankles. I crawled over to Mr. X and opened my mouth and hungrily started to suck his dick. His dick wasn’t as big a my Black Master’s was, but it was big just the same. Big and black. I’m gonna deep throat you white bitch, move your fucking hands. I put my hands on the floor for balance and Mr. X grabbed my head and started to piston his meat in and out of my mouth.

He was really getting into fucking my face brutally. In and out he drove his massive prick into my throat. Never caring if I could breath or if I would gag. He did it fast though which I guess was a blessing. I never had all his cock in my mouth for to long, just in to the hilt then back out. He was really starting to hammer my face when he quickly shifted around so my head was pinned against the couch and so he could relentlessly drive his cock into me. He ordered me to play with his balls.

He was fucking my mouth so hard I started to cry from the pain, not loud, just a few tears. Open your mouth cunt I want to watch you swallow this load. Just then I felt the first stream of hot jizz shooting onto my tongue. My mouth opened wide to accept his black sperm. After a few seconds of him watching his cream fill my mouth he ordered me to suck his dick again. He blew some more hot cum into my mouth before he pushed me aside and told him to get him a beer too.

I did and returned to my Black Master, kneeling between his legs. Maybe ten minutes past, they sat there watching TV talking mostly about whatever sport they were watching when a red light starting flashing. Mr. X got up and went upstairs. He came down, çanakkale escort to my further humiliation with two more guys and the fat broad Linda. They all said Hi and Was Up to each other and one of the guys asked who my Black Master’s pretty white girl was.

Oh, this is my new girl fellas, she loves me and wants to do anything I ask as long as she can be with me. She’s a real slut too and will do whatever I say, right baby. Yes, Black Master, I love you and will do anything you want I said. She doesn’t even mind me sharing her do you babydoll.

No, Black Master whatever you want me to do. I was in so fucking deep by now, but I had my life to think about and it was all very stimulating to me at the time, plus I was buzzed. Does she eat pussy too?, the fat black woman asked. I think she’d do anything to get a chance at my dick Linda, said the Black Master. Don’t worry Lin, we’ll have a good time tonight, trust me. Get your ass up and serve my friends some drinks bitch! Up I was shaking my ass and serving them drinks.

They all sat down again with me between my Black Master’s legs. One of them lit up a joint, which they didn’t share with me until it was almost gone. I guess they didn’t want cum on it from my dick sucking lips. A game came on that they were all there to watch, and basically I didn’t have to do anything but serve beers, empty ashtrays and kneel between my Black Master’s legs, ready to accept whatever fate he had in store for me. As the group watched the game they drank and smoked more and got increasingly more rowdy. It was about an hour or so into it and they started to pay unwanted attention to me, the white slut.

The two new guys were nothing compared to my Black Master or Mr. X., One, Tyrone, was shorter than me, but fat and the other, Darnel, thin and tall, but they both looked dirty compared to my Black Master or Mr. X. Hey sweet white momma, get Tyrone a beer baby. I got up and returned to Tyrone with a beer. He took it with one hand and grabbed me with his other so that I landed in his lap. You mind if I fool around with your woman man, he asked my Black Master. It’s OK, Ty, just leave her dressed the way she is, I want the pussy all to myself, you can have her ass or mouth though, but I ain’t sharing her pussy.

That was it, they didn’t know except Mr. X, that I was a man. This scared me because now I had to act just like a girl or maybe they would freak out and fuck me up. Tyrone told my Black Master that he was all right and he could expect a nice big hook-up soon. Darnel spoke up and said shit what about me man. You can have a piece of my whore too. The whole time they are talking about me Tyrone is feeling my ass and legs telling me what a fine bitch I was and how he was gonna love fucking my white ass. My Black Master told me to come to him so I got up and walked over to him swinging my ass, then I knelt in front of him.

I want you to dance sexy and strip that dress off bitch. With that I got up and started dancing around like a stripper until the maid’s dress was off. Turn around bitch and rub your ass and finger yourself, show my boys what a tight white ass you gots. This was bizarre, here I was in front of four black guys and a woman, acting like a slut and now I was gonna finger my own asshole. I did what I was told, rubbed my ass and finally worked a finger up my shit hole. Put two fingers in slut they yelled. I managed to work another finger into my tight ass.

Tyrone was the first to speak. Come here bitch and get my cock hard, I want to fuck your white ass. As I walked to him, my Black Master told me to stop and lick my own fingers clean. I was repulsed by this, but I was far to gone to stop and the whole thing did have me turned on in a way I still can’t figure out. I stood there and licked my fingers clean, thankfully I had those enemas before, it wasn’t bad at all. I walked over to Tyrone dropped to my knees and started to pull down his shorts.

Out popped a semi hard real thick uncut prick. Get those pretty lips a sucking he said. I started to lick and suck his thick black monster, wondering how big it would get as I sucked him. It didn’t take long to find out. It was about eight inches long but I couldn’t close my hand around it. That’s right baby suck that dick. The others made comments but I was to absorbed in sucking that dick to understand anything. OK, slut get up and turn around.

The moment I had been dreading arrived, I was gonna be speared by this thick black man splitter. I did as I was told and he grabbed my hips and guided his pole to the opening of my asshole. I tried my best to relax as his dickhead started to stretch my unused hole. It hurt so fucking bad, but I didn’t cry out. Tyrone finally got the head in my ass, then he pulled me down onto his black boner.

Damn, bitch your fucking ass is tight he said. He told me to ride his dick. I started to slid up and down on his thick bone, I’d pull off and he’d slam me back down until his whole cock was buried inside my bowels. We started getting into a pretty good rhythm, me rising, him slamming me back down. Then Darnel was in front of me. He had already lost his pants and was standing there sporting a real long black cock, maybe ten inches or more. It wasn’t as thick as the others but it was real long.

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